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David Vance in conversation with Rebecca Butler.

By Patrick Van Roy On February 9th, 2021 at 12:40 am


By Pete Moore On February 8th, 2021 at 8:52 pm

The BBC is way too black.

A DUP MP has said he will not withdraw or apologise for comments he made about the number of black people who featured in an edition of Songs of Praise.

Gregory Campbell said the programme, featuring the Gospel Singer of the Year competition, was “the BBC at its BLM (Black Lives Matter) worst”.

A number of anti-racism and ethnic minority organisations called on him to apologise.

Mr Campbell said the programme was not diverse and “should have been”.

It sounds horribly, shocking monocultural in that Gospel Singer of the Year bunker. Credit therefore to Mr Campbell for exposing such frightful insensitity and lack of diversity. I fully expect white, Oriental and Eskino gospel singers to make up the balance of contestants next year.

(Alinsky Rule No.4: “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules”)

Born on this Day

By Patrick Van Roy On February 8th, 2021 at 2:40 pm

One of my Favorite Generals, the one that truly won the Civil War

William Tecumseh Sherman was an American soldier, businessman, educator, and author. He served as a general in the Union Army during the American Civil War (1861–1865), receiving recognition for his command of military strategy as well as criticism for the harshness of the scorched earth policies he implemented in conducting total war against the Confederate States.

The Real Problem Platform

By Patrick Van Roy On February 8th, 2021 at 2:20 pm

Opponents of Parler sited the site’s pro-free speech policies, being generally warry of censorship. “I think these events were largely organized on platforms that don’t have our abilities to stop hate and don’t have our standards and don’t have our transparency,” said Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg shortly after the riot.

However, according to research from the George Washington University’s Program on Extremism, of the 223 government documents discussing charges against individuals who were involved in the Capitol riot, 73 mentioned Facebook. Parler, meanwhile, was only mentioned eight times, outstripped by both Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, and YouTube, which is owned by Google. The data includes both public posts and private messages sent over the platforms.


By Patrick Van Roy On February 8th, 2021 at 2:16 pm

A French court declared France was guilty of failing to meet its own climate change goals that it had committed to when it signed the international agreement named after its own capital city. The lawsuit brought by four environmental groups claimed that France was not living up to the terms agreed upon in the Paris Agreement.

Climate Lockdowns

By Patrick Van Roy On February 8th, 2021 at 2:12 pm

Karl Lauterbach, an MP for the German Social Democratic party wrote in Die Welt last December that ‘we need measures to deal with climate change that are similar to the restrictions on personal freedom [imposed] to combat the pandemic.’ How long before this theory makes its way into news outlets and politicians’ speeches here?

Of course this idea will be explained away as simply ‘following the science’. The lockdowns which began in spring 2020 contributed to what scientists are calling the largest drop in CO2 emissions in years. The largest reason for this was a decrease of approximately 40 percent in automobile and airplane transport. The World Economic Forum praised this figure in a blog post titled ‘Emissions fell during lockdown. Let’s keep it that way.’

John Kerry is telling us that the conditions of the Paris agreement are ‘”inadequate.” This begs the question; what would be “adequate”?


By Pete Moore On February 7th, 2021 at 8:57 pm

Not much, to be honest, although someone on the wireless has (coincidentally) just this second told me that he was drafted in 199th place with six quarterbacks chosen ahead of him. How rubbish is that?!

I don’t know much about him because I’ve only ever seen a bit of one NFL game. That was a Superbowl a long time ago now. The Refrigerator was playing and I recall a quarterback called McMahon. A few of us, friends, got around someone’s house to watch it. By the time the game started I’d already had a few. By half time I was asleep.

But you can surmise a few things about him. The NFL is a rich and popular competition in a country with a large population and a lot of exceptional athletes. A lot of those athletes give everything to be in the NFL but a tiny few make it. Therefore every NFL player is a truly exceptional athlete. I’ve hust sen a few stats about Brady, all earned in that fiercely competitive sport full of exceptional athletes. The stats go on and on and are so lopsided you’d think they were talking about scholl sport, but this one blows my socks off –

Brady has reached the Super Bowl in more than half of the seasons in which he was the full-time starting quarterback

Setting aside his rookie year when he sat behind Drew Bledsoe and the 2008 season, which he missed with a torn ACL, Brady has 10 Super Bowl appearances in 19 years.

His place is assured whether or not he wins another ring tonight with the Tuscaloosa Pythons (needs checking – Ed), and that place is a million miles ahead of everyone else.


By Pete Moore On February 7th, 2021 at 8:23 pm

A deputy sheriff shoots and kills a man who attacked him with a lump of wood. Graphic video is here, courtesy of an arsehole who egged on the officer to “shoot his ass”. It’s unclear why the man attacked the officer. Alcohol, drugs, mental illness or some combination are all possible, even likely. It’s another sad episode all round.

The interesting thing is that the officer shoots him repeatedly in the chest, at very close range, and the man keeps coming forward. The officer could still have been killed if the man had a knife. That’s why “aim for the leg” stuff is nonsense. A lot of people take a long time to go down when shot.


By Pete Moore On February 7th, 2021 at 7:56 pm

Campaigners are calling for boycotts of the Peking 2022 Winter Olympic Games. I’m sympathetic to boycotts of all communistic regimes, particularly murderous, genocidel regimes like China. But for an athlete those games might be their one shot at the biggest prize. To sit them out is to deny the point of being a competitor and it hits their income hard. I blame the IOC which awarded the games to China. The names of the genocide-sympathisers should be known. They deserve to be laighed at in public and refused service in shops, bars and restaurants.

Peking has responded to campaigners in typical Peking fashion. As usual anyone questioning Peking’s gentility will suffer grievous retaliation. There really is not a day to be lost in boycotting that entire country while that regime exists.

Let’s start the day…..

By Patrick Van Roy On February 7th, 2021 at 4:13 pm

2 Stories most will never read, two things that just go against the grain of the Correct Think they want to force on all of us and over half of have already been there for decades.

I am told I represent no one, I’m a freak. A rarity that exists in our society that must be denied, hidden, and most importantly ignored. I am the wretched Righteous….. The saying goes… I won’t be wronged, I won’t be insulted, and I won’t be laid a hand upon…. now the original response to any of that was forfeiture of your life…. but we can’t be that way now can we.  Since it’s not acceptable civil behavior to kill those who just frankly deserve it… we’ve evolved beyond that, but we have not evolved past the hostility that feeds it…..

Today we choose to be civilized.

Instead we must stomp the terra, refuse to flinch, and get in the face of every idiot who’s peeing down our collective backs while telling us it’s raining…. I will not comply. It is not in my mental make up, I may fail, even die trying to hold the Glave of Law “Right & Wrong” to the  U.S. if not to the Earth.

I am not violent, nor will I ever be. Violence has no place in this Arena because we are Civilized Men and Woman of an Enlightened 21st Century. The first Century where we have communication across the entire planet instantaneously. I can pick up my phone or tap my computer and reach anywhere on the planet instantly. The only reason for EVERYONE not to be talking to EVERYONE is there are forces and GOVERNMENTS that fear that FREEDOM.

Freedom is what it is, the freedom to speak freely. To say whatever you want about anything you want. To speak freely whatever it is you believe. This has always scared the human species power structure, because all to often those in power don’t want to hear they may be wrong. Now if we were truly a civilized people we would allow others to challenge our views and opinions. This however seems not to be the case.  My Government has joined with other entities of Power and Wealth to silence that Freedom.

I will never be silent and I will never backdown….. I will fight the entire World with my words. I will shove their idiocy right in their face delivered with a serving of bile and revulsion….. Words and Shame are the most powerful weapons that can ever be deployed.

I am the wretched righteous, and alone I’m worth more than 1000 of you….


Just a Sunday morning sermon…. for your edification.