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By Mike Cunningham On April 30th, 2014 at 9:16 pm



Shurely shome mistake; I was never even in the country, never mind in charge!


By David Vance On April 30th, 2014 at 9:14 am

The cost of indulging political bleeding hearts runs high..

“Britain should cut aid spending to Pakistan and divert it to poorer countries unless “clear evidence” is produced that it is helping reduce Islamic extremism, MPs said. A Commons committee said the UK was still giving large sums of money to a state “that has failed to adequately mobilise the substantial resources of the country to help its poor”. And it used its latest report to issue an explicit caution over Pakistan, which is set to benefit from £446 million of assistance in 2014/15 – making it the largest recipient of UK bilateral aid in the world.”

No, this is wrong. Britain should stop giving ANY Aid whatsoever to Pakistan. We are shovelling £££ BILLIONS there and to what end? It is a dysfunctional State, a source of Islamic terror, and a society mired in primitivism. I would like to see Government stop sending OUR taxes overseas unless in exceptional circumstances such as when a natural disaster occurs.  I remind readers that under the current Government the AMOUNT of our cash sent abroad has spiralled to a truly staggering £50.4 BILLION. David Cameron has stated his pride in this largesse. I am stating my disgust at it.


By David Vance On April 30th, 2014 at 9:04 am


The media seem ever so upset about this;

“Oklahoma last night botched the execution of a death row inmate.  The execution of Clayton Lockett, who was sentenced to death for shooting a 19-year-old Perry woman and watching his friends bury her alive, was halted about 20 minutes after the first of three experimental drugs was administered.  He received the entire cocktail of injections – which had never been tried in Oklahoma before – but for some reason the drugs didn’t kill him. Oklahoma Department of Corrections director Robert Patton said the inmate was writhing on the gurney and shaking uncontrollably about 13 minutes into the execution.”

I am with the parents of 19-year-old Stephanie Neiman, the girl that Lockett shot and then watched being buried alive, who pronounced themselves content that justice has been done. I am just not that bothered that this murderer had to suffer more than expected. Maybe the very fact he had to endure extra agony may deter others from setting out to take innocent life.  I stand with the victims, not the culprit.



By David Vance On April 30th, 2014 at 8:55 am

This is so risible and yet the MSM let him away with it;

Mr Obama declared in Manila, there was an “Obama doctrine.” It was cautious and incremental, and saw military intervention as the last, not the first resort. This approach to world affairs might not be “sexy,” he continued, using baseball metaphors to explain. The goal was to avoid errors. Foreign policy progress consisted of “singles and doubles…. every once in a while we may be able to hit a home run.”

So, let’s look and see how that is working out, shall we?

  • Arab Spring, yup, that’s working out swell,
  • Syria? Yup, top job, Assad still in power.
  • Crimea? Yup, superb job.
  • Ukraine? Well, John Kerry has ..erm. talked tough.
  • Iran? Still pursuing their nuclear ambitions and seem disinterested in US opinion.
  • Israel/Palestinians? Peace process basically over.

So, where is the evidence that the “Obama doctrine” of speaking loudly and carrying no stick actually has worked?


By David Vance On April 30th, 2014 at 8:47 am

Did you see that around 150,000 eastern European migrants are putting just £1 a week into Britain’s tax coffers.

Others in low-paid jobs contribute virtually nothing after tax credits and benefits are taken into account. And as a result of our topsy-turvy benefits system some immigrant families are even costing the taxpayer nearly £300 a week. The shocking figures were set out in a report from think-tank Migration Watch into the hidden costs to public funds of the mass influx of newcomers from the EU. It dealt a blow to claims by supporters of open borders that mass immigration boosts the economy.

In NO WAY does third world immigration HELP the UK economy, but the left play fast and loose with the facts, continually switching the argument. Pakistan and Bangladesh are two of the LARGEST sources of UK immigration, the report does not deal with that aspect of things. Instead it deals with EU immigration, and in particular that from eastern Europe. In essence it argues that low pay is a magnet because you automatically then get tax credits. The Left tried to debunk this by stating that immigrants pay indirect tax, eg. VAT. This is beside the point. The POINT is that they are contributing £1 a week in INCOME tax.


By David Vance On April 30th, 2014 at 8:40 am

The brave new world!

Four-year-olds are among hundreds of children being referred to specialist drug and alcohol treatment services, it has been revealed. After being approached under Freedom of Information laws, councils across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland gave the ages of children who were referred, which revealed four-year-olds had been referred in South Ayrshire. Eight-year-olds had been referred to services in Waltham Forest and East Ayrshire, while nine-year-olds had been referred in Herefordshire, Liverpool, Oxfordshire, Rutland, the Scottish Borders and West Berkshire. Five other authorities had 10-year-olds referred.

What sort of world do we live in when FOUR YEAR olds are being referred to drug and alcohol specialists?


By David Vance On April 29th, 2014 at 7:03 am


It’s a strange dichotomy. Gays can’t get up the aisle but Provos can get into Stormont!

The Democratic Unionist Party has blocked a bid to legislate in favour of same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland. The DUP has tabled a petition of concern on an assembly motion due to be debated on Tuesday. The motion proposes that Stormont introduce legislation similar to other jurisdictions in Britain and Ireland. Under the assembly’s voting rules a petition of concern effectively blocks any measure unless it can attract majority cross-community support. Earlier on Monday, Catholic bishops in Northern Ireland released an open letter to all MLAs urging them to reject the same-sex marriage motion. The letter said the motion undermines the principle of equality by applying it

As readers know, I oppose Gay Marriage (let’s dismiss the contrived “equal marriage” label) on the grounds it threatens liberty. but then again so does the IRA in Government and neither the DUP nor Catholic Bishops seem to have a problem with that!!!


By David Vance On April 29th, 2014 at 6:59 am


Ah, I remember her back when she could have been a contender. 


Sarah Palin has said that “waterboarding is how we’d baptize terrorists” if she were President of the US.  She used the appearance at the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis to launch a stinging criticism of the Obama administration. Ms Palin said the Obama administration pursued counter-terrorism policies that “coddle adversaries”. “Come on. Enemies, who would utterly annihilate America, they who’d obviously have information on plots, to carry out Jihad. Oh, but you can’t offend them, can’t make them feel uncomfortable, not even a smidgen,” she said. “Well, if I were in charge, they would know that waterboarding is how we’d baptize terrorists.”

Amen to that. Under Obama, the US has shrunk as Government has expanded along with the debt.


By David Vance On April 29th, 2014 at 6:57 am

Sometimes, the inconvenient truth emerges…

The IRA has a secret arsenal of deadly munitions capable of bringing down military helicopters and penetrating PSNI Land Rovers, killing all personnel travelling inside.

But, but, this cannot be!! We all know that the IRA are profoundly committed to ..erm, peace. Right?

Millionaire Florida stockbroker turned IRA gunrunner, Mike Logan, says he sent the powerful incendiary shells to the Provisionals who tested them and were “delighted with the results”. As well as arming the Provisionals with hundreds of handguns as previously reported, he has now disclosed that he also sent munitions as powerful as those the US Army deployed against Saddam Hussein in the Iraq war. He claims that years after the IRA ceasefire, the Provos were still keen to buy heavy weapons capable of killing dozens of police officers and British soldiers.

I wonder why?


By David Vance On April 29th, 2014 at 6:56 am

It has long been perfectly obvious that Obama is no friend of enemy. This has been underlined by Jean Francois Kerry who has claimed that Israel may become “an apartheid State” if it does not do the peace deal he wants,

The US secretary of state, John Kerry, has warned in a closed-door meeting that Israel risks becoming an “apartheid state” if US-sponsored efforts to reach an Israeli-Palestinian peace settlement fail.  In an apparent sign of Kerry’s deep frustration over the almost certain collapse of the current nine-month round of peace talks – due to conclude on Tuesday – he blamed both sides for the lack of progress and said failure could lead to a resumption of Palestinian violence against Israeli citizens.  The remarks were made on Friday at the Trilateral Commission, a non-governmental organisation of experts and officials from the US, western Europe, Russia and Japan. A recording was acquired by the Daily Beastwebsite.

Now far be it for me to offer advice to such a luminary as Kerry but, if he wants to see apartheid in action, all he has to do is gaze at GAZA. No Jews there, a modern Nazi “statelet” – Judenfrei

Meanwhile, in Israel,  I read that  Arab members of the Knesset say that there is no way they will live Under the Palestine Authority!!!