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By Pete Moore On December 31st, 2017 at 7:42 pm

One wonders how fireworks can be made “gender equal” (whatever that silly phrase means). But then you remember that these fanatics are genuinely round the twist. London’s security operation is at full stretch trying to stop muslim immigrants from turning the place into an ashtray, and the authorities are still ramming this crap into everyone’s face. Nothing is free from far-Left propaganda, not even a new year’s fireworks display.

I wish a Happy New Year to all decent people. But not to Leftists of course. They can have a crap one.

Last Song of the Year….. a prophetic one

By Patrick Van Roy On December 31st, 2017 at 7:00 pm

NYC is Metropolis, bright and rich, home of the Daily Planet the NYT shiny and bright and despite what they try to portray it’s a positive city that has been a beacon of Hope for Immigrants and the American Dream. This is not the city from which I hail.

Philly is Gotham, dark, struggling, and gritty they walk over the bodies there, even the good is streaked with the darkness of a harsh reality. This is the environment that tempered my views. Shaped the way I judge things, people, and events. We are all products of the environment we grow up in.

As 2017 draws to a close it’s been a fun year. A year to watch the complete collective meltdown of the press. They have revealed that they are not honest brokers of information to keep the masses informed. They have shown themselves to be Elitist Leftists who are only interested in shaping opinion not in reporting facts.

The upcoming venture we are involved in may only be a drop in the bucket, but that drop will add the color of reality to Events. An Alternate examination of the events shared with the people that will hopefully provide a more honest perspective. An Alternative Outlet where the people giving you their views and analysis will be Honest about where their opinions are and where they come from.

I picked this Song as it sums up my view of where we are, and what this upcoming year will bring.

We stand at the precipice, this is going to be a year of harsh realities. A year of the Good, the Evil and the Beginning.


By Mike Cunningham On December 31st, 2017 at 6:52 pm

Denver Sheriff states four Deputies injured, One dead. Two civilians injured, Suspect shot and dead.


What does the BBC feature in top place within their lead story?


America’s Gun culture in 10 charts




By Pete Moore On December 31st, 2017 at 11:52 am

A woman who requested a female NHS nurse to perform her cervical smear test was “embarrassed and distressed” after a person with stubble and a deep voice summoned her for the intimate procedure.

When the patient pointed out the mistake, the nurse replied: “My gender is not male. I’m a transsexual.”

This weekend, the woman, who decided not to go ahead with the examination, said it was “weird where somebody says to you: ‘My gender is not male’ and you think: ‘Well, what does that even mean? You are clearly a man.’ ”

The battle is lost already on this one. Up popped the weirdo trans-thingy agenda and the entire political establishment fell under its sway. You can barely find one area of resistance against the idea that a man is a woman – and entitled to everything which it implies – simply because he says he’s a woman.

I fully expect “misgendering someone” to join racism and sexism in the pantheon of Most Terrible Crimes. There will soon come a day when the poor woman above will be arrested for not allowing a 6′ 4″ hairy-arsed prop called Emily to conduct her smear test. Teenage girls will be sent for re-education when they protest men joining them in changing rooms. Mark my words.

We speak of extremists and authoritarians in control of other countries. In truth the most extreme people on the planet – the ultra-Left liberal Taliban – is firmly in control at home. This is where we need regime change.

A Reprise; and a Reply!

By Mike Cunningham On December 30th, 2017 at 5:47 pm

Over these Holiday times, I have once more embraced all of my grandsons, smiled, laughed and once more became entranced at the fascinating things which attract a small boy of two years of age, I welcomed my brother and his wife, I welcomed all into my home, grandsons clutching tablet computers which almost became surgically attached to their hands; I also welcomed my daughter and two sons and one long-time lady friend. I also saw how tall my eldest grandson has become. I could write of the happy times, of belly laughs so long and deep that tears came to my eyes: but the small dog which accompanied my eldest son has jumped back into the family car, heard the  final ‘toot’ as my son drove away this morning, and the holidays are, once more, fading into memories. So to business; the promised ‘Reprise’, and my Reply. I apologise for the length of my essay, but apologise for nothing else.

I posted a piece on Dec. 27th about a black cellist, a BBC documentary about him and his family, and my concern that he and his family were being used by others to forward their agenda which is based upon ethnicity, diversity, and mental segregation. I quote the comment from the ATW writer Mahons in beginning my Reply:-

On December 6 you were upset that a black woman had gotten a professorship and the Turner prize, you’ve repeatedly attacked “Black Africa” referring to it as ‘Turd World’, been rather nostalgic for Apartheid South Africa etc. Other than that you’ve been a regular Martin Luther King.

If anyone has actually read the post about the Turner prize, and its latest recipient, NOWHERE; repeat NOWHERE, did I attack this woman for being black. In my words, I commented “My my, we are giving the lollipops away easily these days!” I can cut out large figures, and stick them to wooden supports, and place them in a space; but I wouldn’t claim to be an artist; I wouldn’t claim to be anything other than a woodworker! For an interpretation of this comment, I propose that the commenter reads; READS, carefully and withholding judgement until he reads and absorbs all of my words, the posting linked here on my own site; in which I give MY interpretation and opinion of that which is loosely termed ‘Contemporary Art’: which is held within the words I used in the posting:-

but I just cannot view this collection as anything else but a large block of pretentious rubbish, placed at, I imagine great cost, in order to tell the visitor “Look at how clever I have become, when you don’t even know what I am supposed to be saying?”

Returning to the post in question, the fact that I have, on occasion, referred to Black Africa as the ‘Turd World’ is probably true: I cannot actually locate the quoted words; but, if the commenter or, very occasionally the odd seeker after further truth, had searched a little further, he or indeed she would have noted that I routinely refer to Black African Governments in that straight-forward manner. Why? Simply to highlight the corruption and plain theft committed against the inhabitants of the Black African States in question, the equally obvious truth that, after the ‘Independence Dances’ and parades ceased, there isn’t a single Black Government or Regime of any African Country barring possibly Botswana which has held, or even loosely adhered to, Western standards of Democracy, Governance; or indeed the Rule of Law. You need to see the confiscatory ideals imposed on the multitudes by that same Black elite which grabbed power after independence, and has successfully retained the riches stolen from the poor whose birthright has been, so successfully, plundered. That is why I refer to the mish-mash of the countries which compose Black Africa as the Turd World, and I would continue to defend MY right to use that term. You do not see many replicas of St. Peter’s Basilica in Europe, or indeed in North or South America or the Far East; or indeed in the whole of Asia inclusive of the sub-continent; but you do have one in Africa. It is completely deserted, no services, no sung high masses are performed in that huge space; but there it stands, a veritable monument to lunacy, madness, dictatorship!

Whilst on the subject, I have also written many times about the absolute lunacy of donating large sums of OUR cash towards so-called charitable projects in any number of those failed states masquerading as Countries; whether projects to help supply water to the poor, underprivileged villagers; etc.,etc.! My viewpoint? If these people are so bloody advanced, why don’t they dig the wells, dam the rivers and stream, and provide the pumped water storage which would prevent the young having to walk for miles to carry brackish, contaminated water which only brings its own dubious benefits? The various Black spokesmen have often stated that they are our equals in everything: well, let’s see them prove it by organising their own projects, with their own cash, and supply the water, and the piping, and the pumping networks, and the sewage reticulation, the electricity generation plants; along with the high and low voltage networks which White, Brown and indeed Yellow civilisations has both invented and made available to its citizens: and all the benefits of Western and European civilisation which seems to be the things which Black Africa is singularly lacking in providing their own citizens.

Check out the difference in how we sort our differences out in Europe, the Americas and the Far East; as opposed to the perennial Wars of Liberation, Retaliation or simple Jubilation in Africa. Gone are the days of wars, and royal ambitions, and dictatorships large and small, We don’t want any more Napoleons, or indeed Hitlers or Mussolinis prancing around our stages, we saw what could be achieved with the evil of Naziism amd we want no more of that breed hovering around our back doors. With the exception of Russia, with its intrusions into Ukraine, Ossettia and Georgia, and also excluding the multi-cultural/mystical/genocidal fracas in the former Yugoslavia; now of course fractured into Serbia, Bosnia, and all the other little Statelets, there hasn’t been a single democracy within Europe and North America which has suffered an attempt at regime change. True, we have attempted to alter history in Iraq, Afghanistan and lately Syria, but there hasn’t been anything of note since 1945; excepting again Russia (The Soviet version) attempting to extend its role/rule over Berlin, resulting in the Berlin Airlift, backed up of course by Pres. Truman’s basing of B-29’s into England, the only bomber then capable of carrying a nuclear weapon.

If I have missed any, no doubt there will be prompt replies. I would, however, leave out of any calculations the atrociously-entitled Belfast Agreement. That was no agreement, that was a plain straight-forward surrender to a bunch of scum wielding rifles and semtex; a bunch of scum who should have been wiped off the face of the earth, if the British Army had ever been allowed to make war in the manner it wished. But, I digress!

For a lesson in how NOT to build a Nation, I refer readers to check out South Sudan, hailed as a model State when first mooted (or should that have been ‘looted’). For a timeline of how not to build a Country try the BBC, whose actual news services, when not treated with the sewage of the Leftist/Liberal crap broadcast internally, produces some extraordinarily detailed news pages. Multiply that deadly fiasco by about sixty, and then you can determine why I smile and shake my head when anyone whispers the words ‘Democracy and Africa’ in the same sentence. I would also quote from the newly-elected Kenyan President, elected after a second ballot as the first one has been slated by the Kenyan Supreme court as being a disgrace to democracy’s traditions. The President said “As a Supreme Court, they cannot annul the wishes of the people. And we will revisit this thing.”

As for South Africa, I would comment as follows:-

The Laws of the Nationalist Afrikaaner Government were based on the ideology of Separate but Equal; much the same as American Law which ran, in the South, for decades after 1890 until the days of Kennedy, LBJ and Nixon, the Supreme Courts’ Segregation rulings, and onwards. In South Africa, the black man had a vote, in his rural homeland true, but still, a vote. Because that same black man was, in theory, a guest worker in Mainland South Africa , he needed a ‘pass’ to work outside his Homeland, and so it was. I raised a family in what was the safest place in Africa, South Africa; there was a Government which was incorruptible, no-one got away with wholesale theft of public money, there were elections in South Africa which were reserved for white South Africans, both English- and Afrikaans-speaking, because, it was claimed, the black man had a vote where his homeland was. In America, the black man was seriously deterred from voting in many ways, one of which stated that he could vote if he passed the literacy test; a test which was employed and devised by White Americans, both Democrat and Republican. Why did America allow these things to happen for decades? Simple, because it was expedient. As for likening me to Martin Luther King, I’d rather pass. I am no plagiarist, I am definitely no Communist, I am definitely no adulterer.

Why do I refer to past history of America? My answer:-

Don’t judge a man until you have walked a hundred miles in his shoes!

As for the sycophantic comments following this New Yorker’s (ATW self-advert includes ‘Heartbreakingly Handsome Oracle of Wisdom, Imbiber of Beer and Married Father of Three.  Resident of the Great State of New York and Able to Leap Tall  Buildings in a Single Bound.”) I would only have but one comment “Show me your friends, and I’ll tell you what you are!”


By David Vance On December 30th, 2017 at 5:12 pm



By David Vance On December 30th, 2017 at 4:57 pm

Germany 2017 – three years into Merkel’s enrichment.

Berlin‘s main New Year’s Eve party is to have a ‘safe space’ for women after hundreds reported being assaulted by men with migrant backgrounds at Cologne celebrations two years ago. The secure zone, staffed by the German Red Cross, will be set up for the December 31 celebrations at the capital city’s famous Brandenburg Gate.   Women have been told to seek help from other revellers if they feel harassed or threatened.

So now German women have to shelter in “safe spaces” in their own cities, as Germany swarms with third world muslim invaders. Still, hoping they have a lovely 2018…..



By David Vance On December 30th, 2017 at 4:46 pm

This is an everyday story. You see something happens in Sweden EVERY NIGHT.

Yet another woman has been assaulted in the Swedish city of Malmo in another case of suspected gang rape, the fourth in just two months. The attacks come as activists (Native Swedes)  started nightly street patrols to reassure the community.
Police said they do not yet see any apparent link between the appalling attacks, amid the ongoing investigations.

The victim, who is said to be over 18, was attacked by several unidentified assailants in Malmo’s Hogaholm district overnight to Friday. She eventually managed to get home by herself and alerted police. An investigation into a suspected gang rape is underway as police believe several people were involve

Malmo is now 20%. Work out the rest.


THE United Nations 2017…

By David Vance On December 30th, 2017 at 4:40 pm

Did you see this?

Rape, sex trafficking, spread of disease highlight horrors on UN’s watch

As James Woods succintly puts it;

“If you put all the truly horrible countries of the world in a centrifuge and spun it down, the concentrated residue would be the United Nations.  The UN is a pox on mankind.”

Meanwhile the Left worship it as the world’s highest moral authority.


By David Vance On December 30th, 2017 at 4:36 pm