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With no shame they’ll elect the Beast

By Patrick Van Roy On March 31st, 2015 at 2:44 pm

Here is the first couple of Paragraphs from an article that puts this post in perspective.

Two big Clinton stories landed last week. The first is that Hillary Clinton destroyed the electronic copies of her State Department emails on her private server after the State Department subpoenaed her emails. The second is that Hillary Clinton had an aide running a “secret spy network” that was, among other things, feeding her information on Benghazi, according to a report by Pro Publica and Gawker. Earlier this month, I noted the myriad ways that Clinton running her own private email server breathes new life into the Benghazi investigation, but this last revelation takes things to a whole new level.

Specifically, this new report suggests that three men — Sidney Blumenthal, Tyler Drumhiller, and Cody Shearer — were involved in her private intelligence gathering efforts. Each of these men has a reputation for being associated with scandal.

We only know about Clinton’s spy ring because a hacker who goes by the moniker “Guccifer” hacked the email account of former Clinton aide Sidney Blumenthal and posted his emails online. (Guccifer is now serving a prison sentence in his native Romania.) Guccifer’s emails reveal Blumenthal was providing Clinton with detailed intelligence briefings on events in the Middle East and running the ad hoc spy ring. This arrangement is very curious, considering that the Obama White House made it clear that they didn’t want Blumenthal working for the administration after Hillary Clinton previously tried to formally hire him to work at the State Department.

hillary2016It would be nice if the left showed some decency and respect and got behind anyone besides the Hildabeast.

The US has quickly become a laughing stock on the world stage in the last 6 years. It will continue down that track for another 20 months. We will be genuinely lucky if the US doesn’t start a full scale war.  We have already restarted the cold war.

The next President will face several nightmares. The economy is a mess, we have more people unemployed for a longer period of time than we did in the great depression. They can stroke the numbers anyway they want, it doesn’t change the reality at the diner table. Our Foreign Policy however makes our domestic issues look like a picnic.

So who will take the reigns?

I have no clue who will capture the nomination on the right. I hope it would be Cruz, but he’s a longshot. I pray it’s NOT Bush. Jeb is a schmuck plain and simple. What worries me though is Hillary.

I’m not as much concerned about her policies as I am about her character. I know god forbid we speak of such a thing. All politicians by their nature have a slimy side. The longterm ones do anyway, and it’s to be expected. You don’t spend your life in that business unless you do.

The Clinton’s however are the Redneck Mafia. They are a criminal organization. The Clinton Foundation and Massage Parlor is a Money Laundering and Influence Peddling Bank and Clearing House.  If an Italian was running this organization his name would be Capone.

This “Foundation” has taken in over 100 Million Dollars from Foreign Donors while Hillary was Secretary of State. Her e-mail server is being blown off by the Press and the Power Players on the left. That server was and is the communication hub of an Illegal Intelligence Network run by Sidney Blumenthal, Tyler Drumhiller, and Cody Shearer.

When Clinton became Secretary of State she wanted Blumenthal as her assistant. Obama refused to allow her to hire him.  So on her own she contracted him to work for her on the side. Blumenthal and his group worked for her running an intelligence gathering network outside government oversight.  She ran this illegal network the entire time she was Secretary of State, and is still running it today.

Who is paying Blumenthal? Where is the Money for his and the others services coming from? All the communication that went on with this group was on the Server that Hillary destroyed.

It would be nice if those on the left held things like Law and Morality in High Esteem, but they don’t. The Beast is not Obama, but to most of those on that side she is the next best thing.

Please read THIS STORY



By David Vance On March 31st, 2015 at 12:58 pm

Again, more daily lies brought to you by the political class. Here’s Red Ed posturing as the saviour of small business.

Labour will put small businesses first in line for tax cuts and ensure the tax burden on small firms is lower than under the Tories, Ed Balls will announce today. The Shadow Chancellor will say that Labour’s first Budget will cut business rates for 1.5 million small business properties and then freeze them the following year.

Now then, before you start singing the Hallelujah chorus and dancing with unrestrained joy, you must  consider these facts;

Labour’s plans for increased corporation tax could cost 100,000 jobs.

Each small business will see its profits taxed even harder than at current..

and then…

Labour has set out plans to raise the minimum wage to £8 an hour by 2020.

That represents an increase of some 20% over the current rate and so imposes a massive increase on small employers wage bill.

And then…

Labour leader Ed Miliband explains why he will BAN zero hours contracts for workers

Around 17% of those on zero contracts are students. The concept suits them. By banning zero hours contracts, Labour will deny small business of a pool of workers that actually need this type of employment contract.

The only REAL guarantee Labour offers small business is that if it gets into power, it will ensure every small business gets smaller.


By David Vance On March 31st, 2015 at 12:37 pm



By David Vance On March 31st, 2015 at 12:30 pm

Election time is when politicians tell us new and interesting lies. Here is David Cameron’s daily boast;

Sounds good, yes? But hang on, a little perspective please…

As things stand, I suspect Cameron’s target of two million new workers can only be achieved by importing another million immigrants. And I’m not sure how that squares with the rest of his election message about controlling borders and cutting down workers from the EU, etc. As he said, if the UK is creating jobs then what’s to stop unemployed of  Italy, Spain and Greece taking them?

Nothing is stopping this from happening. The Cameron job creation formula since 2010 has been to split the ratio 50;50 between indigenous Brits and Immigrants. Over the next five years, we will get a continuance of this which directly contradicts his PLEDGE to restrict immigration to “tens of thousands’


By David Vance On March 31st, 2015 at 12:08 pm

Please remember this IS the religion of peace…

Militants fighting for the Islamic State in Syria have brutally murdered at least 30 civilians, including two children, following a raid on a regime-held village. The Sunni extremists carried out a savage attack on the village of Al-Mabujeh in the central Syrian province of Hama earlier this morning, according to a monitoring group.

ISIS ‘executed at least 30 people, including women and children, by burning, beheading, and firing on them’ in the village of Mabujeh, said Rami Abdel Rahman, director of the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

These people are savages and we will do the world a favour by wiping them out. It’s hard to imagine that this sort of evil is conducted in the name of any religion in the 21st century but them again Islam tries to be true to its 7th century origins.



By David Vance On March 31st, 2015 at 11:34 am

Labour struggles to be taken seriously in terms of its management of the UK economy. Today’s news makes its assault on the Conservatives even less meaningful;

The UK’s economy grew at a faster pace than initially estimated last year, revised official figures show. The economy grew by 0.6% in the final three months of 2014, up from the previous estimate of 0.5%, the Office for National Statistics said. The unexpected increase meant growth for the year was 2.8%, higher than the earlier estimate of 2.6%. The revised rate marks the highest pace of annual growth since 2006, when the economy grew by 3%.

To put it another way, the UK economy is growing faster than any other Nation in the G7. Faster than Germany even. (1.5%)

Yet Labour tell us that they can do better. Seriously?


By David Vance On March 31st, 2015 at 11:19 am

Oh my aching sides.



Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams says talk of a hung parliament and whether his party would eventually take seats at Westminster is “a distraction”. He was speaking in Belfast as his party launched an election billboard entitled: “A People’s Pact”. The election advertisement which states that the party wants “equality not austerity” was unveiled at Belfast Castle.

This is comedy gold from the people who brought you the IRA. For starters, Adam’s idea of “equality” means ensuring that some on Welfare here maintain their £100,000 salary equivalent income.

He waffles about “stopping Tory Cuts” when in fact his Party chooses not to sit in Parliament and vote against such issues!

He whines about “reconciliation” yet he is record talking of unionists in the following terms..

The point is to actually break these bastards – that’s the point,” he said. “And what’s going to break them is equality. That’s what’s going to break them – equality.”

Equality through the Sinn Fein prism is simply a rhetorical tool to back up their shoddy economics, their hopeless grasp of how a balanced modern economy works.

A political advert that speaks to the UK mindset

By Mike Cunningham On March 31st, 2015 at 9:44 am

I have often compared Labour voters, up here in the former industrial heartland of England, to a bunch of sheep; but that is, truly, an injustice to the average sheep. Those Labour loyalists will vote for any nonentity, jobsworth or inheritor of a seat (council or Westminster) on the Buggins-turn basis, as long as they tie the Labour rosette around their fat necks, and pledge loyalty to the latest Labour nonentity who gets, or buys, sufficient Union votes to become Labour leader. The Lib-Dims are just as bad; those of a Tory persuasion are not visible, mainly from a self-preservation basis.

I received the first of the innumerable Election leaflets, promising roses, sunny days and everyone will be happy: if only we would vote Labour. And, folks, the worst part of that leaflet is that the sheep will believe it, and accept every word as Gospel!

But I saw yesterday the first really truthful campaign advert of this Election campaign, and although I may not vote for a UKIP candidate as I usually just spoil my vote out of sheer disgust at the choices available: based on the thinking behind this advert, I may well change my mind.



By David Vance On March 30th, 2015 at 6:00 pm

I am disappointed to read this as I thought Simon Danzuk was a reasonably decent chap.

“Controversial television personality Katie Hopkins has been reported to police following a Twitter rant in which she suggested Pakistani men in Rochdale were sex abusers.

Labour MP Simon Danczuk, who represents the town, has emailed Greater Manchester’s Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Lloyd, asking him to investigate whether a crime has been committed.

He said she may have incited racial hatred by associating the Pakistani flag with the grooming of young girls – a scandal which has rocked the area. She sent a series of tweets after Mr Danczuk commemorated Pakistan’s National Day by attending the raising of the nation’s flag over the town hall on March 23. In one tweet she wrote: “Raising a Pakistani flag in Rochdale is not helping community cohesion. it is inflammatory. @SimonDanczuk you & your party disgust me.”

Now then, let’s sort out the facts….

Sex abuse of children in Rochdale needed more thorough investigation, rather than officers examining victims’ credibility, police have admitted. Greater Manchester Police apologised after a report highlighted failures “at individual and force level” into its dealings with victims from 2008-2010. Police chiefs were “distracted” by achieving targets on burglary and other crime, the review said. However, no officers will face any misconduct proceedings, GMP said.


These men were all Pakistani muslims. WHY is it a crime to state this?

With an election coming up, perhaps Mr Danzuk is simply looking to secure votes?

In the end, Katie has the best response;



By David Vance On March 30th, 2015 at 5:37 pm

Quite remarkable.

A Hospital has apologised to a heart patient after he was refused a halal meal – because he is NOT Muslim.

Roger Strange said he was the victim of discrimination when he was refused the halal meal he picked in a bid to avoid the “disgusting” other choices. But when he submitted his order a catering manager said it was not possible because he was the wrong “ethnic religion”.

Roger, who is recovering on the cardiac ward at the Great Western Hospital in Swindon, Wiltshire, had previously been allowed the food when he was recovering from a heart attack. He said: “In the first place the food in this hospital is pretty disgusting to be honest.”But they have specialist menus including a Halal menu for Muslims and Kosher for Jews.”

The NHS has some very strange priorities.