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By ATWadmin On October 22nd, 2009

YESTERDAY I posted the text of a speech by Sean Gabb, the subject of which is the revolutionary and liberty-destroying change that has been imposed on the British people. Part of that speech reads (my emphasis):

They tell us they want to end “child poverty” and “build a more equal society”. In fact, they have employed an army of social workers to terrorise every working class family in the country – an army of social workers backed by closed and secretive courts, and that may even be selecting children for legal kidnap and sale to barren middle class couples.

Today we discover:

An obese couple’s seven children are all to be taken into care after their newborn daughter was removed over fears she would become dangerously overweight.Three children had already been removed by social services before the infant was taken from her mother within hours of her birth. Now her ‘heartbroken’ parents have learned that their three other children will be taken away from them too. They say the children of the so-called ‘fat family’ are being removed over fears they would also become clinically obese.

Those seven children have been abducted by the state, at the order of a secret court which heard the testimony of the state’s ‘social workers’ but which did not allow the parents to speak.

But don’t vote BNP ok, ‘cos they’re vile. 


  1. The more the focus is on the "racist scum" in the BNP the more the real fascist threat grows.

  2. The BNP can be judged vile independent of this story.

    Apparently the Fat Family as they are being called had their own lawyer and a hearing. In addition, contrary to the emphasis of the post, weight does not seem to be the only factor in the decision. Without the full facts, the conclusions drawn here that this was some kind of a perversion of justice really are speculative.

    The Social Services Department apparently has had to deal with these parents for at least 10 years, which leads me to the educated guess that there is a bit more to this story.

  3. Well, if that is so, then let us hear the whole story then….someone…please? I’m all ears. Because there’s no law against being a fat b*****d.