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By ATWadmin On November 10th, 2006

Interesting to read that MI5 knows of 30 Islamic terror plots and is keeping 1,600 individuals under surveillance, the security service’s head has said. In a speech Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller said the terror threat was “serious” and “growing” and would be “with us for a generation”. She warned future terrorists could mount chemical or nuclear attacks.

These plots often have linked back to al-Qaeda in Pakistan and through those links al-Qaeda gives guidance and training to its largely British foot soldiers here on an extensive and growing scale.”


I listened to BBC coverage of this and two points struck me;

1. A pathetic need to avoid using the word “Muslim” or “Islam” in relation to these legions of UK suspected Jihadists.

2. A need to downplay MI5’s summary of the scale of the Jihad threat. It’s almost as if they want to wish it away!!

I fear that it will take the UK to experience a horror on the scale of 9/11 for the MSM to confront the reality that faces them but which they don’t like reporting. Even then, you can be sure that blame for such future atrocities will be attributable to OUR side on the war on terror. The enemy within…! 


  1. Muslim extremists, whether home grown or foreign, wish to kill us. They wish to convert the world to Islam and they tell us of their aims. They indoctrinate their children with a hatred of the West, particularly Israel and the Great Satan (I think we come third in the list). They try to usurp or laws and our tolerance by using them against us. They are succeeding.

    Our response is to examine our culture to see what we are doing wrong which might cause this hatred. We look to see where we can be even more tolerant and accommodating. It is a civilised approach but it is wrong.

    We must learn to believe what they (Muslim Extremists) openly tell us and act accordingly. The evidence is there in abundance. We must support our culture – it is not all good but it is not all bad either – it is, however, superior to an Islamic alternative. We must recognise and accept the truth -something that the government and the BBC seems reluctant to do. We must not place our heads in the sand. I hope that we do not ezperience an incident to rival 9/11 but I fear we might. Would even this, however, bring us to our senses?

  2. I don’t think Britian having it’s own 9/11 would bring you to your senses. It didn’t seem to bring us to ours!

  3. Charles,

    I fear you may be right!

  4. I think the threat is exaggerated and we are being scared into believing all this in order to justify ever increasing security powers and mumbers of personnel in organisations like Mi5. A truely efficient and professional security service says nothing about what it kis doing or what it knows and doesn’t make speeches telling the public how many people it is monitoring.

    Undoubtedly there is a threat of Islamic terrorism but I don’t belive it is anything like the doommongering ‘end of civilisation as we know it’ sized threat that we are constantly being warned about.

  5. Peter T becarefull what you say or you could be burned as a heretic by some over here, didn’t anyone tell you it’s all GW Bush or the USs fault that islamic terror exist.

    Question and this is a serious one, what will it take for you to believe the threat?

    How many dead?

    How many attacks?

    How many statements from the Muslim leadership that the west must be destroyed?

    Give us some numbers so the rest of us can know when we should be concerned. In other words make the argument to support your belief that there is no threat or not a large enough one…

  6. Colm

    Just this week a British convert to Islam was sentenced to 40 years at the Old Baily for planning a wave of bomb attackes in the UK, including a dirty bomb. I think the threat is clear enough.

    As to MI5, this is the era of glasnost. A few years ago the name of head of the organisation would not have ben known to the public, never mind making statements.

  7. Troll

    Each individual has to make their own decision how concerned to be. You don’t actually know any more than I do how serious the threat is. Some people think the biggest danger to their well being is envinronmental isues, some thing it is economic issues , some believe Islamic terrorism and others think crime in general. We’re all different in what we consider to be the most pressing concerns.

    I happen to think the threat from Islamic terrorism is a significant crime issue but not one in which Western countries need to fear for their very existence. I could be wrong I don’t know. but then again so might you. I am just expressing my opinion.

  8. PETER

    Any twisted individual or groups of individuals can plan on paper the most apocalyptic terror scenarios imaginable it doesn’t necessary mean they had or would have ever been able to carry out those actions . Yes the US suffered the horror of 9/11 a genuine surprise attack which can probably not be repeated , and yes we had our 7/7 bombings but in 5 years… absolutely nothing else in the UK or US. Surely if these groups were as powerfull as we are being warned they are, they would have for example on 7/7 arranged for waves of dozens of bombers to detonate on that day and subsequent days. (nowithstanding the failed events of 2 weeks later).

    I am not trying to pretend there is no threat at all, I just think these organisations don’t have the power or abilities to do a fraction of what we fear they might do.

  9. MI5 should do their job quietly methodically and without any fuss or publicity. They should not be issuing press releases or interviews telling the world what they are doing and how difficult and overwhelming their workload is. Talk about giving crumbs of useful info to the enemy.

  10. bump