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By ATWadmin On January 7th, 2010

Circle the wagons, King Midas In Reverse is looking for something to do:

Councils revealed they were being forced to spread grit more thinly on Britain’s frozen roads as Gordon Brown held talks with the managing director of Salt Union, the Cheshire-based company which supplies two-thirds of the country’s salt for gritting roads.

And he’s brought his friends:

Transport Minister Sadiq Khan said the government was working with councils, devolved administrations and the Highways Agency to help salt-suppliers prioritise deliveries.

May God have mercy on us all.


7 Responses to “IT’S COME TO THIS”

  1. Chins up, only 5 more months left to suffer under Labour, please, please God.

  2. Local authorities were told by Government (Meterorological Office) that owing to ‘global warming’, winters would be mild and that stockpiles of grit and salt may be reduced to minimise storage costs.

  3. This is good:


    Also a very good article over at Biased BBC about how weather is climate when it’s hot but not when it’s not.

  4. broon isakin to guest who refuses to leave even after the most pointed hints. we have been subjected to this idiot and his gob far too long, he does not really know howmuch he is loathed.What a day when he and his numpties are bootedout into the stratasphere.

  5. I get really irriatated when it snows here. The whole country grinds to a halt after the first flake falls.

    Why don’t the powers that be go and talk to their Norwegian or Finnish counterparts.
    It snows for about 8 months of the year in Finland and you never hear them complaining!

  6. A beautiful wasteland….

  7. The salt and grit makes things much worse on smaller roads. Yuck.