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By Pete Moore On August 31st, 2017 at 7:17 pm

AS if I needed more reasons to feed my radio addiction –

I like that Sunday 10.00am slot. I’m usually driving or pottering around at home then, so the ear is always cocked to the wireless. The great Katie Hopkins had that show until recently. Then a bunch of bed-wetting commie students whined so much about a tweet she posted that she was off.

But we have the last laugh because Sir Nigel will take up permanent residence. And this in addition to his 7.00pm show, Mon-Thurs. So that’s Five-Days-A-Week Farage, starting this Sunday. On LBC 97.3FM – Leading Britain’s Conversation.

All in accord with the health declarations as listed….

By Mike Cunningham On August 31st, 2017 at 11:57 am

So, your husband, Ballymena man Patrick Faith, who sometimes uses a wheelchair, , goes on holiday with you, his wife, on a trip to Bulgaria.

“I woke up that morning and he was dead,” she said, fighting back tears. “Callum and I had been at a restaurant the night before but Pat, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease five years ago, wasn’t feeling well so he stayed in the hotel.

“Our friend Leonard, who hadn’t gone out either, gave him his medicine at 10pm and when we got back later, Callum went up to the room and everything was fine.“Before I went to bed I heard him snoring. He was definitely alive.”

The Faiths, who set off on holiday on August 14, were due to return home on August 29, but Julie spent over £900 to get her and Callum home three days earlier so that they could be with her oldest son Patrick. But, as she revealed through tears, the anguish surrounding the former Michelin worker’s death, is continuing. Although a post-mortem was carried out on Pat last Friday, the family weren’t told the results – “he had a massive heart attack” – until Monday evening, two days after they returned.

But; No Worries; because the Travel Insurance, bought before commencing the holiday, would cover everything?

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By Pete Moore On August 30th, 2017 at 6:10 pm

YOU can always rely on experts to be right, after exhausting every other possibility. The Telegraph reports:

Low-fat diets could raise the risk of early death by almost one quarter, a major study has found.

The Lancet study of 135,000 adults found those who cut back on fats had far shorter lives than those enjoying plenty of butter, cheese and meats.

Researchers said the study was at odds with repeated health advice to cut down on fats.

Those doing so tended to eat far too much stodgy food like bread, pasta and rice, the experts said, while missing out on vital nutrients.

Yes, some of us have been saying this for years. The study is at odds with repeated government diet advice, because government diet advice is terrible. Its high-carb, low-fat emphasis is completely wrong. It ought to be the other way round.

Low fat diets leave people unsatisfied, hence the starchy stodge, which is good only for developing diabetes. And low fat diets are tasteless. Fat makes food tasty. Political pressure has forced producers to strip fats from food, so it’s bland. To make it tasty again they add processed sugars, corn syrup (which is poison) and other artificial boosters. Now that they’ve realised how much sugar is in foods, the pressure’s on to reduce that too. As someone has been saying in these here parts, politics pollutes everything.

Everything the government ever told you about diet and nutrition is wrong. Eat good, high fat foods. Have that butter, have that meat, drizzle that oil everywhere.


By Mike Cunningham On August 30th, 2017 at 6:05 pm


Seems as though Karma has just acquired a reset button.



Are the Skies falling?   Probably not….

By Mike Cunningham On August 30th, 2017 at 4:47 pm

President Trump condemns BOTH sides of rioting in demonstration….All Media and commentators climb in and attempt to paint him as Fascist / Hitler resurrected / whatever takes your fancy. He is pilloried for not ignoring the left-wing violence, which was nothing if not more vicious than that ladled out by the right-wing elements. He is further damned for not immediately agreeing that the man who hit and killed the woman protester deserves at least the death penalty.

He is further excoriated for making further statements which are even-handed; but has probably learnt by now that nothing but Immediate Resignation on the grounds of ‘He shouldn’t have won’ will satisfy the ever-baying mob.


Nancy Pelosi  issued a statement late Tuesday denouncing violent left-wing “Antifa” protesters, saying they deserve “unequivocal condemnation”, and even the Washington Post places an op-ed stating that ‘Antifa’ are the equivalent of their opponents in violence; stating,  ‘Totalitarian is precisely what they are’.


Are we seeing a rare vision of reality creeping into the MSM? It will never last!

Opinions wanted

By Patrick Van Roy On August 30th, 2017 at 11:09 am

For over 20 years I have had the same e-mail. I came across this site Called IWON if you used the site and signed up for their e-mail you were entered to win $1000. A winner everyday.

Needless to say I never won, but it was one of the very first e-mail providers that weren’t tied to your internet provider. Long before gmail or yahoo, the site started back in the days of aol.

Well the site died long ago, but the e-mail was still hosted. Now however after 20yrs they sent out notice that as of October 2nd the e-mail will no longer exist.

So the question is…… What e-mail host do you use, what do you recommend, and why?


By Pete Moore On August 29th, 2017 at 9:12 pm

North Korea fires a missile over Japan.

Houston still underwater.

Neo-Maoists shutting down free speech.

The media: “Let’s talk about Melania’s shoes.”

All of a sudden the people who are outraged when a woman’s appearance, or her choice of clothes, is mentioned, are outraged at the First Lady’s appearance.


By Pete Moore On August 29th, 2017 at 6:50 pm

THE Houston flood will subside but infrastructure has been damaged and supplies of all goods has been disrupted. So it’s vital that entrepreneurial price-gougers get in there and work their magic. I know, many will be outraged at such a suggestion, so it’s essential that we understand what will happen and why price-gouging is essential and humane.

We need to know first that prices act as a rationing system. Ours is a world of unlimited wants and finite goods. Therefore prices allow us to determine what goods ought to be produced and how they can be put to the highest value uses in the economy. In order for this allocation to work, however, prices must be allowed to fluctuate freely. Let’s see how this would work with Houston and, say, fuel (or gas as they call it).

No fuel has been able to get through to Houston. Roads are impassable and pipelines may have been damaged. There’s a shortage on. In these conditions we want fuel prices to rise. We want prices to rise to ration fuel to those who need fuel the most. Say there’s a family of six in Houston with three cars. We want the father to get the fuel if he’s a rescue worker or doctor, say. We don’t want his wife getting scarce fuel if the car will go nowhere for a week or if she just wants to join friends for lunch. We want their children taking a bus to college or work. Prices are how this rationing naturally happens. People who need fuel most urgently will bid up prices of scarce fuel. Those who don’t need it urgently can sit it out until prices come back down.

Price gouging won’t go on for long. In the short run, high prices are a signal to entrepreneurs to get supplies going and grab some of the action. Soon prices will return to normal. However, where’s the incentive if essential buyers are prevented from bidding up the price of fuel? Some states have such inhumane, communistic laws. Suppliers simply won’t bother supplying. Shortages will continue into the long term. Violence is bound to rise, as we see in Venezuela. Thanks to price controls everything is in short supply in Venezuela.

Of course, such laws are always instituted “for the public welfare”. Sadly, economics never gets a look in. What would actually be in the general welfare, in Houston in the next few days, is for all prices to rise for all goods. This will allow limited supplies to be allocated most efficiently.



and what now for UKIP?

By Mike Cunningham On August 29th, 2017 at 11:13 am

I watched the whole of Anne Marie Waters’ UKIP hustings speech, and once again was reminded of the built-in bias, within all of British politics, against anyone who actually speaks without spin, without ambiguity, without double-meaning euphemisms on the only subject which is seemingly protected by an unwritten law: which states ‘Do not mention Islam, Muslims, Sharia Law, encroaching Ghetto-isation; because if you do, you will be promptly labelled the worst ever; namely ‘Racist’.

Nigel Farage’s one-man crusade against the EU, against everything it stands for, included speaking out against Muslims who did not integrate, who wished to import their own Sharia Law; and against the illusion of allowing mass migrations of mainly Muslims because ‘they will be assimilated’. That sort of thinking, relevant of only one breed, namely ‘The Borg’, forgets to establish who is assimilating whom.

Similarly with  Miss Waters, whose former associations with people deemed to be of the ‘Far-right’ persuasion, whatever that actually means; is supposed to work against her: is persuasive to me at least that she stands firm on the right grounds. She firmly believes that the only way out of the EU is right out: forming a link through possibly the EFTA process, which, incidentally, also frees Britain from the dreaded tentacles of the Customs Union. But her main attack is focussed on Immigration, and mainly Muslim Immigration.

I believe that she is right, but she will fail to gain any influence within UKIP, because too many minds, hands and keyboards are against her! Which would, in my own view, be a great loss for both UKIP, and for the British electorate. Why? Because, unlike 99.99% of other British politicians, she is passionate! Passionate about what she believes in, passionate about the problems looming over the horizon for Britain; and passionate in her belief that UKIP can be fashioned into a crusading Party once again!

Mention has been made of the fact that Miss Waters ‘identifies’ as a Lesbian. I have no problem at all with her sexuality, as long as she doesn’t attempt to preach or persuade any others to join her approach to life, and respects their will to remain exactly as they live right now.


Harvey’s Winds Blow Ted Cruz In Different Direction

By Mahons On August 28th, 2017 at 10:41 pm

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas is what you might say is a Category 5 Slimeball.  After voting against Hurricane Sandy relief a few years back he is now calling for the same kind of relief for Texas.  In the movie “Harvey” Jimmy Stewart had an invisible six foot tall rabbit friend named Harvey.  In Texas Ted Cruz has an invisible conscience.  Stewart was a good enough actor to make us believe Harvey might exist.  Cruz isn’t a good enough actor to make us think his conscience exists.

Anyway we northern folks won’t hold a grudge, help will be on the way.  But Cruz and about 20 of his Texan GOP colleagues who voted against Hurricane relief in the past are going to have some uncomfortable wiggling to do.  Funny how the States Rights crowd get all gimme that federal money when the chips are down.