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Remember when cartooons used to feature ‘Mighty Mouse?

By ATWadmin On November 9th, 2006

behead danish.jpg

The photo shown is representative of the banners hoisted and paraded during the disgraceful march by about three hundred howling ‘jihadi’ moronic muslims to the Danish Embassy when they ‘demonstrated’ against the publication of some minor cartoons which took a gentle look at the ‘prophet’ named mohammed and his islamic religion!

One person demonstrating, while dressed as a ‘suicide bomber’, was recognised as a common criminal out on lience, and was summarily returned to prison!

There was only other one so far arrested and charged with any criminal behaviour at that disgusting event! Disgusting not because of the violence called for on the banners, but because the police didn’t immediately step in and arrest all of the marchers, much the same as those prevented from showing flags during the similar demonstration against the Chinese occupation of Tibet.

The convicted demonstrator, one Mizanur Rahman, also stated that he had been ‘carried away’ by the fury of the event, when he called "Oh Allah, we want to see another 9/11 in Iraq… in Denmark… in Spain… in France… all over Europe. Oh Allah, destroy all of them.", and also "We don’t want to see them in Baghdad, in Iraq any more. We want to see them coming home in body bags, we want to see their blood running in the streets of Baghdad, we want to see their blood running in Fallujah!"

We will now ask for suggestions as to the destination to which the now convicted race-hate-apologist should indeed be "carried away" to!

4 Responses to “Remember when cartooons used to feature ‘Mighty Mouse?”

  1. Disgusting behaviour I agree. And a perfect example of the base tribalist hatred at the heart of all religions.
    Is this sort of behaviour really any worse than grown men screaming at Catholic children on their way to school in Belfast, or fundamentalist US preachers advocating the execution of doctors carrying out legal abortions, or Palestinian children stabbing a sack representing an Israeli Jew?
    I used to labour under the misapprehension that religious belief was intended to improve people, to give them high moral standards and respect for their fellow humanity.
    Now I realise that it is merely a vehicle for tribalism of the worst kind — a creed granting automatic superiority over any other belief system and a demonisation of anyone daring to differ from the particular world view.
    A personal religious belief can be a beautiful thing — organise it into a religion, bring it to it’s ultimate extreme conclusion and you have suicide bombers, sectarian death squads and bible literalists advocating war in the middle east to hasten the ‘end-times.’
    This article concerning fanatical Islam is just one example of why you should keep religion in your home and out of the public arena.

  2. Human Animals,

    talk about tarring everyone with the same brush! Religion has been inextricably linked with civilisation since the beginning of History. If you take anything to an "ultimate conclusion" no doubt it becomes bad. But by lumping all religion into one undifferentiated mass, you’re just being lazy.

    You’re also running the risk of the same method being employed on you. Do you want to be grouped with Stalin and Mao and other infamous atheist mass-murderers?

    Returning to the issue in hand, I find it strange that this fellow has been found guilty under "racial" laws, which don’t seem to apply to what he said and did. The charge that the jury couldn’t reach a verdict on, namely "incitement to murder" (is there such a crime as "incitement to violence"?) seems more appropriate. The point Mike makes is valid – why did the Police do so little at the time? Why is this man the only one (so far) to face trial for parading around calling for the death of anyone insulting Islam? Everyone carrying such a placard should have been immediately arrested, and the contrast with the disgraceful treatment meted out to protesters at the time of the visit by that Chinese Communist murderer is very clear. As I understand it, Police at the time were fuming that they were told to do nothing.

  3. David you have to do a post on this


  4. Richard — you’re making the assumption that I’m an atheist, apparently because I’m opposed to organised religion.
    I already stated in my post above that ‘a personal religious belief can be a beautiful thing’, but purely in common sense terms, no religious belief can be absolutely right or wrong — it is purely a matter of personal choice. It is impossible to ‘prove’ that you have chosen the correct deity or that you know ‘what God wants’.
    Unfortunately, once you become part of an organised religion, you are automatically allowing someone else to make the rules up for you, and whilst the overwhelming majority of religious people do little or no harm to others, the opportunity is there for unscrupulous or just plain unhinged individuals to harness the virtually unlimited power of unquestioning belief for financial, psychological or murderous ends.

    ”by lumping all religion into one undifferentiated mass, you’re just being lazy.”

    Really? You seriously think that Islam, Christianity, and Judaism have some sort of heirarchy of goodness? What all these religions (and their respective offshoots) do is preach their own absolute correctness, to the point of demonising all others. Such blind, entirely illogical hatred can readily be twisted into the realms of violence and genocide.
    Grouping people into one particular religion merely perpetuates tribalism of the worst kind.
    A recent example is the US docu-film ‘Jesus Camp’, one of the most disturbing fims you’re ever likely to see, as it’s all true. A group of young people, from the age of six onwards, are sent to a Christian camp, where they are encouraged to be prepared to ‘die for Jesus’, are told that all other faiths are wrong and should be destroyed, that evolutionary theory is evil, abortionist doctors should be shot and most bizarrely, that global warming is a lie. I don’t know about you Richard, but to me this is a fine example of the preaching of hatred to vulnerable minors, under the guise of Godliness. Should we really be surprised if these children grow up to be religious zealots advocating hatred and intolerance?

    ‘Do you want to be grouped with Stalin and Mao and other infamous atheist mass-murderers?’

    For the record I’m not an atheist and I loathe Communism and it’s gross human-rights abuses. A firm but fair secular democracy will do just fine.