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By David Vance On March 31st, 2016 at 7:19 pm

This speaks volumes about the bigoted mindset of at least SOME of those who attended the Irish 1916 ‘celebrations” in Dublin.

The great-granddaughter of Easter Rising leader James Connolly was told to ‘go home’ during a 1916 memorial event because ….. she had an English accent.


Sarah Connolly was disgusted at the racial abuse aimed at her during the state reception at Dublin Castle.

Ms Connolly was born in Dublin to Irish parents, but moved to the UK when she was less than a year old. She moved back to Ireland when she was 12, but kept her English accent. The 29-year-old, who now lives in London, and her family was part of the centenary commemorations which saw more than 2,000 relatives of 1916 veterans and 1,000 guests attend on Sunday.

I think most Irish people can rise above this pathetic bigotry but the irony here is sublime.


By David Vance On March 31st, 2016 at 7:11 pm

Well, it seems that given the extraordinary murder rate, each night is the night Chicago dies!

As the first quarter of 2016 nears an end, violence in Chicago has reached levels unseen in years, putting the city on course to top 500 homicides for only the second time since 2008.

As of 6 a.m. Wednesday, homicides totaled 135, a 71 percent jump over the 79 killings in the same year-earlier period, official Police Department statistics show. That represented the worst first quarter of a year since 136 homicides in 1999, according to the data.

Never mind “Black lives matter” – no life seems to be matter in this bastion of Democrat political hegemony. As you know, Obama started his political career as a “community organiser” – it looks like Chicago is now way beyond organising and more about survival.


By Pete Moore On March 30th, 2016 at 7:14 pm

REJOICE, eco-commies. Britain’s going green – by shutting down industry.

This week’s crises is Tata Steel, which is losing a million pounds a day at its Port Talbot plant and has decided to pull the plug. For sure, it’s a disaster if you’re a worker at what private industry built and government destroyed.


The headlines are in such dire need of saving that the Prime Minister has cut short hsi family holiday to chair a Cabinet meeting while Jeremy Corbyn has actually gone to South Wales. That neither of these impotent fools are capable of doing anything is a sense of relief to be honest, because they’d invariably do the wrong thing, but that’s beside the point. It’s all about winning the battle of the press coverage.

The BBC has entered that fray, handing its platform to every trade union and pressure group commie out there. All agree that Chinese dumping must be resisted and that the plant must be nationalised. That the British government is powerless to resist China subsidising global steel prices down (thereby making the rest of us wealthier at their expense) seems to elude them. What no-one mentions are the eco-taxes and regulatory requirements which have piled cost upon cost for British industry and sending energy prices through the roof.

Bravo eco-loons and statists, you have the world you wanted and people are suffering or it. The irony, also lost, is that these costs have subsidised wind farms which are built from Chinese steel.

Let’s apply a little logic here and arrive at the only sensible position. If the plant can be made profitable, as the commies have been teling us all day, then private capital will come forward to demonstrate this.

If it cannot be made profitable the the State has no business making others poorer, and destroying other jobs, by subsidising it.


By David Vance On March 30th, 2016 at 9:57 am

Some nice images of Irish republicans celebrating the 1916 insurrection. One wonders where the PSNI were to be found? Political policing at its worst…and a reminder that they have not gone away.

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By David Vance On March 30th, 2016 at 9:45 am

So, Facebook supremo Mark Zuckerberg has stumbled across the solution to fighting against the Jihad.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has spoken out against the “fear and distrust” caused by recent Islamist terror attacks and has called for more “love” as a means of stopping them. The billionaire Facebook owner argued that recent attacks in Belgium, Turkey, and Pakistan are specifically designed to “sow seeds of hatred” between countries and their Islamic communities. “Each of these attacks were carried out with a goal to spread fear and distrust, and turn members of a community against each other,” Zuckerberg said. The “only sustainable way to fight back” against these sickening atrocities is to “create a world” where everyone “feels cared for and loved”, he added.

Great plan, Mark, Suggest you hop on the next flight (first class)  to Syria, head to downtown Raqqa, and show those Islamic State savages the love you insist will save the day.


By Pete Moore On March 29th, 2016 at 6:36 pm

UH-OH, Erdogan is displeased. Reports The Guardian –

The Turkish government has reportedly ordered the deletion from the internet of a German satirical video that pokes fun at President Recep Tayipp Erdoğan and condemns his human rights record.

Germany’s ambassador to Turkey, Martin Erdmann, was summoned to the foreign ministry in Ankara last week, according to German media, and asked to justify the contents of the short film made by Extra 3, the popular satirical television programme.

Ordered it deleted – “from the internet”. The EU’s next arse around the table seems not to know how it works. I imagine also that it was a quick meeting with the Top Hun in Constantinople. At least it would have been had I been him: “It’s not my video to justify, but people are free to do that in my country. Anything else?” Still, like the Caesars, one must respect the dignity and majesty of the sultan of sultans, mustn’t one? So whatever you do, do not watch, re-post, re-tweet or re-anything this video. I post it only so you know which video we must all avoid

AirEgypt Hijacking Ends, pyramid scheme?

By Mahons On March 29th, 2016 at 1:41 pm

I for one would pause before getting on an AirEgypt flight myself, though millions do.  I imagine the flight crew adding instructions in what to do in the likely event of a hijacking to the preflight announcements of seat belts, oxygen and flotation devices.  Apparently a recently hijacked plane has been “freed”, which is welcome news.  Such situations have not always resulted in glad tiddings.  I n any event good news seems rare these days and it is good to see a happy ending outside of a Korean Massage Parlor.

I’m not always right, but I’m NEVER wrong

By Patrick Van Roy On March 29th, 2016 at 3:31 am



The FBI wants to question Hillary, will see if that ever happens. All her Advisors Lawyers have been given notice that Subpoena’s are being drawn up however for them to testify under oath. Two individuals involved with her Illegal Private Server have already been given immunity. Not that the commission of Felonies by a Democrat Official is a problem to any Democrat voter. The brain dead do as their told and the status quo corruption of the rest of those that vote that way care nothing about ethics just their personal Special Interest.

The Republican Party is a slow moving vision of delightful agony as the inevitability of a President Trump sinks into the puddles of Bile where their hearts used to be. Trump was supposed to be gone by fall, it’s now Spring and it has come down to States whose votes haven’t counted in decades. As the party tries to figure how to prevent their abysmal failure of the past 10yrs to convince the people that doing everything that the Democrats wanted was actually a successful plan. They are being destroyed bit by bit, delegate by delegate and are powerless to stop it and are pretending that if they steal it they won’t be descended upon by mobs with pitchforks, tar and feathers.

Glad to see the Russians and Syrians took Palmyra. One can only hope casualties were high on all sides. Each one that died no matter the Uniform is one less we’ll have to kill. Although ISIS Celebrated Good Friday by Crucifying a Priest and slaughtered 72 Christians in Pakistan. Ahh but there is no war their just misunderstood missionaries for Allah.


By Pete Moore On March 28th, 2016 at 6:53 pm

HOLD the front page, some academics have discovered old news. Reports the BBC –

Were single mothers better off in the 19th Century?

New research shows that the amount of benefits given to those in need is a debate that has raged for hundreds of years. It also challenges commonly held beliefs that the poor in centuries past were universally left to flounder, often in crushing poverty.

Cambridge historian Dr Samantha Williams has examined an early form of welfare in England and Wales called the Old English Poor Law. Under it, poor relief – as it was then called – was given out by the local parish.

Looking at the plight of poor families in two Bedfordshire communities between 1760 and the Poor Law Amendment Act of 1834, her research reveals that a generous benefits system existed in parts of England.

Pro-state propagandists have long taught (lied) that the poor were simply left to die before those nice, Progressive welfare-statists saved them. Complete drivel of course. Extensive and sophisticated welfare programmes long pre-date the Welfare State, and far more effective they were too than central government’s clunky efforts. Still, top marks to them for noticing.


By Pete Moore On March 28th, 2016 at 6:00 pm

AS if we needed reminding to not allow children anywhere near a state uneducation camp, the communist headbangers at the National Union of Teachers have been holding their annual conference. I know, madness that way lies, and it’s probably misspelled too. Reports The Telegraph –

Teaching children fundamental British values is act of ‘cultural supremacism’

Teaching children fundamental British values is an act of “cultural supremacism”, teachers have said, as members of the National Union of Teachers (NUT) vote to replace the concept with one that includes “international rights” […]

However, teachers argue “fundamental British values” set an “inherent cultural supremacism, particularly in the context of multicultural schools and the wider picture of migration”.

Insofar as I wouldn’t trust any politician or bureaucrat to adequately identify “British values”, you can rest assured that the wierdos, freaks and wrong’uns in the classroom will object. But yes, British values and culture are superior. The world around us is proof positive of that. If such things make Abdul uncomfortable then he can bugger off elsewhere along with the Marxist filth who dedicate themselves to sickening and twisting young minds.