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By ATWadmin On June 30th, 2010 at 9:51 pm

“Husbands can be jailed for insulting wives under new French law”

By ATWadmin On June 30th, 2010 at 8:56 pm


Couples who insult each other over their physical appearance or make false accusations about infidelity face jail, under a new French law making “psychological violence” a criminal offence.

So that’s “wives too”, and it could see one of those “whoops” moments land you with up to three years in in chokey and a £60,000 fine. It all seems to be the work of a nutter called Nadine Morano:

Nadine Morano, the junior family minister, told the National Assembly that “we have introduced an important measure here, which recognises psychological violence, because it isn’t just blows (that hurt), but also words.”

What I want to know is, Nadine Morano and Hulk Hogan: are they one and the same?


By ATWadmin On June 30th, 2010 at 6:56 pm

Via Timmy, possibly the oddest football match ever played:

There was an unusual match between Barbados and Grenada.

Grenada went into the match with a superior goal difference, meaning that Barbados needed to win by two goals to progress to the finals. The trouble was caused by two things. First, unlike most group stages in football competitions, the organizers had deemed that all games must have a winner. All games drawn over 90 minutes would go to sudden death extra time. Secondly and most importantly, there was an unusual rule which stated that in the event of a game going to sudden death extra time the goal would count double, meaning that the winner would be awarded a two goal victory.

Barbados was leading 2-0 until the 83rd minute, when Grenada scored, making it 2-1. Approaching the dying moments, the Barbadians realized they had no chance of scoring past Grenada’s mass defense, so they deliberately scored an own goal to tie the game at 2-2. This would send the game into extra time and give them another half hour to break down the defense. The Grenadians realized what was happening and attempted to score an own goal as well, which would put Barbados back in front by one goal and would eliminate Barbados from the competition.

However, the Barbados players started defending their opposition’s goal to prevent them from doing this, and during the game’s last five minutes, the fans were treated to the incredible sight of Grenada trying to score in either goal. Barbados also defended both ends of the pitch, and held off Grenada for the final five minutes, sending the game into extra time. In extra time, Barbados notched the game-winner, and, according to the rules, was awarded a 4-2 victory, which put them through to the next round.

As the first rule of economics states, incentives matter.

Or, as conservatives know, the time for change is when it can no longer be resisted. “It seemed like a good idea” is not sufficient reason to meddle.


By ATWadmin On June 30th, 2010 at 6:18 pm

Welcome news.

“A Tory MP who was probed by police for alleged racial hatred earlier (Oh what a surprise!) this year has launched a landmark bid to ban Muslim women from wearing the burkha in Britain.

Philip Hollobone will today attempt to steer legislation through the Commons to regulate the wearing of ‘certain facial coverings’. The Kettering MP said his Bill would make it illegal for people to cover their faces in public ‘which would obviously have a big impact for those who wear full-face Islamic veils’.

You can see some Muslims don’t appreciate it and express their dismay in the charming vernacular which is in no way hate speech…

“The reptilian creature aka as Tory MP Phillip Hollobone today introduced his Face coverings (Regulation Bill) to ban the Niqab. I have mentioned before how ideally Hollobone could do us all a favour by wearing a veil and saving us from the hideous prospect of having to view his face. However, why is it that ironically a white man in a suit who is the MP for a constituency that has nobody wearing the Niqab feels it is the most important issue for Kettering ahead of housing education and health?”

Well, I cannot answer for him but I suggest that he, like many others, believes that this grotesque Islamic garb is entirely incompatible with a modern flourishing democracy. Just a suggestion…..

Out in the West in a Town Called…

By ATWadmin On June 30th, 2010 at 5:13 pm

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is disappointed with the Obama Administration’s lack of support controlling Arizona’s open Southern border. The Administration shows little interest in protecting the border and Governor Brewer was especially displeased with recent news that the White House would appropriate only $135 million for  National Guard deployments in the US, while inexplicably giving $310 million directly to Mexico for their “anti-crime” efforts.  The US might as well stick the $310 million into a shredder. 

Mexican corruption and lawlessness  bleed into the US through the open Southern border and lackadaisical efforts  in Washington DC to control illegal immigration are a threat to America’s safety. 

If you are not familiar with the crime wave in Mexico which is now careening out of control, here is a tidbit to inform you:

“The frontrunner for Governor in a Mexican border state was brutally assassinated by a ruthless drug cartel.  In an attempt to control the election outcome, gunmen ambushed Rodolfo Torre’s branded vehicle en route to Ciudad Victoria airport and executed Rodolfo and four other members of his entourage.” 

…And A Little Word From Me

By ATWadmin On June 30th, 2010 at 3:39 pm

I said I would make a comment this afternoon on the unfortunate turn of events, brought about by the actions of Squarespace.  I also mentioned the possibility of some sort of response to the anticipated barrage of criticism I expected to come my way.  In the end, the usual pettiness emanated from the usual suspects, including the Provo trolls in Sluggerdom, and nothing was said that causes me to show anything other than passive disdain.  I was far more impressed with the messages of support both I and my fellow ATW colleagues received from so many quarters.

I am passionately patriotic.  After my family and friends, my country (the UK) means more to me than anything else.  I have lived here all of my life; have spectated its triumphs and tragedies; observed its social trends with interest; and stated time and again that I would never live anywhere else – notwithstanding its imperfections.  Thus, my passions come to the fore when I witness my country brought down by what I see as decisively negative phenomena.  The two most obvious examples today are Irish republicanism and militant Islam.  They are, therefore, the political stories I reserve for my most acidic analayses. 

Complaints have been made against this site – most likely from some Islamic source or another.  Aside from those readers who live in London, I have a greater understanding of what it is like to live in a part of the country where militant Islam is rife than just about anyone else here.  I have first-hand experience of the numerous debilitating factors associated with Islamic ghettoisation over many, many years – from family members who were hounded out of ‘Asian’ areas after living there for significant periods, to shops catering for nobody other than Muslim customers, to the sight of a middle-aged man being called ‘a piece of fucking white trash’ this afternoon in Bradford’s Forster Square Retail Park for nothing other than telling an arrogant, rich, young Asian woman that she was not entitled to park in a disabled bay without a blue badge, to bearing the shame of coming from the same county that spawned the murderers of 52 innocent people in London five years ago. 

A similar thing exists with Irish republicanism.  I grew up in London during the 1980s.  I remember crying my eyes out as a nine-year-old boy when the newsflash came up about the Hyde Park bombings, with pictures showing the carcasses of horses strewn across the grass.  I remember being physically sick at the sight of a picture of a charred body of one of the La Mon victims that was included in a book about the Troubles I bought back in the mid-90s.  I remember being shocked at the devastation unleashed on Manchester city centre back in 1996, when I had been shopping there only two days before.  I remember so many things………….

Had the IRA disbanded publicly, coupled with a fulsome apologetic renunciation of violence from Sinn Fein, I might have been kinder in my descriptions of them and their electorate.  Instead, we have a party of former terrorists who wallow in the supposed ‘heroism’ of those times, who nevertheless continue to win support from a community devoid of principles or morals.  It’s the same with militant Muslims.  They have spawned a nexus of fundamentalism, hatred and usurpatory objectives in the country I love.  So tell me, what do the apostles of either creed think I owe them in terms of couching my criticisms of their respective agendas within a politically correct framework they, not I, deem to be acceptable to their sensibilities?  In other words, I couldn’t give a toss whether I offend them or not.  I do not apologise for, nor retract, one thing I have ever written about either Muslim extremists or Irish republicans.  They might have the passive complicity of successive supine governments (and the active complicity of others).  That won’t prevent me from saying exactly what I think – especially under the repressive heel of possible rules laid down by those same successive governments.

I have been David’s friend for nearly ten years, and his co-writer here for six.  I appreciate and understand his call to be, shall we say, more civil in our comments on the stories of the day.  Nevertheless, I simply cannot and will not change my writing style to suit ‘Korey’ from Squarespace, Ahmed from Esfahan, Padraig from Carrickmore, the Man in the Moon, or anyone else.  This runs the risk of my future contributions being censored to make them acceptable to Squarespace stipulations.  I have decided, henceforth, that for so long as ATW remains on the Squarespace domain, my contributions will be restricted to the weekly ‘Songs for a Sunday’ blog and nothing else.  When ATW is established in its own domain –  beholden to nobody – I will be happy to return as a full-time contributor.  I am sorry things should come to a temporary halt in this way (David, rest assured it is only temporary) but I have never compromised my dearly-held principles or the way they are expressed at anytime during my adult life, and I don’t intend to start now.

I am off on another holiday from Saturday to the following Saturday (this time self-catering in Dumfriesshire).  My next contribution will be SFAS on Sunday 11th July.  I sincerely hope my fellow ATW colleagues and the more reasoned and appreciative viewers of this blog will understand the move I have taken.  Meanwhile, I wish them all the very best, and I wish Grizzly, Troll, Mahons, Phantom, Patty etc. a very happy and peaceful Independence Day this coming Sunday.

Ciao for now!



By ATWadmin On June 30th, 2010 at 3:02 pm

What will all this hullabaloo over “hate speech”, I forgot we are in the middle TENNIS season with Wimbledon approaching the annual climax. Now then, IF ATW held a tennis tournament, why do I think it would end like this?  


By ATWadmin On June 30th, 2010 at 2:39 pm

Ireland is said to be moving out of recession or so the BBC would cry but the aftermath is grim…

More than 450,000 people are now signing on the dole – the highest number in the history of the State, figures have revealed. Taoiseach Brian Cowen admitted he was disappointed by the latest live register statistics but insisted the Government was doing everything it could to turn the economy around.


By ATWadmin On June 30th, 2010 at 2:28 pm

Did you read that the Telegraph reports that senior European officials have predicted that David Cameron will break his promise not to transfer powers to Brussels by yielding to plans for an EU “economic government” and increased regulation of the City.

The article quotes a senior Belgian official, whose country is due to take over the EU’s rotating Presidency tomorrow, saying the Prime Minister will ultimately back down now that the election is over: “We will wait until some weeks after the elections. It is sometimes easier to discuss after elections.” The source observed that no EU agreements would ever be possible if all European leaders stuck to the “totality” of their election manifestoes, suggesting that the coalition agreement to oppose any transfer of power to the EU during this Parliament would be sacrificed. The article also notes that Belgian officials, with strong French and German support, are pushing hard to set up new EU financial supervisors to police financial markets, with the power to dictate to regulators in the City of London, saying: “It is necessary to transfer some decisions away from national to European authorities”.

The Belgian EU Presidency will also consider the issue of direct EU taxation, and quotes the government source saying: “We can also explore, for example, the financing of European projects via new sources of revenue”. The source added that new types of taxation, such as levies on financial transactions or CO2 emissions, could part fund the EU budget, saying: “Couldn’t these new types of income at least in part be channelled towards major European-level projects? This is a debate we should be holding. We shouldn’t bury everything in national budgets.”

It would be unthinkable if Cameron was to do as is being suggested. We wait to see…


By ATWadmin On June 30th, 2010 at 9:31 am

Comrade Bob Crowe spells out what lies in store for the UK should the Trade Unions get their way…

A militant trade union leader yesterday called for “general and co-ordinated strike action” to protect public-sector jobs and pensions against Government cuts. Bob Crow, general secretary of the RMT transport union, accused the Tory Lib Dem coalition of starting a “fight with the working class” and warned of a summer of strikes, saying: “We are up for it.” His outburst triggered fears of chaos in the public services in a union backlash against the Government drive to cut the record Treasury debt by squeezing public spending.

Will see see Athenian style riots on the streets of our major cities? I suspect not but then again the scale of cuts coming the way of the State sector are without parallel, so I guess so might the response! Whichever way you look at it, the Trade Unions such as the RMT are reckless, even dangerous. They seek to threaten, using class-arguments out of the communist text-book, and need to be confronted after all these years of Labour appeasement.