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The best democracy money can buy!

By ATWadmin On November 9th, 2006

America unplugged!

The rather acid cartoon which accompanies this post is, unfortunately, just one side of the immense problem facing American political thinkers within the next two years, for that time-span ends with the next Presidential elections!

Regarding the American Mid-Term elections, many commentators would simply state that this last fiasco should be the death-knell sounding for Electronic Voting Methods; and it does seem strange that, in the very foundations of American Democracy, there do appear to be cracks in the base materials, and in the manner those foundations are maintained!

As a fairly limited glance at various web-sites would reveal, the problems, so apparent in the hours of the actual voting, have been both long known about, and unfortunately either dismissed or treated as an outcropping of mushrooms (viz. keep dark, feed with bullshit); and as a result, the very will of the People has been obscured! It does seem strange, at first sight, that these problems are being rolled out in what has been looked upon as the very birth-place of electronic competency!

As opposed to, say India, where a simplified electronic device was successfully trialled in 2004, America has, by a combination of political bribery, electronic incompetence and machine-politician driven decisions, got itself tangled up within a flawed system which is going to be almost impossible to untangle without an America-wide return to the old paper ballot system. Conspiracy-theorists apart, it does seem rather strange that people were forced to stand for up to two hours extra, just for the privilege of electing the very people who helped force this ludicrously-expensive system upon an unwilling population!

28 Responses to “The best democracy money can buy!”

  1. Interesting to see that Ireland is still refusing to use said same machines.

  2. I’m somewhat confused (as to exactly what point you’re trying to make) – butgiven the website I’m on, and the ridiculous level of bias and prejusice displayed on a whole range of issues by those who edit this website, I’ll take a wild stab, Now…
    would you by any chance be suggesting that, because Bush and his hapless cronies got a sound thrashing in both elections, that there must be some fault with the machines??

  3. Grassy….,

    You do me an injustice, really you do!

    My point is simply to highlight the fact that what is possibly the most technologically-advanced nation on this planet cannot get a decent electronic voting system up and running due to:-
    a) Political Pork Barrel activity,
    b) Pure incompetence
    c) Possible criminal negligence &
    d) Contractors’inability to be honest about their equipment’s shortcomings!

    The fact that the Democrats have won both the House and the Senate is something I put down to the number of Americans’ with a built-in inability to view the truth as seen by many others in this world of ours. This last failing was well demonstrated by the fact that hundreds of thousands of Yankee dollars were contributed to the IRA collection boxes as they were under the rather naive belief that Northern Ireland was an ‘Occupied Province’, and the murderers for whom the money was destined were actually ‘Freedom Fighters’ or some other garbage!

    This last foolishness was well curtailed very soon after a certain day in September a couple of years ago, when the majority of Americans woke up to the truth that all ‘TERRORISTS’ come from the same mould, and deserve the same fate!

  4. I don’t like the new machines. I don’t trust them. The old lever machines were fine and worked beautifully. There was no reason to change. I used to live in a precinct that used the punch system – – didn’t like that, either.

  5. Mike or shall I call you Big Brother: Please reveal "The Truth" to us. Until then, we’ll just have to accept that maybe we live in a democracy in which the people are allowed to vote for the party/politician they deem best serves their interests.
    As for the hundreds of thousands, I suspect it was more and you rightfully can fault many Americans, whether naive or criminal, who gave money to the modern day IRA. By naive I refer not to the blief that NI is an occupied territory (which I believe it to be), but the belief that the solution was violence. You would still find those who supported the IRA to have been in a minority prior to 9/11, but a vocal minority nonetheless. There was also significant opposition in the Irish-American community to those who supported the modern day IRA, which was often underminded by heavy handed tactics of the UK and the perception (if not reality) of a lack of evenhandedness in dealing with the NI situation.

  6. Well put Mike.

  7. ‘suggesting…that there must be some fault with the machines??

    Priceless comment

    That’s what the democrats do.

  8. PS
    Read Ann Coulters column today for a bit of perspective on the elections (warning to most posters here; it contains facts)


    ”As Roll Call put it back when Clinton was president: "Simply put, the party controlling the White House nearly always loses House seats in midterm elections" — especially in the sixth year.

    In Franklin D. Roosevelt’s sixth year in 1938, Democrats lost 71 seats in the House and six in the Senate.

    In Dwight Eisenhower’s sixth year in 1958, Republicans lost 47 House seats, 13 in the Senate.

    In John F. Kennedy/Lyndon Johnson’s sixth year, Democrats lost 47 seats in the House and three in the Senate.

    In Richard Nixon/Gerald Ford’s sixth year in office in 1974, Republicans lost 43 House seats and three Senate seats.

    Even America’s greatest president, Ronald Reagan, lost five House seats and eight Senate seats in his sixth year in office.”

    Summary : Shit happens in the 6th year

    Time to move on

  9. YOY – how fitting, your name itself was shouted by weeping Republicans all day yesterday and today (Why Oh Why?).

    Ann Coulter as a historian neglected to mention that while seats are lost in midterm elections the entire House is not commonly lost (this is only the third time since the late 1940’s). Time to move on from your partisanship and join the mainstream in seeking some solutions.

  10. I support a simple machine readable paper ballot.

    Computers can be hacked, and there are a great many politicians of all stripe that given the right situation would be happy to participate in electronic fraud.

    In the US, I think that there are many moveon.org types that would eagerly engage in the hacking of an electronic system

  11. There have only been 4 two term presidents since the late 40’s and you say 3 have lost the house.
    so what is your point?

    Read the column again

    ”Also, when Clinton won the presidency in 1992, his party actually lost 10 seats in the House — only the second time in the 20th century that a party won the White House but lost seats in the House.”

    There is no sea change just normal US politics.

  12. YOY – No need to read it again, her screeching is difficult enough to endure the first time. My point is that a loss of seats is normal, a loss of enough seats to loss control of the House is devastating (HENCE THE ATTENTION IT IS GETTING).

  13. YOY,
    Johnson was the only wartime President on your list and he did not seek re-election. Not surprising really was it?

    You know, it takes something for a wartime administration to lose control of both houses.

    As for Anne Coulter, what a dope; she tells us in Canada that the US can just roll over and crush us. Better not tell her that the US main import of oil comes from here.,Oh, and what about 1812, didn’t the US President run off to hide in the woods to leave his wife to handle the Canadians who then torched the White House?

  14. STU – If you don’t blame us for Coulter we won’t blame you for Celine Dion.
    Seriously, please believe me when I say that the overhwelming majority of Americans recognize Canada as a valued ally.

  15. Stu

    Not sure why we are talking about about Canada (no-one else does) but are you seriously suggesting that the US couldn’t crush Canada – which would by default give them control of the oil?
    I think the idea of having to deal with Quebec is what stops them.

    ”Johnson was the only wartime President on your list and he did not seek re-election. Not surprising really was it?”
    No it’s not. He was useless and he knew it.

    Anyway it could be said that all post WW11 Presidents were still War presidents.
    Remember the Cold War? You know the one they teach kids in Canada was won by the Mounties?

    Clinton was also a war president but he was too busy being blown to realise it.

  16. "In the US, I think that there are many moveon.org types that would eagerly engage in the hacking of an electronic system"

    the companies that make the electronic votinc machines are very partisan and virtually unregulated. its not moveon types you need to fear.

  17. YOY – Brillant! Start a war with Canada who fought on the beaches with us on D-Day, stood with us against the Soviets, are serving with us in Afghanistan and snuck dozens of our embassy employees out of Iran during the Hostage crisis.
    I am not sure of your gender but given the line about Clinton I’ll guess male. In that hope and with apologies to our host for the language allow me to note that during the American Civil War President Lincoln was warned that the successful General Grant was too fond of whiskey. He remarked "Let me know what kind and I’ll send a barrel of it to my other generals." I submit to you that if "getting blown" effected the Clinton presidency then perhaps we should recommend it as a remedy for the Bush presidency.

  18. YOY,
    Loved Bubba, he moved the Presidency into cartoon-land; every time he got caught out he threw a few more bombs at another hapless country. That’s not war, just one diversion after another.

    You mean not everyone knows that the Mounties won the cold war? Somehting amiss with your history books.

    Crush Canada? The US can’t even swallow countries like Iraq, Vietnam and Somalia. What on earth makes you think that the US military is any kind of match for the Mounties?

  19. Mahons

    I wasn’t suggesting it as any child could have determined
    Read it again and grow up.

    Canada seems not to be the proud and heroic nation it was (politically at least )continually sniping at the US safe in the knowledge that the US won’t retaliate militarily and would defend Canada if it was ever attacked. All without having to pay the defence costs. Perfect.
    Just like continental Europeans having 200000 GI’s stationed in Germany to do its fighting.

    And it could be argued that the ‘effect’ of Clinton being blown was 9/11
    Remember the 1st attempt on the towers was Feb 93.

    Clinton was asleep on duty

  20. YOY- Where to start? Why would we react militarily to constant snipping if it were even true? Are you that deluded?
    We have defense treaties with the Canadians whose armed forces continue to work together with our troops (although not in Iraq which is their perogative).
    If you want to argue that the Monica Lewinsky scandal resulted in the World Trade Center attacks of 9/11, knock yourself out. But I submit to you that it would demonstrate a deep misunderstanding of oral sex and terrorism. Of course you may be confusing getting blown with blowing up.

  21. Mahons

    I would suggest it is not their perogative.
    Their neigbour and ally was attacked on its own soil and they couldn’t be arsed to send even a bugle boy to Iraq in a show of solidarity
    Some friend.

    9/11 was 9 months after the BJ boy left office
    BJ had the chance to capture Bin laden but f**ked up
    Now do you see the connection?

    For all you democrat gloaters this is for you..



  22. YOY – Newsflash – Iraq didn’t blow up the World Trade Center. Thus Canada didn’t have any treaty obligation to join in this particular fray. You’ve really got to reserve your bile for the nation’s enemies, not its friends.
    I am far more disappointed at Bush’s failure to get Bin Laden when we’ve committed so many resources to that end. You seem to know Clinton wasn’t in office for months before 9/11 and that Bush was in office. I can’t fault Bush for not anticipating the attack, but it was on his watch so you should be more careful with your reckless charges.
    As for your comments on Clinton’s BJs I am not sure of the nature of your obsession with that particular sexual act. Since you seem way too tense to have much experience in that area allow me to advise you that it is better to receive than give.

  23. YOY – i can see where you are coming from and you do make a point. God that episode of US history was boring and embarrassing for them and meanwhile off stage left…. And of course at this point in time people would curtail power. Fact is the democrats have had all this time to make the best of profering solutions versus Bush, who lets face it was easy pickings…you couldnt ask for easier pickings..and havent. nada. It looks like they have had to get in on a conservative vote too so i dont think they are quite headed down Europes welfare path yet – if they deviate they’ll screw their chances. We all wait with baited breath for their solutions to terrorism.LOL. There is nothing to gloat about. They have their work cut out for them. The win was the easy peasy part. If anything i think the Reps will gain more out of this in the long run. And at least we wont have to hear about Bush being the b all and end all butt of the joke. The Demos can take up the flack. Cant wait.

  24. >>Since you seem way too tense to have much experience in that area allow me to advise you that it is better to receive than give.<<


  25. >> YOY – i can see where you are coming from<<

    So can I. It’s just that in our country they don’t let themn out of it unless they have someone like Andrew to look after them.

  26. On the subject of US Canadian relations maybe Canada should look again at- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Defence_Scheme_No._1

  27. ”it is better to receive than give.”
    Could almost be Canada’s national motto

    Anyway Canada has been targeted by the Terrorists despite all its appeasement


  28. YOY -They stand on guard.