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By ATWadmin On November 10th, 2006

john-bolton-un-bg.jpgI am saddened to read that John Bolton is due to be the next casualty of the Democrat victory. it’s an immense shame since he is an excellent Envoy who was confronting the corrupt United Nations. Responsibility for this lies entirely with the timid Bush, who lacked the guts to force through Bolton’s nomination when he had the chance and now, thanks to a REPUBLICAN Senator – Lincoln Chafee – Bolton will fall. Why does the GOP tolerate RINO’s like Chafee? Where has been the discipline and leadership on this vital nomination?

First Rumsfeld, now Bolton – the price of Bush hesitancy is very high. I’m sure Kofi Annan and his pals will be celebrating…

12 Responses to “BYE BYE BOLTON….”

  1. I’m sure Kofi Annan and his pals will be celebrating…

    They wont be the only ones.Aint democracy a bitch.

  2. Subby,

    No. Ain’t inept leadership a bitch.

  3. Chaffee one of John McCains grope of 14 and inner circle, the true hope and heros of the republican party….

  4. David did you see this story about your MOD saying Britain is liable to be attacked by UFOs


  5. Ain’t inept leadership a bitch.

    True David and america has just had six years of it.
    George Bush like a rock only dumber.

  6. Subby,

    Yes – and Pelosi looks like something that crawled from UNDER a rock.

    Also, Republican have dominated Congress for 12 years – I believe they were voted in.

    Just wait for the resurgence..coming back, stronger and better..

  7. The President should be entitled to his pick for the UN absent some glaring problem with the nominee. A smart play by the Democrats would be to confirm Bolton, even if they disapprove of him personally, to demonstrate they they can work with Bush.

  8. Of course if I were Bolton I might quip that if I was confirmed for the spot, the first thing I would do is demand a recount (thank you WFB).

  9. Thank God for Democracy and an end to the rule and domination of Christo-fascism.
    "Just wait for the resurgence..coming back, stronger and better.." this is just wishful thinking pure fantasy.
    The people have spoken. loudly and clearly.
    A true democrat will fall in behind the voice of the electorate.

  10. Chafee is a disgrace. It is a good thing that he lost the election.

  11. How can a guy with a haircut and a moustache like that be considered sane or normal, let alone be taken seriously? And what, exactly, has he done that’s been of any value since he was appointed?

    US citizens should be glad about one thing…at least now that the wheels are coming off the Bush Administration, at least they’re less likely to go into Iran and suffer the same humiliation they’re currently suffering in Iraq.

    No-one believes that they are winning the war in Iraq. No-one believes that they are even in control of Iraq. And no-one believes that the world has been made any safer since they invaded Iraq. Bush has played his hand and lost badly for the last 6 years. It’s time to show him the door and move on.

  12. I think that Dubya is now realising what has to be done, mind you saying that Rumsfeld would remain SoD until the end of his Presidency just a week before firing him was a measure of the man.

    However, I think he now realises that he can’t sit on his hands forever over Iraq and will have to make concessions yo Iran and shock/horror he will have to give approval for the Iranian Nuclear program to make any agreement that the Iranians would be interested in.

    Going to be interesting to see how that will be presented.