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By ATWadmin On September 29th, 2010 at 6:06 pm

Just consider this.

A rapist who taunted the mother of his victim over the phone has been jailed for two years after he tried to break into a house just weeks after he was released from a jail term for the sex attack. Michael Quinn (21) was jailed in 2007 for twice raping an 15-year-old English schoolgirl.

Quinn had threatened the girl with a screwdriver and after brutally raping her, took her mobile phone and rang her mother telling her: “I enjoyed raping your girl.” Quinn was handed an eight-year term for the attack but was released in August last year.

First of all, WHY did he get out after less than two years for this horrendous crime. Worse, why has he been sentenced for another two years?

The Judiciary show a total lack of regard for the seriousness of the crime and the utter wickedness of the individual concerned.


By ATWadmin On September 29th, 2010 at 5:39 pm

Interesting articled here positing the view that perhaps Gordon Brown should be held accountable for his finance crimes… 

Iceland’s decision to push ahead with charges of negligence against its former prime minister, Geir Haarde, raises the not entirely frivolous question of whether it might be possible to mount a similar case against Gordon Brown.

Nevermind the alleged war crimes of Tony Blair, ruination of the British economy is a pretty serious charge. The case is quite easily constructed; that he did willfully take the brakes off public spending, that he failed to control the recklessness of the banks, that he stripped the Bank of England of its powers of financial supervision and gave them instead to a shiny new, politically correct but wholly inept regulator, that he misled parliament over the state of the public finances, and that he did gratuitiously insult the hapless Gillian Duffy. I could go on, but let’s not intrude too far into private grief.

In any case, all this would seem quite enough to put him behind bars. Yet as my colleague Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, has just pointed out to me, there is one overarching act of mitigation. He refused to allow Tony Blair to take us into the euro, which had it happened would have sealed our fate as surely as that of Greece, Spain and Portugal. The prisons are quite crowded, I’m told, so perhaps a non custodial sentence is in order.


By ATWadmin On September 29th, 2010 at 5:18 pm

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I see that dedicated Hamas enabler, and Northern Ireland Nobel Peace Laureate, Mairead Corrigan, has had an attempt by the Israeli government to deport her blocked by the country’s Supreme Court.

The Northern Irish peace activist was arrested at Ben Gurion airport outside Tel Aviv. She had tried to reach Gaza on a blockade-busting vessel in June. After capturing that ship, Israel detained and deported her and other activists on board.  Maguire’s lawyer, Fatmeh el-Ajou, said Israel stopped her from entering because of her previous deportation.

Interior Ministry spokeswoman Sabine Haddad said those deported from Israel cannot return for ten years, except with prior co-ordination, which Maguire did not have. “She was told that before and she came here anyway,” Haddad said. The court ruled Maguire could not be deported until after a judge rules on her appeal on Friday.

Send her to Gaza so she can rot amongst the Hamas scum she is SO KEEN to enable. Here we have a typical Jew-hater dressed up in “humanitarian” rags but her agenda is clear to those with eyes.


By ATWadmin On September 29th, 2010 at 5:11 pm

The agenda is clear; the European Social model MUST be preserved at all costs.  The problem is even more clear – it can’t.

Cue – riots.

Tens of thousands of people from around Europe have marched across Brussels in a protest against spending cuts by some EU governments. pain has held a general strike, with protesters in Barcelona clashing with police and torching a police car.

Other protests against austerity measures have been held in Greece, Italy, the Irish Republic and Latvia. Trade unions say EU workers may become the biggest victims of a financial crisis set off by bankers and traders.

Many governments across the 27-member bloc have imposed punishing cuts in wages, pensions and employment to deal with spiralling debts. In Greece and the Irish Republic, unemployment figures are at their highest level in 10 years, while Spain’s unemployment has doubled in just three years. In Britain the government is planning to slash spending by up to 25% in some areas, while France has seen angry protests against a planned increase in the minimum retirement age.

You have to raise a wry smile at the denialism evident here. These bozos miss the essential point – their economies have melted down and the cash required to feather bed them in their public sector luxury is gone. But I suspect they actually DO know this but ignore it and see opportunism to use the strained economic conditions to advance their own hard-left agenda.


By ATWadmin On September 29th, 2010 at 4:59 pm

I see that Irish Republicans were out protesting against “Tory Cuts” outside Belfast City Hall.

Four points;

1. I love the juvenile immaturity of the “No Tory Cuts! It’s a Coalition government with liberals at the heart of it. Maybe a picture of Lady Thatcher on the posters would have added to the farce?

2. Given the utter MESS that Sinn Fein have made of every Ministry that they have held, who in their right mind would devolve tax raising powers to them? (Answer – the DUP, I suspect)

3. Sinn Fein sit in Government here. They seek to deny economic reality and yet without their co-operation all we will have is chaos. This, of course, is the Sinn Fein modus operandi.

4. I suppose it’s better that they are out protesting on the streets rather than detonating their bombs on the same streets that they ruined for decades. But a wife beater doesn’t get a thank you when he stops doing what he should never have started.

My thanks to the ATW star photographer!

Oh Dear!

By ATWadmin On September 29th, 2010 at 11:58 am


I was in charge, a few years back now, of parts of the Mechanical & Electrical installation of a very large project in the City of London. The actual site was huge, as it spread all over the area which was the Liverpool Street Station, with three large office blocks actually built on top of ten railtracks within the station proper.

The project part which I am discussing was the installation of the pipes or conduits which were to carry large, bulky high voltage cables across eight of the rail tracks. A huge concrete slab had been built over the whole station; which acted as the basement for the building structure, and we had to supply the power from the roadside to the switchgear which was across eight of the tracks. The pipes, which were made of steel, were six inches in diameter, and the task was to sling some twelve parallel pipe sections at 900 across the eight tracks and platforms.

We had from midnight Friday, until five a.m. Monday morning to get a gang of contractors to accomplish the following:-

  • Erect a scaffold across all eight tracks and five platforms which would be safe and secure to carry all the workforce necessary to do the job.
  • Drill and fix two hundred support fastenings into stressed concrete panels which formed the base of the slab across the station.
  • Screw together, support, sling, fix and fasten all the pipework across all the platforms and double rail tracks which would carry the cables to the substation.
  • Test the structure with appropriate weights to ensure structural integrity.
  • Remove all the scaffolding, tools and equipment, and hand back the station to British Rail.

I, as the Manager for this particular sector of the works, worked out the method statement for the whole weekend, talked it through with the Contractor, and finally approved it.

The one thing which you should realise was that, to shut the whole Station down for a whole weekend was a big, big, big deal; there was a great deal of cost involved for British Rail, coaches would carry hundreds of passengers to and from a station down the line into the terminus area, lots of items were arranged, and nothing was going to go wrong!

In the world in which we live, I can just imagine the Gods up on Mount Olympus watching as we mere mortals made our plans, and reviewed our strategies, and silently laughing their socks off!

I live in the North-East of England, so I made tracks for the road north at four p.m. on the Friday; but before I left, I dropped my head around the contractor’s door, and just reminded him that I was expecting a clean run throughout the weekend. He nodded, and assured me that the team was on the ball!

I got back on site early on the Monday morning, checked on my paperwork, put my workboots and coat on, and trotted down on to the platforms to check on the progress of the job. Now, anyone who has ever walked on a railway station platform knows how long they are, so you can maybe picture me as I walked up the platform away from the old booking hall, aiming for the point where the pipes were to be fixed to the slab ceiling, which was some 130 yards up the platform. Wearing my hi-viz coat, helmet, boots; all dressed up for the party, I reached the actual spot where the cables were due to rise from the ground ducts and run across all eight rail tracks in the newly-installed pipes.

I looked up, and found; absolutely nothing. Nix, nada, zilch, zero! Just a blank slab some ten feet above me where there was supposed to be twelve runs of six-inch steel pipes! So I checked my positions, made absolutely sure I was in the right position, looked up again, and still saw absolutely nothing at all.

So I trundled slowly back down the platform, up the stairs and along the huge site until I got to the electrical contractor’s site office, walked in, sat down, accepted a coffee, then asked my buddy how the weekend had gone; and to my utter amazement, he grinned and replied that the whole job had gone off like clockwork. I gently asked if he was satisfied with the progress of the job, and once again he reassured me that everyone was delighted with the progress, as the station was actually handed back to British Rail some twenty minutes early!

So, not wanting to appear totally manic, I asked him if he would maybe drop back down to the platform with me, and talk me through the job as it had happened. So he put his hard-hat on, his coat, and off we trundled. Down on to the old booking hall, on to the platform, chatting all the while. We walked up the length, but then he stopped, pointed up and said, “There you is, Mike! Don’t they look wonderful?” And they did look pretty smart, all twelve six-inch steel pipes, correctly supported and clamped to the base of the slab, running all the way across the rail tracks and platforms.

I really hated to say the words which destroyed his morning, but I had to. “Paddy,” I murmured, “Paddy; yes, you’ve taken the entire weekend, yes, you handed the Station back twenty minutes ahead of time, but you have placed all twelve pipes some thirty yards short of the actual position as required on the drawings!”

Oh Dear!


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Ngf3… g8/Q

By ATWadmin On September 29th, 2010 at 9:36 am

We read that Tn, a fifteen year-old girl who was detained to ‘cure’ her of a sexual relationship with Sj, has now been freed by Sj, and now Tn is presumably living with Sj.

We are also reading of how Ed, despite cries of brotherly love towards Dv, brutally cast him out of the inner circle by stating the actual and obvious truth about To?

If this carries on, will we soon be reading about Dv2, and his coruscatingly lurid affair with Cl’s wife, or the btlr, or, heaven forbid, the Cbnt?


By ATWadmin On September 29th, 2010 at 9:35 am

I got a charming response from the Northern Ireland Human Rights (sic) Commission today following a Freedom of Information request I had sent to them concerning their departing Chief Commissioner Monica McWilliams.

I asked 6 specific questions but before I even reveal the answers (or lack of) I was amused by the line in their letter which “disclaims any inference that the information relating to staffing issues is somehow related to the Chief Commissioner” – or, in plain language, Monica is innocent!

Question 1. “How many  days has Mrs McWilliams spent out of Northern Ireland in each year of her tenure and of these how may were recorded as annual leave?” 

This information is not held by the Commission in the form requested.

Question 2. “For how many days outside Northern Ireland (whether or not recorded as leave) did Monica McWilliams receive fees, honoraria  or expenses from the Irish Government of other parties. What were the amounts?

Answer ; The Chief Commissioner has received no payment from the Irish Government or other parties.

Question 3; ” How many formal internal complaints were presented by staff during Professor Dickson’s tenure and during hers”

Not possible to provide this information.

Question 4; How much has the NIHRC spent during each year of her tenure on contentious employment issues including legal advice and representation at tribunals or other third party agencies, mediation, investigation etc.

Not possible to provide this information without compromising anonymity.

Question 5. How many working days have been lost during each year of her tenure due to stress-related or other staff illness or suspension

This information is not held by the Commission in the form requested.

Question 6. “What proportion of currently serving staff have within the past 12 months brought individual or collective internal grievance.

Not possible to disclose this information.

So, six questions and one caveated answer and five evasions. 

The Human Rights Commission for Northern Ireland – it’s working for you?


By ATWadmin On September 29th, 2010 at 9:12 am

I wish Jeffrey Donaldson would focus on the very real issues affecting civil liberty for all our citizens rather than just trying to attack the Orange Order because it won’t back him.

The Orange Order’s “failure” to back the proposed new legislation on parading has left it “seriously disadvantaged” according to the DUP’s Jeffrey Donaldson. Speaking yesterday after the Order decided to uphold its rejection of the Draft Public Assemblies Bill, the Lagan Valley MP said: “We are deeply disappointed that once again we are left with the Parades Commission for at least another year.”

I think what Jeffrey means is HE is “seriously disadvantaged” because the OO did not accept his bungled liberty-infringing deal with Sinn Fein on the matter of public assemblies! It’s curious but this is one of those issues where people across the political spectrum have united to disavow what Jeffrey and his pals “negotiated” as part of the Hillsborough roll-over. It’s not just Orange Order parades that would be threatened with this grievance-monger legislation but indeed ANY public assembly where people want to protest. 

Curious how Jeffrey does not see this but then again perhaps he has taken the stinging rejection of his inept attempt to legislate badly? Swallowing pride is always a tricky challenge.


By ATWadmin On September 29th, 2010 at 8:57 am

Rejoice, but lock up your daughters….

Former US President Bill Clinton is due to visit Londonderry later. 

He is expected to make a speech on how to build economic prosperity during a brief stop in the city.

His visit is in advance of a Washington summit on the Northern Ireland economy, which will be hosted by his wife Hillary, the US Secretary of State. The summit is due to take place on 19 October and aims to encourage American business leaders to invest in Northern Ireland. 

The Clintons have been long-time supporters of the Northern Ireland “peace process” (AKA APPEASEMENT) and have made several high-profile visits in both official and personal capacities.

Several points;

1. Wouldn’t it be perhaps better if he used all that economic insight to help those millions of Americans without a job? Odd how he can advise us but without any success in his own backyard.

2. Inward Investment is always welcome but Northern Ireland’s politicians are fixated on the USA with the likes of Invest NI having an entirely disproportionate presence there. There are many other global locations that we should be pursuing for inward investment – Latin America, India, Asia – but none of these get anything like the focus of the US. Why? Photo-ops and Invest NI cash for clunkers.

3. Both Clintons were big supporters of bringing the IRA into politics here. This may get liberal hearts all a flutter but it leaves me cold. 

The BBC swoon over Clinton. All sense of impartiality flies out the window as they beam with pride at this hack coming over here. Frankly, apart from the contrived photo-op, I see little point in this circus for Mr President.