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By David Vance On July 4th, 2012 at 8:21 am

Great story here!

AN EVIL sex killer wanted for a string of rapes in Ireland had the top of his penis bitten off after picking a fight with a prison guard dog. Nigerian Kristoff Alauya was left in agony and needed stitches to his arms, stomach and manhood after being savaged by the highly trained alsation when he kicked it in the head.

The convicted sex beast arrived to seek asylum in Ireland in 2003. He lived in Co Carlow and is suspected of carrying out a spate of unsolved sex attacks. Three years ago he was jailed in the North for the horrific sex killing of 38-year-old Belfast mum Grace Moore (left), who he strangled and raped after she met him at a city disco.

It’s just a shame that dog wasn’t hungrier.


By Pete Moore On June 28th, 2012 at 3:50 pm

The campaign to attract every wrong’un on the planet to Britain claims another win.

Shawn Sullivan is an American citizen and “one of America’s most wanted paedophiles”. While accused of raping a 14 year-old girl and sexually molesting two 11 year-olds in Minnesota, he did a runner to Ireland where he gained a conviction for assaulting two girls. Eventually he ended up in – where else? – London, which clearly had the Americans thinking they’d got their man. An extradition request was made, approved, appealed by Sullivan, the appeal was dismissed by the Home Office, and Sullivan appealed to the High Court.

But Sullivan took his case to the High Court earlier this year, with his lawyers claiming that if he were convicted in the US, he faced being put under a “civil commitment” order at the end of his jail term that effectively meant he would be deemed “sexually dangerous” and never released.


In a judgment published last week, the High Court judges said there was a real risk he would be put on the programme, and that it would breach his right not to suffer loss of liberty without due process as protected by the European Court of Human Rights. […] In a note released on Thursday, Lord Justice Moses announced that “the United States will not provide an assurance” and so the appeal under the 2003 Extradition Act was allowed.

Great. So for the purposes of extradition, the US must now conform to the demands of the ECHR. Looking at 5.1 of the Convention (cited by the High Court): nope, me neither. It seems the High Court has simply decided that unless the feds do it Strasbourg’s way then they won’t do it at all.

Silly bloody cow!

By Mike Cunningham On June 2nd, 2012 at 4:33 pm

We are regaled with the ‘heroic actions’ of British and American Special forces as they ‘rescued’ four ‘Aid Workers’ from their kidnappers.

My question is simple. How were the two foreign, silly, stupid, moronic individuals ever allowed to go into Afghanistan in the first place? The most dangerous place on this dangerous planet, and they go in to do what? We are informed by this bunch of do-gooders that they have worked in Afghanistan since 1996, providing relief to vulnerable and isolated communities. Despite recent events, a spokesman said the charity was committed to continuing its work ‘which relies on us working safely within local communities, wherever they may be.’

These pillocks are all the same! They know best. They are ‘needed’. I would suggest to this bloody stupid woman, who thinks she knows better than anyone else, to ask herself just one question. Is her life worth the same as any of the squaddies who came hurtling out of the dark to rescue her?


By Pete Moore On April 19th, 2012 at 4:23 pm

Either you really couldn’t make it up, or they really don’t want him to go.

Two days ago Theresa May, the Home Secretary, brandished a piece of paper and declared “extradition for Qatada in our time”. Today, the Council of Europe says: “Oh no you don’t”. The BBC carries the breaking news.

I can barely bring myself to follow this saga anymore, so excuse me if I get it wrong. It seems that on Tuesday, May said the way was clear for Qatada to be deported, following a completed deal with Jordan and the passing of a deadline for him to appeal the decision to some Grand Chamber of High Priests of the European Court of Human Rights. She triumphantly ordered his arrest ahead of deportation that day. Only he did appeal that decision on Tuesday, his counsel claiming the deadline for an appeal was midnight on Tuesday, teeing up two days of spin and arguments over who was right and who was wrong. Theresa May and the legions of legal brains at the Home Office were wrong, we’ve just discovered. So Qatada doesn’t go afterall, because we’re not foreign and we obey laws and treaties, and he’s gonna hang around for a long time yet, and Theresa May looks even more stupid than at the beginning of the week, which is quite an achievement.
Can we get back to governing ourselves now?


By Pete Moore On March 27th, 2012 at 5:53 pm

They got another one!

The Department for Homeland Security is the federal agency formed in the wake of 9/11 to combat terrorism. How wise that move was now that heroic DHS security agents have saved the people from deadly hair straighteners.

According to one of the DHS heroes, the American people need to be protected from deadly hair straighteners, which can be deadly.

Citizens are reminded that America remains the Land of the Free.

Wedding day blues!

By Mike Cunningham On March 13th, 2012 at 6:47 pm

So you are in love!

You and your girlfriend are both unemployed, and have very little savings or assets.

The wedding date is rapidly drawing near, and you are getting worried.

But suddenly, as we no doubt fully understand, you have a plan, to make the wedding day the happiest day of your lives!




By Pete Moore On March 7th, 2012 at 4:33 pm

ATW commentator The Troll brings to our attention a “mantyhose” thing. Someone shoot me in the head before the The Pussification of the Western Male is total.

No, I never did imagine and it’s not April Fool’s Day; a quick google shows that the abomination is real. “The underwear staple for women is making its way into wardrobes of the opposite sex – and the look is gaining popularity” reports the Daily Mail. Not in my house it’s not.

Men, have respect for yourselves. Look at your yourself now. If you’re wearing anything your old grandad wouldn’t have understood then get rid of it.

Reports are that “the mantyhose are most popular with customers from Germany, France, Scandinavia, Canada and the U.S”. It’s some small relief that stout yeomen of England are unaffected, but you can’t be too careful. If you live in a city, move out soon. It’s in such places that these things catch on.

I’m off now to pour acid in my eyes.


By Pete Moore On January 29th, 2012 at 9:46 pm

Good grief.

What’s is this madness? You don’t ‘remake’ genius. Remaking Only Fools and Horses is like trying to repaint a Rembrandt. It cannot be done. Either broadcast the original or don’t bother with it at all –

Just a thought!

By Mike Cunningham On January 18th, 2012 at 3:18 pm

As the impact of the Costa Concordia has settled into a grim ‘It was his fault’…’No, it wasn’t’ routine; and as I was a one-time member of the rather exclusive British Merchant Marine Officers society (only one rule for members, you had to have have sailed on board a working ship, not a yacht), I thought I might wander through some of the ‘Reviews’ of a few of the monstrous floating cities doing the cruise routines these days.

Having successfully never set foot on board any of these floating death traps, I can honestly say that even the prospect of sailing away along with three- or four thousand fellow human beings would fill me with a great and abiding desire to leave at the first opportunity. As can be read with just a few click searches, I am not alone.

To quote one annoyed cruise user:

I could carry on but running out of time and its starting to get me down, if you want to cruise and you can put up with the above then go with the yanks, they know how to riffle throw your pockets expertly. If I had known then what I know now I would have cancelled the our cruise and happily lost the deposit, my wife and daughter concur.  You will see from my rating mostly ones and that’s only because there isn’t a 0.

Another Cruiser stated:-

All in all, a good experience – but you have been warned. If you’ve got this far and want to do a cruise with the kids – Royal Caribbean is probably for you, although in reality you probably haven’t read this far. Royal Caribbean should remember that their cruise is not for affluent dummies eager to part with cash to purchase tawdry goods, tours and unwanted chattels. They need to understand the term “guests” and in my experience such people don’t mind buying things, but definitely don’t like being sold it.

True, there are plenty of contented cruisers who go again and again, but they are probably either brain dead, under twenty-one, or too thick to understand the term ‘rip-off’!


By Pete Moore On January 17th, 2012 at 2:43 pm

The United Kingdom has been told by the foreign communists of the European Courts of Human Rights that it cannot deport the terrorist Abu Qatada to Jordan. Reports The Telegraph: “In a landmark judgment (sic), the court said that Qatada would not receive a fair trial if he was returned to his native Jordan where he faces charges that he plotted bomb attacks on two hotels and providing finance and advice for another series of bomb attacks to coincide with the Millennium.” It’s a landmark judgement because “It is the first time that the Court has found that an expulsion would be in violation of Article 6, which reflects the international consensus that the use of evidence obtained through torture makes a fair trial impossible.”

Well hang on. Qatada has no “right” to reside in Britain. He came here as a refugee on a false passport. He is a guest and nothing more. Since he arrived he has drained hundreds of thousands of pounds in welfare and carried on with terror-related activity. Only a sovereign power can bestow “rights” upon guests, and the only right he has while here is the same protection under English law which everyone else has. Since he’s a guest, in a supposedly sovereign nation, those protections can be withdrawn at any time. Only the judges of the ECHR – most of them from countries with little familiarity with justice and liberty – can imagine that a guest residency magically becomes the right to reside for all time.

If Jordan wishes to torture Qatada or use evidence gained under torture against him, that’s Jordan’s business, not ours. So here’s an idea: ignore the ruling and extradite him immediately. Other countries do it, so should we. And here’s another idea: this is Britain, we are British, so how’s about we start governing ourselves for ourselves? Radical, eh?! We managed to do that quite well for long enough without corrupt faux-judges from Albania telling us how to do so.