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By ATWadmin On December 28th, 2009

Did you enjoy the blast through Bolivia last night? By golly I did. It’s the only way to tour South America in my view – from your sofa, beer in hand, watching the Top Gear boys do it. Which reminds me that I meant to mention:

The motoring show Top Gear was today named the nation’s favourite television programme of the decade.

A fitting choice for these tree-hugging, po-faced, politically correct times; a programme which celebrates fun and freedom and which sticks two fingers up each week to those who deserve it. You can conclude a few things from this result, one of which is that British mischief and civil society aren’t dead yet.

9 Responses to “TOP GEAR TOP SHOW TOP TV”

  1. Top Gear is the favourite programme of Men who are secretly gay !

  2. Top Gear is white-only witless souless wankery for white souless witless wankers. enjoy.

  3. and how would you know that Colm? Is there something we don’t know?

  4. I never watch Top Gear. I don’t need to have my masculinity bolstered 🙂

  5. really

    You like your Ws don’t you ?

  6. Really sounds really racist

  7. It was certainly a racist comment GM/T.

  8. It was a great show – a real breath of fresh air for the rest of us constrained by political correctness. I have to watch re-run after re-run because two of my grandsons are hooked on cars! I do think that it has run its course and hope that’s the only reason it’s coming to an end and not because of the refreshing anti Pc attitude of its presenters.

  9. How does "really?" know that the Stig is white? I heard he was half Bengali and half Zulu.