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Now There’s A Question …

By ATWadmin On August 8th, 2009

Guy Herbert asks –

What does one call a state partially ruled by a club for police chiefs and ‘law enforcement’ bureaucrats who do not wish to obey the law?

The club in question being (of course) the Association of Chief Police Officers, a private limited company that’s doing rather well.

2 Responses to “Now There’s A Question …”

  1. If ACPO is advising Senior Police Officers that they should ignore the rulings of the European Court of Human Rights are they open to Prosecution by the CPS or is it up to someone to bring a private prosecution in the Civil Courts? ACPO, of course, are not a statutory body but a private limited company. Where do they receive their funds from? Surely, any money charged for performing Criminal Record checks should rightly go to the Government who should be responsible for setting the amount to be charged?

  2. Peter T –

    ACPO receives its funds from corruption, i.e. from selling services to the Home Office and the police forces over which the Chief Police Officers preside.

    A lucrative line is in charging £70 for a criminal record check which costs ACPO 60p to carry out. ACPO has a monopoly on criminal record checks. Legislation drafted by the Home Office since ACPO was formed has hugely increased the reasons for checks must be made.

    It’s straightforward gangsterism.