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By ATWadmin On September 23rd, 2007 at 9:23 pm

So anyway, ATW is nominated as the 4th best Irish blog. Yours truly objects on the simple grounds that we are not Irish – or more specifically and based on Tom Tyler’s genealogy, we are 1/20th Irish. But I was really pleased to read that someone over on Iain Dale’s blog pointed out our strong US -UK links in the thread that follows. Don’t get me wrong, I tip my hat to all the many Irish blogs, and I have great respect for Mick Fealty from Slugger O’Toole BUT I am insistent that ATW is not Irish, we have a great balance of UK and US writers and readers which I just love and I would much prefer this blog stays as the square peg that fits no round blog holes. We are our own men and women here – we hate gutless conservatives as much as we loath dhimmi lefties. We will continue to dissent and to say the things that some don’t want to hear. I am not interested in being the top this that or the other, I want to be the best based on one criteria – the quality of the writing.


By ATWadmin On September 22nd, 2007 at 8:33 am

Looks like a little clarity on acceptable forms of behaviour on ATW is required so let me spell it out.

1. This site, to borrow a phrase from former PM Blair, has no reverse gear and so it will not be deflected, impaired or in any way held back from going forward. It’s here to stay or at least whilst I still draw breath.

2. The posts from my fellow writers are always interesting and enjoyable to read, I have no problem with them in any way. I love the way they challenge opinion and THAT is why ATW exists, we dissent from many conventional political views. I would howevee prefer they did not publicly attack each other as that sets the wrong tone and I would ask for their support in this regard. Attacking their opinions is fine, however. Ball, not man.

3. The personal attacks on the threads in recent days are de-stabilising and are stopping now. If I see any more ad hominem comments, from anyone, I will soon remove them.  You can attack the arguments by all means but stay away from the person making them. It is childish, and this is a grown-up site. Because I have to sleep, and because debate happens long after I am gone to repose, I need you to act responsibly during these hours. If I see any more crap when I come back to the blog, I will again remove it, I will warn whoever has been involved in leaving it, and if repeated I will ban them. NO MORE IN-FIGHTING.

Now that’s it. I have spent too long on this site to have it ruined for the vast majority of readers by pointless puerile name-calling and nastiness. My patience is not limitless and I would respectfully suggest that no-one tries it any more. Look on this as friendly advice – but I’m not going to repeat it. Behave.


By ATWadmin On September 21st, 2007 at 7:56 pm

I see that ATW has been mentioned as being 4th best Irish blog over at Iain Dale’s Diary. Ahem…Heady praise, maybe we will end up third best in a few years? Just a few points;

1. This is not an Irish blog! We have no Irish writers.

2.  With a stable of writer’s from across the UK and USA, I think Iain needs to review the nature of this blog when placing it in his little list. After all, I’d hate to be taking up a place that could be given to an aspiring Irish blog. 

3. ATW is number one in a field of one.


By ATWadmin On September 19th, 2007 at 7:53 am

Sorry about the technical problems that afflicted the site yesterday, but as you can see, we are now back up and running. Thanks to all who emailed me their concerns about ATW being down, nice to know we were missed.


By ATWadmin On September 16th, 2007 at 9:29 pm

Just wanted to wish Andrew all the best of British, thank him for his immense contribution to ATW over the years, and let him know that his place will be kept warm for him should he decide to return. Good luck from me!!!

And It’s Goodbye From Him…

By ATWadmin On September 16th, 2007 at 8:44 pm

Well, that’s it.  After more than three years in the blogosphere I am off to bring new things into my life.  I would like to thank David (who will continue to be a valued friend and colleague); the rest of the ATW team and all those who have been entertained by my efforts.  Rest assured I will continue to visit the site from time to time.  As for a return…..who knows what the future will bring.  But for the foreseeable future………


By ATWadmin On September 6th, 2007 at 6:25 pm

“Time goes by, so slowly.” That’s what Madonna warbled on one of recent hit singles – but she is wrong, time goes by too quickly!

I’m sure you may have read Andrew’s post and I wanted to say a few words about him and his contribution to this blog.

When I started a Tangled Web, back in 2001, I had little real idea where it would end up. I used to write an essay every week, and then it morphed into recognisable blog format back in 2004. There is quite a lot of work in writing everyday and I had know Andrew for a number of years previously during my time in front-line politics. I invited him to contribute to ATW and so it was that Andrew McCann first started talking to you all.

Of course ATW was a lot less well-known back in those days and he and I posted away and waited for the readership to catch up. They did (phew!) and Andrew has always been central to the success of this blog. His straight-talking no-nonsense way has won him as many friends as enemies – I always find him worth listening to. His political knowledge is second to none and there is no better friend of the Union. In blogging, persistence, integrity and courage are the hallmarks of success as far as I can see. Andrew has all these qualities in abundance. Andrew’s staunch support of the Union annoyed many of our more republican readers but Andrew was not deterred from saying what he felt.  A quality which many people overlook in Andrew is his wit – and many of his posts have got a great turn of phrase. It is my view that Andrew has produced some superb posts over the years and I will very much miss these in the time ahead.

Let me say a few other things here when I am at it. Andrew McCann has been a good friend to me over the years, through some tough times and some good times and that is why I am happy for him to leave this blog at this time. I want him to do what is best for himself and as you can tell from his email, he has thought things through and I fully support his decision. But I have insisted that the door is kept open for him, and I do hope he will return.

ATW will continue to grow however and all our new writers are exploring all kinds of themes, which I hope you enjoy. But Andrew is irreplaceable and so I wanted to publicly express my sincere thanks for all he had done for ATW, and wish him every happiness in the future. This web will feel his absence. 

Goodbye, or Perhaps Au Revior

By ATWadmin On September 6th, 2007 at 5:47 pm

Dear readers

This is a copy of the e-mail I sent to David earlier today. I know he has now received and read it. It will come as a surprise to some, and doubtless a joy to others. I hope you will accept it in the spirit of which it is delivered.

‘Dear David

You will be more than aware that my blogging has been sporadic to say the least this last short while. After long and careful thought I have decided to end my time with A Tangled Web from the 16th September (what would have been my grandmother’s 90th birthday). I will outline my reasons for doing so:

  1. A change of life : My grandmother died recently. Her journey to the end of her mortal life has made me realise I should be doing so much more with mine. Having just been promoted to a care manager’s role, I want to devote more of my time to my career as well as making extra time for family and friends. Furthermore, when you enjoy reading other people’s articles more than writing ones of your own, you know it’s time to exit the stage. I have been blogging since before it became fashionable. I have seen A Tangled Web grow into one of the best blogs in the country, and I know you and the rest of the team are more than capable of keeping it that way.
  2. Northern Ireland : Ulster is in the Union and in the Union to stay. My gut instinct is absolutely solid on that. However much I hate the internalised nature of its government – with the belief that the inclusion of IRA terrorists was, and is, utterly wrong and repugnant, I am confident about the one issue that has always been at the foundation of my political interests will remain – the Union of the United Kingdom. I will leave the comments thread open when I announce this news and I fully expect a barrage of abuse from republicans. So what! The very fact that they might need to spit their venom only emphasises the strategic impotence of their political masters.
  3. A mission fulfilled : When I started blogging I wanted to tell all those who were interested what my beliefs and passions were. I hope I have done so. A Tangled Web has grown out of all recognition and I believe I have played a small part in that. If some have been converted along the way, so much the better. I remain as wedded to my core beliefs – Unionism, anti-mass immigration, anti-Muslim, family life, the free market, low taxation, liberty, respect for America’s world role, the existence of Israel – as I did the day I started blogging. Nevertheless, there are only so many ways I can articulate those principles. I think I have used every one of them.

May I take this opportunity to thank you, the team, and all those who have benefited from ATW. I will continue to (try) to entertain you all between now and Sunday-week.

Very best wishes

Andrew M. McCann’


By ATWadmin On August 24th, 2007 at 1:32 pm

As regular readers will know, we have been running a poll on the topic of the Death Penalty. I asked the question “Do you support the Death Penalty for certain crimes such as mass murder” and I’m closing the poll today. Those who support the motion are shown as red dots on the map, whilst those who oppose it are shown as green dots! The answer to the question on ATW is a resounding “YES”, with around 70% supporting the use of the death penalty in these special circumstances.

What intrigued me most was the way this issue is viewed either side of the Atlantic. Looking at the maps which show who voted where, I see a sea of red Stateside, with around 90% supporting the death penalty. Perhaps this is not a big surprise since the US does still  use this penalty and it appears to meet with the approval of the vast majority of Americans who visit ATW, at the very least. But when I look at mainland Europe, I see a tide of green, indicating opposition to the use of the Death Penalty. It’s clear Europeans are not interested in this sanction, which is perhaps not that surprising either given the history of secular post WW2 Euroland. Looking at the UK, I note that opinion seems split about 50:50 whereas in Ireland, it reflects continental European values in opposing this sanction.

I know that polls must all be treated with suspicion but the difference in outlook on this important issue is marked between the US and Europe, and with several hundred votes now in, I thought you might be interested in the detail!


By ATWadmin On August 20th, 2007 at 7:27 am

houses_of_parliament_and_lords_london_england.jpgBack at ATW central after my weekend break in London. Having teenage kids means one thing – shopping, and for me that is a fate worse than death but one I endure in the name of family compromise! We had a great time but as always with a weekender it goes by in a twinkling of an eye. I did enjoy Spamalot and we had an excellent Saturday evening meal in the sumptuous surroundings of the Cinnamon Club. I always do enjoy London but my goodness does it involve walking here and there – my feet felt like they had been in a marathon!! 

I couldn’t help but notice the growing legions of Burka/Niqab clad-females in the major stores around Oxford Street – with section of Selfridges and Harrods looking like downtown Tehran. One of the things that surprised me that these Islamic ladies were busy buying the richest trinkets produced by the running dogs of the infidel West. I do understand that there is a place for modesty in how one dresses but I honestly do find the sight of these covered up legions of Islam disconcerting because more than anything else, I believe they are making a political statement and they are getting more confident by the day. I also saw the "Peace Camp" outside Parliament – a bunch of out and out extreme left wackos who litter the grass a few yards from the statue of Sir Winston Churchill.  They were waving placards calling for the arrest of Gordon Brown as a "war criminal" LOL. 

One of the real treats for me when in London is admiring the wonderful architecture, some of it hundreds of years old. You can walk along a side-street and suddenly come across the most fantastic old building that takes your breath away. Got back through Heathrow with no bother and finished the day with the Italian Rugby team on our flight – mamma mia! With my wife and kids shopped out, I now hope to return to the normality of the insanity of ATW! Now, where to start…..???