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Mitt Romney – Corporations Are People

By Mahons On August 11th, 2011 at 9:57 pm

He was better off in the Mittness Protection Program (not my original) when he wasn’t appearing in public.  Instead he melted in the face of some hecklers and voiced the rather disturbing comment that Corporations are people.  Perhaps one loves them that way (especially if you’ve made Romney’s money), but as a catch phrase in a recession, not the best comeback.  I think Soylent Green is people might have gone over better. 

Sure he was trying to say he wouldn’t raise taxes, and that poor defenseless corporations are really just like you and me.  But for the love of God, can’t he say it in a way that doesn’t scream “Out of touch”?  Romney has positioned himself to get knocked down early.  I don’t see how Iowa’s wacky system results in a win for him (Bachmann and Paul have greater chances under that Iowa system).  

With Rick Perry poised to enter the race, Romney is going to need to do a heck of a lot better in explaining why he should be President if he wants to win in the primaries.  Otherwise he’ll be a footnote, again.


By David Vance On August 11th, 2011 at 8:52 pm

I wanted to put a small musical recognition to Pinky from ATW who as Mahons points out below becomes a US citizen tomorrow in NYC. Here’s lookin’ at ya, kid. It doesn’t get classier than Frank. Best of luck.


By David Vance On August 11th, 2011 at 6:29 pm

From Cranmer! I also enjoyed this one….

Citizen Pinky

By Mahons On August 11th, 2011 at 6:20 pm

A warm welcome is extended to ATW regular Pinky who will become a United States citizen this Friday in New York City.  Since I wasn’t about to put on a crown, hold up a torch, and borrow a green dress from Phantom and meander down to New York Harbor to welcome her this ATW post will have to suffice as my Statute of Liberty “welcoming” moment. 

Pinky joins a long list of the wretched refuse (blame Emma Lazarus not me) of the teeming shores who have made the journey from the Old World to the New World.   That list includes Albert Einstein, Harry Houdini, Irving Berlin, Levi Strauss, Andrew Carnegie, Ieoh Pei, Felix Frankfurter and Mary Harris “Mother” Jones.   Immigrants have arrived for different reasons from diffrent lands and taken different paths.  But they are the lifeblood of the nation and their contribution is too great to calculate. 

So welcome Pinky.  Protest or support, vote, petition the government, assemble, march, write, pray or don’t pray, read, publish, work or relax, sing or remain silent, salute or give the finger!  May you enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  May you see by the dawn’s early light (or at a more reasonable time of the morning) what so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming.  May you enjoy our spacious skies and amber waves of grain, for this land is now your land from sea to shining sea.   May you feel the welcome of this place, receive affection of your new countrymen and women and join us in this noble experiment.


By David Vance On August 10th, 2011 at 8:18 pm

“Suave, mari magno turbantibus aequora ventis, e terra magnum alterius spectare laborem”  

That was one of the poet Lucretius greatest hits from 2000 years ago.

Translated by Dryden it means “Tis pleasant, safely to behold from shore, the rolling ship and hear the tempest roar”

It simply means to be secure in YOUR beliefs when all seems upside down. It is the Latin inscription around one of my favourite places on Earth.  When I read of riots, financial meltdowns, the elevation of evil, the betrayal of justice, it kinda rings a bell with me.

“This is London”

By Patty On August 10th, 2011 at 5:14 pm

Fed up with “the small minority that go around, smashin’ up stuff,”  Enfield locals ban together to chase rioters out of their neighborhood:

ht: Gateway Pundit


By Mike Cunningham On August 10th, 2011 at 11:58 am

Michael Bukht was a chef, a wine enthusiast, a businessman who spotted that Classical Music was a winner, as well as being one of that very rare breed, a convert to the Muslim faith who kept his religion and his ideals to himself.


A regular on BBC’s  Food and Drink under the name Michael Barry, he also featured on Classic FM on a music/cookery item. A nice man, and a good broadcaster.



Let us be honest

By Patrick Van Roy On August 9th, 2011 at 11:44 pm

Every Human is born with  a few exceptions, the lame, and handicapped. The rest of us are equal, and with everything they need to accomplish anything we want. The abilities of all mankind, male or female, any race or creed are only limited by themselves. The chains that are placed on us are placed there by choice. The choice is usually not a conscious one, but it is nonetheless by choice.

Everyone reading this is a free person. It is time for us all to act like it. There are ten words that we should all be living by and that should guide our lives.

If it is to be, It is up to me.

That is every persons reality, if they choose to believe it or not. It applies to the 17% of British youth that have no education, no jobs, and no prospect of a job, as much as it applies to the student at Oxford, and the Tinker in his shop.  In the U.S. it applies to the children of the corporate elite, and equally to the child of the crack addict,  welfare recipient or child of a union leach.

No one owes any of us anything. It is time we put this fact of life into action in our lives, and demand that it be applied to all people, and to both our nations governments. Neither Western Europe, or the United States can live under the delusion of Socialist Marxist Economic Models. The majority of the West is collapsing under these economic fantasies. The Eastern Nations of the world already collapsed under them 2 decades ago, yet the arrogance of us in the west believed we could get away with Socialist Marxist Economics because we could do it right.

Well bullshit the collapse of the Western Economic world laughs at all of our folly. Now comes the Century of responsibility. Each capable member of society has to hold himself and his fellow man to the rule above.

We must also hold our Governments to living within their means, and they can not expand those means by robbing the public beyond it’s capcity to give, all of our nations are struggling with the pains of our own largess. All of us have Governments that long ago ceased to serve us, deciding we serve them. The battle in my nation will cause ripples throughout the world.

But the change here will not be bloody and violent, it will be steady and non stoppable, probably quite fun to watch, but remember those ten words and live by them.

It’s The Criminality Stupid!

By Mahons On August 9th, 2011 at 3:57 pm

The Riot Act of 1714 –  “An Act for Preventing Tumults and Riotous Assemblies, and for the More Speedy and Effective Punishing of Rioters” – went off the books in the UK in 1973. 

Time to dust it off.

Contrary to the usual excuses from the usual suspects, the London Riots are not the product of difficult economic times and racial dicrimination.  They are not some political protest against some injustice.  The riots are the organized anarchy, aided by the modern communications devices of social networking and twitter, and a subculture that glorifies gansters and excuses criminal behavior.  

Zeinobia, an Egyptian blogger involved in the Egyptian protests, said you don’t protest by looting, if you do so you are merely using a murder as an excuse.    I’d go further to note there isn’t even a “murder” involved.  It is clear from the photographs and video that London and the other affected cities are dealing with criminals, not protestors.  These villians could care less about any politics, they are interested in destruction, fighting the police and stealing.  It is a holiday to them. 

The appropriate response?  Immediate and overwhelming numbers of police responding.  In areas where they claim an inability to proceed, the quick intervention of the military.  I don’t want to revisit the finger-pointing of the Hurricane Katrina mayhem, but do note that once the dysfuntional New Orleans Police Force was supplemented by the National Guard, order started to be restored.

The prosecution of offenders is equally important.  There are enough images and CCTV cameras to bring in a boat load of them.  Swift prosecution and significant sentencing is mandated.  A failure to do so would be akin to letting them get away with it. 

Law and Order types often get a bad rap, and sometimes it is warranted.  But you can’t shake a stick at civil order, and it is a fundamental obligation of the government maintain order.  And those who would offer flimsy excuses or justifications for the breach of that order essentially live on another planet, and must be countered by those of us who inhabit the real world. 

The British people have been through many things, and have exhibited a national character of courage in the face of adversity that is the envy of the World.  They will get through this, and they will be right to lay the blame where it is so justly deserved – at the feet of the looters and rioters.


By David Vance On August 9th, 2011 at 7:36 am

Last night, across the UK, several areas became like an inferno as rioting scum (impoverished “yoof” with lack of social club facilities, innit, if you are a leftist) took control of our streets.

wi.Leap of faith: The woman jumps from the second floor window and a group of people attempt to catch her

Here’s one image of a woman jumping for her life.

Here’s another image of a family business being given the rioters treatment.

Oh, and those responsible? Well, some got caught as in this instance of a woman who worked in Curry’s in Brixton being arrested for looting…the shop she worked in. (Nice touch of Darwinism?)

Others, of course, got away with their thieving of other people’s property.

Ah, the richness of the multicultural experiment. There for all to enjoy.

London was not the only city with problems as Birmingham, Liverpool, Nottingham and Bristol also saw violence. Of course the areas within these cities which saw street violence were also – no doubt coincidentally – areas of multicultural richness.

I was called a racist lat night because I pointed out the FACT that the Metropolitan Police have moved in recent days to try and disrupt the Black Gangs that infest London with their criminality. I also pointed out that it is remarkable how many young black youths seem to be helping relieve electrical goods stores and mobile phone shops of their stock. Of course there are plenty of white thugs as well but the violence does seem to be have a particular colour and if people seek to deny that, they deny reality.

The Police and Fire Brigade seem overwhelmed. Lawlessness has been allowed to prevail. What next?