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A Snapshot of Newshound

By ATWadmin On November 10th, 2006

I love John Fay’s Newshound site.  It assists greatly in my coverage of Ulster affairs.  I thought this morning I’d give a few excerpts from the articles John has included and formulate my own response to them.  Here goes:

  1. ‘Relatives of the 29 people who died in the Omagh bombing have accused Sinn Fein of blocking a memorial at the site of the explosion.

    The families of the victims, who included a woman who was eight months pregnant with twins, reacted furiously to the reopening of the street in which the bomb exploded in August 1998.

    The town council, which is dominated by Sinn Fein, had promised that a memorial to the victims would be unveiled when the street reopened after a £1.7 million refurbishment.

    Michael Gallagher, whose teenage son Aiden was killed in the explosion, said that urgent action was needed to have the memorial put in place. Mr Gallagher said he had no doubt that the memorial had not been installed at the site of the explosion — the worst single terrorist atrocity of the Troubles — because Sinn Fein had objected to the wording (republican).’  Families blame Sinn Fein for bomb memorial delay.  The Times.  Don’t you just love the hypocrisy.  We have a political cancer, which is quite prepared to illegally erect memorials to its own balaclava-wearing terrorist offal, yet is also in a position to block the unveiling of a memorial to 29 innocent victims of a ‘dissident’ republican faction over the inclusion of the term ‘republican’.  Lest we forget that Sinn Fein has done nothing to assist the police in apprehending those responsible.

  2. ‘Comptroller Thompson’s report is timely because it comes at a time when the political balance is tipping towards the Democrats, the US party traditionally more favourably disposed to fair play for Northern nationalists and the unification of Ireland.’  The US’s vital role.  Irelandclick.com.  America has had many Democrat presidents and Northern Ireland has always been a part of the United Kingdom.  Nationalists seem to believe ‘Irish America’ is a sleeping giant destined to wake and apply the same pressure on the UK as Eisenhower did over Suez.  You’ve got to laugh at their removal from reality.

  3. ‘Under the Good Friday agreement, the British are obliged to force all public bodies carry out inequality audits, and come up with plans to monitor and improve their record, not just for employment but also for procurement and investment decisions. The Irish government, as an equal partner in the agreement, is obliged to ensure that this occurs.

    Eight years later, it has not happened, and there is therefore a strong case that the British and Irish governments are in effect reneging on the Good Friday agreement.

    And if the substance of equality is being ignored, so too is the symbolism. When will we see the Irish tricolor flying alongside the Union Jack on public buildings?’  Editorial.  Irish Echo.  Northern Ireland has the strictest policies on equality anywhere within the European Union.  Instead of plastic paddies throwing their ignorance at this country, they should address many of the appalling inequalities in their own.  Find a comparable incident to that suffered by Billie Holiday in Northern Ireland and perhaps then you can start shooting your mouths off.  In response to the question on the Irish Tricolour, the answer is ‘Never’.

  4. ‘A DUP led by the Rev Ian Paisley agreeing to share power with Irish republicans, to sit on an all-Ireland ministerial council and to be part of arrangements which have at their core the principles of equality, justice and human rights.

    If the DUP come into these arrangements it will be a final acknowledgement by this most recalcitrant unionist constituency that the days of domination, inequality and discrimination are gone for ever.’  Jim Gibney.  The Irish News.  Instead of parroting the tired old mantras of ‘inequality, perhaps the arch Shinner can give us examples.  Maybe he should then go to various other countries around the world and see how badly some minorities are really treated.  It would be enough to make the Catholic millionaires on the Malone Road choke on their high-fibre breakfasts.

44 Responses to “A Snapshot of Newshound”

  1. Andrew, you really do seem bereft of new ideas and creativity. You constantly whinge on about the same things most of the time in a very lazy way – in this instance quoting other peoples work and then adding little bits of your own opinion which we have all heard a million times is just plain lazy.

    Most people who view this site enjoy the posts, particularly David’s as they are original, well crafted and always different. David’s Unionism, like my own and the majority of people in Ulster’s is well balanced, decent and not bigoted – you seem to be constantly using unionism as a cover for nothing more than raw hatred and sordid bigotry.

    If you must insist on continuing then please PLEASE at least do so without the laziness, with some creativity, hard work and at least some originality.

  2. Andrew, good point about the Omagh bomb memorial. The hypocracy of the shinners is breathtaking.

  3. ”The Omagh town council, which is dominated by Sinn Fein,”

    Sorry am I missing something here? SF/IRA were/are Republican terrorists. Republican terrorists carried out the Omagh atrocity, murdering 29 people and devestating the town centre. SF are blocking the memorial because of the words ‘Republican terrorists.’
    Yet the majority of people in the town vote for them?

    Ho hum. Let’s skip over the border. The Roman Catholic church has been embroiled in the most vile, widespread and systematic cover-up of clerical child abuse imaginable. At the most recent census, 92% of the population identified themselves as Roman Catholic.

    Talk about turkeys voting for Christmas!

  4. Human Animal – your likening of child abuse and then people identifying themselves ac Catholic is like turkeys voting for Christmas?? Really?

    Unioint Terrorists – The Shankill Butchers, killed people, chopped them up, stabbed them, did the vilest of things lower than most humans could ever sink yet 54% of people in NI still identify themselves as unioinist?? So are they just like turkeys voting for Christmas aswell??

    You idiot.

    Just because someone within your group does something does not make the entire group responsible. Some within the group can hate and despise what happened yet still identify themselves as part of the group.

    Do grow up.

  5. "Just because someone within your group does something does not make the entire group responsible. Some within the group can hate and despise what happened yet still identify themselves as part of the group."

    yes for unionists. no for muslims.

  6. ‘you seem to be constantly using unionism as a cover for nothing more than raw hatred and sordid bigotry.’

    There are always those who can be ‘bought’, eh Gracey?

  7. I’ve bought nothing Mr. McCann thankyou very much. I am old enough and wise enough to know my own mind thankyou.

    I, like most Ulster folk, tend to speak not often but always bluntly and I tend to say what I see and in so many posts you have used unionism which is a proud tradition, as a cover for you sordid bigotry, xenaphobia and crude anti – Irishness which belongs more to the 1950’s than it does today.

    I do not have any issue with your posts except that your crudeness and blatent bigotry impacts negatively on unionism, which is a very precious thing to many people.

  8. Andrew,

    I was waiting for the kicker, but none was forthcoming. So, I have nothing to do here except say thanks.

  9. Andrew,

    I was waiting for the kicker, but none was forthcoming. So, I have nothing to do here except say thanks.

  10. Sorry about the double post above – my DSL line went down right as I clicked. I also meant to sign the comment under my Newshound name so that my comment would make sense.

  11. Very well put, Gracey.

    And right too.
    I was recently among a large gathering of relatives in Cavan – farmers and almost all staunch Fianna Fail supporters – I brought up the subject of the SA Agreement and the North in general. You can take my word for it that of the 25 or so people present not one of them expressed anything that could be construed as a desire to grab NI or to beat Unionism, etc. On the contrary, every one of them said they’d be perfectly content forever regarding NI as long as their was peace, prosperity for all and no discrimination there. This is now the overwhelming opinion in Nationalist Ireland.

    Gracey is therefore correct.

    Andrew is again using this issue just as a vent for his great hatred – hatred of the "Oirish" in this case – not for any love of the Union or the people of Northern Ireland.

  12. ‘Gracey is therefore correct.’

    The great Cunningham has spoken! Who are we mere mortals to argue?

  13. Gracey’s argument that robust opinion equals a smogasbord of ‘isms’ is older than she claims she is – and of equal minimum credence.

  14. Cunnigham – Thats spot on.
    I’m originally from the Northern Ireland (Armagh) but now live in Eastern Ireland (Dublin) and most people here have no hostile intentions towards the north and generally see that as long as there is no discrimination, that no one community can dominate the other and that everyone has a fair crack of the whip that the north can remain in the Union for as long the people there want.

    The Brits pour several Billions into the place each year and most people down here are very mindful of that. Partition was hated by the South at first because it cut off the industrial, prosperous north from the rest of the Island, now though, the rest of the Island has moved forward while the north has declined industrially – it is now very much post industrial, not so prosperous, and probably in need of subsidy for decades to come.

    Most people in Dublin these days are more like Thatchers children than De Valera’s – it’s all about the bottom line. They do not want a re-unification nightmare like Germany has had, do not want higher taxes and as long as the Irish Government have a say in how the place is run and there is no discrimination (as there hasn’t been for a long time now) are generally happy enough to forget about the place !!

    Rant over.

    Oh except Omagh. – Total disgrace. The sinners should stop their despicable double speak and approve the money for the memorial NOW.

    Rant definately over.

  15. Andrew, Dear,

    Neither Bigotry or Hatred are "isms"

    Do try to read before you reply dear – it always helps!

  16. I beg to differ, dear! ‘Racism, sexism’ and, most pertinent to your case, ‘gerontophobia’ can also be considered hatreds, dear!

  17. "do not want higher taxes and as long as the Irish Government have a say in how the place is run"

    Armaghlite, I think that is a major anathema to Andrew. If I recall correctly in a recent posting,his main solution to the problems of Northen Ireland involves those who are not of the Unionist persuasion ‘Clearing off" out of the Quenns realm.
    In that scenario the Irish government wouldn’t need a say, eh??

  18. Andrew

    Referring to the Irish-American thing

    A good friend of mine read an autobiography of a recent British ambassador to the US. In it he (the ammbassador) noted that after 9/11 people such as Ted Kennedy (who supported the goals of the IRA) came up to him and apologised for the support they had given Irish republican terror groups. The act of having foreign funded terror afflict his own countrymen gave him great cause for remorse. It’s just a shame Ted Kennedy, and others like him, had to find out how horrific terrorism is in such a heinous manner.

  19. American Eagle – True in that scenario the Irish Govt. wouldn’t need a say – but that scenario is as likely to happen as say Andrew being award the pulitzer.

    It’s his little fantasy, bless – that all the Nationalists in the north, who are
    (generally) decended from people who have lived in that part of the world for more than a thousand years are going to be moved en masse to the south by force.

    Bless Him – It’s nearly as realistic as Bradford still being British.

  20. ‘who are (generally) decended from people who have lived in that part of the world for more than a thousand years’.

    What a wassock!! They are descended from incomers, just like the island’s Protestant population are. The nationalist ‘we Micks lived in peace when the dinosaurs roamed the Earth’ cobblers is soooo hilarious!

  21. Irish Republicans are bombing shops in Belfast shooting at police rural police stations, throwing their teddy in the corner and wailing like banshees because a protestant gets a Commissioner’s job and are trying to stop a memorial to civilian victims of one of their bombs while fund raising amongst the bleeding hearts of Oirish America.(heck the vile Hell-ary may be thinking of coming back here)

    Ain’t this peace process great?

    Glad to see the principled leadership of the DUP stepping up to the plate with a letter from Tony Blair to reassure them delivering on, er… a bi-lingual Northern Ireland.

    Northern Republicans and Americans are decades behind the times. Real Irish people have long moved on, to the benefit of themselves and many of their neighbours in Northern Ireland.

  22. Armaghlite, well he has been visiting your namesake recently and proving his loyalty to the crown by patroling the rural roads to guard against the fenian insurgents! Mabey he could set up the Ulster equivalent of the mintuemen in order to stop the inflow of undocument southerners across the border?? 😉

  23. Andrew.

    Those isms of course can be types of hatred but thats not what I accused you of. I accused you of hatred pure and simple. Which is something you could never credibly deny.

    Gerontophobia – the fear of old people – in what way is that pertinent to me?

    So you have succesfully ‘guessed’ my age age have you lovey?

  24. lol Andrew, well the whole population of the entire Island can be considered descended from incomers then. Time to expel all those cheese eating Normans back to France and the Scandanavian illegals. Better not forget those pesky dago Iberian-Celts need to be shown the door as well!!!

  25. Eh Andrew – a thousand years ago was 1006 – there were no dinosaurs around then.

    Look up any history book – look at the clans – O’Neill etc.

    The Unionists are generally decended from people who have lived in that part of the world for almost half a millenium – since the 1600’s – nobody’s claim to the place is more valid than anyone elses.

    No community has any more right to be there than the other – and your pathetic hope that one half of the population can be removed by force is as laughable as your grasp of history.

  26. ‘Which is something you could never credibly deny.’

    I am credibly denying it! You’re in no position to accuse me of anything.

    A gap of 22 minutes before responding also suggests you were looking up the meaning of the word ‘gerontophobia’. Sure of your own mind, but doubtful of its intellectual capacity.

  27. Lively: ‘Just because someone within your group does something does not make the entire group responsible. Some within the group can hate and despise what happened yet still identify themselves as part of the group.’

    We’re not talking about a few ‘bad apple’ priests here Lively. This abuse went on for decades if not centuries — world-wide, not just in Ireland.
    When discovered, far from turning these people over to the authorities, the RC hierarchy merely moved the paedophiles to another parish, perpetuating the problem and perverting the course of justice. Even today the church express a wish to deal with such cases ‘in house.’

    We therefore have an organisation built on the abuse of children, the abuse of their parents’ trust in the church, a cynical disregard for basic human rights and the law and a complete and breath-taking lack of moral standards (which churches are supposed to uphold I would assume).

    Under these circumstances of massive cover-up and abuse cases running into the tens of thousands and still coming to light, I would personally want to have absolutely nothing to do with such an organisation, never mind trust my immortal soul or my children to them.

  28. Armaghlite

    Ancestors of the Protestant people have been on the island for at least as long as those of their Catholic counterparts.

    My wish is that nationalists would clear off and take their belongings with them. The use of ‘force’ has not been mentioned.

  29. So Gerontophobia is a fear of old people?

    Ye learn something new every day.

    So what phobia is the fear of professional backside cleaners who get their facts wrongs when they make posts !!!!!

    Ha ha – i’d love to know because i think i’ve caught it!

  30. Very clearly put Andrew. You have the right, just like anyone else, to your wishes.

    Very simply though – it aint never gonna happen. Period.

  31. ‘So what phobia is the fear of professional backside cleaners who get their facts wrongs when they make posts.’


  32. ‘it aint never gonna happen. Period.’

    And neither is a ‘united Ireland’. Period.

  33. I don’t think so mate – and I ain’t stated any facts to get wrong – You have !!!

    edited by DV

  34. ‘I aint no botty scrubber like yerself and I ain’t stated any facts to get wrong.’

    He ain’t go no facts wrong, folks, after…er…just getting his facts wrong. What a Moby (LOL!!)

  35. Anyone who has walked on the main street in Omagh and seen the everyday people doing their simple shopping and work should recognize what a terrible brutal and pointless crime was committed there. My wife and I went there on a recent summer’s day and the only feeling I can describe is saddness as you walk up the main street and turn and look down on the town. I would hope that the local representatives could, at a minimum, expedite the memorial so that it could give the relatives some samll relief.

  36. Mahons

    You misunderstand the Shinner mentality. Within days of that atrocity the perpetrators would have been known to the Shinner leadership, even if they were renegade Provos. But they haven’t gven a single bit of evidence to the police on either side of the border.

    So eight years later, only one guy is in the dock and chances are he’ll walk. So naturally, if they’re prepared to see that happen, they’re not too concerned about a memorial to the victims.

    Now an illegal memorial to one of their fallen "comrades in arms", that’s a different matter entirely. We’ve plenty of them throughout NI, aided and abetted by Shinner councillors.

  37. I hope that the Onagh families get their way over the wording. For their piece of mind and so that it is established that their views are the ones that matter.

    We were left in no doubt that our views about the wording and the memorial didn’t matter.

    Let’s restate the wording that the families want so that until it manages to find its way to a physical memorial let the words register in different places over the blogasphere

    "“To honour and remember 31 people murdered and hundreds injured from three nations by a dissident republican terrorist car bomb.”

    and I hope that they don’t have to suffer with their loved ones represted by crowlike "doves", unless that it their wish.

  38. Welcome back, Aileen.

    Did you go back there for the anniversary?

    Why don’t you and your mates get drunk in the town some night and go around there with paint, or better hammers and chisels, for a spot of impromptu iconoclasm.

  39. Aileen

    Of course it’s a matter for the victims’ families. But I find the word "dissident" superfluous. Presumably, it was put in to make the wording more palatable to the Shinners. If so, it has failed to placate them and they’ve stymied the memorial, so far anyway.

    The people of Omagh should sign a petition to force the council to do the right thing and put up the memorial with the wording as chosen.

  40. Sinn Féin are in a difficult position – as Omagh was NO different to what Gerry Kelly was convicted of in London. Or what their movement did at Claudy or in Belfast on Bloody Friday or etc etc etc

  41. Cunningham

    I didn’t go back. I used to for a few years and derived comfort from doing so. However I find it fifficult to even look at the war memorial now that they have dececrated it and avoid it. After that, except for the tenth anniversary, when I did the vigil outside SF HQ in Dublin, I stay in London. I normally spend the day with frinds or family over here. This year the anniversary (Wednesday) co-incided with a conference on neurodiversity, where I had agreed to speak. It was imprtant enought for me to go and she would have approved. I got the time I spoke changed to avoid the half hour between 10:30 and 11:00. I escaped to a quiet room.

    We were not "allowed" to have the word "murdered" on the memorial, which should not have been mixed up with the war memorial anyway. That should have remained dedicated to the memory of The Fallen.

    Funny you should mention hammers and chisels. A fwe years after they put up the crows, BBC made a programme called Splendid Hearts and one of the guys on it mentioned to me that there were only ten "doves" on it. I rang a couple of people and they hadn’t heard. My brother went to look. He had a lot of difficulty in counting them as they are not regular and you would nearly need to put a splodge of paint on one to stop you recounting. He confirmed that there were now only ten. I was talking to one of the bereaved from another family, which had lost two members. I was saying that it was a good job that I as in London or I would have been in the frame and that if there had been two crows missing, I would have assumed it was ***** ( a member of their family).

    To erect the crows, they used a massive chunk of the fund. The money that people had given in good faith, to help heal the pain and instead it resulted in creating wounds. I did hear that someone applied to the fund to do soimething to provide trauma support. This was turned down as inappropriate use of the money. There had been so many stories about people who had given money to the fund from all over the country and indedd the world, many of them old soldiers, some of who could little afford to part with their contribution. I would much rather that the money that went into the crows had cone to the British Legion or even put on a pyre outsude the Town Hall.

    It was a great releif to me when one crow disappeared and I could imagine to myself that the missing one was the one representing her and she had escaped. I hoped that no one else would find out. Unfortunatley the story got out. I remember someone connected with the fund making a statement about whoever had done this had shown such disrespect to the dead. To me it was nothing like the disrespect shown to them by erecting the creatures in the first place.
    The creature was replaced and my breif release and empowerment was over. This individual is also one who when speaking to me and to the press talked about two people dying in his arms and was partly responsible for my uncertainty for over 17 yrs about how and when my mother actually died. It would appear that she was already dead when he got to her. I suppose it sounds more interesting to have two people dying in your arms rather than one. I could have done without the uncertainty aand to have known from the ourset that she most likely died immediately and that she had made no contribution to the sounds of anguish that can be heard on the tape of the amateur footage.


    Personnally I would not make any reference to who did it. But it is the wishes of the families in this case that is the thing that matters, I hope that the families get their way whatever the wording they want within reason, I also hope that if the names of the dead are to be used, it is only done with the permission of the families (i.e. that any family can veto the use of their loved one’s name).

    I wish the families of the Omagh bomb all the best, in getting justice, in getting the issue of the memorial resolved to their satisfaction and that their physical and emotions wounds can be healed and soothed.

  42. Aileen,

    Thanks for sharing those thoughts. Thinking of you at this time…Weds must have been tough .

  43. Forgot to say thanks David. Although I was speaking at a conference, it was a more normal year than last when I was in the middle of the OTR campaign. I am glad not to have had to do that again. Hard to beleive that next year is the twentieth anniversary.

  44. Aileen

    As you are well aware, the "dissident" republicans haven’t gone away. They’ve been very active in the last few weeks, fire-bombing, bombing and shooting. The police are warning of much more to come in the next few months.

    The beast is not dead, only sleeping.

    Let’s hope for a peaceful future here, on a decent basis. But I’m not optimistic.