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By ATWadmin On November 10th, 2006

Interesting to read that a Christian charity bringing Christmas cheer to needy children abroad has decided to ban Jesus, God and anything else connected with its own faith. Operation Christmas Child, run by the charity Samaritan’s Purse, sends festive packages to deprived youngsters in countries ravaged by war and famine. 

Donors are asked to pack shoeboxes with a cuddly toy, a toothbrush and toothpaste, soap and flannel, notepads, colouring books and crayons – but nothing to do with Christmas. Stories from the Bible, images of Jesus and any other Christian literature are expressly forbidden – in case Muslims are offended.

Showing it’s own moral bankruptcy, A Church of England spokesman added:

"We are very clear that in Britain, Muslims are not offended by Christians celebrating Christmas. In other parts of the world, in Muslim countries, if Muslims have strong values that would regard this as a hostile act, it is different. Ideally, a child would receive a present with a Madonna and Child card, but if that is not possible, it is more important than the aid gets through than the Christian message."


Sorry – I’m confused.

First,  if Muslims are going to be soooo offended by images of Christian faith then maybe they would be better to seek help from fellow Muslims.

Second, for a Church of England spokesman to define "aid getting through" as "more important that the Christian message" is a scandal. It is little wonder that Anglicanism has rotted to the core with this thinking prevailing.

There is NOTHING wrong with providing Aid to foreign lands, including Muslim lands. But neither should we be censoring our OWN faith. This is pure dhimmi thinking.


  1. Only Monty Python could do justice to this kind of nonsense.

    Go and make disciples of all the nations – except the Muslims obviously.

    We know that even Peter denied Christ when he was afraid and fear of Islam is the motivation for this. Peter overcame his fear and was crucified for proclaiming the risen Christ. We need to follow his example in season and out of season.

  2. Well, it seems like these days Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas if you didn’t have the scare stories about how the evil Muslims are causing it to disappear. It’s almost as traditional as I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday!

  3. why is he insinuating that British muslims don’t have strong values ?
    Are they not as radical as the church of England would like ?

    It makes sense even if you are fortunate though, everybody knows Sunday dinner is far more important than going to listen to these plebs drivel.

  4. Oh my how confusing this religious stuff all is.

    On the one hand we have the Church of England and the UK Govt, absolutely terrified of offending the Muslim community.

    On another hand we have the British Muslims, who say that Christmas doesn’t offend them at all.

    And on a third (?) hand, we have people such as Christian friends of mine, who believe that Christmas is merely a pagan festival hijacked by certain branches of Christianity in an entirely mawkish and unbiblical manner.

    In reality, Christmas is about maxing out your credit cards to buy your children hi-tech toys that will gather dust in a corner and stuffing yourself silly whilst wondering if you can pick up a bargain in the New Year sales with that £50 in your emergency money box.

    Radical suggestion: — how about dumping all religious and commercial festivals in the bin and getting a life?

  5. In light of Human Animal’s grinch-like request that we dump one of the greates tcelebrations on earth I offer these politcally corrected Christmas Carols (it must be friday):

    1. We Three Queens
    2. O Little Town in Occupied Palestine
    3. I’m Dreaming of a Race-Neutral Christmas
    4. Frosty the Snow Person
    5. I Saw Mommy Kissing Mrs. Claus
    6. Rudoplh the Free Range Reindeer
    7. White Male Tyrant Weneslas
    8. Angels We Have Heard While High
    9. Santa Claus & Global Warming are Coming to Town
    10. Come O Ye Faithful (using safe sex)

    There, I’ve demonstrated a complete disregard for a constructive use of my time. Merry Christmas.

  6. Mahons

    Did you really make them all up yourself if so (Santa)hats off to you.

    Of course you had to go and spoil the politically correct theme of your posting by ending it with the Islamophobic WesternImperialist Christiocentric racist anti-atheist offensive term ‘Merry Christmas’

  7. LOL. Very good Mahons, particularly ‘O Little Town in Occupied Palestine.’

    Regarding me being a ‘Grinch’ for wishing to dump Christmas, I should stress that Christians are doing an infinitely better job than I ever could.

    As already pointed out, 21st century Christmas is merely a festival of commerce with a few token religious trapping thrown in for sentimental reasons.
    As if that’s not enough we have lots of little Christian sects and the JWs shouting that it doesn’t say anywhere in the bible that we should celebrate Jesus birthday or even what date he was born. Add to that the idea that the huge minority (3% of the UK population and counting) who are Muslim might be upset by a nativity scene in their local post office and you have a supposedly religious festival reduced to a shopping bonanza.

    If we all put our foot down and said ‘no we’re not going to spend thousands of pounds every year on lining retailers pockets’ and ‘if I want to celebrate the birth of Jesus/Mohammed/Buddha/Mickey Mouse in my own home I will’, then we might get some credit for thinking for ourselves rather than being led by the nose by commerce, religious leaders and nanny government.

  8. Colm: I am afraid they came from my warped mind (while I should be working). You are right that I blew it in the end and should have signed off with the phrase "Merry Solstice".

    Happy Animals: Dude, I can’t deny the element of materialism (sigh, the shops are already putting Christmas stuff out), but I am not going to let the materialism diminish what is a wonderful and glorious holiday happily celebrated in a genuine way by millions of Christians throughout the world because a few cynics or other naysayers.

  9. I hope the people of America acknowledge, and continue, this creative streak in mahons by making another Dem. win in 2008.

    Meanwhile I merely suggest that the generic name be changed to Christmas Cindies.

  10. >>Merry Solstice"<<

    While in Bethlehem itself they now give tidings with "Happy Ham-mas".

  11. Cunningham: We centrists are floating on air with relief and hope. I am sure we’ll crash and burn all too soon, but let us have our moment. BTW I intend to use your Happy Ham-mas line here at the office. I’ll give you credit but no royalties (thus holding the line against commercialism). Slainte.

  12. >>I’ll give you credit but no royalties<<

    You mean I don’t get my share of punches in the face.

    In any case, all pales in comparision to your 1, 2 and 3 above.

    Meanwhile, the cork in a least one bottle of bubbly will fly in our house tonight in celebration. Whatever happens, the fact is the nightmare of unilateralist lunacy and jingoist-driven foreign policy is over. What’s even better, the people have learned their lesson and won’t make the same mistake so quickly again. Welcome back to the world.

  13. Cunningham: I am centrist not leftist, I don’t see unilateral action as necessarily wrong in all cases (and I see universal inaction wrong in many others).