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Apologies, the following item could be distressing….

By Mike Cunningham On August 15th, 2015 at 11:03 am

Seventy years after the Allied Armadas won the War in the Far-East, the standard statement from a BBC Today report about the manner and fashion which the Japanese Military treated British civilians was given as though the man was reading out the weather, and thus, our very way of life is once more denigrated. Was the elderly lady telling lies about her life in a Japanese internment camp? Did she lie about the brutal fashion with which her brother was bayoneted, thrown off the truck and left to die, lingering in agony, for three days? Was she exaggerating about the pathetic diet handed to the over two thousand inmates, a diet which was the basic cause of so many deaths from malnutrition? Did another interviewee lie when describing the rigours, and indeed the very survival, of life in a Hong Kong internment camp, and the savage and vicious treatment handed out to those who had the temerity to attempt an escape? What could possibly distress anyone upon hearing the truth?

On this particular day,  when we should be CELEBRATING the fact that we beat the living shit out of the Japanese because they were a war-mongering bunch of bastards, when we should be CELEBRATING that we killed them by the very thousand, and tens of thousands, before they surrendered, as we, the Allies, had demanded: the BBC tends towards the soft approach, covering the inhumane manner in which thousands were imprisoned as though it was a side-show in the War; is the thing which I find particularly revolting. The film ‘Bridge on the River Kwai’ was of course, a work of fiction, sanitised beyond belief from the inhuman savagery which was inflicted upon thousands of British, American and Allied Prisoners of War. Sanitised because the producers would never have got a release certificate to show the true side of those yellow bastards, and their worship of their bloody emperor, and how they treated men who had surrendered as a lower form of life; because they were taught that surrender showed them as less worthy of life, and so they treated our soldiers, and our kinsmen, as similarly less than worthy of life.

It is perhaps a good time to discuss parts of Hirohito’s speech which signified the end of the War, because, even after Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Japs couldn’t even mention the word ‘surrender’; but instead mentioned, almost in passing,  that the Empire accepted the provisions of their joint declaration (the Potsdam declaration; where we demanded UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER). Prior to that, the Imperial clown puppet stated that the war situation has developed not necessarily to Japan’s advantage. As well as the clinching remark ‘it being far from our thought either to infringe upon the sovereignty of other nations or to embark upon territorial aggrandizement’.

No, it should not be distressing’ to tell the truth, and to remind the grandchildren of those who lived through those six long years of war, that their opponents, on the Japanese side, were cruel, bestial, and inhumane: and it should not be ‘distressing’ to state that brave people died at the bloody hands and swords of the Japanese; and on the other side of the world that the average German was either a Nazi, or a whole-hearted sympathiser, and well-versed in the knowledge of the treatment in store for their fellow human beings who were of the Jewish faith; and that the Germans too deserved the punishments meted out at places like Bremen, Berlin and Dresden, for the horrors of places like Auschwitz.

and for Germany, General Jodl signs!

By Mike Cunningham On May 7th, 2015 at 9:24 pm

Some seventy years ago, come tomorrow, the second War to end all Wars came to an end, in Europe at least; the Far East portion lasted a little longer until the Japs saw sense with aces represented by two nuclear weapons back to back. The evil genius which had been Hitler was dead, the Russians were in the suburbs of Berlin; the armoured columns of the Americans, the British and the Canadians were racing towards the Elbe. Most of the German Army was trying to go west, in order to surrender to the Americans or the British; anything to get away from the avenging ferocity which was the artillery and tank columns of the Russian Marshal Zhukov. The war was ending, and it was almost as though Wagner’s Gotterdammerung was coming to reality. The promised Thousand Year Reich was slowly being pounded into the rubble which was all Germany’s cities had become; the adoring crowds at the Nazi ceremonies had somehow dissipated, the cheering was silenced long ago; and all that was left was the signing of the Surrender documents . Our Navies had vanquished the submarines which nearly starved us into surrender; our aircraft had swept the skies clear of the formidable Luftwaffe. The death camps were being discovered and liberated. Our forefathers, nearly all now dead, had vanquished the best trained, the most formidable War Machine on the planet, and it was time to celebrate.

I have a painting as a desktop on my computer, which I lifted from an Air Battle catalogue. and I was explaining to one of my grandsons about the brave boys and young men who flew bombing missions against Germany, whilst the fighter flyers of the German Luftwaffe were trying to kill them, and he asked me a very grown-up question; “Grandad, why?” The only answer which I could give to a seven-year-old boy was simple, “You see, the men who told those flyers to fight were really nasty people, and they had to be stopped!”



Yes, our peoples sang, and yes, they danced; but the ground upon which the dancing took place was soggy with blood!

As a reality check, just see what the younger generation believes why tomorrow was so very important.


A Letter to an M.P.

By Mike Cunningham On September 25th, 2014 at 12:39 pm

The following is the contents of an e-mail letter sent this morning to my own MP, Roberta Blackman-Woods, a Shadow Minister in the Labour Party:-

Thursday 25 September 2014

Dear Roberta Blackman-Woods,

I write in connection with the forthcoming proposal of the Prime
Minister, scheduled for debate in the Commons on Friday, to allow him
to add the R.A.F.’s bombers, equipment and personnel to join the action
against Islamic State’s operations in Iraq. I realise that you, as a
Shadow Minister, have undertaken to act in a concerted fashion with
most of your Party Colleagues, and to vote as required, again in
concert with your Party; but I am writing to ask you to consider what
you are being both asked and required to vote upon. It is just about a
year since the scheduled vote, put forward by the Prime Minister, where
Parliament was asked to authorise attacks on the Syrian Regime as they
had allegedly deployed chemical weaponry; and of course, due in a large
part to the considered thoughts and votes of the Labour Party, that
vote was defeated.

You are now being asked to vote, once more, upon this issue, but this
time to act, in concert with a ‘coalition’, in degrading and destroying
the infrastructure of the people who fight under the black flag of
Islamic State. You are being asked to authorise a Western element which
will actively intrude into a religious and civil war in the Middle
East. You, as a Member of Parliament, are being asked to authorise
exactly what was sought just a year ago, but this time, you are being
asked to have our Forces fight in only one part of the conflict area,
namely Iraq, against a Force which is, itself, fighting against the
very people, namely the Syrian Government, you were asked previously to
bomb and attack.

It is not often that I find myself nodding in perfect agreement with a
Guardian writer and journalist, but what Simon Jenkins said when
interviewed on the BBC was perfectly correct; air strikes alone do not
work; you have to defeat an army with another army, and if the Iraqi
Army cannot fight, with all the weaponry at their disposal, maybe it is
about time the Arabs realised they have got to sort out their own
problems. We should not get involved with a religious dispute in
Islamic countries; if the West needs a memory jog, just check out what
happened in Libya. Maybe Gaddafi was a very bad man, but just look at
what that unhappy and terror-torn nation has inherited after we, the
French, the British and the Americans ruled the skies above Tripoli and
allowed the opposition to steamroller the old regime into the ground!

We should not be in that theatre of war; we should not even be thinking
about it. Please use the information available to you, so that you
might advise your colleagues, many of whom still remember what the end
result of our last adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan actually turned
out to be, and then vote down any idea that British jets should once
again strike at the behest of a Prime Minister who might sound as
though he knows what is going to happen, but has not yet considered the
long-term results, which may well turn to be even more disastrous than
the previous follies pursued by your own predecessors!

Yours sincerely,

Mike Cunningham

I would urge all British ATW readers to contact their own MPs, by means of
‘Write to Them’, or by any other means available, because Parliament needs to be aware of the perils of sleep-walking into a disaster area!


Just a small reminder…

By Mike Cunningham On September 2nd, 2014 at 10:11 am

……..of the days when His Majesty’s Government and Parliament, with calm and, in the end, honesty, set its collective face against Appeasement, and set forth to defeat the German Nazi war machine with a Declaration of War.


A declaration of War, without the knowledge of how great an evil lay behind, and all around, the enemy it now would be fighting to defeat!


In life, as in death, we are as one.

By Mike Cunningham On November 18th, 2013 at 7:44 pm

When speaking or writing of death, or a death, I tend to lean on things which I have written before to give some balance to my words. I read, many years ago, of the ‘Elysian fields’ of Greek mythology, and remember them partly because of the illustration given them by one of the teachers from my schooldays. He stands out in my memory partly for his teaching, for his manner of passing information almost imperceptibly, and partly because he was just about the only teacher who didn’t use some variation of a fist when ‘correcting’ us.

He told us that the Greeks believed that the Elysian Fields, populated by those who had died, gave them all a means of an everlasting ‘achievement’ in their chosen area of expertise. If you had been a warrior, you were matched against an opponent who was your equal in every way, and you fought and struggled, until nearly beaten, but then you were given a final burst or infusion of guile, and defeated him at the last gasp. You then celebrated, slept; and the next day did it all over again. It probably seems a little simplistic, but hey: it beats 72 virgins!

I was reminded of this just today, when reading of a Warrior who realised that he was judged worthy of a true salute by fellow Sailors. Does me good just to read it.



It don’t make sense

By Patrick Van Roy On September 4th, 2013 at 2:11 am

obama1-compressedWell it looks like the Washington insider crowd has decided, they’re going to back Obama.

No good will come of this. We are not helping anyone except Al-Qaeda. Just as Obama handed Libya and Egypt over to them, he is doing his best to Strengthen their hand in Syria. The next domino to tumble will be Jordan.

If we are going to Bomb anyone it should be Iran. That’s the head of the snake. The rest is just kabuki theater.

OK so we bomb Syria what does it achieve? I see nothing except pouring gas on a fire, and just as it happens when you pour gas on a fire this too will spread and heat up. What happens when they all follow through and Bomb Israel and our Troops in the area?

Don’t worry we’re only lobbing a couple hundred missiles, no one will react. The Russians have four Destroyers in the area and I’m sure a half dozen Subs. Not to mention 2 Aircraft carriers in flight range. They’ll just sit by and eat popcorn.

Without the Brits we lose a strategic base to Launch fighters from, that leaves just our Navel assets. Now mind you when this flares, and it will. We have enough firepower there to really get things rolling as do others.

The resulting next full scale war has been brought to you by President Barack Husein Obama. We thank you for your participation in the admiration of the man who will get the world to love and respect us again.

Ah the party of Peace, Democrats never have a problem expanding wars shame they lack the balls and brains to fight them properly. Are you prepared for three years of Hell?

9% of Americans support this. An unofficial Drudge Poll has the vote 600,000 to 60,000 against.

“May you Live in Interesting Times”

An Appropriate song below the fold enjoy.

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LOL… What a Maroon

By Patrick Van Roy On August 28th, 2013 at 12:33 pm

obama1-compressedThe insanity of Obama and his supporters. OK so this man gets elected you can list a multitude of reasons why. The first Nice Clean Black Man to run as Joe Biden put it, The Man would end the wars in the Middle East, etc etc etc. We elected him, we get the government we deserve. We have 3 more years of this buffoon so we live with it.

Lets look at his latest in a long string of bad decisions. President Barry is about to send a storm of Americas high priced toys into Syria. He will do so with the support and blessing of David Cameron and the British Parliament, who at least Cameron had the decency to consult. I guess he feels he has more like minded incompetents on that side of the pond than Barry feels he has over here. Oh and then of course there are the French, but they’re French, so who cares.

When the toys fly and do what they are designed to do what will they achieve? My belief is quite a great deal, nothing that is very good. First and foremost we are aiding and abetting Al-Qaeda. The good Rebels were pushed aside 3 years ago. The group we have been funneling weapons to for two years that cost us the life of our Ambassador in Libya and countless others, are the same ones that have attacked both our countries. The same ones that will attack us again.

Now don’t get me wrong there is a time for the use of force. Used properly it can achieve the means to an end. This is not the time. We are going to strike assets in Syria, I ask to what end? Will we destroy the Chemical Weapons ? NO.  We know despite what the naysayers say that Saddam had Chemical Weapons, just as now plenty of warning was given and the majority of those weapons were moved. These may even be some of those weapons.

We will probably destroy Assad’s Air Force, Radar and other heavy battle equipment. What will this achieve ? If it is a “success” Assad falls, and President Barry delivers another nation into the hands of terrorists, which in Syria’s case is no real change. What also happens and is more important is all that weaponry winds up in the hands of freelance terrorists.

After Libya fell 10,000 SAMs just disappeared, we had recovered some, but they were at the CIA Annex in Libya when it was over run.

President Barry has placed himself where all Democrats do, at the head of one Foreign Policy and Military Disaster after another.

Let the Syrians kill each other, this attack won’t stop any of it, it will escalate it. Besides there are no Chemical Weapons, those people lying in the streets grasping at their throats as they foam at the mouth are just Western Propaganda, the Planes that attacked our nation were flown by Jews, the Bombs planted in your Subways, Pubs, and buses all the way back to the 60s were the work of MI5.

The Islamist is a suppressed victim that just wants peace and love with his fellow man.

By Friday the Toys will be delivered, and it will be Christmas for everyone. God help us, and God save us from men who believe they can FIX things.



By Pete Moore On June 14th, 2013 at 4:51 pm

The neocons make their move. Obama confirms that his paymasters will supply the terrorists, butchers and cannibals tearing Syria apart. Five minutes later the UK and France join in, with The Telegraph reporting that the three gangs (not “us or “we”) are meeting to decide how to run them weapons in.

Remember this and all the other surrenders to terror when we’re next supposd to believe that “we don’t talk to terrorists”. Of course they do, they always do, and now they’re again supplying the arms to terrorists so they can terrorise. Remember also that no evidence of sarin gas use by Assad has been presented. WMD lies? Fancy that! But they have to lie because the truth is that Assad is winning, and they just don’t like Assad. Do they know what the consequences will be? Of course not. We’ve seen that they have no idea. We know it.

So on the word of professonal spokesliars we’re supposed to believe that Assad is the bad one. The other side are “the rebels” see. Even when they murder in cold blood, and set off car bombs, and strafe kneeling prisoners with AK47s and cut out and chew into the hearts of slain enemies, they’re “the rebels” and now our money is taken to enable them to carry on terrorising. It’s a wicked, evil thing, but that’s our governors. Michael Rozeff describes them perfectly:

Neocons are a contemptible, vile, evil and despicable lot. Obama threw in with them on Iran sanctions, on Libya, on drone warfare throughout the world, on assassination policy, on government spying, on persecution of whistleblowers, and on government secrecy. Count Obama as a neocon. He too is a contemptible lying knave, a dishonest and unscrupulous scoundrel, intent as are the necons, on expanding  the American empire. This does not create a better world, I am sorry to say, but the neocons are too blind to see and understand this.

The badge of honour.

By Mike Cunningham On May 8th, 2013 at 12:03 pm


aMerchantcapI wore the cap badge of the Merchant Navy in the years of my youth, along with the purple-stripe bordered by gold braid denoting Engineer Officer on my uniform. Before I met and married my wife, I had many ports and many trips under my cap, and it is only now, in the evening of my life, have I come to understand how important the sea was and is to us; a Maritime Nation.


Imagine, if you will, your departure from the port of Halifax in Nova Scotia in the early years between 1939 & 1945. Your ship is tasked to a convoy, protected by a tiny number of inadequately-equipped escort vessels; tiny because of the short-sighted policies of successive British Governments who had decided that the best form of defence for a maritime nation was to do very, very little indeed. You sailed on that ship in the full knowledge that there were men intent upon only one thing; your death, along with your shipmates, and the destruction of your ship by means of torpedoes, or heavy-calibre gunfire. The gunfire was preferred by the German U-Boat commanders in the early days of the War; partly because the shells were easier to carry in a cramped submarine, and partly because many Merchant vessels sailed completely unarmed, and the escort vessels could not be everywhere at once.

If you were an Engineer Officer, eight hours out of every 24 were spent on watch in the Engine Room, sited by necessity in the bowels of the ship. Your job might also be an engine-room greaser, or a fireman, keeping steam up in the boilers to help propel your ship across the Atlantic, but you shared the same hours as the Officers, and the same dangers as well. The only protection from the ever-restless sea were  sheets of steel, riveted together to form the hull of your ship, and clear access to ladders leading up top. Ladders which were never bolted to the supporting girders, but instead were firmly held by rope; so as to minimise the effects of shock after an explosion. An explosion which, if aimed at the midships of the vessel, would almost certainly result in a huge influx of water, acting as its own battering ram, flooding the very bowels of your ship, and drowning anyone in its path who was unlucky enough to be caught down below.

Some time back, re-read a novel entitled Westbound, Warbound by Alexander Fullerton, and once again realized how good a writer this man is. His writing career commenced with an autobiographical novel of his service with HM Submarines in the Far East towards the end of the Second World War, and the instant success of his first offering pushed him to write on a full-time basis. His novel ‘Westbound, Warbound’ is a one-off, telling as it does the story of a tramp steamer caught up firstly in the seas which embraced the final days of the pocket-battleship ‘Graf Spee’, and then to their travails whilst inching through a North Atlantic hurricane at the same time as being in constant danger of sinking! This book is about the men who brought Britain through the War by offering themselves as open targets for the U-boat menace, armed with a single six-pounder and a rationed number of shells! The men whose work, sacrifice, lives and deaths are forever remembered in the Merchant Seamen’s Memorials opposite the Tower of London and in Liverpool have had very few books written of their deeds, partly, one supposes, that there isn’t much glamour in stories of drowning, or burning alive, or freezing to death within three minutes of your ship’s slowly sinking beneath the waves after enemy action!

His hero is a deck officer, doing the everyday things which are his calling, from taking a ‘star sight’ to advising an illiterate seaman about the benefit of learning how to read.  Fullerton has met men such as this young officer, and more than likely has killed very similar young men who sailed in the Japanese ships which his submarine sank in the shallow waters of Sumatra and Malaya! The novels which have been bought by the thousand telling of the fighting ships of the Allied forces sometimes forget that the slow, plodding freighters, tankers and liners have stories too, and they should also be remembered by an audience which unfortunately these days, doesn’t even know, never mind remember, of the sacrifices which were made so that they can slouch down and watch  ‘Top Gear’ or ‘Broadchurch’ in warmth and comfort!


The photo of the Merchant Navy Memorial in Liverpool is of course self-explanatory, but the next photo depicts a ship heading into a storm, showing what perils there were even without the torpedoes and the gunfire, and the final one shows what might have been seen on a convoy to Murmansk.




























‘Oh hear us when we cry to thee, For those in peril on the sea.’



By Pete Moore On May 3rd, 2013 at 11:26 am

What joy to see the Tories having chunks torn out of them. The recriminatons have begun, with one (now ex) Tory councillor taking to The Telegraph to let rip at Cameron:

There is a problem with the people at the top of our political parties. They just don’t listen. They don’t listen to ordinary people or our concerns.

The European Union referendum is a good example. They all promise a referendum, but come the time, they change their minds and say ‘You don’t need a referendum”. David Cameron says he’ll have a referendum, but no-one believes a word he says. I don’t believe a word he says, and I’m a lifelong Conservative.

Then there’s immigration. Whenever anyone brings up immigration, they are fearful they are called racist, they are called names, and no one likes being called names. People tend not to voice their views, they are afraid to speak […]

The Ukip messages chime with everybody, but they have done the Conservatives most harm, and I think that’s our own fault in a way.

For some unknown reason, David Cameron and his advisers seem to think that a lot of Conservative voters’ values are out-of-date and need to be modernised and thrown out. These are values that we have held true to for years, and now they are being ditched.

We stood up for things in the past. We don’t stand up for anything any more.

Tories in turmoil – fantastic.