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By David Vance On March 15th, 2011 at 10:17 pm

The Players Lounge

A mature relationship between two good neighbours…

“John Stokes owns the Players Lounge in Fairview, Dublin and this week he has enjoyed more publicity than he could have ever hoped for after putting up a banner. To be fair it’s a very large banner, 60ft by 20ft, but it is the content and not the size that is causing the controversy. It has two very large pictures of the Queen and says: “She and her family are all officially barred from this pub as long as the British occupy one inch of this island they will never be welcome in Ireland.”

I guess he means me. And the million more like me.Oh well – think I’ll give his pub a skip.  Maybe Peter Robinson will visit and reach out the hand of friendship?


By David Vance On March 15th, 2011 at 9:02 pm

Interesting. I do hope Peter Robinson will share in this moving gesture should it happen?

Her Majesty the Queen may pay tribute to Irish men and women who fought British forces when she visits Dublin later this year. A former Irish cabinet minister said it was normal protocol for a visiting head of state to lay a wreath at Dublin’s Garden of Remembrance. The garden is dedicated to those who died for Irish Freedom.Officials in Dublin and at Buckingham Palace said the Queen’s itinerary has not been finalised and declined to comment further.

I understand she will then visit Berlin and pay tribute to those Germans who fought for German Freedom in WW2.


By David Vance On March 15th, 2011 at 8:54 pm

Did you read that the European Commission is expected to unveil proposals on a common EU corporate tax base tomorrow.

The move is likely to put further pressure on Ireland, which at last week’s meeting of eurozone leaders refused to agree to increasing its 12.5% corporate tax rate in exchange for a discount on the interest rate charged on its bail-out loan. An editorial in the WSJ argues, “The EU’s ongoing obsession with its member countries’ taxation regimes…is not the solution to enhanced competitiveness that the EU says it’s after. But we suppose it is one way to avoid tackling the real barriers to European business.”

Yes – the EU wants to take away what it sees as the unfavourable advantage of varying CT amongst its members. As I have frequently pointed out, this is WHY the folly of NI trying to jump on the CT bandwagon is not going to work. The EU and the UK treasury is out to tuck up the clowns on the Stormont Hill and their corporate courtiers. Ireland is between a rock and a hard place and if it does not concede on CT, it is in debt forever. If it does concede it ruins future economic growth.


By David Vance On March 15th, 2011 at 8:08 am

Well, I don’t agree with the suggestion by Will Hutton’s panel that  managers, including council executives, NHS chiefs and senior civil servants, should face a new pay regime that could mean wage cuts of up to 20 per cent for those who under-perform. I also oppose his outrageous suggestion for ministers to force private companies to disclose more information about their chief executives’ wages.

In the first instance, why should public sector bosses basis salary be cut if they don’t deliver? That is biazarre logic. Instead their renumeration should have a significant element of bonus linked to performance and it is THAT which should be payable on delivery of agreed objectives. In the second instance, WHAT BUSINESS is it of Government how and what private companies reward their employees? This smacks of totalitarianism and should be utterly rejected!

I have no idea WHY Cameron commissioned Hutton – an out and out leftist in my view – to contribute in this area. Anyone familiar with his past publications will know that the only output he came up with would be stupifyingly leftist and so it proves. Listen, this is simple. The huge monies earned by those in the non-delivering Public Sector need brought into line with what is affordable in this age of austerity. Hutton refuses to consider capping their top end salaries – why not?


By David Vance On March 15th, 2011 at 7:54 am

The thought police are active; This relates to a popular English murder mystery series called “Midsomer Murders”

“It’s no secret that you don’t see many black or Asian faces on Midsomer Murders.

But a row blew up yesterday after the co-creator of the series revealed the reason why – he deliberately keeps ethnic minority characters out of storylines.

Brian True-May, the ITV drama’s executive producer, found himself suspended after he said he did not use black or Asian people in the series because ‘it wouldn’t be an English village with them’.

He described Midsomer Murders as the ‘last bastion of Englishness’ which relied on an ‘English genteel eccentricity’, claiming it ‘wouldn’t work’ if it suggested there was racial diversity in village life.

Other long running serials, including BBC Radio 4’s The Archers, have been criticised over ‘tokenism’ when they have included ethnic characters.

Mr True-May told the Radio Times if he had more minority cast members ‘we might be in Slough’.

Last night, amid mounting fury from charities and campaigners, the production company behind the show – All3Media – suspended the TV executive. ITV said it was ‘shocked and appalled’ at his remarks.”

Quite right to suspend him. Shall we hang him or at least exile him? How dare these creative types of fictionalised drama not get the racial quotas right? It ‘s very important that the creative process is fully subject to race and sexual equality laws.

Bit heavy on the language,

By Mike Cunningham On March 14th, 2011 at 4:11 pm

but cannot fault the content:-


Which one?

By Mike Cunningham On March 14th, 2011 at 2:36 pm

We are all looking at the results of one Tsunami with awe and sadness; that so much is testing the will of this small island nation in terms of damage, death, destruction and possible nuclear contamination.

But there is another Tsunami a-coming down the highway, as can be seen in this CNN video; and the carnage from this one, with a corrupt dynasty, supported by another corrupt dynasty, attempting to suppress the unsupressable, which says that the ARAB Spring still has quite a ways to go before one of two quiets decend upon the region.

The first ‘quiet’ is the sound of peaceful, or semi-peaceful change, such as in Tunisia.

The second ‘quiet’ is the muted moans of the wounded, and the equally-muted moans of those in the torture chambers which will be filling up in the cities of Libya as the Colonel stamps his authority upon a beaten rebellion; or the calls of the secret councils of the Arabs who have had enough of their profligate masters, and turn to more violence, as it has shown that talking is of no use!


By David Vance On March 14th, 2011 at 8:23 am

Interesting to read that a  major political campaign will be launched today aimed at securing a historic referendum on whether Britain should stay in the EU – or quit Brussels for good.

The cross-party ‘People’s Pledge’ campaign aims to pile pressure on party leaders and MPs to support a poll that would settle the divisive question of EU membership once and for all. It hopes to emulate Barack Obama by harnessing the power of the internet to mobilise support in every constituency. Polling for the campaign launch shows that 61 per cent would like a referendum on whether Britain should remain within the European Union, with just 25 per cent against. A majority of supporters of all three parties back the idea. It means support for a referendum on the EU is more than double the level for the referendum on changing Britain’s voting system planned for May 5.

I support the idea of having a referendum on this issue. It’s my clear view that our continued membership of the tyrannical EUSSR will further dilute any vestige of national sovereignty and reduce us to mere chattels that the Eurocrats will boss around. The crunch issue, of course, will be the nature of the actual question posed. You can be sure that those committed to our continued presence in the EU such as the Lib-Dems, the BBC, to name but two – will be wanting to ensure the question is loaded. But WHY are the people to be denied such a basic expression of their opinion?

21 TODAY…..

By David Vance On March 13th, 2011 at 1:00 pm

Big moment in the Vance household – my son is 21 years today.

Hard to imagine all that has taken place since he came into this world.

I will be off-line the rest of the day celebrating this big moment in his life.


By David Vance On March 12th, 2011 at 9:29 pm

The cynicism of the Liberal-Democrats writ large!

Nick Clegg has vowed not to let the “profit motive drive a coach and horses through the NHS” after Lib Dem members voted to reject government reforms. Delegates at the party’s spring conference backed a call to halt a “damaging and unjustified” shake-up of GP services in England. Mr Clegg vowed to look at the call “in detail” – but insisted he was not at odds with party members on the issue.

Clegg is dodging around the overt lunacy of his own useless Party. NO ONE is seeking to privatise the NHS but even if they were and that this would provide better service to patients, these leftists would still oppose it. It’s not the NHS that is their real target – but rather it is capitalism that they despise.  Clegg may show some sort of leadership but the rabble he leads will ensure he never goes anywhere worth following.