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By ATWadmin On March 7th, 2007

So, Home Secretary John Reid’s big idea when it comes to "clamping down" (as if) on the deluge of immigrants is to…send ’em a TEXT MESSAGE reminding them not to overstay their welcome! Way to go, what genius. This government is a joke and John Reid’s Glasgow hard-man approach is risible. Is there anybody convinced by this stunt?

3 Responses to “U R NOT WTD – PLS GO HME!”

  1. David: That is an awful lot of people for you and Andrew to text. I hope you both are covered for carpel tunnel syndrome.

  2. Hopefully they were kind enough to leave their mobile numbers with the Home Office owise Mr Reid will have to send them all Emails.

  3. My other concern is will the international calling rates apply?