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By Pete Moore On May 16th, 2019 at 7:29 pm

Across America decency is reasserting itself. In Ohio, Missouri and Alabama and Georgia, state legislators are – at long last – fighting back against the degradation of human life and are severely restricting the availability of abortion.

No doubt degenerate lawyers, so-called Planned Parenthood and others who make a fat living from infanticide are lining up to go to court. If so, good. Let them go all the way to the Supremes if they want.

It’s astonishing to see conservative values asserted for once, such is the incessant onslaught from extremists against all decency. The fight will be tough because abortionists have the the money to fund it and most of the media and cultural establishment on their side. Infanticide is a very lucrative business. But it’s time the extremists and misanthropes were put out of business.

Goodnight Gracie

By Mahons On May 16th, 2019 at 1:11 pm

When a man named Warren Wilhelm, Jr. Walks up to you and says his name is Bill De Blasio and he is running for President it should give you pause.

The Mayor of New York announced he is running for President, and as the 23rd mainstream candidacy one might say “why not?” Surely he is entitled to pursue a highly implausible nomination as the rest of the pack who could collectively be named “America Doesn’t Got Talent.”

It can’t all be delusion. There must be some agenda behind these Don Quixote campaigns. Is it attention? Hope for influence? Boredom? Perhaps politicians feel the need to run like the rich feel the need for summer homes, it gives them something to talk about.

The Mayor is probably one of the least liked men to live in Gracie Mansion. I encountered him once shortly after his election walking on 42nd street with his entourage trailung behind him. He had a puss on him a mile wide and looked like an unhappy tourist. None of the happy “How am I Doing?” Wit of Ed Koch, none of the competent my way confidence of Rudy Guiliani, none of the celebrity glow of Lindsay, or even the misplaced happiness of David Dinkins. He is a putz. A schmuck. A Red Sox fan. An accidental Mayor through the sheer incompetence of the opposition. Karl Marx would dismiss him as a pandering leftist.

He travels first to Iowa and South Carolina. People may move to those states to be able to vote against him at the first opportunity. I think he might be the only Democrat Trump could actually beat in New York City.

I cant believe he thinks he could win the nomination, let alone the Presidency. Of course I thought the same thing about Trump, but de Blasio has none of Trump’s strengths and nearly all of his weaknesses. Surely as bad as the other candidates may be he won’t be the last man standing. Deliver us from evil.


By Pete Moore On May 15th, 2019 at 6:37 pm

The birth rate in the United States hit a 32-year low last year as the number of babies born dropped for the fourth straight year, federal health officials said in a report released Wednesday …

The total fertility rate in the United States also dropped 2% since last year and hit a record low at 1.728 births per woman, meaning not enough babies are being born to replace current population levels.

The total fertility rate “in 2018 was again below replacement – the level at which a given generation can exactly replace itself (2,100 births per 1,000 women),” health officials said in the report. “The rate has generally been below replacement since 1971 and consistently below replacement for the last decade.”

Thus long-term trend is reinforced, and it’s based on women choosing to become mere tax units instead of having fulfilling lives as mothers. Yes, women ought to be at home, married, and raising the young. It is nature and destiny. Feminism is a cancer which fights against the natural order. Western women have unprecedented levels of choice, but they are more miserable than ever. The profile of the unhappiest American is an unmarried, childless, 42 year old woman with a profession. They have spent all their adult lives living the feminist ideal, and now they are miserable because of it.

Because so many many women have been driven from matrimony and the home and into the work place, Western Civilisation is is in deep peril from chronically low birth rates. Women should be happy. They should be fulfilled. They should be married, with children, and at home.


By Pete Moore On May 15th, 2019 at 6:09 pm


Latest YouGov poll has Brexit party with twice as many votes as Labour and Lib Dem’s. And three times more than Tories. This whole Brexit business could destroy the party system as we’ve known it.

That’s a YouGov poll, for the EU elections, which has The Brexit Party on 34 per cent and the Tories on 10 per cent. This is about much more than the EU and Brexit. It’s much more fundamental. The silent majority has finally snapped. This is the tax paying, law abiding, do the right thing, work hard, and patriotic silent majority. And they are telling the political classes to go screw themselves. And it’s great. The Tories won’t bounce back after the EU elections. They’ve lost far too many loyal voters for good. They’ve had their chips.

The Original All American Woman

By Patrick Van Roy On May 13th, 2019 at 4:01 pm

Doris Day, a leading box office star who achieved indelible fame in big-screen bedroom farces and put a sunny face on the working woman in America while exemplifying the wife every man wanted, has died. She was 97.

The Paper Disgrace

By Mahons On May 12th, 2019 at 11:04 pm

Harvard Law School has disgraced itself by bowing to the mob rule of its student body and stripping a Dean (and his wife) of their titles because he is part of the Harvey Weinstein defense team. The overindulgence of the Metoo movement has reached a new low. By people charged with knowing better.

It is fundamental to our legal system that everyone is entitled to a zealous defense. This is especially true of unpopular defendants. Even guilty ones. Harvard is buckling to simple local opinion. The person who should get the heave ho is the Administrator who won’t defend the Dean. It is an absolute dereliction of duty and an abandonment of moral character.


By Pete Moore On May 11th, 2019 at 7:37 pm


By Pete Moore On May 11th, 2019 at 2:23 pm

When spring turns to summer the last week in May

You know you will find us down old Baku way

It’s a wonderful place at this time of the year

But everyone took out a loan to get here

So the final of Europe’s premier (cough) club competition will be contested by the mighty Arsenal and Chelsea – Up the Arse. Conveniently, for two London clubs, the final will held in Baku, Azerbaijan. Have a look at a map. It’s further east than Baghdad. So it’s die-hard fans only making the near two-day journey, one way. Not that there’ll be many of them. The clubs have been allocated a whopping 6000 tickets each. Since the Baku Olympic Stadium holds some 69,000 people, I assume that UEFA will press gang locals into going, because the corporates won’t bother. Football hates empty seats so they’ll have to do something. And whoever goes will have a rotten view because there’s a running track around the pitch. Everyone except, it seems, UEFA knows that running tracks have no place in a football stadium.

Jolly well done UEFA, another stellar example of thinking of the fans. I can hear some: “But Pete, UEFA didn’t know which clubs would make the final, and it wants to spread the love.” Fine, but in Europe and not effectively Asia. Besides, it’s nailed on that two Western European clubs will make it and not FC Two Bobski of Georgia. It’s a pig of a journey, and that’s from London, which is about as connected a city as there is.

That’s not all. Armenians appear to be persone non grata in Azerbaijan. Arsenal’s Henrikh Mkhitaryan is Armenian, and he won’t go unless guarantees are made for his safety.

So bravo UEFA, slow hand claps all round. Maybe next year the final could be held in a similarly suitable country, like Yemen or Libya.


By Patrick Van Roy On May 11th, 2019 at 1:45 pm

guest post by Paul McMahon

The Eurovision Song Contest, that annual fest of over the top campiness and bad taste, has long been something of a tradition in the McMahon household. For more than two decades we have gathered each year as a family in a week in May in front of the TV armed with ice cream, chocolate, bags of sweets, (and maybe a can or two of beer for Daddy), and marvelled and laughed at the big hair, the shoulder pads, the glitz and grease paint, the exaggerated kitschiness and of course fascinated at the reflective micro politics of Eurovision voting.

But not this year .

This year, as it was in 1979 and 1999, the Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Israel. Wait! I hear you shout, how can Eurovision be held in Israel when Israel itself is in the Levant region of Western Asia? A good question I reply, my only explanation is that many of Israel’s inhabitants are actually European or are descended from European immigration to Israel in the wake of WWII.

There has been a fairly active but ultimately unsuccessful campaign  in Ireland, supported by many in the Irish arts sector including a former Eurovision winner,  to get Ireland to boycott the contest.

Which has led my children, two here with us, one in Budapest and one in Amman yet still regularly in contact with each other and with us, to collectively come to the decision that generally, but particularly in the wake of Netanyahu’s electoral promise of even more expansionism and annexation of land, that they can’t in all good conscience take part in the tradition this year either in reality or on Skype. And you know what? They are absolutely correct and I’m bloody well proud of them for it.

Now I know that there’s some debate around boycotts but for me they’re the ultimate in personal freedom and choice. Don’t like or agree with something? Withdraw your personal support for it.  Don’t agree with boycotts? Easy, don’t boycott. Simples. Incidentally, in a wonderfully poetic touch the Irish, with their instinctive opposition to injustice and their natural affinity with the underdog. The nation who invented the concept of the boycott, have organised an alternative to Eurovision in Dublin’s National Stadium on the same night. Some of Ireland’s famous musicians will take to the stage with all proceeds being donated to  the Middle East Children’s Alliance.

So there you have it, I feel the death knell is sounding for a casa McMahon family tradition as once the chain is broken I fear it ever will be repaired. I do however hope that when my children become parents themselves then the tradition can be reborn with three generations instead of two. The disrupting of this family tradition has brought some marvellous memories throughout the years flooding back full of love, smiles, laughter and warmth tinged with the sadness that as young men must become middle aged so must children in turn become adults along with the accompanying loss of childhood innocence,  insulation and wonder as life inevitably moves forward.

In the misquoted lyrics of the 1974 Eurovision winner:

My my. I tried to hold it back but it was stronger


By David Vance On May 10th, 2019 at 7:26 pm