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Brick Lane

By ATWadmin On March 7th, 2008 at 11:58 pm

****Alison says this was a PR stunt by 118 advertisers – more to follow!  The U.S blogs may have been punked!

You people have got to be kidding!  Why don’t they take it a step further and wrap everything these retards might walk into!  Hell, why not require pedestrians to wear helmets and face guards? Come on folks, you don’t need this much government padding!

safe2textes_468x352.jpg Padded Lampposts Tested in London to Prevent Cell Phone Texting Injuries

Almost two thirds – 62 per cent – of Brits concentrate so hard while texting that they lose their peripheral vision, researchers found.

Given the apparent dangers of "unprotected text", over a quarter of Brits – 27 per cent – are in favour of creating a ‘mobile motorway’ on Britain’s pavements.

Texters could follow a brightly coloured line, which which would act like a cycle lane, steering them away from obstacles.

And 44 per cent of those surveyed wanted pads placed on lampposts to protect them while texting. The study found that busy city streets were the worst for "walk ‘n text" accidents.

The research showed that Brick Lane in East London was the top spot for texting injuries.

Hello HotAir


Seething and Outrage to Commence at Any Minute

By ATWadmin On February 23rd, 2008 at 2:10 am

There is some sanity in the world.

A publisher in Belarus who was jailed for printing Mohammed cartoons has been freed.

On a Friday no less. Don’t these folks know that’s the weekly day of rage from the perpetually aggrieved?

Belarus’s Supreme Court on Friday freed an editor jailed for reproducing cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad, one of three detainees whose release is seen by the West as key to improving ties with the ex-Soviet state.

Alexander Sdvizhkov, editor of the independent Zgoda (consensus) newspaper, was jailed for three years last month. He was freed after Belarus’s Supreme Court reduced his sentence to three months.

"The Supreme Court backed the appeal and, based on health and humanitarian considerations, reduced the sentence to three months," said court spokeswoman Anastasia Tsimanovich. "Given the time spent in detention, he was released."

There are two others still in prison.

The release of three remaining detainees viewed as "political prisoners" in the West is a fundamental condition set by Western countries for improving relations with Belarus, led by President Alexander Lukashenko since 1994.

Still in detention are Belarus’s most prominent inmate, academic Alexander Kozulin, who challenged Lukashenko’s bid for re-election in 1996, and Andrei Kim, a businessman detained in connection with protests last month by small entrepreneurs.

The 12 cartoons portraying the founder of Islam, including one showing the prophet with a bomb in his turban, first appeared in a Danish newspaper and outraged Muslims who saw them as blasphemous.

Belarussian authorities shut down Zgoda in March 2006, around the time when other European journals began reprinting the cartoons. The drawings were reproduced in Danish newspapers this month in protest at an alleged plot to kill the cartoonist.

Meanwhile, protests and flag burnings continued today in Gaza, the Sudan, Pakistan, and Yemen, among other hellholes. The dispatch from Yemen is most amusing.

In Friday prayer, Yemeni preachers condemned strongly reprinting of the offensive cartoons of Prophet Mohammed by Danish newspapers to harm feelings of Muslims across the world.

The preachers considered such act as unmoral and extremist committed under pretext of freedom of expression.

They called on the Danish government to take required measures to stop insult done by some extremists against Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) through reprinting cartoons depicting Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) in 17 Danish newspapers.

They said that continuing insult in the friendly country for Muslims leads Islamic countries to review the level of their ties with Denmark.

They also called on the Arab and Islamic governments to issue laws that ban ties with a county or a company insults the Islamic holy places and prevents importing or selling its goods.

They called on the United Nations to issue a resolution prevents insulting any religion and prophets as they are the best human beings and message of peace.

Best human beings?


Meanwhile, in other news that offends the incredibly delicate sensibilities of the best human beings, Egypt got into the seethefest by whining today about the upcoming film from Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders.

Egypt on Friday deplored what it called gratuitous attacks on Islam and said it was closely monitoring plans by a Dutch filmmaker to release an anti-Koran film.

"It is regrettable that European lawmakers and politicians use gratuitous methods to gain electoral votes by attacking the sacred values and religions of others," foreign ministry spokesman Hossam Zaki said in a statement.

Dutch far-right deputy Geert Wilders has said he will be airing on television in the Netherlands in March a controversial anti-Islam film called "Fitna" (Ordeal), which accuses the Koran of inciting people to murder.

Such politicians, Zaki said in reference to Wilders, "focus their hatred on Islam" and plan to broadcast a film undermining Islamic symbols.

These acts "feed hatred against Muslims and encourage extremism and confrontation instead of opting for dialogue based on mutual respect," Zaki said.

These people really need to get a life.

Omar bin Laden: Peace Envoy

By ATWadmin On January 17th, 2008 at 8:43 pm

We noted last week one of Osama bin Laden’s spawns is seeking a British visa. Now the Associated Press has a fawning interview with this cretin.

Omar Osama bin Laden bears a striking resemblance to his notorious father — except for the dreadlocks that dangle halfway down his back. Then there’s the black leather biker jacket.

The 26-year-old does not renounce his father, al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden, but in an interview with The Associated Press, he said there is better way to defend Islam than al-Qaida’s militancy: Omar wants to be an "ambassador for peace" between Muslims and the West.

Omar raised a tabloid storm in Britain last year when he married a 52-year-old British woman, Jane Felix-Browne, who took on the name Zaina Alsabah. Now the couple say they want to be advocates, planning a 3,000- mile horse race across North Africa to draw attention to the cause of peace.

"It’s about changing the ideas of the Western mind. A lot of people think Arabs — especially the bin Ladens, especially the sons of Osama — are all terrorists. This is not the truth," Omar told AP last Friday at a cafe in one of Cairo’s new shopping malls.

Of course, many may have a hard time getting their mind around the idea of "bin Laden: peacenik."

"Omar thinks he can be a negotiator," said Alsabah, who is trying to bring her husband to Britain. "He’s one of the only people who can do this in the world."

Sure. Good luck with that.

OK, if you want some peace, tells us where that shitstain father of yours is.

He said he hasn’t seen or been in contact with his father since leaving Afghanistan. "He doesn’t have email," Omar said. "He doesn’t take a telephone … if he had something like this, they will find him through satellites."

Let’s pretend for a minute that’s true. How would he know this if he hasn’t seen or heard from him since 2000?

Now for a guy who claims to want peace, why not denounce your father?

Omar doesn’t criticize his father and says Osama bin Laden is just trying to defend the Islamic world.

"My father thinks he will be good for defending the Arab people and stop anyone from hurting the Arab or Muslim people any place in the world," he said, noting that the West didn’t have a problem with his father when he was fighting the Russians in Afghanistan in the 1980s.

Omar is convinced a truce between the West and al-Qaida is possible.

"My father is asking for a truce but I don’t think there is any government (that) respects him. At the same time they do not respect him, why everywhere in the world, they want to fight him? There is a contradiction," he said.

So he wants a truce? When did he say that? All we get from him, al-Zawahiri and that mealy-mouthed twerp Adam Gadahn is talk of havoc and violence.

When did they ever claim to want a truce?

Read the rest of the AP dreck if you can stomach it.


Also at JWF

you can’t do that there ‘ere!

By ATWadmin On January 17th, 2008 at 8:39 pm

 As I fortunately do not have to visit hospitals personally, this pix comes by virtue of escorting my wife to an appointment at the Eye Infirmary in Sunderland.

As you can see, if you’ll pardon the word-play, the NHS hospital anti-smoking nazi authority has not only declared war on smokers, they have also claimed eminent domain over the public highway, by reason of their call to ban smoking within 5 metres (in unmetricated Britain, what’s a metre?) of the perimeter wall of the hospital.

Now in understanding the extent of the Law on Smoking, or rather the banning of smoking in public places, the law specifically calls for any place which is enclosed on three sides, and is roofed. Can’t be plainer than that? Or can you?

As with most Nazi-type actions, they take a law, and then stretch it as far as possible, and if no-one complains, the status quo rules!

Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t smoked for over twenty-six years, and reckon it to be a filthy, dangerous habit, but that is my view, and I really do believe that the views of a few vociferous Health Nazis shouldn’t allow the Rule of Law to be brought into disrepute.



Hillary Sticks Her Beak In

By ATWadmin On December 29th, 2007 at 1:30 am


I’ll pander to anyone!

Well, that didn’t take long.

Maybe Janet Reno and her crack team of super-sleuths are available.


Democrat Hillary Clinton called on Friday for an international probe of Benazir Bhutto’s killing and candidates in both parties sparred over foreign policy six days before Iowa kicks off a close presidential nominating race.

Clinton, battling rivals Barack Obama and John Edwards for the lead in Iowa, questioned the reliability of Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf’s government after opposition leader Bhutto’s assassination.

"I don’t think the Pakistani government at this time under President Musharraf has any credibility at all," Clinton said in an interview with CNN as she campaigned across Iowa. "Therefore I am calling for a full independent international investigation."

Considering Obama threatened to invade Pakistan a couple of months ago, calling for an investigation may be a no-lose proposition.

But seriously, Pantsuit, everyone wants to know what happened.

It’s not as if you’re going out on a limb here.

And tell us, how exactly would this independent international investigation take place and under whose jurisdiction?

Bhutto’s killing on Thursday prompted candidates to flex their foreign policy muscles and, in the case of Clinton and Edwards, tout their experience. Several other Democrats leveled harsh criticism at Musharraf.



I suffered through a couple of Democrat debates and cannot honestly recall Pervez Musharraf’s name ever coming up.

Now we’re supposed to take these Democrats seriously when it comes to foreign policy and the dire situation in Pakistan and the region?


At least one sober adult weighed in.

Republican Fred Thompson, a former Tennessee senator who is lagging in Iowa polls and trying to make up ground, warned against rushing to a conclusion on Musharraf and said candidates should be more "deliberate" on Pakistan.

"I don’t think it would be a good idea to call for him to step down now," Thompson told CNN. "I hope that we as candidates out here don’t start lobbing these ideas that get plenty of attention but are not very sound."

At this point when we have several different accounts of what happened Thursday in Pakistan, it’s wholly irresponsible for presidential candidates to start sticking their noses into an investigation.

It’s to be assumed the White House and State Department are fully informed of developments. Should they choose to brief top candidates, it’s their choice.

At this time, however, Mrs. Clinton and the rest of the shameless Democrats ought to step back and stop being so reckless with our foreign policy.

After all, she and her husband’s first and foremost priority is to "repair our image" with the rest of the world, no? How exactly will that be accomplished by making reckless statements and proposing absurd ideas as a full independent international investigation?

I’ll assume some reporter might flesh this out, but word is she’s not taking any questions.



Also at JWF


The Folly Of The ‘Democrats’

By ATWadmin On December 27th, 2007 at 6:04 pm

He may not be much, but Musharraf is the best we’ve got.

That’s the message that must come from today’s saddening events in Pakistan, where Benazir Bhutto was assassinated by an Al-Qaeda fanatic who shot her several times and then blew himself up. Her supporters, Pakistan’s theoretical democrats, are reportedly following the typically Liberal line of perversely blaming Musharraf for not providing her with proper security rather than, say, blaming the Islamic extremists who have been threatening her and have claimed responsibility for actually murdering her. I guess the more ‘moderate’ and Liberal you get, the less inclined you get to directly blame Islamists for anything – no matter where you come from.

People are already concocting elaborate JFK-style conspiracy theories that because she was shot as well as blown up, there must have been a grassy knoll involved somewhere. And, with weary predictability and wonderful political acumen, the opposition are already talking about ‘Civil War’.

From JWF’s more in-depth update

Riaz Malik, of the opposition Pakistan Movement for Justice party (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf), warned: "The impact will be that Pakistan is in more turmoil – it will be the start of civil war in Pakistan.

"There is a very real danger of civil war in Pakistan. "

Charming. There’s no one quite like a politician for trying to get a short-term bit of power at the expense of long-term benefit to their country. If the ‘Civil War’ being talked about were to actually erupt, who would win if both anti-Islamist groups were fighting each other? Anyone?

This is precisely the reaction that Al-Qaeda is banking on – the reaction it calculates it will always get every single time it manages to succeed in yet another atrocity, commit another murder. Their opposition always manages to be so weak, so determined not to blame those who have committed the atrocities and the ideology of conquest and chaos which drives them, that they can always gain from their actions. Always.

In a sane world, this murder (and that of a score of innocent civilians doing nothing more than attending a political rally) would have united Pakistan against the evil which has infested it, from the ‘fighters’ in the border zones to the Islamist-controlled judiciary which has spent the past few years doing everything it can to undermine the daily workings of the Musharraf regime in what has turned out to be a very successful attempt to destabilise it (just as it continues to do in Afghanistan). But wherever the great democrats of the West stick our noses in to try and arrogantly turn wholly different cultures into carbon copies of our own regardless of the consequences, the weakness of excuses, of trying to blame murder and mayhem on everyone and everything but those responsible for it, creeps in and takes hold. Those who once would have simply campaigned for freedom now perversely try to abuse a democratic system they see only as something to be used as a path to their own personal power.

Musharraf is a dictator. There’s no denying it. But I’d rather have an honest dictatorship, led by a man who holds his people together by the skin of his teeth against an implacable foe like Al-Qaeda, than a bunch of ‘democrats’ so obsessed with winning the illusion of short-term power that they are prepared to see their country perish to do it.

ATW Friday Night Room 101

By ATWadmin On December 21st, 2007 at 4:37 pm

200px-Room_101_-_Titles.jpgTIME TO GET those thinking caps on with a slight departure at ATW. This evening, we consign all those things that tick us off to Room 101. ATW Room 101 has two rules: 1) you have a maximum of three choices, and 2) no politics allowed. Communists, liberals, hippy peaceniks, feminists, Democrats, eco-nutters, various other riff raff and the turd dressed in a police uniform who booked me last week aren’t allowed into Room 101. They have already been assured a place in Hell.

you put that on that, and then that in that?

By ATWadmin On December 1st, 2007 at 9:16 am

I listened with some incredulity to an item on yesterday’s P.M. programme on BBC Radio 4. It concerned a musical play which apparently was warning, in the usual graphic terms, of the perils of H.I.V and A.I.D.’s. and how the listening youthful audience could avoid the ‘plague’ if they all wore condoms, publicly pronounced on their H.I.V. status, and sang while having sex (well, alright, I made the last one up!). Now the theory behind the play is that all should listen to the ‘message’, and so avoid a killing condition, and perhaps this is good; but the trouble was that the production was being performed by a bunch of South Africans in front of an audience of Catholic schoolgirls in deepest Slough.

I truly thought I’d got the date wrong, and I’d woken up on April First. Here we have people from a country with an acknowledged percentage of the population with either HIV or AID’s at somewhere around fifteen-twenty percent, certainly of the Black population, preaching about sex to one of most advanced countries in the world, with a HIV/AID’s number at around 0.125%.

Are we to accept this as just another gem from the leftie’s of the BBC, or are we to accept that a bunch of coons from a diseased nation have the right to preach their own particular path to physical salvation without comment from anyone else?

Greetings From Southeast Asia

By ATWadmin On November 18th, 2007 at 9:38 am

First off, I’d like to thank all the readers of "A Tangled Web" for the warm welcome and to David Vance and Daphne for the kind invitation to cross post here.  As David mentioned, I have my own blog "An American Expat in Southeast Asia", which has been not only a labour of love, but one that I consider to be a profound duty.

I thought it might be apropos for me to introduce myself prior to plunging right into the pool so to speak.  I am an American citizen who has been living and working in Southeast Asia for the last 20 years.  As you can perhaps imagine, over the years I have come to intimately understand the mentality of my hosts to the point where I believe that I am more than qualified to speak on many of the issues confronting us today.  Over the years I’ve also developed close intimate relationships with many leading figures here from the world of business to government and even royalty.  In other words, I’ll often times be able to give a deep in depth perspective on issues that the BBC and CNN and even our respective governments can only scratch the surface of.  

I have to admit that at first I was humbled to receive an invitation to post here, but I was not quite sure what I might add to the discussion here at "A Tangled Web" until David so eloquently reminded me in an email of how we are all in the same boat and how much of what I write about collectively affects us all.   Us all being Western civilization.

Once again, thanks for the warm welcome.


By ATWadmin On November 6th, 2007 at 2:49 pm

Alright, it’s getting closer and closer to Christmas so this is ATW’s first seasonal tale of 2007! It appears that poor old Santa is a bad role model and needs to get with a new diet, lose some weight, and stop being a prime example of "abdominal obesity"!

Dr Miles Fisher, consultant physician at Glasgow Royal Infirmary, said: "The image of Santa is of a round, jolly person and it is meant to be one of hilarity, but if you have obesity around your tummy, then it is very bad for you. Before, we thought it was just not good to be overweight, but now we know that having fat around your middle is particularly bad."

What a health nazi this guy is. Ignore him, and have another mince pie, Santa!