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We Love the Welsh

By ATWadmin On March 1st, 2007

In our ongoing debates about the unity of our country we tend to overlook the Welsh.  Unlike Scotland and Northern Ireland there is no firm will of a declared minority to secede from the United Kingdom.  Due to its relative Unionist stability in comparison to the other areas of the ‘Celtic Fringe’ we often forget about the position of the principality in relation to the Union – a Union which, to we dedicated Unionists, is as worthless without Wales as it would be without Scotland or Ulster.

So, on this day, I’ll take the opportunity to wish our Welsh readers a happy St David’s Day.  Here are ten obscure facts about Wales you may not know:

  1. A Welshman (David Thomas) was responsible for the mid-19th Century American industrial might.
  2. America’s oldest ethnic society is Welsh (the Welsh Society of Philadelphia).
  3. The Mumbles to Swansea railway was the first in the world to charge fares to passengers.
  4. The town of Hay-on-Wye has the largest collection of second-hand bookshops in the world.
  5. The last British soldiers to die in WW1 was a Welshman (Richard Morgan).
  6. A cup kept in the vault of the mansion of Nant Eos near Aberystwyth is reputed to be the Holy Grail – brought to Britain by Joseph of Arimethia.
  7. The world’s first wireless transmission took place in Wales.
  8. Welsh immigrants began the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.
  9. Lawn tennis was invented in Wales.
  10. The New York Times was founded by a Welsh American (George Jones). 

11 Responses to “We Love the Welsh”

  1. Power to the Joneses

  2. And let’s not forget some of the finest rugby players the world has ever seen.

  3. Plus the Welsh recently discovered a new use for sheep – Wool!

  4. Actually, one of my favorite films Zulu depicts the bravery of a Welsh regiment. I think it was Michael Caine’s first real movie role. Check it out.

  5. "We Love the Welsh"

    Andrew who exactly is the "We"

    Are you speaking with the Royal ‘We’ or have you appointed youself spokeman for the British Nation?

    Id love to know !!

    I do see your point however. The Welsh do seem the most placid.

  6. Speeking of "we’s"

    I’ve noticed, Andrew, that when you try to sound grandiose you say things like "to we dedicated Unionists".

    That’s bad grammar.

    BTW, I also think you should show some respect for Northern Ireland and refer to it by its legal name (or what was that you said recently?)

  7. Everyone should see Wales at least once, even if just driving through. I have wonderful memories of how gorgeous the place is. Hills and valleys everywhere, flocks of sheep all over the roads…

  8. mc cann is full of we we …(.)(.)

  9. Perhaps Andrew was taking the ‘WE’


  10. You on the money today boy-o.

    Now some of the people in valleys may not agree, and I would be interested in confirmation or correction, but as I understand it Wales is a Principality of England, (like France and Monaco), unlike Scotland and Northern Ireland which are nations in their own right.

    I always thought that Isle of Mann, Channel Islands, Gibralta, and all the interesting Islands that remain British should send MP’s to Westminister.

  11. France isn’t a principality of England, NRG!

    Seriously, are laws passed in Westminster automatically binding on the Isle of Man, Channel Islands, etc. anybody know?