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By ATWadmin On November 11th, 2009

Decorate your home before and not during pregnancy, otherwise the police will suspect that you’ll be an unfit mother and they will report you to the social services.

 – Really


  1. I saw this article yesterday. Unreal, isn’t it? What is it with social services taking kids away before they are even born?

    Social services has its place – although they don’t seem to be doing a very good job of protecting kids who live in danger of their lives every day. They’re too busy going after people who aren’t a danger to their children, I guess.

    I know that here in the States, they have waaaayy too much power. They aren’t afraid of asserting it – and they aren’t afraid of overstepping their bounds, either.

  2. wow. if this isn’t a police state then what is?

  3. oh. my. God…..

  4. Im sure there is more to it than our grand old media allege Pete. As with all these scare stories in the end. Social Services are overzealous and they are equally useless. I think the latter tends to result in far worse of an issue.

  5. By the way – not a single post on Armistice Day on ATW. Most of London, the whole of Trafalgar Square and a number of offices observed the 2 mn silence today. London was full of poppy wearers. I realise the idea of ATW is to highlight every single piece of shit story about Britain but when the nation comes together like it did today and so beautifully you would hope one story could go up. Its hard enough typinbg this with a broken arm so heres hoping Pete could oblige?????

  6. Broken arm?

  7. yeah i fell over and smashed my elbow up

  8. Very sorry to hear that – take care

    If I may ask – how do you rate the quality of care given ( by National Health? )

  9. For my arm? Its been brilliant so far. I was treated at A&E on a weekend and all within an hour – full x rays thorough appraisal, the lot. Doctor went through everything with me and was kind and helpful throughout. I have an appoitnment at the Fracture Clinic as a follow up on Monday.

  10. Alison –

    I would have obliged happily, but I can post on the front page only during evening and you beat me to the punch.

    Social services certainly are overzealous at times, but it was the police here who reported a pregnant woman to the SS. Even if there’s more to the story, how on earth can the events here in any way not be consistent with a police state? How on earth are the police and SS here acting in any reasonable way toward a supposedly free Briton?

    I hope your arm is well on the mend.

    Watch for a superbug.

  11. The hospital was immaculate Pete.

    But Ive already had bad bronchitis this past month (caught after swine flu). Again my GP was brilliant. But im looking into homeopathic treatment at the mo as I dont like taking these strong drugs.

  12. Sounds like you need to stay away from hospitals, they’re full of sick people.

  13. Funny – everyone I know personally, British or Americans / French residing in the UK who has had occasion to use National Health in the past couple of years have had only good things to say

    In a US hospital, even those with full insurance tend to wait around for the first hour while the insurance is sorted out

    A friend of mine ( Seth the Commie ) had bad lower back pain and needed an MRI.

    His doctor told him to go to the Emergency Room because the proper alternative ( to go to an MRI place for what was an important matter but not an emergency ) would require prior insurance company approval and the insurance company ( Oxford ) would have given him a hard time and would have caused delays.

    Things here are not as great as some would pretend and things in the UK and Canada are certainly not as bad as some would have you think

  14. Phantom: Ever wonder why the US Congress won’t be using Pelosi/ObamaCare when it becomes available?

  15. Phantom: Ever wonder why the US Congress won’t be using Pelosi/ObamaCare when it becomes available?

    Because they already have government health insurance.

  16. That’s gold plated ruling class insurance.

    None of the rest of us will get that.

  17. One problem with our hospitals is that all cases must go through the ER. I lay on a gurney for 8 hours with pneumonia b/c car crash victims were coming in. If you weren’t dyin’, they weren’t tryin’.

  18. I cain’t spell worth a damned today. I’m starting to feel for your Brown!

  19. Cain’t!

    You’re in Texas alright!

  20. Poor Alison, you’ve been through the wars recently what with Btonchitis, Swine Flu and now a broken arm. Hope you mend quickly and (please god or mother nature or whoever) give Alison a good long spell with no accidents or illnesses.

  21. Been away all day, Alison, hence no post.

  22. Loved my homeopath. That sh%t works! I’ve got to find another one…