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An alternate view of that Report!

By Mike Cunningham On September 16th, 2012 at 8:38 am

In the earlier part of my life, whilst I lived in England, I used to hold the Police as, generally, a friend. My support for the Police has decreased over the years as they have steadily become more and more politicised and political; in their structure, their controlling philosophies, their attitude towards civil liberties and the Rule of Law. It is a fact that the vast majority of law-abiding British people accept the Police, but don’t really trust them. The failures of Policing over the past thirty years are both well-known and substantial, and many of these failings stem from a grasping of the ‘politically-correct’ attitude at all times. But some of the failures are also known because they literally tried too hard, knowing that the accused were guilty, and therefore attempting to gild that same lily with evidence not manufactured but ‘embellished’.

But after going through the ‘Report’ from the ‘Independent Panel’ ( and you can well believe that the title was given them by the last Labour Government without a single blush), I can see that the Police are being hung out to dry. I did not listen to the nauseating self-justification of the Bishop of Liverpool on the BBC this morning, but I would lay good odds on the inclusion of the phrases ‘Justice for the families’, as well as the well-worn words of ‘the truth finally emerging’ about the deaths of 96 football fans at the Hillsborough ground those 23 years ago.

These questions, after the production of this truly self-serving and nauseatingly-righteous report, should be asked:-

What was the common identity of the clowns who massed against the fences, crowding so much that a mounted policeman on his horse felt unable to move? Answer…Liverpool ‘fans’.

The layout of the fencing and manner of static control within the ground had been made necessary by much previous riotous and threatening behaviour by whom?  Answer………..Football club ‘fans’ of all shirt colours and hues, whose behaviour could best be described as animalistic.

What was the mass identity of the crowd who literally tried to smash the fencing around the entry gates?                Answer……….Liverpool ‘fans’.

Did the ‘alterations’ of police and witness statements provide evidence that any one of those people who died that day could have been saved?  Answer………Probably not!

Did the actions of a panicked senior policeman by ordering the opening of the access gates contribute to the crowd packing into the tunnel?  Possibly yes, but the police were simply outnumbered by an aggressive, booze-fuelled crowd of Liverpool ‘fans’.

What has been the driving force behind the eternal call by the ‘victims families’ for a re-opening of Inquiries etc.   Was it Justice? Was it that the truth finally come out? Was it revenge on a Police Force which, they believed, contributed to the deaths of those ninety-six people?

Or was it just for the Money?

Paul Weston Goes Drinking

By ATWadmin On August 22nd, 2007 at 7:37 pm

Paul Weston writes to tell us of a recent experience in a pub with a singularly appropriate name:

Drinking in my local pub last week – The Saracens Head – I was surprised to overhear an animated discussion revolving around the subject of one Frederick (Freddie to his friends) Thielemans.

As my fellow drinkers are, in the main, horny-handed sons of the soil, I had naturally assumed they would not be entirely au fait with the latest developments vis-à-vis European politics.

But they soon put me right. One point, repeatedly raised by a Charles Montgomery Martel (Mad Monty Martel, as he is known in the Saracens Head and the nearby Bigot’s Arms) was how extraordinarily ugly mayor Thielemans is.

I must confess that Freddie’s physical failings had until that moment quite passed me by, but with a dextrous flick of a hand more suited to the daily relief of cows, Mad Monty conjured a dog eared photograph from his corduroy pocket of none other than mayor Thielemans himself!

Good Lord, I murmured to myself, as heads craned to glimpse this quite revolting image, Mad Monty is absolutely right, mayor Thielemans really is quite hideously ugly, how could I possibly not have noticed this before?

Freddy%20Thielemans.jpg With an appalled fascination, we slowly passed the photograph around, shaking our heads more in sorrow than anger. One local farmer, a breeder of the scarcely known pig variety “Brusellius Horriblius” was so sickened he bought up an entire pint of Bitter and Twisted, the local brew much favoured in this part of the world.

Once Mad Monty had dried off his photograph, an eerie calm settled across the pub. The silence one may have heard when the guns fell silent during the war, or a traumatized victim perhaps feels upon receiving his medication.

Suddenly, a stentorian voice, more suited to bringing sheep dogs to heel on those desolate windswept moors nearby, abruptly crashed through the shaken and shocked pub.

“Y’ere” it bellowed, “an I’ll tell ee summat else, e’s a roight fat fookin baastard an’all!”

As I sprang to reappraise yet another overlooked aspect of mayor Thielemans, I realised that my natural inquisitiveness, or thirst for knowledge, had overcome the deference normally shown to ageing farmers, and had pushed ahead of the oldest man in the pub.

I made my apologies, but he waved them away. “No, no,” he said, “I really can’t take any more. You go ahead, take a gander, and then describe it to me, but gentle mind!” He tapped his chest a couple of times, implying that at his age, one shock per day is more than adequate.

When I looked again at the still moist photograph, I had to hit myself on the head at my lack of visual cognisance! How could I have missed this one? Not only is mayor Thielemans hideously ugly, he is also massively – if not monstrously – fat.

Well, after that, the evening turned into something of a haze. Whether it was the alcohol or some sort of post-traumatic stress disorder, I know not. All I can really remember is the final point made by Mad Monty; which bought into doubt mayor Thielemans sexuality.

Now, it is not for me to question the sexuality of the roly-poly mayor of Brussels . As far as I am concerned, if he is heterosexual, then that is his business, and his business alone. I cautioned my fellow drinkers on the litigious dangers in alluding to the heterosexuality of socialist mayors. I am sure some of them are, I explained to them, but you simply cannot tar them all with the same brush. A great many of them go home every night to nubile young Brazilian boys, just as every self respecting socialist mayor is expected to do.

Mad Monty then explained why he had a photograph of Fat Freddie in his pocket. It turns out that on some EU farmers junket to Brussels in the 90’s, he had got very drunk, gate crashed a lesbian wedding ceremony for German MEP Lissy Groner and her unnamed girlfriend (did Ms Groner take the girlfriends name I wonder?) and found none other than Fat Freddie Thielemans conducting the ceremony.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, photos were taken, hence his possession of the damp, but still shockable picture in his pocket. I asked him why he carried out around with him, to which he replied that he used it a means of inducing labour in recalcitrant cows when all else had failed.

“Better the old bitch die of shock, than a calf die inside her” as he so eloquently put it.

Returning to mayor Thielemans sexuality for a moment, I have recently been given a clipped out article from a very hungover Mad Monty, which suggests that Fat Freddie may not be heterosexual after all. According to the Brussels Evening Echo, an unattractive, corpulent individual, in possession of a luxuriant moustache, was spotted rooting around in the back alleys of the adolescent (built only fifteen years ago) Arab Quarter of downtown Brussels, red faced, sweating profusely and singing the anthem to the Red Flag.

This may or may not have been mayor Thielemans, and I would like to state, quite unequivocally, that to my mind, unpalatable though it may be, I am convinced he is heterosexual.

Mayor Thielemans is many things: The charge of being hideously ugly would have a difficult defence in a court of law, as would monstrously fat, or even viciously treacherous. But I do think we need to draw a line somewhere, and that somewhere is his sexual proclivity, be it procreative or passive. After all, if it turned out that he was indeed homosexual, what would his local voters make of that?

Given his varied physical problems, I think the least we can do is to maintain that mayor Thielemans is heterosexual, no matter what evidence comes to light in the coming months. I sho
uld hate to think of the lovely Freddie, swaying gently by his feet from a lamppost in years to come, surrounded by swarthy men loosing their Kalashnikovs into the air, as small boys with long memories hit his sad, podgy face with slippers, his magnificent moustache drooping poignantly downward.

C. Paul Weston



daily mail nation

By ATWadmin On July 19th, 2007 at 5:52 pm

"They certainly wouldn’t have to surf extremist websites to be told that such places are an abomination when they could pick up the same message at any newsagent in the land".

Dont think we’d agree on all the contributing factors but basically he’s right.

I mean why would you want to be proud of a country that constantly grinds its nose in the dirt and enjoys other people putting the boot in? No wonder jihadis feel they have nothing to lose. Other countries have a whole raft of issues to deal with, socials ‘scandals’, hated political figures they didnt vote in. Know any single nation that has the monopoly on historical infallibility or even a government for that matter?  Left and Right have their share of headbangers and screwups. To listen to the Right in this country in particular arbitrarily write this country off with their tedious doom-mongering, why would anyone not want to blow it up?!

The ayatollah’s army

By ATWadmin On July 19th, 2007 at 5:12 pm

070425newspic.jpgIt must have been deeply depressing to have been one of the raghags in the little-group-of-the-barking-mad striking fundi poses outside the Old Bailey earlier this week (seen below). Not that you could ever tell. At the same time they think they were being oh-so-clever, young Iranian women, who are their betters, are giving islamic morality police the indignant finger in the latest fun(di)-summer-crackdown.
Compare and contrast.
Pretty young woman (replete with nose bandage) in the nosejob capital of the world versus the dutiful theocrat stooges. The kind who think observing deity and ticking all the boxes is a moral duty for womankind. Interfering curtain twitching busybody (tick), second class citizen (tick), dressed up like a parrot cage with the cover on (tick), quick to insist other women follow dutiful religious obeissance (tick), fugly (tick). These, ladies, the ones in black, are your kindred spirits.

In Iran in the 1970s the Ayatollah’s vision was to create the children of the revolution and lo, he asked the faithful to get breeding. The resultant babyboom is a youthful rebellious population in Tehran.  Not sure this is quite what he had in mind. 50% of the Iranian population today are under 25. They are rejecting madmullahdom and theocracy for western culture and mystical sufi islam, a version of Islam that ’emphasises peace, serenity and release’. And ‘incidently’ as did Ed Hussein, ex jihadi and author of The Islamist which spawned a stream of discussions and other ‘outers’ here in the UK, strong muslim voices speaking out against the islamist mini-politicos for weeks now (the latest on Newsnight last night) -and proving to be another stick in the cogs for the headbangers. Some of you though, just choose not to notice.
Ardent consumers of western culture, Iranian youth are happily headbanging away in the metallic sense – amongst other things. In fact their lack of morality would probably piss off the odd hardcore rightwing Daily Mail reader/columnist. Nodding along as they do uttering ‘well you should have known better’ as someone is buried up to their waist and stoned for adultery (as i read from one commenter in one such DM op-ed the other day), whilst their polar opposites in the hardcore corner – The Socialist Workers Party – busy themselves finding Leninisms to justify supporting an ‘Iraq resistance’ that drills holes in heads instead of supporting Iraqi and Iranian dissidents. 070425newspic_3.jpg
Meanwhile …dissidents are taking to the streets of Tehran and demonstrating outright against the hideous injustices of stoning, hangings, inequality and barbarity and the young are rebelling against islamic theocracy (and are prone to be thrown in jail and flogged for it) and irritating the men in charge even more.
"Inside the cabin, an agitated teenage girl has ripped her headscarf off, letting her highlighted hair come tumbling down. She screams insults at a policeman who begs her to put back on her hijab and stop causing a scene. Taking it from his hand, she throws it back in his face in one violent gesture, her indignant screams growing louder"
This is the new generation," says Houri, a middle-aged Iranian woman. "They’re not scared at all. If I was stopped and told to fix my scarf, I’d be so terrified I’d pull it over my nose. But today’s girls are not afraid, they will take the scarf off their head and throw it in the face of the police, even the bassij [Islamic militia]." And" she adds.. just because the young want a less rigid lifestyle, doesn’t mean they don’t believe in President Ahmadinejad’s desire for national pride – including his nuclear programme". Small wonder he is doing his best to capitalise on it. 
Even though Armadinnerjacket has linked the nuclear programme into national pride, poll results by Terror Free Tomorrow. show that 61% of Iranians were willing to tell complete strangers over the phone that they opposed the current Iranian system of government, rejecting the Islamic Republic. The report concludes what impartial observers of Iran like Azemhr based here in London (and seen here on CNN) have been saying for years – that the Iranian people are pro-Western, pro-American, and profoundly want a democratic government.  "The state is flexible, they will accept what the youth is pushing on them," said Mohammad Moussavi, a former Iranian ambassador. "Over the next five years we will see the transition start. I don’t see cracks in the system but evolution". 
May i now be smited by God Almighty and Co for appearing positive (..here’s another finger! 😉

Little Victories

By ATWadmin On July 5th, 2007 at 8:22 pm

You can’t beat the system; mad to try. But you can lift the heart with an occasional little victory.

– Norman Stanley Fletcher.

Now I believe that even with the case for AGW growing weaker by the day, if we Britons don’t put politicians back into their boxes and tip the balance of power between Parliament and People back in our favour, there’s a better than even chance that our ability to travel freely will be severely curtailed in my lifetime. So tomorrow I will be claiming a Little Victory (or just getting my retaliation in first) by setting off in the 4.2 litre Range Rover Sport Supercharged, rolling onto the Eurostar first thing, the Sav Nav pointed towards Marbella.

It’ll take three days: tomorrow (Friday) night it’s Nice, Saturday night in Barcelona, Sunday I roll into town for 10 days or so of topping up the tan and doing my bit for Anglo-Dago relations on the Costa del Sol. After half a summer in Blighty and with AGW is full effect, a man just has to dry out.

So have fun, and I leave you with a link (bottom of the page) to some reading material I’ll be packing – the new work by the always interesting Sean Gabb: Cultural Revolution, Culture War: How Conservatives Lost England, and How to Get it Back.

Don’t tell the greenies

By ATWadmin On June 25th, 2007 at 9:05 pm

miniature.jpgSOME things are just meant to be. I know this because of the fortunate series of events which have landed me with the little beauty you see above for the next few months. Yes, I shall be slumming it in a brand new Range Rover Sport V8 Supercharged.

There – is – a – God.

Engine size – 4.2 litres. Max speed – 140 mph. Weight – tonnes! Combined mpg – ouch. Cost to fill’er up – I may as well buy Kuwait. But who cares when you own the road?

David Vance: your ATW Carbon Footprint Record is in my sights.


Blogger faces jail for “causing offence”

By ATWadmin On June 15th, 2007 at 1:24 pm

In Falkirk, a blogger named Andrew Love has pleaded guilty to committing a "racially-aggravated breach of the peace", and may now face imprisonment. What, you ask, were the heinous acts which constituted this offence? Well, he wrote a blog, in which he "directed insults at groups including black and disabled people, Muslims and homosexuals."

In deferring sentence, Sheriff William Gallacher, the presiding judge, told Love that:

        You should be under no illusions that this is a charge of great gravity.

        The offence you caused, and might have caused, was very grave indeed, and     may need to be marked by the court.

Now, it may well be the case that Love’s blog was vulgar, juvenile, and, as the Sheriff said, offensive. The BBC report does not provide any details regarding the blog’s content, beyond the fact that it "featured a film clip of a disabled colleague playing a mouth organ and captioned it with an insulting remark", which doesn’t sound particularly horrific to me.

However, regardless of the content of the blog, the fact is that all that Love has actually done to merit a criminal record and a possible prison term, is to write things that people found offensive. That, moreover, the wrong kind of people found offensive, for I doubt that he would be in his present predicament had he directed his offensive remarks at white Christian men. To me, it appears that this whole case represents a grotesque violation of Andrew Love’s free speech, and is indicative of the increasing extent to which non-PC views are not merely criticised, but are actually criminalised.

Those Tolerant Homosexuals

By ATWadmin On May 3rd, 2007 at 7:22 pm

Catholic teaching on homosexuality remains intolerant, backward, illiberal and morally questionable.

Magnus Linklater, The Times, 24th January 2007

Well, we all have our own opinions on that. Personally, I think it’s good that the Catholics have taken a stand over issues like homosexual adoption, wish the Church of England would do the same, and regard Linklater’s list of adjectives as being merely ritualistic curses hurled by post-modernist liberals upon those with whom they are displeased. However, even those who agree with Linklater must surely acknowledge that the behaviour of homosexual activists in Italy shows his use of the word ‘intolerant’ to be a profound overstatement:

The archbishop of the Italian city of Genoa received a bullet in an envelope at his office. It was the latest threatening message for the prelate, who is leading a campaign against same-sex unions, Vatican Radio said Sunday in Vatican City.

The bullet arrived Friday at the office of Archbishop Angelo Bagnasco, who was recently elected to head the politically influential Italian Bishops Conference, the radio report said. It quoted a Genoa newspaper as saying the envelope also contained a photo of the archbishop with a swastika cut into it.

Bodyguards stood a few yards from the altar in Genoa’s cathedral Sunday as Bagnasco celebrated Mass. They were assigned to protect the archbishop a few weeks ago after graffiti was scrawled on buildings threatening him.

And yet somehow it’s the archbishop who’s the bigot, oppressing the poor homosexuals. Remind me, how many homosexuals has he threatened to kill recently?

(Hat-tip: Archbishop Cranmer; cross-posted at my own blog)

Another Challenge

By ATWadmin On April 22nd, 2007 at 8:04 am

As politely, concisely and clearly as possible, define ‘anti-semitism’ in the sense of it affecting Jews (I am well aware that some Arabs can semantically be considered Semitic as well). To coin Andrew’s phrase:


Black Man Describes Whites As ‘Subhuman’, Silence Deafening.

By ATWadmin On April 17th, 2007 at 4:23 pm

Well, who on earth could be coming up with such racist trash? Zimbabwean political broadcast? Nation of Islam at it again?

Nope, the chief of the Commission for Racial Equality. Again. There must be something in the water, because someone’s brought Trevor Philips out into the light, and he’s managed to say the truly disgusting. Again.

The man who not so long ago sought to politicise religion by urging that BNP members be denied communion has, in a severely under-reported interview (which I can only find in one paper) at the STUC annual congress in Glasgow, described members of the BNP as ‘less than human’; referring to an alleged attack on an asylum seeker and her baby as a case study of racism. (Readers may remember that such reported assaults on foreigners and designated victim groups have on occasion turned out to be false, I wonder what will transpire on this new one)

Philips went on to say that "We as a society have a choice. In England we have the BNP. The path is to keep them out We need to change in an inclusive way." Quite how he intends to be inclusive whilst demonising a legal and democratic political party is anybody’s guess. Possibly I’m not quite human enough to grasp his logic because, though not a BNP member or supporter, I am white and something of a heretic from the Religion of Open Borders (TM).

I think perhaps it’s time the question of free choice and open politics was re-addressed. Surely people should have a right to vote according to their consciences, without being denigrated as subhumans or demonised as evil. Whether or not you agree with the BNP, in the face of the overwhelming incompetence displayed by the Big Three parties to deal with the issues most troubling the man-on-the-street, such as crime, immigration, terrorism, is it any wonder so many people turn, in desperation, to those who have been political pariahs for so long? Perhaps the problem isn’t so much with the BNP and its allegedly racist tendencies (something I’ve yet to be presented with any proof positive for) as with the active repression by the ‘proper authorities’ of anybody questioning the accepted multiculti narrative. More ‘tolerance’ for the ‘intolerant’ could go a long way. Perhaps Mr Phillips could do with remembering that before he opens his mouth again. As to the BNP, maybe it’s time the knee-jerk reactions were done away with and a conversation was had about them. Preferably one without Godwin’s Law.

Hat-tip to the Green Arrow for flagging this story up. For more bloggy reactions to Phillips ideas on excommunication for heresy against liberalism, see here, here, and here. Please note that A Tangled Web and its contributors are not now, nor have ever been, a member of the BNP, etc, etc.