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By ATWadmin On November 10th, 2006

795151-543532-thumbnail.jpgI see that former Conservative Foreign Secretary Malcolm Rifkind has accused the US of delaying the verdict in Saddam Hussein’s trial to coincide with the mid-term polls. He told BBC One’s Question Time he had no evidence but the timing of the verdict was “deeply suspect”.  Maybe he thinks the evidence against poor Saddam was rigged too?

Apart from the obvious patronising insult this delivers to the Iraqi Judiciary and the Iraqi Government, the other point is that poor demented Rifkind just “thinks it” and it becomes a major UK headline just because it chimes in with MSM moonbattery thinking on this. Rifkind and the MSM do not give a damn about what the people of Iraq want – they are obsessed with now bringing Tony Blair to book for his “war-crimes”.

Malcolm Rifkind embodies the very worst traits of patrician conservatism. His smug complacency, his seething dislike of US conservatism, and his self-image as the man who wanted to be king but failed all combine to make him a most detestable character….

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