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By David Vance On January 10th, 2020 at 8:44 pm

Some of you MAY have picked up on this story yesterday.

“A veteran peer has been reported to the police for a homophobic hate crime, after he described the SNP’s Hannah Bardell as “queer”.   The Livingstone MP confirmed she had filed a report on Lord Maginnis, describing his behaviour as “wholly unacceptable”.

Now then, full disclosure. I have been a long term critic of Maginnis. I also don’t think it is very polite to refer to Gay people as “queer”

However, I also hate hypocrites.

Now read on as we tumble down the rabbit hole

Let me show you SNP Hannah Bardell’s twitter bio as of yesterday.

Clear? She refers to herself as a “queer” – so it seems to me that Maginnis was simply following her own description. If she can use the term to define herself, why can he not use it to define her if he so wants?

Then, this morning, something changed. Have a look. See the difference?

I politely asked Ms Bardell to explain this change as it is pertinent.

Within 60 seconds I got this response.

Busted, Hannah.

I have passed details to Lord Maginnis.



By Pete Moore On January 10th, 2020 at 7:24 pm

Because Friday night is Music Night

Another week done at the coalface of capitalism. I think we deserve a little sunshine and a change of pace. You probably know Michael Nyman’s “Chasing Sheep is Best Left to Shepherds”, which he composed for the film “The Draughtsman’s Contract”. It’s a lovely little piece. I was going to post this concert version. You can see how hard the string section is working. In the end the sunshine and visuals here won out.

Have a good weekend whatever you’re up to. As always, feel free to share your top sounds down below –


By Pete Moore On January 10th, 2020 at 7:13 pm

Failure to grant the European Union access to British fishing waters after Brexit could lead to an outbreak of cod war style hostilities, the EU has warned.

It is EU intransigence which ultimately assured that we would leave the EU. If the EU had been just a little bit flexible we’d have still been under its yoke. In the end we shrugged and resolved to leave its dogmatic rigidity. It triggered endless tantrums and threats, which only proves how right we are to leave a shouty, abusive relationship.

Imagine if Japan or Australia said such a thing, that their fisherman must have such access to British waters – or else. The absurdity would be transparent. Maybe it’s a tacit acknowledgment of how unhinged the EU position is, that the press reports these “threats” straight. It’s as if the EU’s absurdity goes without saying.


By Pete Moore On January 10th, 2020 at 6:57 pm

Counter-terror police put the economic terrorist group Extinction Rebellion on a watchlist of “extremist ideologies”. Too right.

Yes Monbiot, you are an extremist. A communist and a misanthrope, you are an extremist. The interesting thing about Monbiot’s comment here is not his typically bovine refusal to accept what he is. It’s his ultra narrow-minded opinion that only extremists like him care about people and the planet. If you have a different opinion from him then you don’t care about life in Earth. You do not get any more demented than that.


By David Vance On January 10th, 2020 at 6:56 pm

The Emerald Pile.

In June 2012, our Queen shook hands with Martin McGuinness (before he left us to honour his appointment with Beelzebub) during an official visit to Northern Ireland. In 2016, this was followed by a private meeting between the two. There were many voices of opposition raised, but none so deafening as to persuade the Queen to change her courses of action on either occasion. There was no clamour from any political party to have the handshake or the private meeting cancelled. We must remember all this is in spite of McGuinness’ erstwhile role as a head honcho in an illegal terrorist organisation that not only murdered thousands of British citizens but who also murdered a member of the Queen’s own family!

Compare and contrast the maturity of British Establishment opinion with the caterwauling of self-pitying piss-artistry we’ve seen from the Irish political class (and many Irish voters) over their government’s plan to commemorate the roles of the Royal Irish Constabulary and the Dublin Metropolitan Police. These two forces, both overwhelmingly Catholic in composition, lost hundreds of personnel at the hands of the first Doctor Who-esque incarnation of the IRA. This would have been a simple State commemoration, an understanding that other organisations outside the narrow confines of militant republicanism could be recognised for their role in Irish history.

But no! Out came the usual suspects and the usual tranche of Irish voters, spitting venom at the very thought. Listening to the likes of Mark Daly (he of the Anschluss-by-persuasion wing of Irish nationalism) and Mary Lou McDonald, you’d think the Irish Government were about to launch a ceremony to pay tribute to the Gestapo! Oh, I forgot, the Nazis get a better understanding in Dublin than the members of the RIC and DMP. Lest we forget Dublin remains the ONLY city in Europe to still have a statue of a Nazi collaborator on display. If you read through the comments at the bottom of the linked Irish Times article, you’ll appreciate why countries need laws in place to stop brothers and sisters having kids with one another.

For years, Unionists have had to listen to meaningless drivel about how they and everything they hold dear would be honoured, cherished, worshipped and carried through the streets at shoulder-height should they ever consent to some unicorn all-Ireland state. Yet each time a Dublin administration suggests pointing a spotlight on any cultural trapping or official institution held dear by Unionism, out come the cavemen with their threats or enactments of violence, and the event in question gets cancelled. It happened to the Orangemen in Dublin in 2005 and it’s happened again now. And Dublin’s movers and shakers like to claim the Republic is on a journey to commemorative maturity?! Geez, when it comes to Unionism, it hasn’t even left the nipple yet!!

Poor poor Pelosi, pour Nancy another drink…..

By Patrick Van Roy On January 10th, 2020 at 4:37 pm

Speaker of the House, what most people don’t understand is the most powerful position in the US Government. The Speaker literally has the power to control every aspect of United State’s Government.

That power though has to be handled by a master of Kraft.  Nancy is the second best at this in my lifetime, to see her allowing herself to be boxed into not just a corner but into a true disaster has to be taking it’s toll on the grand dame.

Since Ike the House has brought articles of Impeachment against every Republican President except Gerry Ford, who only got a reprieve because he wasn’t in the job long enough. It was exactly 15 minutes after Trump came down the escalator and announced his run for the Presidency that the Press brought up Impeachment.

This is normal fare in American Politics, a page in the basic playbook so how did this one blow up in her face ?

The Perfect Storm of shock and dismay at his upset win against the beast triggered every mental degenerate in Congress. Powerful members of both sides that have spent their lives getting fat on the Congressional Largess and Influence instantly went into a panic. No one that held office wanted this man in the White House.

For his first two years the Republican Congress did everything they could to slow walk his agenda ending in the betrayal of the American Public with John (scumbag) McCain’s last Congressional act driving the nail of that betrayal into the lid of their own coffin. That betrayal cost the Republicans the house, and rightfully so.

Gaining the Gavel a second time Nancy was riding high, but she didn’t count on the chaos that came with it this time. Her last reign as Speaker she was the master of the ship with control of the House, Senate, and White House. She guided the most radical change to the American System and was heralded as a genius.  My how the wheel has turned.

While the Republicans were dragging their feet the first two years the Democrats were busy trying to cover up the crimes that they had engaged in during Obama’s 8 years. With the MSM leading the Narrative combined with the republican bases disgust they regained the House and a pack of Poster Child Commies led by AOC gained the spotlight as the MSM’s props.

The Mueller investigation was supposed to give them the ammo they needed to bury both their misdeeds and Donald Trump.  Mueller’s utter failure was an unexpected disaster. Not only did it fail to find any collusion they couldn’t even find an unpaid parking ticket. This sent the MSM and the elected wackpac totally over the edge….. IMPEACH IMPEACH IMPEACH……

So the most unconventional and unconstitutional Impeachment Hearings were held….. held for the most part in Secret. Again the Accusations were what mattered, not the evidence. A total disaster Nancy was cornered into appeasing the MSM and the wackpac with nothing to work with.

Creating Impeachment out of Whole Cloth was a circus Nancy did not want, but what she had to orchestrate. Now she must turn the Articles over to the Senate or admit it was all show and bullshit, but she can’t make that admission. She also can’t turn the Articles over because she hands Trump not just a victory but a vindication.

Poor Nancy one of the best will go down in History as both the First Woman Speaker, and the Worst Speaker to hold the position.


By Pete Moore On January 9th, 2020 at 10:01 pm

The British and Irish governments have published the text of a draft deal aimed at restoring power sharing in Northern Ireland.

The Secretary of State Julian Smith and Tánaiste (Irish Deputy Prime Minister) Simon Coveney made the announcement at a press conference at Stormont on Thursday evening.

Thursday marks three years exactly since devolution collapsed in Northern Ireland.

Mr Smith has written to the assembly speaker and asked him to convene a sitting of the assembly tomorrow.


By David Vance On January 9th, 2020 at 9:28 pm

It was obvious from the minute reports hit the media. I am talking about the downing of a Ukrainian passenger jet, near Tehran, two days ago. 176 people lost their lives, including 63 CanadinaAnd what was OBVIOUS that this was not a normal “accident” but rather a plane brought down by Iranian missiles. It happened in the aftermath of the feeble (and telegraphed, natch) Iranian missile attack on an (empty) US base in Iraq.

Within minutes of the news breaking, the Iranian authorities told the world the crash was caused by “engine failure”. Eith this was the fastest accident investigation in the world or damage limitation, In a sense, of course, that was right! – as a missile hitting a domestic airline does tend to cause engine failure.

Anyhow, the Iranians subsequently withdrew the “engine failure” propaganda line but still swear blind that the downing of the flight had NOTHING to do with them.

Except it did. It had everything to do with them. Now we read…

“Evidence suggests an Iranian missile brought down a Ukrainian passenger plane that crashed near Tehran, possibly in error, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau has said.”

This does seem most likely. I don’t think that the Iranians MEANT to down the jet, but they are so hapless that they accidentally brought it down. Either way, those lives are lost.

Two strange things to note.

Trudeau gave Iran $2.5m dollars in “aid” in 2018.  Why? Was he unaware of the tyranny of the regime he was feeding?

Second, at the press conference today, when a pro-Iran journalist asked if Trump was to blame by provoking Iran, Trudeau said that’s a question people will have to consider.

So Trudeau tries to imply TRUMP is to to blame for the death of 63 Canadians on that flight.

What an enfeebled little creep. He was the guy shovelling cash to the Mullahs. Missiles cost $$$.


Another Layer to the Dome

By Patrick Van Roy On January 9th, 2020 at 9:24 pm

God I love Toy’s, The Israelis have just brought on line an Electric Laser Cannon.

“This is a dramatic solution to rocket fire,” said Dubi Oster, head of the DDR&D Optronics Department. “We have been working on this for years. But it is challenging to get a good-quality beam to stay the size you need at the range you need… for example, a beam the diameter of a coin from here [in Tel Aviv] to Herzliya.” (10miles/16kilometers)

While most developments over the years – both in Israel and abroad – have been ineffective, significant achievements have been made over the past year and a half as a result of collaboration between the ministry and defense companies, including Rafael and Elbit Systems, as well as academic institutions.

The breakthrough recently made by the ministry is based on the precision of the laser beam, which can be focused on long-range targets and which can overcome atmospheric disturbances such as clouds and dust storms.

According to Oster, the ministry was able to take several laser beams and, with an advanced algorithm, connect them to get one strong beam that is able to intercept and take down a variety of threats. Based on high-energy electric lasers rather than chemical laser technology, the robust system will complement the other layers of Israel’s aerial defenses and will be a strategic change in the defense capabilities of the state, the ministry said.

“This is a weapon that you can’t see or hear,” Rotem said, adding that while it is not free since it runs on electricity, every interception will only cost a few dollars, as opposed to interceptor missiles that can run into the thousands.

The use of two different and complementary technologies – kinetic air-defense-like systems, such as the Iron Dome, and laser platforms – “is a game-changer,”


By David Vance On January 9th, 2020 at 9:02 pm

By: Chris Morrison

8th January 2020

The 2010s were colder than the 2000s and last year was only the 11th warmest since 2002, according to under-reported recent figures from the UK Met Office. How wise of the ecstatic green ravers to have retired “global warming” replacing it with last year’s exciting “climate emergency” and now high dosing with “CLIMATE BREAKDOWN”.

Of course the only thing breaking down is sanity in much of the mainstream media “science” reporting community. The BBC led the way with the Met Office official press release by parroting its main suggestion that a series of high-temperature records were broken in 2019 concluding a “record-breaking decade”. Promoting long term harmful changes in climate by cherry-picking so called individual records is about as unscientific as you can get. Last year’s record high of 38.7C was measured in the middle of Cambridge, a city that has grown by 40,000 over the last 40 years. Just outside the city and away from the urban heat effect, a similar measurement produced a temperature of only 38.2C.

Last year the average temperature of the UK was 9.42C, down from nearly 10C as recently as 2014. The figure was the third successive annual drop recorded. Surface temperature measurements can be dubious but similar falls in temperature have been recorded in the lower atmosphere by more accurate satellite measurements. These also show annual falls since 2016.

The planet is a large place. At any one time bits of it are hotter, colder, dryer and  wetter than average. Countless “100-year” records are available to be cherry-picked for countless purposes. In trying to assess long term climate trends they are more or less useless – mere cherries on the green political cake.

The world has been gently warming for about 200 years by around 1C. The start of the warming trend predates a more recent rise in atmospheric C02. Numerous scientists argue this has many natural causes including  ocean warming and the release of some stored gas. In the geological past, CO2 levels have been up to 20 times higher without any evidence of a climate fireball. In the recent past, the medieval and Roman warming periods saw similar gentle beneficial heating to that experienced today over a similar time scale.

Little of this is discussed by the “settled” science brigade which is all in on the sudden 6C fireball theory taken directly from forecasts made by around 100 climate models that over 30 years have never been accurate. Evidence to the contrary, that the planet may even be entering cooling or flatlining, is ignored. Last year the Met Office produced a report that suggested the 200 year warming of 1.1C could rise to over 1.5C in just five years. Tucked away in the figures was a “get out of jail”  low ball figure of 1.03C. The latter figure actually suggested cooling, but no prizes for guessing which figure dominated the headlines for days!

Of course the 1.5C temperature rise is the holy grail of climate hysteria – the dread “tipping point” when all of Greta’s nightmare fantasies come true. Those with a slightly longer memory recall Armageddon started at 2C, a figure that has no sound scientific basis whatsoever. Such a point was made in a 2010 article in Der Spiegal which identified Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, the director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, as the father of the 2C target.

The figure was quickly taken up by the IPCC and at the Copenhagen climate summit German environment minister Norbert Röntgen claimed that if it was exceeded “life on our planet, as we know it today, would no longer be possible”.

But of course, the limit was all scientific nonsense – clearly a political goal. And who subsequently said that? – why Mr Schellnhuber himself who added:

“..the world will not come to an end right away in the event of stronger warming, nor are we definitely saved if warming is not as significant. The reality, of course is much more complicated”.

Presumably, Mr Schellnhuber was of the same mind when the IPCC further whipped up climate hysteria and reduced the figure in 2018 to 1.5C.

It is rather odd to worry about a degree or two of warming. Humans have only been around since the last major ice age started to lift. In geological terms we are still in an ice age – that is why there is still ice at the Poles. Glaciers have mostly been retreating since we walked the Earth. Ancient homo sapiens probably lamented that the Rhone valley no longer had the best skiing, but at least the food and wine had improved.

In fact as ice melts, compressed land rises often mitigating against higher sea levels. The American Great Lakes still show rises and falls in water level in different areas. Green scientists out to make a political point need to choose their investigation spots carefully. But land rises and falls for numerous reasons – many of the ancient English Channel ports are underwater while the reputed later port home of the Virgin Mary, Ephesus, is now situated miles inland.

But none of this should get in the way of a good green horror story – there are children to frighten, green corporate pockets to fill, large grants to be granted and subsidies to be spent, virtue to be signalled, streets to blockade and mystic dances to be danced, Guardian donations and BBC taxes to be collected and new cult sandwich boards to be printed proclaiming the end of the world is nigh.

Please follow Chris on Twitter @CMorrisonEsq