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By David Vance On May 5th, 2012 at 9:50 am

The end is nigh. Nicolas Sarkozy and his supporters laid into the country’s media claiming journalists were in “alliance” with Socialist front-runner François Hollande, insisting the conservative could still win France’s presidential election.

Of COURSE the French media is foaming at the mouth biased in favour of Socialism!!! It’s what they do! Sarkozy may be frustrated by the bias within the media in France but it’s no different here in the UK. The French media want to see Hollande win, and so do I. I want to see him win because I believe it will do to France what Zapatero did to Spain. You remember Spain – the country which has gotten 50% levels of unemployment for young people and is a fiscal basket-case? It’s not that wish harm to the French people (whom I like and shall be with for a few weeks next month) but I believe Hollande will help bring the Eurozone down, and damage the EU even further. Yes, the downside is he will pander to the “youths” in Les Banlieus, yes he will tax the hell out of any successful French business, yes, he will become a figure head for the international MSM as they will use him to sell “the resurgency of the Left”.

Assuming Obama wins in the States, and Hollande wins in France, the tide of the Left will run again. Not much we can do to stop this cancer but we can at least mock it. It will bring misery and poverty – which is what the Left likes, since it can thrive off those and attack the great enemy – capitalism. Hollande has already declared that his Number One enemy is….the financial sector. I dare say when the Credit Agencies downgrade France in the time ahead, Hollande’s hatred of them will be justified. Ultimately, the Left can fool the sheeple, they cannot fool the Markets.


By David Vance On May 2nd, 2012 at 8:04 pm

I’m really hoping that the French Socialist candidate, Francois Hollande, will triumph over Sarkozy in the next round of the French Presidential election! Why? I hear you say. After all, I consider socialism a wicked and deluded political philosophy. Let me explain why. Hollande has said he will tear up the fiscal compact that Sarkozy and Merkel had agreed to try and save the Eurozone. I’m good with that as it will hasten the demise of the Euro. He has said he will increase tax to 76% which is great new. For the UK. Clearly we will gain the more successful French businessmen! So, vive le Hollande!


By David Vance On April 27th, 2012 at 6:41 pm

Seconds out….France vs Germany…

“It is “not for Germany to decide for the rest of Europe”, said Francois Hollande, the frontrunner to replace Nicolas Sarkozy as French president. If elected, Mr Hollande says that he will not pass the fiscal austerity pact agreed by the leaders of 25 European nations, unless it contains measures to spur on growth. His stance puts him on a collision course with Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor. She hit back at the French Socialist candidate’s plans, warning the deal is “not open to new negotiations”.

Hollande represents an existential threat to the EU….France fighting Germany cannot end well, so for that reason I am hoping he wins. Furthermore, when he talks about “growth” like all good socialists he means spending! So his “solution” is more of what caused the problem. That’s the kind of genius that Socialism provides.


By David Vance On April 4th, 2012 at 8:51 am

We could learn a lot from the French when it comes to dealing with the threats to our liberty! Take this..

Two radical Islamists were kicked out of France yesterday – prompting calls for Theresa May to take the same no-nonsense approach when it comes to removing extremists. Nicolas Sarkozy demanded the deportation of a convicted  terrorist and a hate preacher. No sooner had the expulsion order been signed than the pair were put on flights out of the country.

The swift departures led to  comparisons with Britain’s embarrassingly flawed efforts to remove hate preacher Abu Qatada who is wanted in Jordan on terror charges. He is out on bail after the European Court of Human Rights blocked his deportation on the grounds that Qatada would not face a fair trial if returned. Home Secretary Mrs May has insisted she wants to secure an agreement with Jordan which would satisfy the Strasbourg court and allow Qatada to be removed from Britain. Despite this however, officials insist any attempt to remove him in breach of the court’s ruling would be met with a court injunction by his lawyers. French law allows swift removal of foreigners, with around 20,000 non-EU nationals being expelled every year. Unlike in Britain, where cases can drag on for years, rights of appeal are strictly curtailed.

As I said on national radio some weeks ago, all May has to do is put Qatada on the next flight to Jordan, steerage class. She should show the same contempt for the ECHR as Sarkozy and the same determination to assert BRITISH priorities when it comes to dealing with these Jihad advocates.

France still has many problems from militant Islam – as we saw in Toulouse. And yes the French have been far too complacent in times past. But the first step in solving a problem is to recognise that you have it! At least Sarkzoy has that awareness, an awareness that the British political class still seem to lack. All the more amazing AFTER 7/7…….


By David Vance On March 29th, 2012 at 3:43 pm

Well now, here’s an interesting one for you.

Praying in the streets of Paris is against the law starting Friday, after the interior minister warned that police will use force if Muslims, and those of any other faith, disobey the new rule to keep the French capital’s public spaces secular.

Is this a defence of liberty or an attack on it? Since when did mass prayers on the streets of Paris constitute religious observance?

Claude Guéant said that ban could later be extended to the rest ofFrance, in particular to the Mediterranean cities of Nice and Marseilles, where “the problem persists”. He promised the new legislation would be followed to the letter as it “hurts the sensitivities of many of our fellow citizens”. “My vigilance will be unflinching for the law to be applied. Praying in the street is not dignified for religious practice and violates the principles of secularism, the minister told Le Figaro newspaper. “All Muslim leaders are in agreement,” he insisted.

Secularists cannot possibly complain since it keeps religion off the streets and since all Muslim leaders support the idea, surely all will be well?  Mind you, surely rather than Paris, Toulouse might have been a good place to start?


By David Vance On March 27th, 2012 at 7:55 am

Here we have some French women trying to leave flowers as a mark of respect – for Mohammed Merah, the Toulouse Jihadist. As you can see, they are prevented from doing so but please note their wearing of the Burqa, in direct defiance of French law. The truth is that is just another small instance of Islam challenging the host government, in this case using the death of a mass killer to make their point.


By David Vance On March 25th, 2012 at 8:15 pm

After the dreadful killings by Jihadist Mohammed Merah, it’s reassuring to see that the good people of Toulouse have taken to the streets to register their ...support for him. This is France 2012.


By David Vance On March 25th, 2012 at 7:18 pm

Mohammed Merah, the Islamic killer from Toulouse, came from such a loving family;

His brother has now been charged and his step brother is a convicted terrorist.

Meanwhile, it is reported that there have been riots around France, including in Les Banlieus, in SUPPORT of Mohammed the Jihdist. I wonder who these French citizens were that were engaging in these anti-Semitic riots?  The MSM seems disinterested in covering this aspect and I am sure there are a few who read this that think it outrageous that I speculate on the FAITH of people who cheer on terrorism. Right?



By David Vance On March 23rd, 2012 at 8:44 pm

The tragedy for France is not just the vile actions of Islamic killer Mohammed Merah. It is also in how some respond;

A teacher is facing disciplinary action in France after reports she asked pupils to hold a one-minute silence for a gunman who killed seven people. Mohamed Merah died in a police assault on his flat in Toulouse on Thursday after a 32-hour siege. The Paris Normandie newspaper says the teacher in Rouen called Merah the victim of an unfortunate childhood. She apparently said his links to al-Qaeda were invented by the media and French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

A teacher. Need I say more?

Well, yes actually. The line between libel and incitement is one that French TV has questions to answer;

“French television, which Merah no doubt often watched is notorious for crossing it. It was France 2 that gave us this century’s first anti-Semitic blood libel with its October 2000 tale of Muhamed al-Dura’s alleged death at the hands of IDF soldiers. The France 2 story was exposed as a fraud by an appellate court in Paris in 2008. The appellate court overturned a lower court’s libel ruling against Internet activist Philippe Karsenty who claimed on his personal website that the al Dura story was a hoax.

The appellate court viewed France 2’s unedited footage from the scene. That footage showed al Dura moving after the France 2 cameraman had declared him dead. The footage led the court to overturn the decision of the lower court that had found Karsenty guilty of libel.  Apparently the same French establishment that now declares solidarity with France’s Jews is unwilling to part with the al Dura hoax that incited the spilling of so much Jewish blood in the past decade. Last month France’s Supreme Court overturned the appellate court’s ruling and ordered it to retry the case. As far as the Supreme Court of France is concerned, the appellate court had no right to ask France 2 to provide evidence that its story was true. According to the Court, the unedited footage which proved the story was a blood libel should never have been admitted as evidence. The truth should never have been permitted to come to light.”
France has issues.


By David Vance On March 21st, 2012 at 8:47 am

he manhunt for the Toulouse serial killer responsible for The murders of four people outside a Jewish school and three paratroopers in south west France.

Well now, what a turn up. Just when the left wing media and certain others were brimming with confidence that the vicious killer of three young Jewish children and their Rabbi teacher was some sort of Neo-Nazi “far right” extremist….it turns out he is a Muslim called Mohamad who claims to be associated with an Al Queda affiliate. Oh, and he had been to Afghanistan for “training”.

Now WHO would have seen that one coming?

The media reports that two of his brothers have also been arrested. Like EU politico the unelected Baroness Ashton, it seems that Mohammad felt anger at the deaths of children in Gaza, which is why he felt obliged to mow down those little tots. To recap…

Eight-year-old Myriam Monsonego clutched her satchel as the killer chased her through the school gates and into the courtyard. He pulled her towards him by her hair and raised a gun to shoot her. The video footage appears to show that, at that moment, his gun jammed. But determined to carry out his killing spree, he kept hold of the girl, changed weapons from what police identified as a 9-mm pistol to a .45 calibre weapon, and delivered a shot to her temple at point blank range.

I hope that the Police do NOT take him alive. This vile creature should depart this Earth rather than become one more martyr for Islamic Jihad.  I expect we shall hear all Islamic Imams and all Islamic groups come out and damn this monster…

UPDATE; His name is reported to be Mohamed Merah, 24 years old Frenchman of Algerian origin.