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By David Vance On February 29th, 2012 at 8:54 pm

For Pete Moore and anyone else who understands inflationary bubbles…go to 3 minutes and 50 seconds, then sit back and enjoy!


By David Vance On February 29th, 2012 at 7:30 pm


This is quite remarkable, it it is true!

Ina development that could chill the dedication of every soldier in the field, the U.S. government has refused to deny reports by the government of Afghanistan that NATO has agreed to have the soldiers who burned copies of the Quran face trial. Last week, Afghan president Hamid Karzai demanded NATO turn over the U.S. troops to be tried in Afghanistan. President Obama subsequently sent a letter to Karzai  reassuring him that the troops involved would be punished for their actions. Part of the three-page letter to Karzai said, “I extend to you and the Afghan people my sincere apologies. We will take the appropriate steps to avoid any recurrence, to include holding accountable those responsible.”

Might the “appropriate steps” involve sending these soldiers  – who are guilty of NOTHING unless one has signed up to Sharia Law – for trial in Afghanistan?


By David Vance On February 29th, 2012 at 7:01 pm

Sorry to hear of the death of Davy Jones, the Manchester-born lead singer with 60s band The Monkees, has died aged 65, his publicist has confirmed.

He died in his sleep at his home in Florida. His publicist, Deborah Robicheau, said he had a massive heart attack.

How sad. This was his greatest musical moment – an echo of a more innocent age and a great tune well delivered.


By David Vance On February 29th, 2012 at 6:57 pm

I see that Baroness Jenny Tonge has resigned the Lib Dem whip in the House of Lords after refusing to apologise for claiming that Israel would not “last forever”.

The Liberal Democrat peer, who once said she would consider becoming a suicide bomber if she were Palestinian, was roundly criticised for the remarks. According to reports on the Guido Fawkes blog she quit as a Liberal Democrat peer after refusing an ultimatum from Nick Clegg to apologise or resign. Speaking at an event at Middlesex University last Thursday, Baroness Tonge said Israel would one day lose the support of the United States and would then “reap what they have sown”. “Beware Israel,” she said. “Israel is not going to be there forever in its present performance. One day the United States of America will get sick of giving £70 billion a year to Israel.

Jenny Tonge, lest you have forgotten, is the same Liberal-Democrat speaking in 2004 on the topic of Palestinian suicide bombers who remarked;

“If I had to live in that situation – and I say that advisedly – I might just consider becoming one myself.”

My only hope is that her wish is fulfilled one day.

She DOES she to have a problem with Israel, though.

Tonge said in 2006: “The pro-Israeli lobby has got its grips on the western world, its financial grips. I think they’ve probably got a grip on our party.”

Right. So the Jews are running the world, gotcha.

On 12 February 2010, she was sacked by Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg after lending credence to allegations of organ harvesting by Israeli Defence Force medical teams after the 2010 Haiti earthquake by suggesting an independent inquiry should be established.




By Pete Moore On February 29th, 2012 at 6:15 pm

Not to be outdone by Bernanke’s Mad Money Machine, the European central Bank has magicked up 530 billion euros on the cheap for European banks to gorge on. The mainstream is finally seeing what’s going on. Bob Janjuah, head of tactical asset allocation at Nomura, correctly states:

“We have Monetary Anarchy running riot, where the elastic band between the real economy and the current liquidity-fuelled markets is stretched further and further beyond credulity.”

He adds:

“Bubbles are visible in all asset classes because central bank balance sheets are at the core. If/when the current cycle implodes, central banks which have seen explosive balance sheet growth will add to the problems, rather than being able to act as credible lenders of last resort.”

The phoney, manipulated recovery will implode, but not yet. First will come severe price inflation, the first waves of which are lapping at our feet, followed by central banks turning off the liquidity tap much too late. That’s when another great bust will happen and experts will again claim that “the free market has failed”.

…and call me by my name!

By Mike Cunningham On February 29th, 2012 at 4:40 pm

We are regaled with yet another ‘survey’, bringing us conclusions that we all know and have learnt by heart already. ‘Dignity’ is the new watchword, and apparently woe betide any nurse, assistant or doctor who does not treat a patient with courtesy and consideration! Yawn, blah, blah, heard-it-all-before!

As I myself was ushered into hospital in Newcastle, I was asked “How did I expect to be addressed? Was it to be ‘Mike’, or ‘Michael”?

My name, which was solemnly written in black marker above my bed, was of course ‘Mr. Cunningham’. I believe that I was the only patient in that entire 1500-bed hospital to ask to be addressed by his surname. You might ask why? I do not grab at Christian names of people whom I have just met, I do not know them. At that stage, I don’t know if I wish to know them; so they remain as Mr. XXXX, or Mrs. ZZZZ; or by their title, until such time as we mutually agree that we have known each other long enough to dispense with the formality, and address one another by our given Christian names.

Informality breeds, as far as I am concerned, contempt; and a too easy leap into informality leads to a destruction of the necessary gap between those who work in a hospital, and those who have to be there because they are ill!

I am a person, with a name and an individuality given me by my Creator, and I will never, ever, call some snotty-nosed git ‘Robin’ because he wishes to be ‘comfortable’ when talking with me! Neither will I ever let him, or any other complete stranger, call me anything else but Mr. Cunningham until I specifically permit them to do so!

Mitt Happens – The Writing On The Wall

By Mahons On February 29th, 2012 at 12:08 pm

Oh sure, the delegates haven’t been fully gained, there are a lot more primaries left and more time for stupid statements.  But Romney showed that he’ll win the nomination last night with a convincing win in Arizona and a must win in his birthplace of Michigan.  Frown and bear it.

In Michigan where Romney had significant ties he came back against an inexplicable Santorum surge to a 41%to 38% victory.  Paul’s 12% and Newt’s 7% showing demonstrated their appeal – nada.  Arizona went even better for Romney where he got 47% to Santorum’s 27%, while Paul at 8% and Newt at 12% repeated their poor performance.

Next challenge – Super Tuesday where a string of states will be in play.  Romney has the money and momentum to prevail there, even if a few states get picked off by his rivals.  Expect Newt to go down to Georgia (like the devil) and probably take his home state in a face-saving win that will mean nothing.  But hey – he will sell his videos and books which is probably what he wanted to do in the first place.  Paul will tag along to get his 10% in a few places and keep us entertained.

Romney v. Obama, brace yourselves.

and Islam sends its own message to the UK

By Mike Cunningham On February 29th, 2012 at 10:59 am

As the subjects of my post on my own site are deeply dispiriting to the cause of freedom, but at the same time are the subject of Injunctions, all I would write or comment on within the pages of ATW is that which is available on both the Telegraph website as well as the web pages of the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Privacy and Injunctions, with regard to the written evidence of Mark Burby.

Our Laws are being used to serve the needs of extremely wealthy people, and their needs and reasons are definitely not ours!



By David Vance On February 29th, 2012 at 10:52 am

It seems Jihad runs in the family;

SAMANTHA Lewthwaite, the widow of one of the July 7 bombers, Jermaine Lindsay, is thought to be on the run accused of links with a terrorist cell planning bomb attacks in Kenya. Police in Kenya have issued an arrest warrant for a woman using the name Natalie Faye Webb, and carrying a forged South African passport. Helped by officers from Scotland Yard who flew out to offer advice, they have published her picture to alert the public. But investigators say the woman has three separate identities and one is that of Samantha Lewthwaite, who was married to Jermaine Lindsay, one of the 7/7 bombers.

The irony is that we can’t deport suspected Islamic terrorists from the UK but, in this case, they can deport themselves in pursuance of additional acts of terror.


By David Vance On February 29th, 2012 at 10:48 am


Being compassionate should be as important as being clever when it comes to the recruitment of staff to care for the elderly, experts say. The recommendation was one of a series made by the Commission on Improving Dignity in Care for Older People to improve standards in hospitals and care homes in England. The group said too many vulnerable people were currently being “let down”.

I’m sorry but have I missed something? I thought that nurses were recruited on the grounds of them being compassionate and caring, as opposed to how “clever” they are? What does is say about the NHS that is needs to be reminded to be caring? It might also be helpful in nurses had a basic command of English, when we are at it.