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Killing time, or fish?

By ATWadmin On October 22nd, 2009

Whiling a way a spare half-hour before watching an American police procedural on Sky, I flipped channels and wat5ched the last half of a documentary on Trawlermen, their lives, the dangers, the scant rewards. I have known for many years of the totally useless, insane and criminal rules forced on our Fishermen by the dead hand rule of the European Union. The rules which say how many, how much and where the fish may be caught! The rules which are enforced by the Fishery Protection vessels of Her Majesty’s Navy!

The rules, I will remind you, of the penalties for landing one pound ( or kilo) over the quota for the month, of cod, of haddock, of coley! The rules which impose a fine which can, and does, bankrupt the owners and workers who know nothing else!

I watched as perfectly good netfulls of fish were dumped over the sides of the trawler during the filmed excerpts of one of the hardest, toughest and most dangerous jobs still existing in this bland, homogenised world of ours!

Why dumped; you may well ask?

The Trawlermen had caught all they were allowed to, and even after sharing their catch with a sister ship, had to throw healthy food to be eaten by the seagulls. Meanwhile in Brussels, and in Whitehall; the bureaucrats relaxed, happy that their Regulations were followed to the letter!

One Response to “Killing time, or fish?”

  1. Great post Mike.

    The Common Fisheries Policy has been an ecological disaster. The quotas are set too high, and they are widely evaded (hello Spain!). Iceland has made a much better job of preserving its stocks, precisely because it is not in the EU. Meanwhile, EU-subsidised trawlers are wreaking havoc on the fish stocks off the west African coast, in return for EU "aid" (bribes) to the various corrupt regimes there.

    The solution is to repatriate fishing to the national governments. If that cannot be done, then the UK and Ireland should leave the EU, if they care about their fish stocks and all the biodiversity that goes with them.