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Happy Birthday, Roy!

By ATWadmin On November 10th, 2006

Roy.jpgDevotees of Jaws around the globe (including me – possibly the biggest Jaws devotee alive) could not let today go by without wishing one of its principal actors, Roy Scheider, a very happy 73rd birthday.

Born in Orange, New Jersey in 1932.  He began acting in the mid-1950s in bit-parts of films such as The Edge of the Night.  His first big break came as the partner of Gene Hackman in the French Connection back in 1971.  For me, his status as movie hero was confirmed my all-time favourite blockbuster as the Amity Island police chief with an inherent fear of the water (and what might lie beneath).

Scheider was considered for the role of Chief Brody after Benchley had initially wanted Robert Redford to play the part.  Spielberg pointedly remined Benchley that, as the main star of the movie was a fish, having actors who were already movie legends would detract from the overall impact.

I think most of us would agree Scheider plays an excellent role in Jaws.  His line, ‘you’re gonna need a bigger boat’ (which he himself thought up and inserted into the script without Speilberg’s knowledge), has officially become one of the most famous lines in movie history – a catchprase for anyone who’s performing a task out of their depth.  Today, 31 years on he is still acting, about to begin a role in the forthcoming film Dark Honeymoon.

Many Happy Returns, Roy!!

‘Slow ahead.  I can go slow ahead.  Come on down and chum some of this shit!’


8 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Roy!”

  1. I actually thought Roy had died a few years back!. Nice to hear he is still knocking about

  2. Best role = Joe Gideon in "All That Jazz."

  3. Alan

    To a Jaws obsessive, that is simply heresy (LOL!)

  4. 2010 is his opus maximus, imo. He portrayed Dr Heywood Floyd superbly, only adding to the character from the original book. Helen Mirren and John Lithgow both put in excellent performances too.

    Who can forget brody tho. genius. a very underrated actor. Happy birthday Roy.

  5. were gonna need a bigger boat….

  6. Common Ground at last. A great actor and an underrated film despite being a blockbuster. He played perfectly with Shaw’s mad captain, the political mayor and the young marine biologist (not to mention the shark). The scene in which the three main heroes compare scars is one of the best.

  7. "The scene in which the three main heroes compare scars is one of the best."

    one of my favourite film scenes of all time.

    "heres to swimmin’ wi’ bo legged wimmin’"

  8. Amazing – he survived to 73 even though he had a cigarette in his mouth ……