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By Pete Moore On April 29th, 2019 at 6:29 pm

A US official has said the UK and any other western countries that adopt Huawei technology for 5G mobile phone networks risk affecting intelligence cooperation with the United States.

The escalation of the rhetoric comes days after a leak indicated the UK was prepared to give Huawei the go-ahead to supply “non-core” infrastructure – a security measure that the US said on Monday would not work in practice.

Robert Strayer, a deputy assistant secretary at the US Department of State, said on Monday that Huawei “was not a trusted vendor” and any use of its technology in 5G networks was a risk.

He said if an “untrusted vendor” such as Huawei was used by another country, the US would “have to reassess the ability for us to share information and be interconnected”, implying intelligence-sharing could be at risk.

Brava Prime Minister. Jolly well done. As if we couldn’t see this coming. It’s absolutely right and understandable that rogue regimes, like the Tory government, be treated with caution. But the PM will still press ahead. She has the tinnest of tin ears. She simply does not listen to good sense. Fortunately the Tories will be dust before the network gets built.

New York Times values

By David Vance On April 28th, 2019 at 9:31 am

Not in the least Anti-Semitic, right?


By Patrick Van Roy On April 27th, 2019 at 8:39 pm

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Guest Post by Paul McMahon

It’s been claimed that up to 200 British soldiers are under investigation for alleged criminal actions and may face charges for various incidents during the conflict in Ireland.

Needless to say this has caused outrage amongst British Army veteran groups and some sections of the British political establishment:  One veteran was told in a letter from his MP, a former security minister, that prosecutions of British soldiers were being driven by a “cultural Marxist hatred of our national history” on the part of the “liberal establishment”


New figures reveal scale of unsolved killings from the Troubles

Of the 1,186 killings that the PSNI’s Legacy Investigation Branch is assessing:

45.5% are attributed to republican paramilitaries.

23% are attributed to loyalist paramilitaries.

28.5% are attributed to the security forces.

For the remaining 3% of deaths, the background of those primarily responsible is unknown.

Whereas Of the 94 deceased who make up the legacy inquests being dealt with by the Coroners Service :

60% were civilians who were not members of paramilitary organisations, 33% were members of republican paramilitary groups, 3% were involved in loyalist paramilitarism and 4% were members of the RUC.

81% were Catholic and 19% were Protestant.

55% were killed by state forces, 28% were killed by loyalists and 17% were killed by republicans.

Nine of the killings occurred after the Good Friday Agreement was signed but are still considered legacy cases by the Coroners Service due to their political nature.

Only four soldiers have been convicted of shooting civilians while on duty in the North , in circumstances where the courts ruled they were guilty of murder, and all four were freed aftera maximum of serving just five years of their life sentences, were paid salary lost while in prison and were reinstated back into the British Army. In stark contrast, tens of thousands of republicans and loyalists have spent time in jails during the Troubles, totalling an estimated 100,000 years.

The Good Friday Agreement of course released prisoners early on condition that they were convicted on charges prior to 1998, that they had served a minimum of two years in prison and that the release was on licence which meant they could be recalled to prison to finish their original sentence in the event of being arrested again in the future.

So, should these soldiers be investigated and where appropriate charged and punished for incidents occurring in a conflict zone? My own preference would be a general amnesty connected to a truth and reconciliation process along the South African model. This of course won’t happen as none of the protagonists in the conflict, Republicans, loyalists or the state, would ever tell the murky, squalid truth as they all have too much to lose. In that context I think it apt to investigate these soldiers and where appropriate they should face punishment in line with the GFA provisions and to do otherwise would create two legal systems.


By David Vance On April 27th, 2019 at 10:24 am

By Tony Morrison

The Mueller Report was finally published in time (11:00 AM, April 18) for enjoyment over the Easter and Passover holidays.  Of course, not many folks read it.  It was 448 pages and so too long for Twitter, and Attorney General Barr had revealed all spoilers a few weeks before. Not that anything was really spoiled as pretty much all the conclusions (no collusion, no obstruction) have been known for at least a year.

The Democrat Party leadership claimed they did read it. 

They had criticized Barr for taking several days to read and release a summary, and so they were ON IT.  Social media influencer Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, for example, let fly a tweet only a few hours after the report (5:28 PM) saying she was boarding the Impeach Trump bullet train.  But even she was outdone in the speed reading by Top Dems, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, who released a statement on the report hours before it was released at 7:36 AM.

The mainstream media were slower out of the gate than the prescient Nancy/Chuck team but were ready at exactly 11 AM. Media Research Center conducted an in-depth analysis of the coverage (available on its Newsbusters site) for the 24 hours after the report’s release.  You would think that “I’m sorry, we were totally wrong for two years” would have been prominent in the coverage.  You would be wrong. “Impeachment” was the predominant theme – mentioned 363 times.  For what?  Well, that was left a little vague.  What was more interesting was how the story morphed in concert when all started to refer to “The road to impeachment” from about 1 PM onwards.  Yes, it’s not just an abstract thing, it’s actually going to happen.

So what is the real news?  Read the rest of this entry »


By David Vance On April 27th, 2019 at 9:40 am

Let’s get this right.

We need to get “our politicians” to work extra hard to restore Stormont so that those born AFTER the Belfast Agreement may stop killing people? It is remarkable to see the political class use the murder of Lyra McKee to advance their own virtue signalling idea of “politics’ Maybe we need to sit down and negotiate with her killers, show them politics is the better way, give them amnesty and lavish riches on them. Oh, wait….we’ve tried that, haven’t we?

Here’s a brutal truth. A section of the Northern Ireland community lives and breathes violence. It is transgenerational and it never ever goes away. By institutionalising terrorism, we ensure more will come. But then again, you all know that.


By David Vance On April 27th, 2019 at 9:31 am

Why it’s almost as if the BBC likes to advance certain themes…


By David Vance On April 27th, 2019 at 9:12 am


By David Vance On April 26th, 2019 at 8:32 pm

By Chris Morrison

Few events demonstrate the hypocrisy that lies at the heart of modern liberalism than Dame Emma Thompson flying from LA to London to tell all the little people that they must de-industrialise within seven years and return to the economic and social dark ages.

Of course, it is the little people who must do all the returning. The little people who are routinely branded racist, homophobic, misogynist, – Christian! Asked if she flew economy class from LA to reduce her own “carbon” footprint, Ms Antoinette replied, “I bloody well don’t, no”. Suffice that she flaunts how much she cares about the planet: perish the thought she should consider doing what she actually preaches.

The liberal elites in this country and elsewhere have wrapped themselves in a cloak of moral authority that accepts no argument. It is surely a joke that a 16- year old Swedish school girl who sees things in “black and white” is held up as the fount of all knowledge on the complex science of climate change.

But they don’t give a stuff what you think. They will use any emotional tactic to show how much they care. Always remember they are good, and you are bad.

These people mostly despise the indigenous culture of Britain and regard with barely concealed contempt the majority of people who live in the country. They are in the words of Gordon Brown “bigots” while Emily Thornberry sneers at their flags, houses and white vans. The BBC needs their money and the Labour party wants their votes, but that is it.

Going gaga over the Extinction Rebellion rabble is the ultimate cop-out from rational and unemotional debate. Reading XR’s deranged “manifesto” is a cry for help– a cry for medical help from deluded patronising arrogant middle-class supremacists. Removing all economic progress and returning society to pre-industrial times on the basis of an unproven scientific climate theory is pure madness.

It is all down to an unthinking hatred of capitalism, the simple and logical system where billions of economic decisions regulate what goods and services people actually want. How the elites hate free choice – how they long to run the world as they see fit – the latest manifestation of their conceit being the various green new deals.

This hatred of capitalism and all its works is now routine in the state education system. Every long-standing employer knows that standards of literacy and numeracy (and scientific enquiry) are well down on previous generations. Seemingly there is little time to teach such mundane stuff when there are only so many hours in the days to discover how appalling our ancestors behaved.

The elites are embarked on a root and branch transformation of British society and not a word in jest can be spoken. Smug “comedians” spend a subsidised lifetime on the BBC spilling out self-righteous dross, designed to display their higher moral authority. Every now and then one gets outed for not paying tax, abusing other people or has to disappear for six months while they clean the Bolivian marching powder out of their system, but hey, just remember they are educated and right and you are bad.

His Highness The Right Charlie flies in a private jet to pick up an environmental award and calls for an end to consumerism – your consumerism, needless to say.

Jane Garvey on Woman’s Hour says that a white theatrical audience in London is a “problem” while her employer indulges in similar racism by advertising for “non-whites”.

But of course, it is not hypocrisy or racism because we are right and you are wrong. We are morally just and whatever you say, you are still bad and we are still good.

The crusades around climate change science say it all.

Long ago the BBC took the precaution of banning all sceptical inquiry. Instead of a sensible discussion about future energy use and efficiency, we are being forcibly marched towards an uncertain future of renewable power. Not that it should concern the elites. Last year the National Theatre kicked up a tremendous fuss about complying with new green EU lighting regulations.

Do as I say, not as I do. I am right and virtuous, you are wrong.

And further how dare you question my right to save the planet. Led by St Greta of Thunberg, this is my new religion since I don’t care for all those outdated Christian values. If the poor have to pay higher energy prices, so be it. I make so much money I will not notice and I am blessed in my new anti-science priesthood. If your light bulbs are a bit dim, come to my theatre where the sun continues to shine out of my fundament.

We love people, except you of course, so we are happy for lots of new folks to come and live in your country. Useful, as well, that it depresses the wages of the bigots and gives us cheap servants. When an Islamic refugee blew 23 young people to bits at a Manchester concert, we organised another singsong two weeks later and sang Don’t look back in anger”. Problem solved, although make sure you keep a good look out in future for all those suspicious looking Asian Buddhists.

Except the problem isn’t solved. Importing hundreds of thousands of low-skilled people every year from the developing world accumulates huge cultural and economic problems that will need to be faced in the future. Almost everybody wants to come and live in an advanced welfare state like Britain – if they first can’t get into Sweden. One day we are going to be forced to have a sustainable immigration policy.

But for the moment we will get Lily Allen to set the news agenda and ignore the issue on the grounds that anyone who wants to have a sensible discussion is a racist.

Self-righteousness on such a historic scale is actually a huge defence that has been mounted to justify massive corruption. Corruption of an economic system that has released millions of people from grinding poverty. Corruption of many of the social values that are being torn down in Britain before our very eyes. Some of these values needed changing and societies evolve and develop all the time. It’s good to talk but the liberal elites are slowly and surely shutting down the conversation.

How long will this new order last? Might be interesting to see what happens in some of the forthcoming elections!


By David Vance On April 26th, 2019 at 8:31 pm

By Tony Morrison

The US Democratic Party, in concert with its slavish minions in much of the media and indeed parts of the Government, has spent the last two years desperately trying to overthrow a democratically elected President. Now the race is on for the Dems to get back to democracy and find a candidate for the 2020 Presidential election that appeals to deplorables and non deplorables alike.

The Party that derided the Republican “clown car” of 22 candidates in the 2016 election is now busy assembling a massive clown convoy of electric (natch) vehicles to accommodate the 228 people that have to date virtue-signalled their intention to run. Expect more to announce in the next few weeks while desperately searching for maps to locate Wisconsin!

Now, among the ranks are of course some folks who are in it only for the publicity.  Football Coach Robby Wells is about the only guy in this country who has ever sued his employer for sacking him for being white.  A bemused Savannah State College administration seemed more concerned with his 7-15 win-loss record over two seasons.

And then there is Elizabeth Warren.

A senator of little legislative achievement, apart from naming a Post Office in Boston and getting the US Mint to issue commemorative baseball coins, her only real claim to fame is that she is the first Native American woman elected to the US Congress.  But even here she is so unknown that two women elected in 2018 were uniformly declared to be the first Native American women elected to Congress, totally overlooking the fact that Pocahontas arrived in 2012.

Among the more serious candidates are some riding the trendy wave in the Party to be anything but old and white.  Here comes Jamaican-American Wayne Messam, mayor of a medium-sized town in Florida.

He owns a construction company so we can see where he got the idea that he is qualified to be President.  So far he has positioned himself with policies that are so far out on the left fringe that even Nicolas Maduro would say “Hey, you might want to dial that down a notch.

The comic relief in this category includes Cory “Spartacus” Booker, who threw his galea into the ring in February this year.

Senator Booker is a bumptious buffoon most celebrated for making up an imaginary friend.  Said friend, “T-Bone,” is a drug dealer who can be called upon in his speeches to illustrate either violence or redemption depending on the situation.  Hopefully, T-Bone will whisper in his ear to leave the race quickly before the inevitable humiliation happens!

Meanwhile, fellow senator Kamala Harris has already outflanked the doughty rebel warrior.

Although she shares with Booker a complete absence of any political principles, beyond what appears on Twitter to be trending among the urban elites.  She is already ahead in the diversity stakes as she is not just African-American, she is also part Indian (that’s India the country, oh ye who take offence easily) and a woman to boot.  Trifecta!

These days, though, being black just ain’t all that with the Dems.  They have no Obama this year (Michelle has declared she is not running) and Hispanics are now the go-to voting bloc they crave.  After all, African-Americans vote D across the board no matter what.

Proud Hispanic, Julian Castro, an official in the last administration, wants to become a front-runner and so he was first out of the box among all the candidates to call for the impeachment of Trump.

Unfortunately, in a spectacular display of bad timing unworthy of a wanna-be Presidente, this was the day after the Mueller report was actually published, exonerating the President from the made-up Democrat charges of Russian collusion.  You might think Castro has an unfortunate last name, but the Dems just love Cuba now they all only want to play on the left wing, so this will be a major plus.

Along for the ride with Castro is that weird woke fellow Robert “Beto” Francis O’Rourke, the first ever Hispanic Irish candidate; and the last judging by his performance so far.

And anyway the Dems have already turned towards a much younger version of Beto, small-town mayor, Pete Buttigiegigieg. (note to Ed: check spelling, note to self: check pronunciation)

There are some surprising names that are missing from the gaggle of big floppy feet red-noses.  Michael Avenatti, a self-professed prestigious lawyer, was declared the front-runner by the equally prestigious cable news outlets CNN and MSNBC in 2018 after he announced his intention to run.  But pundits have now declared that the creepy porn lawyer is no longer running due to the fact he is facing 300 years in prison for stealing settlements from his clients, some disabled, to fund an extravagant lifestyle. Of course, crimes have not fazed the Dems in the past.  Ted Kennedy killed a woman and very nearly got the nomination in 1980.  The truth is more likely that Avenatti has a private jet.  Although currently confiscated by the Federal Plod, the Dems can’t have that when their wacky leadership say its’ fumes will be responsible for the death of the planet.

Finally, there is the usual bunch of old white males stomping around with their entitled patriarchy.  The crankiest is Mike Gravel, an ex-senator.

No more messing with the Vice Presidency, like that last well-known politician from Alaska, Mike is going for the big one and at the age of 88 this will surely be his last chance?

Slightly younger, both a mere 77, are “Sleepy” Joe Biden and “Crazy” Bernie Sanders.  Joe has not yet announced his nomination but he says he will. He is your average professional pol distinguished only by an unfortunate groping problem.  But Bernie is something else again.  He is not even a Democrat, but a “Democratic Socialist,” i.e. one who believes that heavy government control, poverty and despair should be voted in by the people.  Strangely, he has been overtaken in his socialist zeal by much of the party since he nearly won the nomination in 2016.  But the affection remains.

So who will win?  At this point, it is like the F.A. Cup in August, where potentially any of a multitude can win, but we all know it will come down to a select few from the Premier.  The latest Emerson poll of Democratic voters, however, did not reveal any upsets and the voters were shocked, shocked to find that the select few seemed to be known already.  Step forward the old white guys! The leaders by a wide margin are Bernie with 29% and Joe with 24%.

Yeah, the Dems may pretend to get a thrill up their leg with any mention of not being white or male, but freed from the iron grasp of the despised Hillary, deep down they just want the old cosy liberal white patriarchy back.


By Pete Moore On April 26th, 2019 at 7:24 pm

Oh great. So what has Brussels been up to now?

EU votes to create gigantic biometrics database

The European Parliament voted last week to interconnect a series of border-control, migration, and law enforcement systems into a gigantic, biometrics-tracking, searchable database of EU and non-EU citizens.

This new database will be known as the Common Identity Repository (CIR) and is set to unify records on over 350 million people.

Of course the excuse is to help the police and all that nonsense. As if laws and information aren’t used for purposes other than those given at first. This is about tracking everyone and controlling everythng. As the months go by it’s increasingly clear that Remainers had no idea – no idea at all – what they were voting for. A Remain vote didn’t exist, because there was no remaining in the EU as it was. A Remain vote was a vote for what the EU will be. They had no idea about the EU military plans, no idea about tax harmonisation, and no idea about the Common Identity Repository.

The simple little darlings had no idea.