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By Pete Moore On September 1st, 2019 at 7:34 pm

Has anyone spotted the obvious flaw in the Remainiac playbook?

Suddenly, they say that Parliament must be consulted on everything and nothing happen without its approval. It’s a leap of faith to accept that the people who were nowhere, as vast powers drained from Parliament to the EU for 44 years, were advocates of Parliament’s essential role all along. But let’s go with it.

They also say that we must not leave the EU without a deal, and that the EU will not budge on the Withdrawal Treaty it agreed with Theresa May.  Michel Barnier again stresses today, in The Telegraph, that the EU will not budge on the Withdrawal Treaty. So what does Parliament think of the treaty? Parliament rejected it three times. To recap the Remain position then:

1. Parliament must approve any deal.

2. The EU will not change the deal.

3. Parliament rejects the deal.

4. Go back to 1.

This is the dead end that the EU/Remain alliance has driven into. The only way out, the logical conclusion of what they say, the only way through their impasse, is no deal.



By Pete Moore On August 31st, 2019 at 8:05 pm

It’s Allahu akbar again, this time near Lyon in France. An Afghan, randomly stabbing people, has murdered a teenager and injured nine others. Well done idiots.


By Pete Moore On August 31st, 2019 at 7:11 pm

“It’s a coup!” wail the anti-democrats. Their rage, in truth a performance piece, has been going on all week. Unsurprisingly, pro-Brexit commentators have been thin on the media ground all week. They’re not hiding. Brexiteers love nothing better than to grab a few, precious, moments of airtime to correct the lies. But they’ve been denied even a few moments as the usual broadcasting suspects have round-the-clock pro-EU commentary.

So we go to RT for a bit of balance, and sensible comment from George Galloway. Yes, there is a coup, and it’s being conducted by the anti-democrats themselves, No wonder the political establishment hates RT. The controversial British state broadcaster wouldn’t allow this to air –


By Pete Moore On August 31st, 2019 at 6:49 pm

Never was Ronald Reagan’s observation about government more true.

(Reuters) – Anna Amato was just two when she moved to Britain from Italy with her parents 55 years ago.

She has lived in Britain ever since, attending school and university, working in a variety of jobs, and paying taxes. She has always lived in the city of Bristol in the west of England, marrying a British husband and raising two British children.

Like thousands of European Union nationals who have made Britain their home after living in the country for decades, Amato always assumed she had earned the legal right to settle permanently.

But the government didn’t agree. The interior ministry rejected her request for permanent residency last year, saying she did not have enough evidence to document her status.

The vote to leave the EU threw up the question of what happens to people born elsewhere in the EU but who are legally resident in the UK. I’ve always been clear that if I thought anyone (criminals etc. aside) now legally resident in the UK would be expelled as a result of leaving the EU then I would vote to remain. The leave campaigns said so too. Brexiteers want control of who can enter and remain in the UK solely in the hands of those we can hire and fire, but expelling people with a prior right to live here is absurd.

Unfortunately Theresa May and her Remain government disagreed. She refused to budge on the rights of EU citizens living in the UK without EU reciprocation for Britons across the Channel. Note that the Home Office refused Mrs Amato’s request for permanent residency last year, when May’s government was still in office. Three weeks before the EU referendum, Boris Johnson and his new Home Secretary, Priti Patel, put their names to a statement on immigration for the Vote Leave campaign which they led. It included this proposal:

Second, there will be no change for EU citizens already lawfully resident in the UK. These EU citizens will automatically be granted indefinite leave to remain in the UK and will be treated no less favourably than they are at present.

I hope and expect that Patel live up to this pledge immediately and quash the absurd order against Mrs Amato. I also hope that a Home Office bureaucrat gets fired on Monday morning for lacking decency and brain cells. I would welcome Patel also granting all EU citizens legally resident here indefinite leave to remain in the UK, regardless of deals, no deals or what the EU would do to Britons. You do the right and proper thing regardless of what others will do.

Last, I hope that Remainers and other anti-democrats have the honesty to not attempt to smear our desire to live in a country beyond the control of the EU because a woman has been treated atrociously by a government which never intended to get us out of the EU.


By Patrick Van Roy On August 31st, 2019 at 3:30 pm


By Pete Moore On August 30th, 2019 at 7:08 pm

Because Friday night is Music Night

Another week done at the coalface of capitalism, another weekend of middle class wailing on the streets of London to come. Can you believe these EU loons are going to “shut down the streets” of a Remain city. So dumb. So have yourselves a good weekend, except for them and Sperz fans.

Don’t say that we don’t bring you variety on the Friday Night Jukebox. I defy anyone to say that this doesn’t get their toes tapping. It’s all real instruments too. You don’t evil computers for proper dance music.

As always, feel free to share your top sounds down below –


By Pete Moore On August 30th, 2019 at 6:56 pm

I remember using my nan’s blue badge, and a very handy thing it was too. For those in the colonies, a “blue badge” is given to the handicapped or infirm. If it’s in the windscreen they can park in disabled spaces. So rare good news from the government –

I’ll have some of that anxiety. If a hairy-arsed bloke can call himself a woman then I can self-identify as having one of these hidden disabilities. In fact I was diagnosed with anxiety, back during finals at university. I stopped shaving and gave the university doctor a sob story. He put me down for anxiety and my degree was bumped up from a Bishop Des (a 2:2) to a 2:1.

I’ve just got to make an appointment with the doctor now, so the blue badge will be mine in about ohhh, 3 years.


By Pete Moore On August 30th, 2019 at 6:47 pm

The BBC asks the dumbest questions.

Citizenship test: How hard should it be to become British?

Foreigners cannot become British of course. One is British by birth (English by the grace of God). A foreigner might be handed a British passport, but that is a bureaucratic chit. It doesn’t erase the past, it cannot hide the humble origins.



By Pete Moore On August 30th, 2019 at 6:42 pm

More muslim rapists aided and abetted by the “authorities”.

Five men have been jailed for sexually exploiting eight teenage girls in Rotherham more than a decade ago.

Vulnerable girls were targeted and given alcohol and drugs before some were raped by multiple men, Sheffield Crown Court heard.

The usual ugly names, the usual ugly faces. And the usual nod and wink from people who, one day, must be put in a dock and made to answer for their wicked acts. Please, don’t tell me that the police and councils are on our side. We have more than enough evidence to say otherwise. And don’t tell me that this country has benefited from mass immigration. Don’t make me laugh.

Sentencing the five, Mr Slater said he was “quite satisfied” that the “relevant authorities” were well aware of the way vulnerable teenagers were being targeted for sexual exploitation at the time.

He described it as a “lamentable state of affairs”, saying that the authorities at the time were at best “totally ineffectual” and, at worst “wholly indifferent”.


By Pete Moore On August 30th, 2019 at 6:36 pm

This is truly the week that the EU jihadists and loony leftists reached escape velocity in their journey from sanity. The Prime Minister doing a normal thing, which is done every year (proroguing the old parliament to allow the new session to begin) has sent them all insane. A highlight has been the idiot’s idea of an intellectual, Stephen Fry, melting down publicly. He tweeted: “Weep for Britain. A sick, cynical brutal and horribly dangerous coup d’état. Children playing with matches, but spitefully not accidentally: gleefully torching an ancient democracy and any tattered shreds of reputation or standing our poor country had left.” What a hysterical drama queen.

We also have one ex-Prime Minister, John Major, suing the current Prime Minister over the proroguing of Parliament. Apparently the normal is unacceptable, but proroguing Parliament to avoid scrutiny of corrupt Tory MPs, as John Major did, is fine. Americans hate being left on the blocks of course. Having seen the Loony Olympics over here they have entered their own champion. Apparently President Trump might murder more people than Hitler, Stalin and Mao combined!

I love how the CNN hosts sit calmly, as if they haven’t just heard an insane commie unmask himself. Then again, this is CNN and every hour is crazy hour on the left. That’s why they keep losing.