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and luck had nothing to do with it.

By Mike Cunningham On November 10th, 2014 at 10:11 am

Yesterday was Sunday, a day like many others. I brought breakfast to my wife, bedroom-bound as she is, then made my own breakfast, and after ensuring my wife was  comfortable, walked down the road for a newspaper. About fifty yards in front of me was a small family, Mummy, Dad and one small boy, who was pushing himself along on a scooter. The little boy, who was just enjoying himself by bowling along on the scooter ahead of his Daddy and Mom, veered sharply across the pavement and out into the road. He must have hit an paving edge which turned the front wheel sharply; but he was in immediate danger, because coming up behind the family was a car.

Tragedy did not strike, because the driver reacted, slammed on his brakes, and the car, which was travelling within the limit, and not going too fast, stopped about three feet away from the small boy, who had of course fallen off the scooter. Apart from a badly-skinned knee, the little boy was unhurt. The driver, whose reactions were so good, was literally shaking with shock. The parents, frozen at first, were just cuddling and reassuring their son. Some five minutes later, the family had resumed their journey, the driver had recovered, and moved off; and I walked by still on my way to the newsagents.

Through excellent engineering, with driving and safety lessons well-absorbed; a small family remains untouched by tragedy, and the scooter-riding will be alongside Daddy. Fate has been mollified; And all will be well!

race through london

By ATWadmin On November 24th, 2007 at 9:13 pm

The team at Top Gear tries to determine which is the best form of transport during rush hour in London. They race each other through the capital using public transport (a mix of bus, tube and DLR), a car (with satnav, the police and the CC to contend with), a bike (rather him than me) and a boat. Brilliantly edited, a nice snapshot of life in the capital, topical and full of humour. Really good fun. In 3 short parts. I won’t tell you the result

part 2
part 3


By ATWadmin On July 14th, 2007 at 9:58 pm


The building on the left in the distance is the Burj. A snap I took about a month ago from my hotel window. Currently under construction in the "New Downtown" area in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, upon its completion, it will be the tallest building in the world. By a wide margin. The tower’s height was reported by its developers to be about 500 metres, totaling 138 completed floors at that point. It is designed by Skidmore, Owings and Merrill, who also designed the Sears Tower in Chicago and the Freedom Tower in New York City, among numerous others. On the right way off in the distance towards the ocean appearing as a tiny dot, is the sail shaped Burj Al Arab, the worlds only 7 star hotel (way over the top inside, dripping with gold). Dubai never stops growing and the pace of change since even the last time i visited is astonishing. It is hotter than hell at this time of year and sand fills the air making the sky appear a constant yellow colour. The shops are a mix of souks and malls with Dior, Cartier, DKNY.. full of absolutely stunning women dressed in jeans, heels, immacutely made up – their black chadors wrapped up and high on top of their heads elegantly – in princessy fashion as opposed to scary Iranian moral/fashion police style. All chattering away on their mobiles and sipping their Starbucks…And wouldnt you know it, there are people blogging away – one who lives there because he wanted to watch the incredible development as it happened, one trying to get out because the pace of change is too much – and via them a Saudi man blogging from Britain – The Religious Policeman – his blog is khalas and peppered with haram posts.