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By Pete Moore On July 1st, 2020 at 9:08 pm

A PHE regional map for testing across England shows the towns and cities suffering high numbers of cases […]

The map shows that the worst affected regions (with at least 45 cases per 100,000 people in the week to June 21) are Leicester – which went into further lockdown on Tuesday – Barnsley, Bradford and Rochdale.

There are six areas in the next worst affected category (30-44.9 cases per 100,000), which are Bedford, Blackburn with Darwen, Tameside, Oldham, Kirklees and Rotherham.


By Pete Moore On July 1st, 2020 at 6:50 pm

On the day that Hong Kong’s liberties were extinguished some heroes took to the streets. It’s unbelievably brave but also futile. They need to work on getting out.

The British government has stood by its promise to 3 million people with with British Nationals (Overseas) status and their dependents. The Prime Minister and the Foreign Secretary told Parliament today that they will be given five years leave to remain in the UK. At this point they can apply for settled status. After one year with settled status they can apply for citizenship.

Sam Bowman, senior fellow at the Adam Smith Institute proposes Hong Kong 2.0 here in the form of a charter city. He’s absolutely correct that there’s little downside and a potentially huge upside. It’s the kind of thing that Boris could get behind if he can get through the bureaucratic blob. Give them the land and let them have at it.

Its really nice to know, these days anyway!

By Mike Cunningham On July 1st, 2020 at 2:47 pm

I am a subscriber, and a contributor to an outfit named TheyWorkForYou. For those Brits who do not know, this group of people collate such things as what your own MP is up  to in Parliament, what they voted on and how they voted; and keeps a running total so that the subscriber is as up-to-date as possible on his  or her Parliamentary Representatives. The site also performs a very useful function in providing a ready-made formatted electronic letter to  your MP,  so you can vent your annoyance / praise / explain to your heart’s content. It doesn’t mean that they must take notice, but if they get  enough complaints, they just might.

So, this morning, I noted an email with yesterday’s votes and results from the Commons, and this is a gentle reminder of what a useful tool a thumping majority is, especially when the majority votes are with the Party which you favour.

There were five divisions or voting periods discussed yesterday, and in each division, the Opposition voted, obviously, for something which they liked or wished for, and the Government’s majority told them, firmly, that the Government wasn’t playing ball! Listing the five divisions as  Read the rest of this entry »

Funeral For a Friend

By Mahons On July 1st, 2020 at 1:07 pm

The funeral of IRA alumnus Bobby Storey was held and attended by Sinn Fein leadership in contradiction and violation of NI’s social distancing regulations limiting outdoor gatherings to 30 people. They were over the limit by over a thousand people. Masks dont appear to have been worn which seems odd given the usual availability of balaclavas. The usual calls for apologies and counterclaims followed as expected by those familiar with NI politics. The bottom line to me is we have yet another example of rules and regulations that apply to the general population are flaunted or ignored by politicians. Maybe Adams, McDonald and Doherty felt if an Orangeman can get away with it in the States, Republicans should be able to get away with it in Belfast.

Vlad The Bounty Hunter

By Mahons On July 1st, 2020 at 12:41 pm

Some interesting developments in the Russian Paying Taliban Bounty story for attacks on US and UK troops. Republican members of Congress have confirmed it was in the President’s daily briefing reports but that he wasnt told about it personally. Apparently, he doesnt like to read almost as much as he doesnt like to tell the truth.
At the moment the explanation for not telling the President in person is that there was no consensus in the intelligence community as to the facts (we dont know yet if these were material facts).
Putin does not like the United States. He is resentful of the collapse of the Soviet Union where he has a nostalgia for the misery Communism brought upon the World, and for which he supported that misery through his dedicated work in the KGB. I cant imagine a happier moment in his life than when Trump was elected. That Russian intelligence would pay the Taliban to thwart efforts for an orderly withdrawal is not beyond the pale. They wouldnt be paying the Taliban to win, just to wreck havoc.
It is still unclear how effective this effort was. But it clearly fits into a pattern of escalation.


By Pete Moore On June 30th, 2020 at 10:38 pm

The Premier League says its Black Lives Matter campaign is to send the message that it is unacceptable to treat black people differently to anyone else – and not an endorsement of a political movement.

A series of tweets from the Black Lives Matter UK account about Palestine has prompted criticism.

I noticed that a lot of corporates and talking heads did a reverse ferret about BLM the moment it outed itself as just another ultra left, anti-semitic headbanger outfit. Sorry chumps, you don’t get to slide back out of it that easily. The Premier League, Keith Starmer, McDonalds, Ben & Jerry’s and all the rest kneeled and opined and gave their full support to BLM when they should have known. All they had to do was look at its website. It never made any secret of its evil intent to end capitalism and destroy Israel.


By Pete Moore On June 30th, 2020 at 7:21 pm

The evil Chinese communists have imposed their national security law on Hong Kong. It’s a grim day but what else do you expect of socialists?

This was the Prime Minister’s threshold for offering 3 million educated, civilised, entrepreneurial and productive Hong Kongers a way out and into the UK.

He needs to do it.


By Pete Moore On June 30th, 2020 at 6:43 pm

Leicester has become the first part of the UK to experience a local lockdown.

While the rest of the country is seeing restrictions easing, the city has gone into reverse. Shops are shutting and schools will follow suit on Thursday.

How did this happen? And what does it tell us about how well the virus is under control in the UK?

There’s no point reading the rest of that BBC piece. It’s the BBC so it’ll be propaganda. Leicester is back in lockdown-lite. It’s a highly enriched city. Many generations live on top of each other, the young never took any notice of stay at home orders so the infection rate always stayed up. The food shops and public transport became more crowded and there was a spike, So it’s back to how it was. The most affected neighbourhoods in the country are like this. There’s nothing biological about it. It has nothing to do with Vitamin D. It’s just their feckless young pretending to be tough by ignoring what they’re told to do.

Democrat 4th of July

By Patrick Van Roy On June 30th, 2020 at 2:40 pm



A message to Local Plod

By Mike Cunningham On June 30th, 2020 at 11:47 am

For the attention of the Police and Crime Commissioner Northumbria (Recently elected with a turnout of 14%!)

Copied to The Chief Constable Northumbria

Copied to the  I.O.P.C.

Madam, Sir,

I learn through the Press that the Marxist/Communist/Anarchist crowd who pose under the title blacklivesmatter were proposing to hold a ‘Vigil’ at Keel Square in Sunderland.

I would make the following points and questions for both the PCC, and the Chief Constable.

  • As gatherings of more than six people are illegal under the Coronavirus Legislation, how is it that Northumbria Police are not only allowing this crowd to break the Law, they seem to be actively encouraging them?

  • Why do the Police seem to  be favouring this bunch of anarchical rebels, whilst, at the same time, threatening any who oppose this ‘Vigil’ by means of a Section 14 order, forbidding any other protests under force of Law?

  • Why is Northumbria Police giving special, favourable treatment to this ‘blm’ bunch, whose openly avowed goals include banning or removal of All police forces, and also rejoices in the slogan “All Cops Are Bastards’?

  • How can it possibly be justifiable – let alone fair – for any police department in the UK to turn a blind eye to (or indeed, as here, actively encourage) the Hard Left while simultaneously warning that anyone who wants to protest against this injustice will be liable for arrest?

  • The use of the term ‘Vigil’ by this blm bunch is an inexcusable lie. Vigils are what angels keep. Vigils are what servicemen keep over the bodies of their fallen comrades. Vigils are kept while Royals, or high and good Citizens lie in State before their funerals. Vigils are honourable, solemn, ancient – and have nothing whatsoever to do with a bunch of  Marxist agitators causing mayhem on the public streets under the pretence that they fight against ‘structural racism.’

  • As you may have noticed, I am also copying this message to the  Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC), in order that they may verify that your actions, orders and statements comply with the Regulations governing the aforementioned Police Conduct.


Mike Cunningham

I promise to keep you updated on further communications.