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By ATWadmin On November 10th, 2006

It’s obvious to all but the most slavish swallowers of Government propaganda that all the "fixed in stone" deadlines for Northern Ireland political parties are going to be missed. Today sees the first "absolutely immovable" deadline missed – with neither the DUP nor IRA/Sinn Fein agreeing terms, as allegedly required by Blair/Ahern. The next deadline, November 24th, will also be missed.  ALL these "deadlines" are a pathetic scam – with Government hoping that media contrived pressure will enduce Political Parties to some dodgy agreement. 

The current political process in Northern Ireland is an abomination, based on lies, the suspension of reality and the cruel acceptance that those dedicated to the destruction of a State would make ideal Ministers to serve in the Government of that State. Were it not so serious, it would be laughable.

The correct fixed date for Sinn Fein entry into government is…..NEVER. 


  1. The people have spoken, a true democrat will respect the wishes of the electorate. Democracy is winning.

  2. When was there a vote on the St Andrews Agreement?

  3. It’s a terribly difficult call David.

    On the one hand we have SFs consistent showing at the polls and the fact that the Provo murder campaign has undoubtedly been stood down, along with a sizeable quantity of weaponry.

    On the other hand, as you rightly point out, SF are dedicated to the destruction of the state and have a political agenda slightly to the left of Fidel Castro.

    Unfortunately, a flat refusal by the DUP to ever enter govt with SF would give the armed Republican wing the perfect excuse to return to ‘the struggle’, as well as denying NI any form of devolution in the forseeable future. Neither the British nor Irish govts would agree to an assembly without SF and we would be left with the seven ‘super-sectarian councils’, continued and most likely increasingly draconian direct rule and a boost for SFs chances of entering coalition in the Republic.

    Personally I think returning to an assembly with safeguards for future collapse when needed (and it will be needed) is preferable to standing on the sidelines shouting as the trains go past without us.

    From a Unionist perspective, I think keeping SF out of coalition in the south is an important priority, and exposing the hypocrisy and loony-left politics of this bunch of serial whingers in the setting of a relatively toothless assembly is preferable to handing them the martyr card and giving them full rein to concentrate on what their real aim is — power in the Dail.

  4. Sound stuff indeed Mr. (or Ms.) Animals

  5. >>flat refusal by the DUP to ever enter govt with SF would give the armed Republican wing the perfect excuse to return to ‘the struggle’,<<

    Forget it, HA, they won’t.


    CAESAR [To the Soothsayer] The ides of March are come.

    Soothsayer Ay, Caesar; but not gone!

  6. Human Animals

    Good post. I hate the thought of these bastards getting their hands on office again. If devolution happens it will certainly lurch from crisis to crisis due to republican bad faith.

    However, the alternative may well be worse from a unionist perspective. Hain’s contempt for unionism is barely concealed.

  7. ”Forget it, HA, they won’t.”

    Some of them already have, Cunningham — was that really not a landmine abandoned at Rosslea today? What about B&Q on the Boucher Road?
    These ‘operations’ were carried out by the ‘armed Republican wing’ and the permament closure of the assembly will merely give them more recruits and resources.

  8. One point I’d like to make – I’m not convinced that these "dissidents" are operating beyond or outside of SF patronage. Until recently it was "make concessions to SF or you’ll encourage those in the Provos who still want carnage" – now it’s accept the deal with SF or the dissidents will ……

    convenient for SF, eh what?

  9. MR

    In all respect that is complete manure!

    If you had any knowledge of the on-the-ground hatred between Dissidents and Shinners you would know just how absurd your claims are.

    You really must try to keep your paranoia under control.

  10. Yeah, right Chris – it’s all just very convenient for your movement then … Lucky that, eh ? 🙂 Of course as and when Your guys commit to support policing, they’ll soon help put the dissidents out of business …. but not too soon, not while they are giving you leverage ….

  11. MR

    If your paranoia is this bad then there is nothing I can say to show you the error in your judgement, pity.

    Dissidents and Shinners hate one another, they don’t even drink in the same pubs never mind co-operate together.

    It’s not convienant for our movement, we wish that they would just go away however we have as much influence over them as Ian Paisley has.

    I am not sure if you are just writing this crap to be controversial or if you actually believe this rubbish.

    Either way it’s not good.

  12. That’s not credible Chris – your supporters in S Armagh and other areas could have them out of business in no time if they released information.

  13. That is a different issue MR. People in South Armagh don’t inform on anyone or anything, period!

    Quite different from your suggestion that Sinn Féin and the Republican movement was controlling them (dissidents).

  14. Tut – I didn’t say you were controlling them – I said patronage. It suits your side that they continue …..

  15. >>These ‘operations’ were carried out by the ‘armed Republican wing’ ..<<

    What are you talking about, HA? The "armed Republican wing" of what? Of RSF?
    These people will get neither recruits nor resources from SF, no matter what happens with the Assembly.

    Chris, while that talk of "SF patronage" is obviously nonsense, I think it’s true that the presence of the Bad Cop outside the door is – unintentionally – convenient for SF. Police and military intelligence etc. is telling the Br Govt of the big anger out there, and how the young and politically frustrated could go to the dissidents if politics aren’t seen to work. All of those that count are aware of this risk.

  16. Cuninngham

    The one thing that you fail to reaslise and which disproves your point is that Republicans who are frustrated with the process would never go to the dissidents because they are riddled from top to bottom with touts and their organisation is fractured into different camps.

    They have yet to kill a single Brit or Cop since they came into existance.

    Most of their people who were once in the IRA, who were never captured or imprisoned whilst in the army, are now in Portlaoise or Magberry.

    Not a very attractive prospect for any frustrated Republican.

    I know one bloke who joined them as he felt the only way to get a UI was through armed struggle. He suggested possible targets to his OC and was told that their "war is with Sinn Féin", he left straight afterwards.

    That is why I know that MR’s points are nonsense!

  17. Chris, I was talking about very young people, especially in urban centres, not committed Republicans.

    It’s strange when you think of it, but some of the dissidents arrested in the south were only 12 yrs old at the time of the first IRA ceasefire in 1994. Imagine the view of the Troubles they must have!

    Off to bed, goodnight.

  18. ‘What are you talking about, HA? The "armed Republican wing" of what?’

    By definition Cunningham, these people are Irish Republicans who are armed. I personally couldn’t care less which banner they operate under, and I’m sure a B&Q staff member facing a jobless Christmas could care less if this was the result of the Real IRA, the Continuity IRA, the INLA, the Provos or the IRA for the liberation of wombats.

    The point I was making is that the chance of political power, however limited that may be in the context of a NI assembly, being denied to SF simply creates an excuse for the disaffected and disillusioned to join these organisations, which do after all share exactly the same goals.

    However unpalatable it may be, the DUP have no choice but to enter an assembly with SF, who do incredibly account for 25% of the NI electorate.