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‘Useful Idiots’ get ‘Charity Broadcast’

By Mike Cunningham On August 7th, 2014 at 10:41 am

A great deal is about to be spoken and written about the desperate needs of the Gaza Palestinians whose homes have been wrecked by the tank shells and F-16 bomb loads delivered with pin-point precision by Israeli Defence Forces, aimed and sent at the places which have either fired, or stored, the rockets sent by murderous Hamas terrorists against Israel.

The Disaster Emergency Committee has reached agreement with Sky and the BBC that their appeals for funding would be broadcast by both, as opposed to the terrible dilemma facing the BBC last time, when they actually told people about the terrible possibility that, by broadcasting the DEC appeal for Gaza, they would have been seen to be taking sides. We should perhaps be told what is so different this time, from the last time that the BBC was asked to broadcast Hamas rhetoric, as well the DEC’s propaganda.

We are about to witness another avalanche of verbal diarrhoea, all spouted by the ‘Useful Idiots’ so well described by Karl Marx, all in the so-called humanitarian cause of giving ever more aid to people who have, as far as I am concerned, brought this carnage upon themselves. Not too many people remember the truth that, after Israel voluntarily removed, at some great cost, the thousands of settlers, families and thriving businesses from Gaza, and handed Gaza over to the alleged self-rule of the Palestinian Authority, it was those same Gaza Palestinians who voted for Hamas, an organisation dedicated to one thing, and one thing only, the total destruction of Israel!

The fact that Hamas, after assassinating all the Fatah members it could locate, instituted a brutal theocratic dictatorship, is neither remembered nor recorded. Neither recorded is the total predilection of the terrorists of Hamas for diverting much of the concrete destined for reconstruction of the homes of Gaza towards the tunnels ever edging out towards the sleeping families in the Israeli kibbutzes half-a-mile from the border, where those proud Hamas ‘militants’ as the favoured term used by the BBC goes, were aiming to kill or kidnap those same Israelis who had so generously handed over the Gaza strip to their bloody control.

So, you should watch or listen to the broadcast appeals by the ‘Useful Idiots’ of the Disasters Emergency Committee, but think twice before handing a penny to that bunch, because every penny sent by you, means one penny more that Hamas will spend digging ever-longer and deeper tunnels in which to hide either the Hamas commanders, or their replacement rockets, destined for the Civilians of Israel, and coming soon to a bombsite in or around Israel.


As posted upon the ‘Tell the Telegraph’ website.

and break the glass, so the flames may spread!

By Mike Cunningham On May 18th, 2014 at 4:28 pm

If there had been a fire-bomb attack on a school bus full of sixth-graders from a Catholic or Church of England school  in Barnsley, or Bruges, or Boston, or Bain-de-Bretagne, the headlines would have jumped off the pages of both the British and Amnerican broadsheets  and red-top tabloids alike. If four muslim fanatics had attempted to kill, in the most savage manner possible, that same busload of young women near any of those four towns or cities; the newsrooms of the BBC, of Sky and ITV, the very news websites of our nations would have crashed under the weight of interest in the abortive attack; on whether the perpetrators had been caught, or executed if caught in France (the old idea of ‘an eye for an eye’ being quite prevalent in La Republique these days). As when four murderous Muslim ‘shaheed’ fanatics threw London into paralysis just a few years ago, the tumult would have been truly deafening.

So I am indeed forced to wonder, to speculate why such an attack, which really did take place when a bus full of Jewish schoolgirls, on a trip to the site of Rachael’s tomb was the target of four terrorists when they attacked the bus with firebombs; why this deadly attack was not even mentioned on page 47 of the Guardian, or even further back in the Times, or the Telegraph, or the New York Times or the Washington Post? I mean to say, news from Israel is often promoted to the front page for lesser stories, such as Jewish teenagers spray-painting or tagging the sides of a building, or Palestinian homes being demolished.

But a bus-load of Jewish girls attacked with firebombs? Not a word; not a link; not a single paragraph: except in the pages of Arutz Sheva. Was it because the bus was literally armoured against such an attack, and so when the driver accelerated away, the murderous flames claimed not a single victim? Was it because the Israelis know their enemies just too well, and plan for such an attack to be repelled and escape all too easy? Or was it simply because the heroines were just that, young Jewish women who had escaped from a deadly attack because of good planning and expensive but necessary protection and armour against an enemy which knows no limits of debauchery in the depths of their hatred for both Israelis, and the very State of Israel?



By David Vance On May 8th, 2013 at 7:19 am

Do you remember the Rishon Lezion terrorist attack? No, let me remind you..

“On Tuesday, 7 May 2002 at 11:03 pm, a Palestinian suicide bomber detonated a hidden explosive device within a crowded game club full of people located in the new industrial area of Rishon Lezion, only 10 km south of Tel Aviv, killing 16 innocent civilians and injuring 55 people, 10 of them in critical condition. After the attack the Israeli police stated that the suicide bomber was carrying a briefcase full of explosives and in addition was also wearing an explosive belt.”

This was a terror attack on civilians, pure and simple. So, how does Hamas deal with it?

On it’s ARABIC web site, Hamas calls it a “heroic” operation, saying that over 20 “Zionists” were killed and over 60 injured, “most of them in critical condition.  Hamas didn’t take credit for the attack until six years later, when it held a “wedding feast” for the bomber and his fictional virgins in paradise. His daughter is quoted as being proud of her terrorist father.

And yet we are told that PEACE will only come by giving THESE people a State? Hamas are savages, driven by hatred and quite unworthy of a stable, let alone a State.  This would be like the IRA celebrating the Enniskillen Poppy Day massacre, and even THEY are not quite that obscene.


By David Vance On December 8th, 2012 at 10:09 am

Hamas supporters gather in Gaza, 8 Dec 2012

I see that the terrorist enclave known as Gaza is having a celebration today;

 Tens of thousands of people are gathering to attend a rally in the Gaza Strip to mark the 25th anniversary of the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas. Hamas political leader Khaled Meshaal is due to address the crowd during his first ever visit to the territory. Mr Meshaal’s visit follows a ceasefire that ended days of violence between Israel and Hamas last month. He is expected to unveil a future strategy for Hamas and talk of reconciliation with its rival, Fatah. Hamas removed Fatah from Gaza by force in 2007 after winning elections there. Fatah governs parts of the West Bank.

Re-read that last sentence. “Hamas removed Fatah by force…” Erm…here is the reality of that. There are other more disturbing images of how Hamas slaughtered their Fatah “brothers” as they swept to power all the time proclaiming their desire to destroy Israel.

What an evil group Hamas are and the only “reconciliation” they want is with their fellow Jew haters in Fatah, led by the holocaust denying Abbas.

The fact that they “celebrate” with a Nazi-style rally showing off their terrorist hardware tells you all that you need to know about their intent,

…shall speak peace unto nation; and all that.

By Mike Cunningham On November 26th, 2012 at 11:36 am

H/t to The Commentator

and the difference is?

By Mike Cunningham On November 18th, 2012 at 3:27 pm

In the present somewhat amateur attempts at mass assassination by the terrorists of Hamas, and the more qualified and targeted killing responses by the Israeli Air Force, I have noticed a somewhat telling similarity in the reporting of the conflict, not only from the entirely-predictable BBC (Israelis….really nasty, brutal and bad); and the Palestinians (noble, hard done-by and forlornly waging a war against a brutal oppressor): but also from such as Sky, CNN and others.

Let me tell you a story, and see if it sounds feasible!

You are living in a country which has been at war for over four years, your Nation’s leaders have made some really bad judgements, but there is still an overwhelming support for the war to be fought, and won. Your Armed forces, alongside your Allies, have crossed the narrow waters which separate your lands from the Occupied Continent; landed successfully along a broad beachhead, and have broken through heavy defences, and are making headway towards the enemy’s borders. Your Eastern Allies, who indeed have suffered more than any other are moving ever westwards, seeking revenge. The nightly raids, the incessant terror-bombing of your cities and towns, which destroyed so much, and killed so many, is now but a distant memory, because your Country’s bombers are heading outwards at night, along with your Allies’ bombers during the day.

You live in a quiet street in a West London suburb called Chiswick. You have heard the enemy bombers as they drone menacingly overhead, you know when to take cover, or hasten to the shelter areas. The air-raid sirens’ wail is still well-remembered, and your relatives have drilled it into your head that any warning is better than none at all. So you are as relaxed as is possible, as there are no alarms, or warning noises, or indeed official broadcasts or warnings. You have no warning before being blown into smithereens, along with two others, together with 22 injured; the explosion also demolishes 11 houses, and seriously damages a further 22. The crater measures 30 feet across, and is 8 foot deep. You are the first victims of the V2 ballstic missile, the V standing for  Verwaltungswaffen, or retaliation weapon. Boosted by a sixty-five-second explosive burn from an rocket engine, the V2 soared some fifty miles into the stratosphere in a parabolic arc which ended with the detonation of just under a ton of explosives upon impact. There was no defence, as the missile was faster than the speed of sound; no defence, as radar could not possibly interrogate the path of this terror weaponry. If your Nations’ main enemy can manufacture enough missiles, they can strike anywhere. The only means of retaliation is to destroy the means of missile production.

If Hamas gets a new delivery of more sophisticated Iranian weaponry, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem will come under daily bombardment, despite Jerusalem being the third holiest place for all Muslims.

Is Israel willing to move? Is Hamas suicidal enough to continue encouraging their rocket attacks on Israel?

Place your bets!


By Pete Moore On November 17th, 2012 at 8:24 pm

The stakes might just have got alot higher.

The Jerusalem Post reports that two (Iranian-made) Fajr-5 missiles have been intercepted over Tel Aviv. Report and video here. It’s one thing for the people of Sderot and Ashkelon to live with Qassam rockets. As dangerous as they are if they hit your building, militarily they are relatively puny. Tel Aviv is Israel’s financial and business centre, with 3 million people living in its metropolitan area. If Hamas can now hit Tel Aviv, well that’s another thing altogether. I’m wondering: is it this which will persuade Israel that it must crush Hamas? If so, that would be a very bloody operation.


By Pete Moore On November 14th, 2012 at 4:36 pm

“Hey Abdul, what’s that whooshing sound?”

Israel sent Ahmaed Jaabari, the Hamas chief warlord/terrorist/gangster/freedom fighter, off to meet his virgins with a missile strike on his motor in Gaza.

I know, it’s a tit-for-tat act which doesn’t bring peace any closer. Then again, Hamas has attacked Israel many times with rockets in the last few weeks, including 100 on 11th November. If that happened against my country I’d expect HM Armed Forces to have a say in the matter. Sky News has just quoted the Israeli government as saying that this is “just the beginning” of continued action against Hamas. Time will tell if this is so and if it’s a precursor to action against Iran. If things get hot with Tehran then Israel really doesn’t want Hamas (and Hezbollah to the north) joining in the fun.


By David Vance On August 2nd, 2012 at 10:04 am

Did you read this?

Gaza’s ruling Hamas has criticized a Palestinian official for visiting a memorial at the Nazi death camp of Auschwitz and paying respects to its 1.5 million victims there, most of them Jews. Hamas member Fawzi Barhoum, expressing the Islamic terror group’s position, claimed Wednesday that the Holocaust “is a big lie.”

Lovely people – give them a State, right?

Hat-tip to @JeremyJacobs


By David Vance On July 18th, 2012 at 3:50 pm

Gaza. It’s July and time for students to graduate. Even for the youngest students. Here’s a pic to warm the heart, right?

    The kids get into the spirit of the occasion:

One child, Hamza, wearing the uniform of the Al Quds Brigades of Islamic Jihad and carrying a wooden weapon, said “I love the resistance and the martyrs and Palestine, and I want to blow up the most Zionists in a process of martyrdom and kill them.”

Isn’t this child abuse? Why does the UN lavish millions on those who preside over it?

Hap tip to Powerline.