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the young cavalier!

By Mike Cunningham On October 29th, 2011 at 8:28 am

Despite the many stupid decisions, despite the hordes of lefty-lunatic principles espoused by many, despite the manner in which they allow blatant criminal activity to go unpunished; somehow there is always the news which we, the public can both appreciate and encourage!

Enjoy your time, Charlie; even though you are known as a person who is ‘generally of gentle and peaceable disposition’; March isn’t too far off!


By Patrick Van Roy On October 29th, 2011 at 2:47 am

I am actually jealous, David gets to see someone who has provided the soundtrack for his life. The majority of the musicians that hold that distinction for me are dead. Elvis (the real one), Willie Dixon, John Lee Hooker, Jim Morrison, Warren Zevon. Eric Burden is still kicking who knows maybe he’ll pop up somewhere local.

I’ve had the great pleasure of seeing a lot bands and artists growing up, out of the artists listed above I met Dixon twice, drank with Hooker, seen Burden perform up close and personal at the Tower Theater in 83. The others Presley and Morrison were dead before I had the chance, but Zevon I miss. I met him when he was having one of his bouts with addiction, at a place I worked at. I also got to see him  perform about a half dozen times. I miss his view on the world.

I don’t go to concerts any more, but I miss the ones in the small venues like the old Chestnut Cabaret in Philly. So I must admit, David I’m jealous. Here’s one for you, and one for me.


By David Vance On October 28th, 2011 at 10:53 pm


He started with “Oliver’s Army”, a song written on the plane back from Belfast in 1978. He then followed with the wistful “Veronica” (Know anyone with Alzheimers? That’s the topic)…then into “Good Year for the Roses.” How wonderful is that just for starters?

Then we visited “New Amsterdam” spliced with the Beatles “You’ve got to hide your love away” and enjoyed “Radio Sweetheart” combined with”Jackie Wilson Said”  The beautiful “Alison” was present and correct, not forgetting some gems from last year’s National Ransom. He sat down and strummed “She” – another romantic classic. But the other side of his work was there there too . “I want you” – the dripping psychotic song, “Pump it Up” the dance floor filler “.

He went to the piano to give us the tear-jerking “Shipbuilding” and “Almost Blue”. Then there was the first song he ever recorded “Poisoned Moon” and he finished the concert with the poignant “I hope”. That’s the last song he has recorded. Hard for me to sum up how much I enjoyed this. Put simply, Costello has provided the music to my life. Ever since 1977, it’s always there. I hope it always will be.

2 Hours and 15 minutes of utter brilliance.

So I raise a glass, trust you all had a good night, but I know mine was better!


By Pete Moore On October 28th, 2011 at 7:39 pm

An appointment in town this morning (oh joy) gave me the chance to wander around the ‘Occupy’ protest at St Paul’s Cathedral. It was quite nice really what with the sun out. The authorities are still clearly dubious, as “church and local government officials announce they will take legal action to evict the demostrators”, reports the Telegraph. Meanwhile, a clearly overwrought David Cameron claims that the protest threatens “to damage Britain’s international standing”. What nonsense.

Going by reports I half expected a cross between Glastonbury and Soweto. It turns out the camp is clean, the tents are laid out neatly in rows, they’re close together and aren’t in anyone’s way. I don’t seee what the fuss is about, to be honest. For those who know St Paul’s, the tents are to the side where you walk to Paternoster Square. Room is left for people to get by, no problem.

In fact the problem in front of the steps was caused by the numerous camera crews. If only they could have been evicted then all would have been well.


By David Vance On October 28th, 2011 at 4:43 pm

Right, I’m off to Belfast to see Mr Costello and here is undoubtedly his finest moment. This is back in those days when the world was young and so was I. Behave yourselves and see you tomorrow!


By David Vance On October 28th, 2011 at 4:40 pm

Looks like things are working out real well in Tunisia.

“Tunisian troops have fired in the air to disperse hundreds of protesters in the town of Sidi Bouzid, reports say. Violent protests erupted in the central town on Thursday after the results of the country’s first democratic elections in decades were announced. The protests flared after candidate lists of a party contesting the elections were disqualified because of alleged financial irregularities. Islamist party Ennahda, which won the poll, is holding coalition talks. The BBC’s Chloe Arnold, in North Africa, says the protests have marred what was otherwise praised by international observers as a peaceful, free and fair election last Sunday.”

Yes, the road to Sharia hell is paved with “peaceful, free and fair elections”

Enjoy the dawn of the new Tunisia, under the jackboot of the Religion of Peace.

Happy Birthday, Ayesha!

By Mike Cunningham On October 28th, 2011 at 12:22 pm


Well, well, and its just another heartbreaking story of how a misunderstood, deprived, badly-educated, unappreciated and misjudged young member of the down-trodden proletariat just did not appreciate the warning words concerning illegal drug imports into America!


Or just maybe its because she is just thick!


By David Vance On October 28th, 2011 at 11:41 am


Brilliant! Says it all, and hat-tip to this gentleman.


By David Vance On October 28th, 2011 at 9:13 am

I’m just off the BBC’s Nolan Show debating the issue involved in the news that the Directors renumeration of the top 100 FTSE companies is up by 50%.  Three points;

1. I have a sore throat so any emotion in my voice was caused by that!

2. I FULLY support the decisions that these publicly quoted companies make to reward their Directors. Success SHOULD be rewarded, and failure punished. That’s the point of all of this.  I did tell Nolan that I wanted to see failed Banks collapse – think he didn’t like that! But the Left cannot on the one hand complain about the cost of bailing out banks whilst simultaneously exulting in bailing them out!

3. It’s just NOT Private sector bosses that have seen their salary levels increase, the Public sector have been at it too, and remember that they generate nothing. Why no outcry there?

In addition to this, there is a fundamental belief that private business must be allowed to run itself privately (and lawfully), without the State getting in the way. I remain implacably opposed to crony corporatism, just as I oppose toxic socialism. But if we concede the principle that the State will ses the limits for private sector pay, we will no longer live in a liberty loving democracy but will have passed into a State controlled tyranny.

Always remember the State has NO money, it is always our money and we should have the right and indeed encouragement to make as much of it as possible, and spent it as we deem best fit.  Capitalism “red in tooth and claw” it is …..not wrapped in the Red Flag.


By David Vance On October 28th, 2011 at 8:39 am

Off to see my musical grise Mr Costello in concert in Belfast this evening and so am indulging myself with a few selections of his music on ATW today. Where to start? Well, I just don’t know where to begin…but let’s try 1979….