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Finding Excuses to Travel Abroad

By ATWadmin On September 28th, 2009

Ecclesiastes 3 :  To everything there is a season….

I love to travel, and I love to receive visitors from abroad.  I have absolutely nothing against travel, per se.  But there really is a time and place for everything. With international headlines like these on Drudge:

Iran conducts third round of missile tests…

‘Could reach Israel’…

Russia: Iranian missile tests cause concern…

Revolutionary Guards begin war games…

Venezuela exploring uranium deposits with Russia…

China to display upgraded missiles in parade…

India raises nuclear stakes; Can make high-yield weapons…

Not to mention our troubled war in Afghanistan, domestic financial woes and high unemployment, why is Barack Obama, the President of the United States, going to Copenhagen to pitch Chicago for future Olympic games???

Seriously. What’s wrong with President Obama ???

45 Responses to “Finding Excuses to Travel Abroad”

  1. I agree the trip to Denmark is absurd.

  2. The Chicago establishment was pushing him to make this trip ( not that it is the best use of his time. Esp since the Olympics is the biggest waste of time for any city )

    In general, I get the feeling that this Obama never works. He is always flitting off to make a speech about whatever. He needs a Cheney to get some work done while he is waxing eloquent in front of some teleprompter

  3. He’s a big Global Warming guy yet look at the air miles he puts on.

    If they gave Frequent Flyer miles in Air Force One, he’d have a free trip to Jupiter by now.

  4. Your problem isn’t that he keeps flying abroad, it’s that you always let him back in again.

  5. I will ask Gore to sell him some carbon credits, then all will be well.

  6. Pete – The birthers might say it was part of our loose immigration policy.

    I find this particular trip beyond unnecessary, especially at a time when we are presented with crisis after crisis. The Olympics is too shallow an event for this level of promotion.

  7. The Olympics should be cancelled, permanently.

    The five rings stand for nationalism, corruption, doping, cheating, and cronyism

    A criminal waste of time.

  8. >>and I love to receive visitors from abroad<<

    Careful, Patty. The next knock on the door may be Pinky with a large suitcase in hand. 🙂

  9. I went to Oklahoma and spent a week there one day.

  10. Not physically possible Noel. Phantom can tell you why 😉

  11. Why can’t she reach around the window frame and knock on her own door?

    " Hark, a visitor "!

  12. Noel is probably scratching his head saying "What are those 2 on about"

  13. >>Not physically possible Noel<<

    Why, Colm?

    Actually, Patty may come to regret that even more. I’m planning to take the family to the States next summer: NY; FLA and CAL. Wasn’t actually planning on LA, but now that she mentions it……

  14. Noel

    It’s not possible for the same reason that mahons can’t pay a visit to himself.

    Is that clear?

  15. Eh?
    Hmmm. … it is really possible…?

    Then again, both two-syllabled words, both beginning with P and ending with Y, both of five letters?

    OK, let’s see: Patty, can you translate into English: "Aam awa t’get me bap chapped, hey"?

  16. Now that sure would be one heck of split personality!…

  17. The mystery began to unravel last week.

    Don’t forget, no one has ever seen them together.

  18. Here is the reason Noel . Phantom found it.


  19. And what do we have here

    In southern California, mind you.

  20. Both Pinky and Patty start with "P" and end with "Y", and there is a jewelry store somewhere near LA, therefore, Pinky = Patty?

    The level of logic, deduction and insight on this site never ceases to amaze me! 🙂

    Voila some new puzzles for you geniuses:

    If a tree falls in a forest, does that mean red apples are sour?

    or, this one,

    if the sky is blue does that mean leprechauns can fly?

    Answers on Wednesday.

  21. She doth protest too much

  22. Noel: "Aam awa t’get me bap chapped, hey"?

    translation: "I’m about to get hit (or somehow knocked out, perhaps figuratively)….hey!" ?

  23. Bye

    Time to go have some after work beverages

  24. Patty whats this Barack Hussen Obama shit you have tagged your blog with?

  25. WTF? Barrack Hussein Obama is POTUS’ name! The tag is the name of the person being discussed.

  26. >>"I’m about to get hit (or somehow knocked out, perhaps figuratively)….hey!" <<

    Actually, you’re not too far off. It’s "Im going to have my hair cut" in good Ulster brogue. Pinky would have known that.

    What this about "tagging your blog"? Have you got a blog, Patty, one you havent told us about?

  27. Noel: Another blog? surely you jest!

    Writing on ATW is distraction enough.. my house unclean, meals uncooked, cars not tuned, bank balanced out of whack etc.

    I believe Paul M. was referring to the "tag" at the end of my post above. I don’t think he knew that President Obama’s full name is: Barack Hussein Obama. I’m not sure but it’s possible that he thought I was making fun of Barack. That’s not something I’m into though.

    IMO, Obama offers enough legitimate screw ups; I don’t need to mock his name. (or family, or anything personal like that)

  28. Sorry , fair enough. My fault

  29. I tend not to like slums, neither the mental nor the environmental.
    Just a preference of mine.

    And who on earth carries their own suitcase?

    I love when Noel is trying to flirt with Patty- he will try anything. Very desperate looking, isn’t it? Noel, couldn’t you have angled your way into Patty’s home all by yourself?

    Tut Tut.

  30. Pinky: "Very desperate looking, isn’t it? Noel, couldn’t you have angled your way into Patty’s home all by yourself?"

    I wouldn’t take his flirtations too seriously. I think he might be playing with you (and me).

    "who on earth carries their own suitcase?"

    I do! and speaking of slums, how was Cuba?

  31. Cuba, as usual was fabulous, and I would dare to guess quite superior to many places you are familiar with.

    It appears, like most females, of any worth, I find little ‘playful’ about Noel’s behaviour at all. I find it quite pitiful, really.

    To each their own, I suppose.

  32. What I’m trying to say, Pinky, is that I think (of course I don’t know for certain) that Noel might be teasing you (and me.) Now I can’t speak for Noel, obviously, but usually if you ignore someone who is teasing, they stop eventually.

  33. Oh no, little Miss Split-Personality is arguing with herself again 😉

  34. I’m beginning to think that Colm and Troll are the same person.

  35. Monica should be so lucky 🙂

  36. Colm: hahahaha 🙂

    I guess I’m busted.

  37. Patty

    It is quite funny though that there is a person on facebook called Patty-Pinky. Back in the real world, is Pinky INSANELY Jealous of Noel’s flirty intentions towards you ?

  38. "Back in the real world, is Pinky INSANELY Jealous of Noel’s flirty intentions towards you ?"

    hahaha. it sure seems that way, doesn’t it. Hard to believe that Pinky and Noel would fight over me, but it does seem that way. 😉

    Back in the virtual world: "little Miss Split-Personality…" — that just cracked me up.

  39. >>I wouldn’t take his flirtations too seriously.<<

    Patty, how dare you suggest Pinky shouldn’t take something too seriously!

    >>I love when Noel is trying to flirt with Patty- he will try anything. Very desperate looking, isn’t it? Noel, <<

    Pinky, I’ll let you into a secret: I was only trying to debunk these silly rumours that you are actually someone with manners and who can spot a joke.

  40. You do know what the 3 of you ought to do don’t you ?

  41. Noelle:

    "Pinky, I’ll let you into a secret: I was only trying to debunk these silly rumours that you are actually someone with manners and who can spot a joke"

    Nah, Noel, you try to bully your way around ATW and when challenged, you pout and stomp like the child that you are. LOL you even cry to the host.

    You are a very sad wee man. if you think there are others here who have NOT cringed with embarassment for you, when you are trolling for some female attention, not only are you thick, but extremely naive.

  42. "Pinky INSANELY Jealous of Noel’s flirty intentions towards you .."

    Of course it could never be:

    Like most of the other women here, I stand up to Noel’s bullying of any woman who dares to/dared to call Patty out on her lies on this board. There is a trend, you all see it, and you all know it is there.

    If Noel wants to argue a political point with me, in a mannerly fashion, he will be treated with the courtesy he deserves;

    If Noel wants to bully/put down/harass me ( or indeed anyone else) based on his ‘relationship’ with Patty and his obvious neediness, then he will be dealt with as he deserves.

    That is only fair.

    As for taking the board seriously- I take politics seriously- I do not take other posters seriously. I don’t know any of you other than to shoot the breeze. And unlike some, that’s the way I like to keep it.

  43. Oh, look, the dog is returning to her own vomit again!

    Pinky, just one example so close in front of your nose that even you might be able to see it:

    You arrived on this thread with an ugly personal attack on Patty when she hadn’t said a word against you.
    Your lack of humour is probably such that you were actually offended by the harmless banter between Colm, Phantom and me about the similarity in names.

    To each according to his needs, indeed – I need and break and you need a life.

  44. Noel,

    You sad pathetic little wanker.

    Go back and read who instigated the whole thing.

    You fool no one.

  45. Pinky: You brought in the nasty with your comment about LA=slum at 6:02, and with your mindless swipe at Noel re:flirting. I don’t see you addressing any serious issue. Please, if you’re not going to address an issue, at least try to have a sense of humor.