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Labor Pains

By Mahons On September 6th, 2011 at 5:48 pm

The President is going to have yet another problem given the intemperate words of Labor Leader Jimmy Hoffa who spoke at a rally that the President later addressed.  Hoffa want nuclear on the Tea Party, calling for “war” and labeling his unions the “troops” for the same.  Putting aside the usual antics of rally speakers, who like professional football players often invoke images of war to provoke or encourage, this one was still a dumb dumb dumb thing to say.  And it does the President no credit that he didn’t address it and at least explain why he doesn’t agree with that type of rhetoric.  Some might say that he does. 

As the President, he gets to pick his venues.  He has to be smart about where he goes and what other speakers might say.  Put aside the obvious need he has for union support, he should have the sense to know that outside of union circles, a diatribe by a guy named Hoffa isn’t going to play well.   And it certainly isn’t smart to play partisan one minute and then demand non-partisan cooperation the next. 

The Jobs crisis needs the undivided attention of both parties who both need to compromise to achieve any solutions.  Without that acknowledgment then all we are doign is spinning our wheels.

White House and Big Labor Declare War on Majority of Americans

By Patrick Van Roy On September 6th, 2011 at 5:38 pm

The workforce in the United States is comprised of 9% Labor Unions The majority of which are Government Unions that produce nothing and live of the money leached from the true middle class.  Well the Obama Regime has set loose the Congressional Black Caucus to fire up the racial lies against the Tea Party.

Now Teamster Thug Jimmy Hoffa Jr, and Joe Biden have sent the Organized Crime tactics of the Teamsters and the AFL-CIO after the General public.

A Union member is NOT part of the middle class of America, nor do they represent 93% of Labor.

A Union member is a leach that sucks the blood of capital from american industry, and government unions should all be banned. These people are not the middle class they are the protected muscle of the Democrat Party. Who have bancrupted every industry they have touched.

Well if they want a battle against the reality of economics and the constitution bring it on, faggot commie union workers.

The Idiocy of Gun Control

By Patrick Van Roy On September 6th, 2011 at 3:36 am

NY where it is impossible for a NON-Criminal to carry a gun for Self Protection.

46 Shot Across City in Weekend of Violence

Three were shot at a parade in Brooklyn.

By Katie Honan

Three men shot in broad daylight along a parade route in Brooklyn Monday were among more than 40 injured by gunfire during a Labor Day weekend of violence.

The latest violence came Monday evening when police say a NYPD officer was shot in the arm. Two other civilians were shot dead along Park Place in the Crown Heights neighborhood. Another person was in critical condition after being shot, sources said.

Earlier in the afternoon, police said two men were shot — one in the leg, and one in the stomach — along the West Indian Day Parade on Eastern Parkway. Police chased the suspect, who fled on foot. The suspect remains at large.
A third victim was shot in the leg later in the afternoon.
The victims were brought to Kings County Hospital.
Since Saturday morning, there have been at least 46 people shot in the city, with one other fatality.
Four men were shot at a barbecue in East Flatbush early Monday morning; 17-year-old Tyrief Gary was shot in the chest and killed.
At the Christian Cultural Center in Brooklyn Sunday morning, Mayor Bloomberg spoke out against the incidents over the weekend, which at that point was at 25.
“There are just too many guns on the streets and we have to do something about it,” he said, and urged for more federal control and stricter gun control laws across the country.
How about locking up the violent criminals, and executing the murderers, there’s a novel Idea Mayor Loonberg

More info on the Obama plan that has killed American Law Enforcement

By Patrick Van Roy On September 6th, 2011 at 3:06 am

More evidence tying this program directly to the control of the White House.

At least three White House officials received email updates on “Operation Fast and Furious,” a gun-walker scandal that saw the transfer of some 2,000 weapons into the hands of the Mexican-based Sinaloa drug cartel. CBS News’ Sharyl Attkisson reported September 2 that “three White House officials were briefed on gun trafficking efforts that included Fast and Furious. The officials are Kevin O’Reilly, then-director of North American Affairs, now assigned to the State Department; Dan Restrepo, senior Latin American advisory; and Greg Gatjanis, a national security official.”

Another side program of Fast and Furious.

Federal authorities are probing why the U.S. in 2010 let go an Arizona man accused of supplying grenades to a Mexican drug cartel, a case that played a role in the ouster last week of the nation’s top firearms regulator and the U.S. attorney in Phoenix.

U.S. officials said missteps in the case, which hasn’t been previously disclosed, are being investigated by the Justice Department and Congress. Federal agents in 2009-10 at the Phoenix office of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives led the case against the suspect, who they believed was dealing grenades to cartels in Mexico. The case was overseen by prosecutors in the Arizona U.S. attorney’s office, the U.S. officials said.

The same office Eric Holders DOJ was running F&F out of just also happened to allow two hundred grenades to cross the border into cartel hands.


By David Vance On September 5th, 2011 at 11:49 am

More mawk playing to the gallery from the DUP.

“THE DUP has slammed a revelation that a new mural in north Belfast depicting Provisional IRA hunger striker Bobby Sands as a boy was developed and funded by the public purse.  The “artwork”, which appears on a wall at the junction of Newington Avenue and Atlantic Avenue near the Antrim Road, shows the young  Sands and was unveiled by culture minister Caral Ni Chuilin on Friday”

Look, the political structures voluntarily operated by the DUP reward terror so why are they whingeing about this latest example of Sinn Fein glorifying IRA terrorists? If they had any decency they would not sit in power with those who in some instances have committed worse crimes than Sands.

Just a Commentary

By Patrick Van Roy On September 4th, 2011 at 10:24 pm

No matter the century, people are people and politicians are politicians. That is an eternal truth. The U.S. Constitution was designed with that in mind and with the acknowledgment that all men are fallible. The Revolutionary war was a war of 13 countries for the freedom of not being ruled by another country. Each of the states considered themselves as Countries, held together by a loose set of rules of Confederation.

What the war did was unite the 13 countries as one people. That fact was what made the selling of the Constitution possible to people of the colonies. The original intent of the constitutional congress was to meet to modify the Articles of Confederation. Instead the assembled dignitaries created a completely new Document that is the keystone of our nation.

The writers appreciated the fact that Embedded in the Constitution was the common sense idea that humans are fallible creatures who cannot be trusted with to much power. Greed, and ambition are part of human nature. The separations of power along with checks and balances, were designed to keep it all in balance. Well things have gone eschew, and more so with Obama.

What made America possible was written about and addressed in the very first Federalist Paper. It played on the fact that because of the Revolutionary war the people were able to look at themselves as Americans, not Carolinian’s, Virginians, or New Yorkers but Americans with a common goal.

Nothing remains as obvious as the fact that either the new constitution will be adopted, or the Union will be torn apart. It is therefore necessary to examine the advantages of the Union, as well as the evils and results from it’s disbanding. (Hamilton)

Publius explained this and the many other advantages to the constitution from October 1787-May 1788. The underlying key in all of it was unity. These papers and thoughts are the bassist of the Tea Party

Over the period of my lifetime I have witnessed the dream of King come true and I am now watching that dream being disassembled. Contrary to what maybe portrayed by the race pimps and exploiters, there are no doors barred to anyone in my nation. Barack Obama was the final proof of that fact. The Blacks in America are less than 15% of the population, there is no way he could have won without more whites than blacks voting for him. The idea of racism in modern America is just a tool used by the race pimps to obtain power nothing else.

Yet we have the most racist organization in American History right now traveling the country claiming that the misery that we as Americans are suffering through right now is due to the fact that the racist Tea Party is blocking President Obama from fixing it because he is black. This racist organization is of course the Congressional Black Caucus. They ignore the fact that Obama had 2 years with Democrat controlled House and Senate. the Republicans lead by the Tea Party have only controlled the House for 8 months.

The Keynesian policies of this Marxist Professor that we have put in power has created the second great depression. The opposition to this man and his blind followers are purely economical PERIOD! Yet the CBC is trying to start a race war. If you disagree with Obama your a racist. Don’t look at the facts just remember if you disagree with Obama your a racist. This is what the CBC is saying as a group on a national tour.


Oh and here is a video of  New Black Panther Party member King Samir Shabazz teaching “black survival” training to a small audience, as in 4th graders in Philadelphia. You might remember Shabazz he was the Democrat Committeeman that stood outside of polling locations in Philly intimidating voters to vote for Obama, that Eric Holder refused to prosecute.


People like Shabazz are the direct children of the Racist Congressional Black Caucus. This is the true soul of what these elected  racists have spawned.

We Cannot Allow the Democrats to continue to divide us, We are not white americans, black americans, or latino americans. We must be United Americans to solve the problems our government has created by straying from our founding documents.

Let Your Light So Shine….

By Patty On September 4th, 2011 at 8:02 pm

Today is Sunday. In the US, tomorrow is Labor Day.  I’m celebrating with a day off and an end-of-summer barbeque.  I’m preparing a “Spicy Thai Coleslaw” and reflecting on the following verse while I work:

Let your light so shine before men,  that they may see your good works,  and glorify Your Father who is in Heaven.   (Matthew 5: 16)

…needless to say, it’s a really good salad:


FIRST STEP   — chop, then toss together:

1 cup dry roasted peanuts

2 cloves garlic

2 serrano chiles, stems, tips and seeds removed

1 lb. green cabbage

1/2 lb. peeled cucumbers

4 green onions

SECOND STEP  — whisk together: 

1/4 cup rice vinegar

2 tablespoons sugar

1/2 teaspoon curry powder

1/2 cup oil

THIRD STEP  — dress and toss

Add 1 tablespoon chopped fresh parsley, 1 tablespoon chopped fresh cilantro,  salt (to taste)  to chopped ingredients.

Serve with sword-fish steaks, seared on the grill and then finished in the oven, or perhaps grilled salmon steaks. Excellent with a crisp white wine, like a Pinot Grigio, or even a frosty cold,  pale ale.

Say your grace –  thank the Lord –  and dig in.


By David Vance On September 4th, 2011 at 9:42 am

Secret files: Labour lied over Gaddafi... who warned of a holy war if Megrahi died in Scotland

Yes, we all know that Labour and the Scottish Nationalists conspired to set the Lockerbie bomber free whilst pretending it was for “humanitarian” reasons under “Scottish law”. But now the truth is emerging…

“The startling extent to which Labour misled the world over the controversial release of the Lockerbie bomber is exposed today in top-secret documents obtained by The Mail on Sunday. In public, senior Ministers from the last Labour Government and the Scottish First Minister have repeatedly insisted that terminally ill Abdelbaset Al Megrahi was freed on compassionate grounds in a decision taken by Scottish Ministers alone. But the confidential papers show that Westminster buckled under pressure from Colonel Gaddafi, who threatened to ignite a ‘holy war’ if Megrahi died in his Scottish cell.”

Gaddafi wanted his killer back home and Labour and Salmond obliged, it’s as basic and depraved as that! Little did they know that with his fall coming so quick their odious manipulations and deceits would be so thoroughly exposed.


By Mike Cunningham On September 4th, 2011 at 8:45 am

Yet another Government ‘Statement’. Yet more proof that all politicians simply do not understand how our schools and educations system actually works in practice!

Parents are ‘warned’ ( an idea floated through the ‘Lobby’ to establish it has support within the chattering classes) that they will lose ‘child benefit’ if their children truant from school. Politicians, as well as professional ‘educators’ who mostly haven’t come within five miles of a school, never mind truanting kids, just do not grasp that most schools do not want the regular truanting kids any where near the school, as all they do is disrupt class for those who actually wish to learn.

What to do with the truanting kids? Why even bother!

Labor Day Weekend

By Mahons On September 2nd, 2011 at 9:53 pm

Nothing says lets celebrate Labor like three days of rest!  Here in the USA we have our traditional weekend to mark the end of BBQs, ocean swimming, white pants and summer winds.

Autumn is around the corner.  May one and all enjoy their weekend and put their cares away.