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By David Vance On July 31st, 2014 at 9:15 pm

The UN has some serious questions to answer and yet it spends its time attacking Israel.

I have covered the fact that at LEAST THREE UNRWA schools have been used by Hamas to store their weapons. As reported, the rockets were handed back to…Hamas. Not a SQUEAK from the White House on THAT. But it gets worse..much worse.

New details have emerged about the booby-trapped un clinic explosion that killed three IDF Maglan unit soldiers in Gaza earlier this week – Sergeant First Class Matan Gottlieb, 21, from Rishon LeZion; Sergeant First Class Omar Chai, 21, from Savion; and Sergeant First Class Guy Algranati, 20, of Tel Aviv, hy”d.   Over eighty kilograms of explosives were built into the UN-funded hospital’s walls themselves, it was cleared for publication Thursday – revealing that the clinic itself was built to mask, and perform, potential acts of terror on the IDF.

So, the three dead Israeli soldiers. Not a cheap from Kerry. Silence from Obama. Nothing from Ban Ki-Moon. Yet here we have a UN clinic being used as a terror base. Has the UN finally shown itself to be an ACCOMPLICE of Hamas.


By David Vance On July 31st, 2014 at 8:53 pm



By David Vance On July 31st, 2014 at 8:52 pm

You would have thought that the NHS had more pressing priorities than this, but you would be wrong!

NHS England has set out a new standard which requires the health service to demonstrate how it has progressed on measures of workforce equality, including how they are addressing the issue of low black and minority ethnic representation on boards.

Yes, never mind FILTY hospital wards,  a total failure to hit targets for treating patients in a timely manner, lavishing up to £1500 for a single SHIFT payment on a nurse – no, the NHS is all about enforcing “Equality”.

Weeping Willy gets thumped

By Patrick Van Roy On July 31st, 2014 at 7:27 pm

As Speaker Boehner pushed his Bill that would have done nothing except piss the American public off, the phone lines on Capital Hill melted from the number of calls from pissed off people. Ahh poor weeping willy, the people are not happy with you.

House cancels border vote

House GOP leaders canceled a Thursday vote on their $659 million border bill after failing to corral conservative members behind the measure.

A significant number of Republicans had balked at sending any money to the White House for the border, and Democrats were generally united in opposing the measure.

The decision is another defeat for House GOP leaders, who have repeatedly failed to bring their members in line on tough votes.

Signs of trouble emerged late Wednesday night when the House Rules Committee delayed reporting a rule for the border bill.

Even a late decision by leaders to set up a separate vote to prevent President Obama’s Deferred Action for Child Arrivals (DACA) program from being expanded didn’t save the funding bill.

The DACA program defers the deportations of certain people who came to the United States illegally as children. The House would only have voted on that measure if the funding bill had been approved.


By David Vance On July 31st, 2014 at 1:13 pm

It’s a curious thing to witness a war where one side denies it IS at war whilst the other is explicit about its intent. Consider Floridian Moner Mohammad Abu-Salha – all the way from the Sunshine State to self detonation in Syria.

A third video has emerged of the smiling Florida man believed to be the first American to carry out a suicide attack in Syria, showing him burning his US passport before delivering a haunting message. The latest footage of Moner Mohammad Abu-Salha – a college drop out who blew himself up in May while detonating a truck full of explosives outside a restaurant in Syria – further demonstrates how intent he was to die for his cause.

It shows the American jihadi ripping, chewing and then setting fire to his American passport against a haunting soundtrack of Arabic music. ‘You think you’re safe where you are, in America or Britain or Indonesia or Jordan or China or Russie or Somalia or Africa?

‘You are not safe. I have one word to say … we are coming for you”

They came on 9/11. They keep trying to come back. They seek to kill us – and all in the name of the Religion of Peace. The question is – how do we respond? Do we continue to mouth platitudes, blame ourselves, blame foreign policy, blame Israel, blame everyone but those who carry out the global Jihad with the copies of the Koran tucked under their sleeves?


By David Vance On July 31st, 2014 at 1:05 pm

Let’s go for a swift tour of the UK, shall we?

First of all, here is a town hall in London. It’s Tower Hamlets,  perhaps THE most Islamified part of the Capital.


Let’s go up North, shall we? To bonnie Scotland. and to Dumbarton..


How about we drop down to one of our old mill towns, say Preston…


Let’s go to Bradford…


Get the picture? For some odd reason, no town halls are flying ANY Israeli flags. Then again, when you have a burgeoning Muslim population, the flying of the Palestinian flag becomes as predictable as the concomitant anti-Semitism. We are all Hamas is the message.



By David Vance On July 31st, 2014 at 12:55 pm


and how do you say ‘Intellectually Challenged’ in one word?

By Mike Cunningham On July 31st, 2014 at 9:39 am

I have often considered the words ‘and they have exactly the same vote as I’ to be the most offensive words I have ever written. But the previous statement must in turn be covered by its own caveat; in that most of those who are covered by that sweeping statement have not got the intellectual curiosity to be, themselves, offended.

Take one particular event, or rather non-event, in my immediate community within Durham City. The County Council produced a five-year Plan for the alleged improvement of our County, in terms of extra housing, roads, ‘green spaces’, predictions and expectations of new industry and businesses over the next five-ten years. As for the content of that plan, it produced over 3965 statements, of over 97% of which were partly or actively hostile. The level of comment or query, should have had,. in my own opinion, a response level in the tens of thousands, which goes to show how many people actually get involved in Local Government. However, this document was published to form the basis of changes which were proposed to alter the very nature of a substantial part of our once-cherished Green Belt, by building houses and roads all over it. Many other changes were proposed, and the whole plan is up for scrutiny by an Inspector. But my point in telling ATW readers about this Plan, which of course the County Council is extremely proud and protective, was also the subject of a ‘road-show’ exhibition, which was set up in community buildings and centres all over our County, and when this exhibition was set up , I wrote about it at that time on ATW, and the final paragraph went:-

The comment is the truth that we, as a community, get exactly the Local Government we deserve. An Exhibition on the Plan were held at Framwellgate Moor on the afternoon and evening of Wednesday 23rd, and the room was thronged with interested people. A similar exhibition was held at the Laurel Avenue community centre in Gilesgate on the 24th, the  following Thursday, and only two people, one of whom was myself, signed in by 7 p.m.

My first sentence, along with the caveat, should now be considered, especially in the light of this Court Case where a PCSO managed to get herself ‘airside’ at Gatwick, then told passengers ‘en route’ to their departure gates that there was a limit of £1,000 which they could take out of the country, and she would be confiscating the rest, which would be handed back upon their return. We should obviously condemn this woman PCSO, but should some level of blame not accrue to the strangely silent people who allowed themselves to be ‘conned’ out of their hard-earned holiday cash. Just imagine if some clown gets dressed up in a uniform, and tells members of the public to give away their money. What would you do, if such a statement or demand was made to you, on your way to board an aircraft?



By David Vance On July 31st, 2014 at 7:32 am



So, the UN (and the USA) is outraged that Israel hit a UNRWA school with some mortar shells.


We know of at least THREE UNRWA schools which have been used by Hamas to warehouse their rockets. We know that once the rockets were uncovered, the UNRWA admonished Hamas and then — handed the rockets back to them. We can all see the UN is aligned with Hamas, plus ca change.

It strikes me that the more UNRWA “schools” are demolished the better – and civilians should stay well away.




The Rage will be vented at both sides

By Patrick Van Roy On July 31st, 2014 at 2:16 am

The RAGE over The Illegal Immigration Invasion that is taking place in my country will not be vented only at the Democrats. The Republicans that are career Washington insiders will also suffer from this folly.  Just as Eric Cantor lost his seat many of the establishment Republicans will lose theirs. If they can’t be voted from their seats, enough will be put in as opposition to cost them their Leadership.

It is to late in  this election cycle. Those that can be pushed out have been, but this is far from over in reality it has just begun. The outrageous behavior of the President in all likelihood will cost the Democrats dearly in November.  The Republican leadership will pay more for it two years from now, but they will pay.

Most of you think you understand us, but you really don’t.  There is a festering rage that Obama has ignited, and the Republican leadership is fueling the rage.  The American people rarely focus as a group, when they do the world trembles.  The focus of this rage is directed inwardly at the idiots we have given power. It will be paid for, it will be a slow steady purge. No one will plant bombs, or shed blood, it’s not how we work internally. The pound of flesh however will be stripped from the political body. It will be a nice slow painful stripping.

Here is an example of the building rage.

Exclusive: Illegal Alien Crime Victims Invite Boehner, His Family to Border, Plead for Enforcement

Several family members of victims of horrific crimes committed by illegal aliens have invited House Speaker John Boehner to visit the U.S. Border with Mexico with them in a fiery letter provided exclusively to Breitbart News.

“As you leave Washington, D.C. to vacation with your families, our families invite you and your entire family to spend the weekend in McAllen, Texas,” the victims’ family members wrote to Boehner and other lawmakers Wednesday. “We invite you to see firsthand the invasion and lawlessness that is destroying our beloved country, and how you (and others) have given de facto permission and unfettered access to the perpetrators who have killed our loved ones, leaving our families in complete grief and disbelief as to ‘how’ this horrific tragedy was allowed! What about our children, Mr. Boehner? Where is the out-cry for OUR children and American families?”

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