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No One Pays Attention to Anything

By Phantom On January 31st, 2018 at 10:20 pm

Last week, I had an overnight business trip to Cleveland, Ohio. I stayed at the Ritz-Carlton hotel downtown.

This is an old hotel, and it’s undergoing a major renovation. Good.

The seventh floor, where my room was located, was partially blocked for construction. There was no sign to say where the rooms were. I guessed “right” , and walked down a hallway, in the wrong direction. I was directed the correct way, and eventually found the room.

As I prepped for the meeting, an employee opened the door without knocking.

After I returned from the meeting and dinner, I fired up the laptop in order to send out some work emails. The wifi password I was given at reception wasn’t needed, since there was no working wifi. It was down, perhaps due to the construction. I had brought the laptop to Ohio for nothing.

Since I couldn’t work, I decided to drink. I grabbed a bottle of Goose Island IPA from the minibar. No bottle opener. Someone, eventually, brought one up.

Ritz-Carlton hotels are supposed to be the among the best in the US. But here, none of the employees was paying attention to anything.

I see this all the time in many businesses in the US. No attention to detail at all.

Do you see this where you live?


By Pete Moore On January 31st, 2018 at 9:36 pm

Formula 1 is the latest citadel to fall. It has announced that the grid girls will be put out of a job. Back to the kitchen for them! This is courtesy of the people who used to guffaw at (mostly made up) examples of Victorian puritanism. Yes, Formula 1 is owned by an American corporate, but Western corporates are some of the most craven, PC, go-along-to-get-along entities on the planet. What they are bowing to is ultra Left Wing and truly revolutionary.

We need to choose wisely. The far-Left protects burkas and hijabs – true examples of female servitude – while feigning shock at a bit of leg on display, insisting that the girls be forced out. It would be a good idea for everyone else to choose which side of this they’re on.


By Pete Moore On January 31st, 2018 at 7:04 pm

The BBC/Labour front is pushing hard on lowering the voting age to 16. It’s obvious why. For the same reason that Dems want millions more illegals flooding the country, they assume it’ll mean more votes. That’s all it is. Simple self interest.

Across almost the entire democratic world 18 is the age at which someone becomes eligible to vote. This is still too young of course. Teenagers are stupid and know nothing. Their heads are filled only with the nonsense which so-called teachers (“communist activists”) have put there. The BBC/Labour front fails to mention that 16 year olds cannot do many things which an adult can. They cannot do them because they are not yet adults. 18 is the age at which we become adult (though for SJWs the penny doesn’t drop for many years).

Even so, many 18 year olds are still stupid and are still some years from stumping up taxes. The Left says that paying tax is the measure by which you contribute to society. Fair enough. Therefore you don’t contribute to society if you don’t pay tax, eh?

21* ought to be age at which we can vote. Most of us by then will be working, or about to if we’ve slept through university for three years. That’s when the mind focuses, a more mature outlook develops and a more adult temperament comes through. We’re leaving the family home, building our own stake in the future and looking ahead with more seriousness than in our youth. That’s when we’ve earned the right to an opinion on who should govern.

The voting age ought to be raised to 21*.

(*I’d raise it to 23 and include a property-owning requirement, but hey – I’m no partisan)


By Pete Moore On January 31st, 2018 at 6:34 pm


Church … family … police … military … the national anthem … Trump trying to call on all the tropes of 1950s-era nationalism. The goal of this speech appears to be to force the normalization of Trump on the terms of the bygone era his supporters are nostalgic for.

The Lady is a Trump

By Mahons On January 31st, 2018 at 2:24 pm

One of the takeaways i had last night was the absence of chivalry by the media and internet in regards to the First Lady. There was a lot of wink and a nod type chatter about her not riding to the speech with him and references by a few to her supposed shock at the allegation he paid off a porn star in 2016 regarding some encounter ( the stripper’s name is Stormy, but the encounter was apparently not a discussion of the weather).

Donald Trump’s failings are not his wife’s. She has maintained an obvious interest in a degree of privacy. She appears to be a decent mother. She has been a dignified ambassador and hostess for her nation, a role she probably didnt want but accepted. The fact that other First ladies came under unwarranted attack is no reason that she should be treated unkindly.

As the first immigrant First Lady, and only the second Roman Catholic, she has ably handled a lot of pressure (even that pressure generated by her husband). I hope, probably in vain, that the internet and mass media cut her some more slack.

The King’s Speech

By Mahons On January 31st, 2018 at 11:47 am

Trump’s State of the Union Speech was fine. He pointed to the standard number of do gooders in the gallary. He told us how wonderful we are and he is. He wisely if not completely accurately took credit for the economy. He deplored a group of boogie men (the M16 gang louts). He didnt ramble or foam at the mouth. He identified infrastructure and opiods as issues without actually explaining how he’d deal with them. All in all another day at the beach. We know any temporary Statesman mirage will vanish in tweets, spats and crass imbecility in a matter of days if not hours. Stand by.

Mrs. Rasputin

By Mahons On January 31st, 2018 at 11:27 am

Like Rasputin Hillary Clinton never seems to go away despite being dead. As the little kid in The Sixth Sense said of ghosts, they dont know they are dead. Perhaps it is our short attention span as a nation, or our inability to see beyond veneer, but we have an obsession with celebrity. Even the opposition speech to Trump last night was by a Kennedy.

Clinton’s Grammy appearance reading from the recent unflattering book about Trump was an example of how low we’ve come. It was juvenile, smarmy and supposed to appear cutting edge. Instead it was a depressing reminder that all we could collectively muster as an opposition candidate to the childish celebrity currently in the Oval Office was this person.

The appearance was more galling in the sheer hyprocisy of the moment. The Grammy audience, caught up in self-righteous me-tooing sexual harassment posturing, applauded a politician who shielded her male faith advisor when he was found to have sexually harrassed a young female campaign worker.

It boogles the mind that any campaign has a paid faith advisor, what a gig. This guy sent her daily scripture passages, one imagines via email. I dont suppose he sent Luke 12:2 “all that is concealed will be made known”. Despite getting his wrist slapped instead of fired her Faith Advisor went on to be hired by a Clinton-allied group in 2016, only to be found doing the same thing. The young woman and target of the harassment? Removed from her position and reassigned.

Clinton’s slow response to this revelation was the classic Clinton response he husband perfected: delayed, dismayed as if someone else was the topic, strike out at the source of the story instead of the wrong and do so in a friendly venue -in this case her Facebook page. Trump didn’t invent his approach to scandal, he’s working in great part off the Clinton script. No wonder they used to be such chums.

At some point it is my hope that Clinton is drop kicked to the sidelines and no longer offered as the automatic go to alternative to the Trump disaster. But I am worried that like Rasputin she keeps coming back despite all logic.

The Grand Delusion

By Mahons On January 30th, 2018 at 2:04 pm

I believe there are two camps that make up those of President Trump’s supporters who defend his Administration in regard to the Russian Investigation. In the first camp are those who simply believe that no one in his administration did anything wrong. The second camp is composed of those who dont care if anyone did anything wrong. It is becoming less clear which camp is larger.

Im not sure if anything sunstantive will be brought to light against the President himself. He doesnt act like a particularly innocent man, but he often doesnt act like a raionale man. The chief investigator is seasoned and methodical. While the subject of an investigation (and his lawyers and allies) can be very loose in comments made, the investigator is necessarily more restrained in public comments. That dynamic can skew the perception of those who dont understand it.
I think the Republicans are doing themselves and the country a diservice with their calibrated memo attacking the investigation. Any findings should be bipartisan or not at all. In an earlier post i noted how Democrat Nancy Pelosi wrongly released a transcript, and this proposed release is wrong too.
Mueller has been a well respected prosecutor for too long a time to be subject to partisan diversion, conspiracy theories and infantile Deep State slander.
The investigation into the workings of our system is too important a topic to be treated with the shallow bickering that passes for political debate in our society.

For your comedy pleasure… The People’s State of The Union

By Patrick Van Roy On January 30th, 2018 at 11:37 am

Or The State of Loons in America

Good Morning ATW

By Patrick Van Roy On January 30th, 2018 at 9:55 am

Haven’t been around on a regular basis and so many things have been going on.  The Mueller Prosecution of the Fake charge of Collusion is still going on and still going nowhere. Usually these things wrap up not long after the main target is interviewed.  From what’s been playing in the Press that will be happening over the next 3 weeks if it happens at all.

To address this Farce of an investigation. Unlike the past Administration and the Hillary investigation the Trump Administration has not refused to turn over a single document, they have not refused a single witness, and have not plead the 5th on ANYTHING. They have cooperated 100%. No evidence withheld, deleted, bitbited, or gone missing. Whatever Mueller has let him make his arrests and be done. Will give him the rope for anyone he can hang.

I do want to thank Mueller if it wasn’t for his investigation the corruption of the Obama Administration would have never been exposed, and the dam is breaking. The Mueller Prosecution is based on a piece of Russian Disinformation bought and paid for by the Clintons and the DNC. It was ILLEGALLY used by the Obama Administration to Spy on and attack a Political Opponent.

That ILLEGAL USE is what is about to be cleaned up. We have had members of the FBI & DOJ the highest Law Enforcement Agencies in our Country being involved in the falsification of Evidence, ILLEGALLY  obtaining FISA Warrants, and violating ALL the safeguards of the Patriot Act.

These Agents need to go to Jail.

Any penalties that Obama or the Clintons suffer are a separate issue.  We have sworn Law Enforcement Officers that have falsified evidence, destroyed evidence, and Lied under Oath.

That can not go unpunished and it will not go unpunished. Politicians in Washington are scumbags, amoral, and believe themselves entitled. It is the nature of their Profession. The FBI & DOJ however are no place for Politicians, nor are they the tools of Politicians. They are the tools of the People and will now be held to account.

The FISA MEMO is nothing but a brief summery of the Crimes that have been committed. It’s release is nothing but a preview. It is the proverbial finger in the Dam and that Dam is about to break….. stock up on Popcorn.