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By ATWadmin On February 27th, 2007

I suppose the basic idea is fair enough. Immigrants should carry out community work before being granted UK citizenship, according to the UK Chancellor Gordon Brown. He is expected to tell a seminar on Britishness that the move would help new arrivals settle. Mr Brown’s comments follow his earlier call for all incomers to learn English, and for the UK to have its own day to celebrate its national identity. BBC political editor Nick Robinson said Mr Brown sees citizenship as a two-way contract which could be revoked. The chancellor will tell his audience in London that obliging migrants to carry out community work would help introduce them to the people they will be living alongside. It would also demonstrate to the host community that new immigrants will contribute to society as a whole.

But how can people who speak no English and who wish to be separate from the host community fulfil such an obligation? And how will Brown enforce the idea that should immigrants fail to conform to the voluntary work idea lose their citizenship and be deported? And what exactly constitutes "voluntary work"? Then there is the rather pressing issue of those millions who have entered this country and who seek separation. What will Mr Brown do about them?

I don’t wish to seem uncharitable but this all rather smacks of closing the stable door AFTER the horse has bolted! What do you think?

3 Responses to “WISHFUL THINKING…”

  1. This is really scary: if you work, Brown’s instinct is to steal your money off you.

    Who decrees what is "community work". Let me guess: New Labour bureaucrats perhaps?

    So you will work for the state for nothing. You will have all you money taken off you in tax and lo and behold even larger tracts of the population will be subservient to the state.

    In the US the Democrats are generally more enthusiastic about immigration as poor immigrants are more inclined to vote for big government and handouts paid for by other taxpayers. There is some of that going on here, as Brown can’t afford to keep buying votes by creating the type of pointless big salary non-jobs that are advertised in the Guardian.

    However if people are entitled to come here then they should be treated the same as everyone else.

    Will they get benefits while they do this "community work"? If so it is just low paid guaranteed jobs and a fast track to citizenship – which would be an attractive proposition to many.

  2. ‘It would also demonstrate to the host community that new immigrants will contribute to society as a whole’

    WHO is he talking about – the ones who arrive here for asylum and do no work or the thousands who arrive here and do excellent jobs, pay taxes and contribute already. Id love to know.

  3. More NU Labour spin if you ask me. It is bad enough getting many of our new arrivals to this country to obey the basic established bedrock laws of the land. All this smacks of Nu labour catching wind that the disenfranchised, detested white majority are not going to vote for Brown who seems more besotted with Africa rather than sorting out Peckham. They will have to stuff the election boxes with even more postal votes to stay in even though they only have to fight ‘Call me Dave’ and his ‘useless Tories’ cringing in the liberal left hunting ground.