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By ATWadmin On June 23rd, 2008 at 6:42 am

EiffelCrescent.jpgSeems that Paris still has a problem with certain….ahem "African youths" attacking those pesky Jews.

The latest instance saw a gang of these "African youths" beating a 17 year old Jewish boy to within an inch of his life. 

Rudy Haddad was wearing a kippa (skullcap) when he was set upon by a dozen or more of these thugs – all being of the "African" variety.  Haddad was beaten with iron bars indicating that the attack was probably premeditated. Haddad suffered severe neurological damage.

It’s just pathetic that President Sarkozy comes out with the formulaic statement "renewing total determination to fighti all forms of racism and anti-Semitism." There is only ONE FORM of racism on display here and it is a hatred of the Jewish people by certain MUSLIMS. All the beating about the euphemistic bush with "African youths" is just plain denialism. There is a vicious form of anti-Semitism stalking Parisian walkways and it is time the French stopped equivocating on the issue. Unless, like so many other European governments, they are scared to criticise Islamists

Hat-tip to my friend JammiewearingFool.


By ATWadmin On June 13th, 2008 at 7:39 pm

Here’s a bit of a sad one. Pathetic, you  might feel.

Trees360_351655a.jpgThe names “Thomas and Dorothy” were carved in the bark of one trunk. Another said “Bob and Carma”. Other trees were marked with soldiers’ home states – Iowa, Maine or Alabama – and several bore hearts and the names or initials of a wife or girlfriend.

"The beech trees of Saint Pierre de Varengeville-Duclair forest bore a poignant testimony to the D-Day landings for more than six decades. Thousands of American soldiers stationed there after the liberation of Normandy spent their spare hours with a knife or bayonet creating a lasting reminder of their presence. Although the trees grew and the graffiti swelled and twisted, this most peculiar memory of one of the 20th century’s defining moments remained visible – until now. Amid bureaucratic indifference and a dispute between officials and the forest owner, most of the trees have been felled, chopped up and turned into paper."

Claude Quétel, a French historian and Second World War specialist, was horrified when he discovered what he called a catastrophe and a shameless act. “It is a typically French failing to wipe out the traces of the past”  Local people are calling for the few “name trees” that still stand to be classified as historic monuments and saved from the same fate.

When you consider the huge contribution those young Americans made all those decades ago, it is the very LEAST the French can do but to preserve those final engraved words. So many of those young men lost their lives fighting for French liberty, so why could these carved words not have been preserved?

Reality Confronts European Union

By ATWadmin On January 18th, 2008 at 4:28 am

The al-Goracle cult, otherwise known as the Religion of Environmentalism, has many devotees within the corridors of the European Commission and European Parliament.

That is, until a known eeeeevil – reality – jumped up and bit ’em on the ass.


EU Members Lobby against ‘Harmful’ Climate Plan

European countries and businesses have criticized a climate change action plan that COMINTERN the European Commission is scheduled to unveil next week. Their concerns about competition and carbon trading could undermine the EU’s commitment to confront climate change.

As the European Commission puts the finishing touches on a sweeping climate change policy package to be unveiled on Jan. 23, politicians and business leaders from the EU’s richest member states are lobbying to revamp draft policies that they believe could harm them in Europe and abroad.

Among the critics of the bill are France, which wants to protect its nuclear investments, Germany, which is worried about its renewable energy sector, and major European auto and steelmakers, who are concerned that Europe could lose its competitive edge.

But the Commission says it will not be bullied into diluting the climate change package. To back down, Commission President José Manuel Barroso told Reuters, would be an international embarrassment after the EU worked to promote itself as the international leader in addressing climate change. “We knew from the very beginning that transforming Europe into a low-carbon economy is not an easy task,” said Barroso. “But this is the moment to be serious, responsible and coherent with our commitment.”

In other words, Barroso believes that saving face is more important than the economic health and well-being of European Union member states. Nice to see that the consummate tax tick has his priorities straight.

Barroso was responding to complaints that include a letter from French President Nicolas Sarkozy, in which Sarkozy objected to a policy that would raise the share of energy that Europe derives from renewable sources from 8.5 percent currently to 20 percent by 2020. He said the policy “unnecessarily penalizes the prospects of growth.” France wants to have its huge nuclear energy program counted in the mandatory contribution it will be asked to make toward the EU goal, but atomic power, which produces toxic waste, is not considered a form of renewable energy.

Germany and Spain are protesting another proposed policy. Ministers in Berlin and Madrid sent a letter this week to the Commission criticizing a system [that] would encourage companies in Europe to trade renewable energy across borders. They are worried that an EU-wide system would undermine their existing national systems. “This will put a very successful development of renewables at risk, which is not acceptable to our governments,” read the letter in part. It was the second time this week that German officials criticized the forthcoming policies, after Bavarian politicians condemned (more…) a proposal to cap the amount of carbon dioxide that new automobiles produce per kilometer they are driven.

In an interview with the German magazine Capital published Tuesday, the EU environment commissioner, Stavros Dimas, denied that a new renewable energy trading system would infringe upon existing “feed-in” systems in Germany and Spain. “Don’t worry,” said Dimas. “We will ensure that Germany can keep its system without restrictions in (the) future and … we will construct it in such a way that it doesn’t hinder national promotion systems in Germany and other countries — that’s a promise.”

A politician making a promise. ROTFLMAO .

Private sector leaders also criticized the forthcoming policy package, saying strict limits on greenhouse gas emissions will hit major industrial polluters unfairly and encourage them to relocate outside of Europe. BusinessEurope, a lobby group that represents most of the Continent’s largest companies, said it had learned that the Commission will require industrial polluters to cut emissions to 21 percent below 2005 carbon emission levels by 2020.

EU officials explained that 2005 was chosen because it is the first year in which data includes the impact of the EU’s Emissions Trading Scheme; BusinessEurope says it is unfair because it does not take into account efforts to reduce emissions that companies made between 1990 and 2005. In a letter to Commission President Barroso, the group also objected to broader plans to strengthen the continent’s carbon trading scheme.

Many of the permits that a company must hold to emit carbon are currently distributed for free, but the Commission is proposing to auction those permits to the highest bidder by 2020. To offset the impact that might have on the competitiveness of a European business, the Commission is considering a carbon tariff (more…) on imports from outside the EU that were not produced within a carbon trading market. Still, BusinessEurope calls the prospect of an auction-based trading scheme “extremely worrying.”

The lobbying in Brussels this week is in sharp contrast to the proud tones in which European leaders announced last March their joint agreement to cut carbon dioxide emissions to 20 percent below 1990 levels by 2020 and make major investments in renewable energy and biofuels. As the Commission drafts policies that will make those goals a reality, Europe’s richer countries are frustrated that they will be asked to bear the brunt of the collective goal.

EU officials told Reuters this week that the Commission wants to allow the EU’s poorest member states to actually increase their emissions, by up to 20 percent above 2005 levels. That would help poor states like Romania and Bulgaria grow their economies – but could spell trouble for the strong European countries charged with making up the difference.

Via der Spiegel Online

See also Moonbats and Economics.

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By ATWadmin On January 14th, 2008 at 9:32 am

eiffeltowerAP_228x345.jpgWhilst I may not always agree with French politicians, I still think France is a great country with a fascinating history and I am particularly fond of Paris. So I was concerned to read about a plot by Islamic terrorists to blow up the Eiffel Tower

A scrambled short-wave radio conversation exposing the planned attack on the world’s most visited monument was picked up by Portuguese air traffic controllers and passed on to French spy chiefs. The 1,060ft high tower has more than six million visitors a year – an average of more than 16,000 a day. A successful strike on the 7,500 ton iron tower, which was looked down on Paris since 1889, would be a French 9/11 and could cost thousands of lives.  The threat was uncovered in a "vague and muffled" radio conversation picked up by air traffic controllers in Lisbon on Thursday. It comes after a spate of other threats made in recent days on the websites linked to Osama bin Laden’s Al Qaeda terror network, calling for the "brothers of Islam to strike Paris".

In January 2005, French intelligence officers arrested three French-born Algerian terror suspects suspected of plotting to bring down the Eiffel Tower. Khaled Ouazane, 38, his brother Maamar Ouazane, 22, and Hassen Habbar, 35, had begun smuggling bomb-making equipment into France over three years with the intention of amassing enough explosives to collapse the landmark. A police source said at the time: "Their main target was the Eiffel Tower, which it appears they intended to completely flatten. "They had intended for the attack to be on a scale comparable with those in New York They had been smuggling explosives to Lyon within the intention of bringing them to Paris for a prolonged bombing campaign."

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance from the Islamic lunatics that plot to kill us by the thousand if they can. Destroying the Eiffel Tower may seem inconceivable – but not so many years ago people would have said the same about the World Trade Centre in New York. You see whether the liberal Media and its commentariat want to accept it or not, Islam IS at war with us, and even France is not safe from the Religion of Peace as it seeks to bring us all to submission.  

When Did the French Become a Bunch of Prudes?

By ATWadmin On December 22nd, 2007 at 12:58 pm


Geez, I was always led to believe the French were so enlightened about their sexuality and lascivious lifestyles.

What the hell happened? They’re going to strip this lovely young lady (stop it, guys, I know what you’re thinking) of her title for a couple of suggestive photos?

Valerie Begue has been told she should immediately take off her Miss France crown because of suggestive pictures published by a French magazine.

Ms Begue – who became Miss France less than a fortnight ago – refused to resign, saying she had been betrayed.

She had returned on Thursday to an enthusiastic welcome on the Indian Ocean island of Reunion.

Before the competition, contestants guarantee that they have never been photographed in compromising positions.

One of the pictures shows her licking yoghurt provocatively, while another has her floating on a wooden cross in a swimming pool.

The President of the Miss France contest, Genevieve de Fontenay, went on French radio to insist that Valerie Begue would have to stand down.

If she did not, Ms de Fontenay said she would be stripped of her crown.

"She is in Reunion. Well, let her stay there," she said.

She went on to say that if she had been aware of the pictures, Ms Begue "would never have been let into the Miss France competition".

C’mon, we had a Miss USA coking it up and whoring around and they let her keep the title.

Here are the "offending" images that have organizers up in arms. I see much worse on a daily basis.


 I had no idea yogurt came in a can.

OK, some may find this mildly offensive, but again, you could go to any art show and find much worse. 


More at JWF


Such a mensch, Sarkozy

By ATWadmin On December 11th, 2007 at 2:41 pm

Nuclear deal signed as Sarkozy hosts Kadhafi

During Kadhafi’s highest-profile foreign trip to Paris, an historic deal has been signed between the two countries
France announced plans to sell nuclear reactors to Libya as well as 10 billion euros of trade deals, as President Nicolas Sarkozy welcomed Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi on Monday for a five-day visit.
Kadhafi arrived earlier in Paris on his highest-profile foreign trip since his return to international respectability four years ago, which has drawn protests from French rights groups and the government’s own rights minister.
Travelling with a delegation of several hundred people Kadhafi — who last visited the French capital in 1973 — was driven in a white limousine from the airport straight to a meeting with Sarkozy.
Later at the Elysee Palace, the two countries announced the nuclear cooperation accord and some 3.2 billion euros (4.7 billion dollars) of contracts for European planemaker Airbus — for 21 aircraft purchased by Libyan Airlines and Afriqiyah Airways.
Paris and Tripoli agreed to work together to develop the “peaceful use of nuclear energy“, including “the supply of one or more nuclear reactors for the desalinisation of sea water” and uranium exploration and exploitation.
The accord follows a memorandum signed in Tripoli in July during a visit by Sarkozy, immediately after Libya agreed to release six Bulgarian medics jailed on charges of infecting children with HIV/AIDS.

Read it all at Expatica

Adolph Eichmann is laughing his ass off.

Also at JammieWearingFool


By ATWadmin On November 27th, 2007 at 9:03 am

banfiremen_afp203b.jpgMmm. I see that "youths" of "North African origin" have been busy rioting in Paris during the night. It’s reported that these "youths" have fought running battles with French police in a second night of violence in a Paris suburb, leaving more than 60 police officers injured.  Five of the officers are said to be in a critical condition.  Have a read through the linked news article – at no point is the word "Muslim" mentioned and yet it is pertinent to the facts of the matter. As I said yesterday, it is for news organisations to provide us with the facts and leave us to draw our own conclusions. However it appears that the need to protect those who follow the Religion of Peace from any negative press coverage is the over-riding media priority. In the meantime, French police are having to take a huge amount of violence from the lawless inhabitants of the banlieus, and this may yet end in the death of those who are trying to uphold the rule of law in the teeth of the savage violence coming from you know who!

If It Was Good Enough For Brussels . . .

By ATWadmin On November 24th, 2007 at 5:34 am

Consternation as Muammar Gaddafi seeks to pitch his tent on Nicolas Sarkozy’s lawn

Colonel Muammar Gaddafi of Libya has flummoxed presidential protocol service with a request that a Bedouin tent be erected in central Paris where he can entertain guests during a visit to France next month.

Libyan officials have told their French counterparts that he wants the tent put up in the grounds of the Hôtel Marigny, the 19th-century Parisian state residence used to house important foreign visitors.

The protocol service is unsure how to respond, since it is unwilling to displease the volatile ruler but unsure about setting a precedent that could lead to similar demands from other heads of state. “Nothing’s been settled yet,” said a source at President Sarkozy’s Élysée Palace.

Le Point, the French magazine, said that advisers to the 65-year-old Libyan leader had told Paris he wanted a tent because he suffered from a phobia brought on by being confined indoors.

The Élysée Palace source said that Colonel Gaddafi “made this demand to receive his guests under his tent as is his custom and not to sleep in it.” Colonel Gaddafi, who has ruled the North African country for 38 years, greets visitors in a Bedouin tent in Libya and requested a similar installation when he travelled to Brussels for talks with the Belgian Government in 2004.

A black, Saharan-style tent was erected for him in lush parkland by a lake in the grounds of the Val Duchesse château in the suburbs of the Belgian capital.

Canvas in the Marigny gardens — which are a stone’s throw from the Élysée and the British Ambassador’s residence — would fuel controversy surrounding a visit designed to illustrate the return of the former pariah to the international mainstream.

I don’t know. Looking at the rooms, it’s not much more than a somewhat glorified Motel 6. Not that there’s anything wrong with Motel 6 or anything.

Dubbed the “mad dog of the Middle East” by President Reagan in the 1980s over his backing for terrorist movements, the Supreme Guide of the Libyan Revolution is now seen by Western leaders as an ally in the fight against al-Qaeda. His trip to France follows the release this summer of six foreign medical workers jailed by Tripoli since 1999 for allegedly infecting more than 400 children with HIV.

Mr Sarkozy played a key role in the liberation of the five Bulgarian nurses and Palestinian doctor after sending Cécilia, his wife — they have since divorced — for talks with the Libyan strongman.

A day after the medical workers were freed, Mr Sarkozy flew to Tripoli to welcome Colonel Gaddafi back into the family of nations. The meeting provoked a furious row in France when it emerged that Paris had agreed to supply Libya with nuclear technology to power a desalination plant and defence equipment, including military vehicles and air defence systems.

Colonel Gaddafi’s visit to France has been confirmed privately by French government sources but has not yet been officially announced.

Gaddafi’s world

— In his 38-year rule Colonel Gaddafi has styled himself as the leader of a pan-Arabic socialist movement and the progenitor of a United States of Africa

— Travelling with a corps of armed female bodyguards, he has turned his hand to some of the thorniest diplomatic problems – including the Israel-Palestine issue, where he proposes a solution based on a unified state called Isratine

— He plans to act as screenwriter for a $40 million (£19.5 million) epic about the Italian invasion of Libya

— In the 1980s Libya had a reputation for supporting terrorist and revolutionary groups around the world, including the IRA. With this in mind Britain’s National Front approached him for assistance. He offered no money but provided a stack of copies of his slim three-volume Green Book – which offers a “solution to the problem of democracy”

— The same book also covers women’s rights, explaining: “A woman is tender. A woman is pretty. A woman weeps easily. A woman is easily frightened”

Source: Green Book, Times archive, Agencies

Via The Times Online

While the good colonel is in Paris next month, maybe Sarko will “look into his eyes” and see that Gaddafi is a . . . . Sort of like what Dubya did the first time he met with Soviet premier Russian president Vladimir Paranoid.

Also at JammieWearingFool


By ATWadmin On November 20th, 2007 at 8:49 am

I see that there is going to be ANOTHER day of strikes across France as the State workers protest at the reforms planned by Sarkozy. Thousands of civil servants and students are expected to join striking transport workers as France enters a second week of industrial action. Postal workers, teachers, air traffic controllers and hospital staff are holding a 24-hour stoppage to protest against planned pay and job cuts. Students are also upset over plans to grant universities more autonomy.

This is proof that Sarkozy is on the right track and it’s time that the power of the State sector was seriously challenged in France. So I hope that Sarkozy continues to hold out to implement his modest reforms. In the meantime, looks like France is coming to a halt. Can you imagine Gordon Brown taking on the power of the Unions in the way that Sarkozy is doing? Then again, Sarkozy is not funded by them.  

Two Questions

By ATWadmin On November 13th, 2007 at 5:51 pm

1. How is it that both the media and even some of our own columnists still don’t get what Sarkozy really is?

And also:

"He sat down to a near-unanimous standing ovation including, I am ashamed to write, from British MEPs in all three main parties…"

2. Why are you still in a Conservative Party that ceased to have any semblance of agreement with your views years ago, Mr. Hannan?