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By ATWadmin On October 21st, 2009

SO the old Generals accused the BNP of tarnishing the British military with the party’s adoption of iconic images in its publicity material. BNP leader Nick Griffin hit back, accusing the old Generals of being war criminals and reminding them of the fate of Nazi Generals at Nuremburg.

Back come the old Generals – Guthrie, Jackson and Dannat – and others with military connections, with more accusations against the BNP.

It all reminds me of the Queen’s 2004 Christmas Message, which we are assured she drafted herself, in which she effectively told the British people to shut up and accept the multicultural world that had been imposed on them. Even after this drivel we’re still told the Queen is “above politics”, just like the military is supposedly “above politics”. Well of course she isn’t and we see also that the military isn’t either, not when Generals are rolled out to make political attacks on a lawful British political party.

In the forty eight hours ahead of Griffin’s appearance on BBC Question Time, this British politician is being attacked by the British military establishment. I wonder, on whose behalf?


  1. The BNP using imagery of Churchill seems fair, given the opinion both would share on other races.

    Whilst use of military history isn’t copyrightable, it does show the level at which its proponents operate.

  2. Obviously on behalf of call me dave or tony and new pale blue tories,as they have most to lose by there old voters turning to ukip or even bnp.So roll out some mediocre ex generals you have given a job to,and try and frighten voters back to the fold.

  3. Nick Griffin’s counter-blast about Nuremberg was a badly misdirected shot. All he needed to do was to remind people that Margaret Thatcher also used words & images of Churchill during her tenure-ship. They all do.
    I think he is getting a bit over excited by all the attention.

  4. "I wonder, on whose behalf?"

    Given that they are generals I’d expect that is was on the army’s behalf. They have every right to counter a threat to the army’s reputation.

  5. "Given that they are generals I’d expect that is was on the army’s behalf. They have every right to counter a threat to the army’s reputation."

    And yet under their watch we have soldiers sent to fight and die without the right equipment. We have injured soldiers sent back to the UK to be treated in public hospitals where they have been abused by "others".

    I don’t think it was misdirected at all.

  6. Hasn’t NuLabour done a wonderful of fragmenting our society into so many warring fragments, it seems that every section of this once cohesive nation has its pet hate against other sections.

    Everything has been politicised, to be used for some divisive intent. From basics such as commenting on the weather, through religion, history, culture, even matters as trivial as our diet, have become politicised, with someone ‘in the public’s eye’ all too eager to add their, usually well paid for opinion. I know life is all about politics, but does it all have to be so aggressive?

    That these Generals have forgotten their history and in turn their reason for being, is not surprising. Throughout history they have always seen the rank and file as an expendable item, and in doing so, convenienly forgetting that said ‘rank and file’ are fighting as much for their Queen and Country’ as the Generals are for theirs. You can be the worst sort of scumbag imaginable, – it doesn’t stop you being proud of, and fighting for, your country, and by coincidence, – for your freedoms to be a scumbag.

    When the rank and file are doing the dirty work and dying, the Generals, "God Bless them!’ cannot sing their praises loudly enough, but when it comes to such matters as which political party you may vote for, why then it’s pretty much a case of ‘do as you are told, and be quiet’. In fact I think it is a court martial offence to voice a political opinion while serving, – not so for the Generals, of course!

    As for them speaking in defence of the army’s reputation, surely that should speak for itself! – we do know the army, – after all, are we not also the army?

    The Generals should realise that it is ‘our’ army, not theirs. That they are prepared to politicise their position, and especially when in favour of the current ruling party, whoever they are, does not bode well for the future.

    Given the high likelihood of us being absorbed into the EU, perhaps this outburst against the BNP, could well be a figurative ‘drawing a line in the sand’, perhaps preparing the way for something stronger in the future. It wouldn’t be the first time an army has been used against its own citizenry.

  7. It also isn’t the first time, Ernest, that the British Army has taken a side in Politics. We should all remember the Curragh Mutiny.

  8. Ross –

    The BNP has been using that imagery in previous elections without a peep from the Army top brass. Yet now, strangely, they all – seperately and spontaneously, so far as we know – are overcome with the urge to exclude a lawful association of Britons from using iconic imagery which no-one owns.

    How odd this should happen in the two days before Griffin’s dread appearance on Question Time.

    Remember, the Generals swore no oath to Parliament nor to any politicians. Instead, they swore an oath to protect and uphold the sovereignty of the Queen and her office. What a stunningly inept bunch they’ve been at that.

  9. It’s going to be interesting tonight. Griffin is raising issues that are considered taboo in modern political circles. He will be trying to broaden the debate and everybody else will be trying to close it down.

    We might ask ourselves how the alleged fascist ended up in the free speech corner and everybody else on the censorship platform.

  10. Henry94,

    Surely our present administrations, both here and in the USA, fulfil the definition of Fascist very adequately, – perhaps they just don’t want any competition.

  11. Re my earlier post and the thought that the Army might, at some time be used against ciizens. The snippet below was posted by the DT online at 1.40 p.m. today –

    ‘Armed officers placed on routine foot patrol for first time
    "A hand-picked team from CO19, the Metropolitan Police’s elite firearms unit, will walk the beat in gun crime hotspots where armed gangs have turned entire estates into "no go" zones. "

    When such things happen, for real, what room is there for us fantacists?…