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Everything comes to he who waits

By Mike Cunningham On June 24th, 2011 at 11:32 pm

It is so nice to see a clown get his deserved comeuppance!

R.I.P. Peter

By Patrick Van Roy On June 24th, 2011 at 7:49 pm

This is my Friday video post. Peter Falk was a great actor. Both dramatic and comedic, the following is one of the best comedic scenes ever acted Sit back enjoy, and tell me what relates this 30yr old scene to today.

Goodnight Columbo – Peter Falk RIP.

By 33230715130361 On June 24th, 2011 at 6:45 pm

If there was an actor who could just make you smile when he walked on screen it was Peter Falk who passed away at 83.  He will always be known as the rumpled raincoat detective Columbo, and that would be enough for most.  But he had a fine acting career, two Academy Award nominations and multiple television awards.  

If you are too young to know his work, let me suggest  “The In-Laws” with Alan Arkin.   Arkin plays a dentist who realizes that Falk may actually be a madman in one of film’s great comedies.  Serpentine!

He was also great as the loving grandfather/narrator in “The Princess Bride” or as a killer in “Murder, Inc”.    

Falk lost an eye at age 3 and was told during his first screen test that they could get an actor with two eyes for the same price (and that he would never make it).  He proved them wrong and delighted audiences for decades.

The House Drops On Obama

By 33230715130361 On June 24th, 2011 at 5:08 pm

The House of Representatives defeated a measure in support of the presdient’s Libyan Adventure.  Many Democrats joined Republicans in defeating the measure which is a clear rebuke to the President.  Even Sword Waving John McCain who is for the intervention labled the President’s claim that we were not engaged in hostilities there as foolishness.  

The President should not commit American resources in this manner without Congressional authority, whether you agree with the mission or not.   I commend the House of Representatives for this jesture and hope, with little faith, the Senate might turn this into something stronger than symbolism.

You Say You Want an Evolution

By 33230715130361 On June 24th, 2011 at 3:30 pm

I found President Obama’s waffle on Gay Marriage to be hysterical.  He travels to New York City for several fundraisers, and a Gay Rights Group in particular.  He compliments them on their “efforts” to have gay marriage become law but, yet he declines to assist in it.  Justice Delayed is Justice Denied, as Dr. King used to say.   The President claims his views are evolving.  Seriously?  When will they ripen (after the next election?). 

They should have booed him off the stage.  The New York Legislature is one vote or two shy of making it legal and he is afraid to (1) put his weight behind passing the bill or (2) put his weight behind opposing it.

What are the odds indeed?

By Mike Cunningham On June 24th, 2011 at 11:54 am

Forget the simpering EuroSlime as he pushes his, ‘homeowners can defend themselves‘ line for all he is worth, but the comment to be listened to is the one from the senior plod on the scene. He stated, ”

‘We are investigating this matter within the legal framework as it stands and I don’t want to speculate on political matters at this stage.

‘If somebody was confronted by a burglar tonight, I would tell them to ring the police and use reasonable force to protect themselves.’

In other words, some poor bloke who was faced with a career criminal is now likely to be charged with manslaughter, unless heavy political pressure is brought to bear!


Stuff Shami, if I was confronted by some clown who was trying to rob me, or harm my own, he would be dead before he got both feet on my engineered-oak floor! It truly is amazing what one can find literally misplaced on a low cupboard top next to the front door; a really, really sharp 9-inch long serrated edge knife that I was using to dead-head some roses last summer, a nice conveniently-weighted claw hammer that I was using to tap some cable clips tight against the skirting some six months ago: it truly is terrifying just to see where I dropped these things and forgot to tidy them away.

Gone unfortunately are the days when I could drop my hand on to my fully-loaded .38 calibre revolver, loaded that is with cast-lead death. That was in the good old days when I lived overseas. True, I had to attend a gun-handling course on the responsibilities of owning a deadly weapon, but few people have actually had to draw their weapon, as I had to do. I fired to injure, to warn; and for that I received a stern lecture from a Police Major, and also faced the possibility of the loss of my licence. The Police determined instead that I should attend further training sessions at the gun range, with strict adherence to re-learning the ‘kill-zone’ on the human body.

I fired my gun again, early one morning, at the racing figure of a black bloke who was trying to force my flat patio door open. I reckon I hit him, because the police found blood traces on the concrete of the property next to ours. That time, the Police Sergeant gave me some gentle advice on leading my aim on a moving target, and also the possibility of buying a gun with a longer barrel, which of course would provide a longer, better-aimed bullet flight!

My views are simple, yet robust; if someone comes into my home without express welcome from myself, he will get all he deserves. I wish sometimes that our laws descended from a Constitution, and were not continually being fenced and finagled by do-gooders.

Palin: Right about the Federal Reserve

By Patty On June 24th, 2011 at 12:14 am

Did you know that Palin spoke out last year, loudly and publicly, regarding her dissatisfaction with the Federal Reserve?   In November 9, 2010  Sudeep Reddy wrote for WSJ online.

“…Sarah Palin, delving into a major policy issue a week after the mid-term elections, took aim Monday at the Federal Reserve and called on Fed chairman Ben Bernanke to “cease and desist” with a bond-buying program designed to boost the economy.

Speaking at a trade association conference in Phoenix, the potential 2012 presidential candidate and tea-party favorite said she’s “deeply concerned” about the central bank creating new money to buy government bonds. Ms. Palin said “it’s far from certain this will even work” and suggested the move would create an inflation problem….

“When Germany, a country that knows a thing or two about the dangers of inflation, warns us to think again, maybe it’s time for Chairman Bernanke to cease and desist,” according to Ms. Palin’s remarks, obtained in advance by National Review magazine, before the Specialty Tools and Fasteners Distributors Association. “We don’t want temporary, artificial economic growth bought at the expense of permanently higher inflation which will erode the value of our incomes and our savings.”‘

Fast forward to June, 2011 – we have the same high unemployment as last year and growing inflation. Palin was right.  Not stupid. Right.   As was Ron Paul.

Mv Saoirse To Sail Around The World To Protest Syrian, Iranian, North Korean, Chinese, Libyan, Cuban and Saudi Regimes (or maybe they’ll just protest against Israel)

By 33230715130361 On June 23rd, 2011 at 9:03 pm

The MV Saoirse will participate with other ships in the Gaza Flotilla II.  Part of a coordinated effort by the usual suspects to protest against Israel, while ignoring dictatorhsips and those nations who are currently attacking their own citizens.  Selective outrage is a hallmark of the anti-Israeli movement.  I hope the Israeli response is more muted than the unfortunate response in which several people lost their lives when Israel overreacted to the last provocation (and with unnecessary and deadly consequences).    If anything, Israel should have learned from that incident that they gave their enemies what they wanted.     Accept the double standard that Israel has to be better than those who prefer its destruction in these public relations stunts. 

A boat of Europeans who tried to land on North Koreas shores to protest conditions there would be vaporized.  Which is part of the reason you won’t see the Saoirse crew there.  Plus the human rights of North Koreans don’t matter to them because the oppressor isn’t Israel.  If only Kim Jong Il was Jewish!

 The strident anti-Israel lobby, so long puppets of the world’s worst regimes, will never learn.  But Israel can and should.

Ahh what a pity

By Patrick Van Roy On June 23rd, 2011 at 6:20 pm

Sometime fate, god, the stars, or wee little faerie let us see their humor and it brings a smile to ones face……

Nuclear experts killed in Russia plane crash helped design Iran facility

The five Russian scientists were among 44 killed earlier this week; no official investigation of foul play has been opened, though Iranian nuclear experts have in the past been involved in similar accidents.

By Amir Oren

The five nuclear experts killed in a plane crash in northern Russia earlier this week had assisted in the design of an Iranian atomic facility, security sources in Russia said on Thursday.

The five Russian experts were among the 44 passengers killed when the Tupolev-134 plane broke up and caught fire on landing outside the northern city of Petrozavodsk on Monday.

now who amongst us can’t smile at the quirks of life, or death……heh heh heh

Catch Me If You Can

By 33230715130361 On June 23rd, 2011 at 2:59 pm

Well they did.  The FBI announced it has captured 81 year old James “Whitey” Bulger after 16 years on the run.  Bulger, the notorious figure in Boston Irish Mob circles, and the inspiration for the movie The Departed, was wanted in connection with multiple murders.  Over the years he has been allegedly sited almost as often as Elvis, and made his way high up the Most Wanted List due to the violence he was involved in, and also his strange ties to law enforcement ( a protected snitch).   Glad to know they finally tracked him down.