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Vultures and Scavengers

By ATWadmin On February 3rd, 2010

According to the Alzheimers Research Trust, care of Dementia sufferers in the UK costs £23 billion per year. Now whilst I believe that this figure is possibly a result of ‘doubling the number you first thought of’, as there is no way the true figure can even be guessed at, the costs will be high. During the various news items and discussions this morning on the BBC, the real reasons behind the calls for ‘more investment in research’, and ‘more care for sufferers’ were only vaguely hinted at, and I believe we shall be hearing a great deal more from the ‘Dementia’ lobby on these points.

The Health Minister alluded to the fact that approximately £1.7 billion was spent on research, mainly on cancer care and cure, and Dementia came a poor last. He also trumpeted that he was forming a ‘committee’ with a view to extending research into Dementia, and we might expect more announcements soon. Not necessarily ‘new’ money, but a greater emphasis on access to the brains of Dementia sufferers after their death, so the scientists can discover how it all works.

Now many might call me supremely cynical, but when I suggest that the very next time you hear Dementia discussed, it will be associated with a call for ‘presumed consent’ to be used in the harvesting of brains, and samples of brains, so that this bunch of ghouls can experiment away to their hearts content! All this in the name of the Holy Grail of research! Some might state that they have no problem with their bodily tissue going towards ‘research activities’, but, knowing scientists as well as politicians, it is a very short step from ‘presumed consent’ to ‘We can’t wait, he’s going to die anyway, so we’ll just speed the process up, so we can STUDY what went wrong’!

6 Responses to “Vultures and Scavengers”

  1. Does that cost include the fact that the NHS REALLY does VERY little for sufferers and their families. The financial burden goes first to the patients estate. The practical day to day care is primarily given by the families.

    In my case care is costed 100% to my mother in laws estate. £2,500 a month…every month…year in…year out. For ten years while she lived in her home my wife was her constant companion.

    It’s a cruel disease that I’ve seen my Maternal Grandmother suffer(cost £40K), my Father suffer (about £58K) and now my mother in law (£90K and counting) . If it were me I’d want to end it. That would and should be MY choice alone though. I’m thinking powerful motorbike, high speed and Beachy head or some such.

    But the state? It has done the square root of feck all for us. Wouldn’t even prescribe my Mother in Law Aricept – when it would have very likely made life better for her and my wife and myself. But according to the fuckwads at Nice our lives have no value. Bitter? Damn right I am. My wife wouldn’t go down the private prescription route and at the time the Labour arse of state (think it was the postman running the Dept of Heath) was saying that if you go private in any area the NHS would not allow you to receive any treatment at all. So she decided to stick with the NHS. Now it’s too late for Aricept.

    Moral of the tale – spend everything you earn and then some. Then Mr State will provide otherwise you end up giving it all to Dr Patel’s care home.

    That’s just the way it is.

  2. The real scandal in my opinion is the speed at which doctors and ‘care homes’ resort to dishing out anti-psychotic drugs to dementia patients. Once on those, the clock ticks very quickly for the patient.

  3. Etham,
    Why do you think Aricept would help?

    As far as I’ve witnessed, the side effects of these type of drugs has far outweighed the supposed benefits. In fact I’d go as far as to say I havent seen any evidence of them having benefit on those who have received them. I’ve witnessed those receiving them becoming more ill, prone to stroke, slowing up considerably, losing the ability to speak coherently and becoming more prone to stumbles and falls. Bluntly put, more likely to die…..and in care homes in NI, my opinion is that the drugs are given primarily to make the care staff job easier: ie, the dementia patient sitting around doped up, the ‘chemical cosh’ as they say.

  4. ‘research activities’

    Yeah!!! Those ‘scientists’ don’t fool me. ‘Tis not research they’re doing in them there labs, it’s playing football with your fellow citizens’ brains!

  5. Hi Iluvni
    Why do you think Aricept would help (past tense)?

    Her GP wanted to prescribe it but we were not able to even TRY try it because the bean counters at notNICE found it was too pricey. Basically she’s obviously considered old and worthless and OUR quality of life didn’t count.

    Who knows, in Mother in law’s case it may well have worked.

    No-one will ever know.

    Now we do know that she has had (last week) another stroke and now has severe Alzeheimers. As you say slowing up considerably, speaking gibberish in circular conversations and becoming more prone to stumbles and falls. Confusing her daughter with her mother or sister (both long dead).

    In any event the point remains valid. The state ie the NHS has done NOTHING for us in our three family cases.
    So how they reckon to have spent ‘eleventy billion a week’ on dementia escapes me.

    We had to rent out her home to help pay some towards her monthly care bill. She even has to pay income tax and Vat on the agents fee on this pitifully small income.
    Mr Brown has to ‘wet his beak’ like the ‘Cosa Scottia’ bandit he is.

  6. Ethan,

    You’ve clearly had it rough. ‘Luckily’ I’ve only had to deal with my gran going through this torture, but its been a hard battle, which is still going on. I’ve battled with GPs, consultants, carehomes, social services, the lot who close ranks when you ask questions and query the treatments and drugs they prescribe. I know she’d be dead now if I hadnt insisted on the drugs being stopped. Its amazing what you discover. Care homes can dish out anti-psychotic drugs to dementia patients and the person giving them out doesnt have to be medically qualified, nor have any training in understanding the potential side effects of the drugs they give out. Thats a scandal.
    Mercifully, I havent had the financial nightmare your family are having to struggle with on top of all else, though I’ve seen the stress and torment it causes others.
    I dont believe the figures all over the news today either.

    Best wishes there.